Censorship in "our" white countries

Let's start.
Russia, federal list of extremist materials, 4886 entries.

Russ, wake up!

Get up, awake, holy Russ,
Rise from the ashes of centuries!
Thunder of rage will roar above you,
And let the weight of enemy’s fetter will be down.

Wake up, sacred Russ, and straighten shoulders,
It’s enough to suffer greatest oppression!
And cruel punishment waits for those
Who have drunken the blood of your sons for a century.

Mighty people rises for the battle,
Anger burns in it.
The battle is for our soil and blood,
And we’re fortuned to win.

Let the dawn shine above the lines of brave men,
Who remember the legacy of fathers,
And millions of hands will rise up to the sky,
Hailing the new dawn.

We bravely march, group after group,
The shield for Motherland is reliable.
Runes of victory burn in our hearts,
The sign of sun flies on banners.

There will be no remorse, the revenge will be cruel,
Hand won’t tremble in a fight.
And white power of the warriors of light
Will help to crush the enemy.

Mother Russ calls us for defense,
Rise from the knees, Homeland!
In the fight for the freedom of Native land
We’ll go it’ll rise.

Disturbing alarm sounds across the land,
Native land, wake up!
And the voice of brave warriors roars:
”Wake up, our Russ, wake up!”

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You know, I own a copy of Raciology, and it's a good book. It's pretty objective in cataloguing the distinct biological differences between the Races and it doesn't make any attempt to deny these realities. But I do have one issue with it: It's got a certain pro-German stance that is almost to the point of self-hatred (or could very easily be construed as such) and this doesn't sit well with me. It's no good to think of yourself as inferior.

Just a reminder - after Putin came to power, all opposition to his rule, especially genuine nationalists, either had fatal (((accidents))), were sent to prison on trumped-up charges or driven out of the country. Nationalist movements were co-opted and then demoralized and dispersed. To fill the vacuum, Putin created ridiculous clowns like Prosvirnin and Limonov, to make sure nationalism in Russia stays discredited.
But then again, what could one expect from a man who calls Russia's head rabbi his closest friend?

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Oh, and historical revisionism in Russia nets you time in prison. Unless you are a rabid anti-White pseudohistorian like Dugin.

>"Signs of manipulative psychological impact were found in the brochure "Magi", verbal (verbal, verbal) and non-verbal (non-verbal) means were used. The non-verbal manipulative influences include the design of the cover of the Magi, which depicts an old man, indicating the direction of the warriors ’order. The old man is dressed in simple clothes: a long shirt, sandals, he just came out of the forest. In the description of the old man read the image of a pagan. The pointing gesture of the elder’s hand towards the soldiers testifies to his command, possessing a certain power over them. Based on the position that the cover of the book expresses its key idea, it is possible to draw a conclusion about the author’s desire to command, rule over other people, focus on the struggle."

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For the life of me, I will never understand the Putin cocksucking that goes on around here.

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If you interpret having a favourable stance towards another race as being self-hatred I think that points more towards your own internal feelings - in other words, you're probably engaging in a bit of psychological projection.

Probably due to Sperglin. His shills were quite heavy here before his website got wrecked, and apparently, some feeble-minded anons bought their.


Believe what you like. I doubt you've read the book.

88 to 65 wow

t. projecting self-hating faggot

Race is only a concept of shared culture and similar appearance. It has less relevance in a world that has a more advanced understanding of genetics. Unless you want to ignore science. In reality for example, the ethnicity of Scandinavians as compared to French ethnicity is different genetically they only share the same skin color. People who insist race is biological are stupid pseudo-scholars and easily proven wrong. It's based only on surface appearance and culture not actual genetics.

It's arguable that the meaning of race has changed since the 19th century but the convention in modern times is to use the term ethnicity when you refer to genetic traits since we know your appearance is largely decided by your actual genetics now. Race is an outdated concept that has actually been discarded except by the less educated who use it wrongly in the first place when they mean ethnicity. The concept of racial purity is also nonsense since if you know how genetics works you know that someone can be completely mixed blood but express none of those features physically due to recessive genes.

This post might as well have payots hanging down from it.

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Ethnicity is culture
Race is rough broad biological groupings

Russia is in the plan ?

just shills or D&C kikes. Because putin is kind of anti-israel, so shills calling anyone who is anti putin kikes. jew jewing jew is a common tactics to divert our attentions and prevent us calling out real enemies.

That's not how genetics works, just read a high school biology textbook. This is not difficult to understand. Race only exists as appearance and cultural similarities. It's annoying when someone calls me a 'white person' when they are referring to a completely different ethnicity that has nothing to do with me other than having a slightly similar shade of skin.

When I'm having a conversation with people who can't separate concepts of ethnicity, genetics, culture and race it's annoying. Those people - please get an encyclopedia and learn what the words actually mean.

all of these cringy pseudo intellectual arguments can be perfectly applied to all animals and dogs in particular, yet I bet when you want to buy a specific dog you don't present yourself with a certain autosomal profile; dog "races" too when put in the field of genetics show clines, clades and all your favourite buzzwords, yet no one in their right mind(which automatically excludes people like you) would say dog "races" stopped existing
just because the word "race" has been distorted from its original and genuine meaning into unrecognition by being moved into the field of genetics and crude quantitative "analysis", doesn't make it less real

Different types of jewish occupied governments and military complexes opposing each other, which people compare to the American one. It's better at times as says, but it's for the anons who aren't shills it's a decision on which is not as bad

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You confuse no one.

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Happy Mother's Day! Google Doodle says moms are brown with different racial children, all sleeping..

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Russian government is oligarchy-kleptocracy. They dont really care about russians one way or the other. Their families live in london/israel/etc. So called nationalist opposition is funded by fucking soros.

Its good in a way, that no one in right mind would buy their bullshit anyway.

In regards to censorship, Zig Forums is randomly banned and unbanned. Basically if someone dislikes any picture whole Zig Forums will be banned, but it takes time to ban it, takes time when ISP ban it and a lot of these pictures get deleted anyway, before Zig Forums is banned. Its really annoying, especially with some ssl errors.

>The statement (slogan) of “RUSSIA-RUSSIAN POWER” (decision of the Nagatinsky District Court of Moscow dated November 13, 2017

>after 2.5 years in IMPERIAL prison

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Not surprising.

There are many narrative factions at play. Putin is not a jewish puppet, he is a mafia-style leader of Russia. We've seen his likes in the past, Roman emperors who shifted populations for their own benefit, but were adept politicians.