How a Chinese Scientist Broke the Rules to Create the First Gene-Edited Babies

How a Chinese Scientist Broke the Rules to Create the First Gene-Edited Babies
Dr. He Jiankui, seeking glory for his nation and justice for HIV-positive parents, kept his experiment secret, ignored peers’ warnings and faked a test
Two sisters entered the world prematurely one October night last year by emergency caesarean section. Staff at the Chinese hospital swaddled them in white, laying them in incubators.
The twins had a secret almost no one at the hospital knew. One man who did know was there, waiting—a U.S.-educated researcher, Dr. He Jiankui, who had flown into town to see them.
The twins were his creations, the world’s first known gene-edited human babies. He had worked toward this for two years, altering their genes as embryos to try making them resistant to their father’s HIV infection. Dr. He (pronounced “huh”) gave them pseudonyms, Lulu and Nana.
“I’m 70% happy and 30% uncertainty,” he said in an English voice message to a colleague that night.

A deeply patriotic man, Dr. He had expected plaudits from Beijing for helping in its goal of making China a force in genetic science, people who know him said. “He always spoke in a way as though he wanted to do good for the sake of his nation,” said Stanford University physician and neurobiologist William Hurlbut, who knows Dr. He but says the researcher didn’t tell him of implanting edited genes. “What’s so ironic is that he will be punished badly.”
Dr. He ignored Western scientists’ warnings that implanting edited embryos risked flouting his field’s ethical norms. None appear to have gone beyond giving warnings.

Authorities have kept the location of Dr. He’s experiment secret. China’s Ministry of Science and Technology and a local agency investigating Dr. He didn’t respond to requests for comment.

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rules? we don't need no stinking rules

China number one on science

I hope we've been secretly working on gene warfare.

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Ah, transhumanism, the final refuge of the Last Man.

These threads have typical JIDF pattern, there are already threads where rats are shilling their Talmudic practices, post there instead of making a new one you disgusting rat.

I would like to buy my very own designer gene engineered Chinese waifu baby. I want her to look like this so we can make perfect White-Chinese hybrid babies.

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Then we shouldn't expect that scientist to have actually created gene-edited babies. We should think that this person is lying for the sake of their country's reputation.

if you read the report, it was a blood test of the father, had nothing to do with the science or experiment.

The rules need to be changed, there is absolutely nothing wrong with what he did and improving humans to prevent diseases is a strong case for future medical ethics. Genetics laws should be changed. Experimentation should be allowed as long as it doesn't bring about profound ill or negative long term effects to the quality of life of the subject.

Subhumans use European technologogy like subhumans. Hmm.


After we gain power our eugenics program will be glorious.

Aryan superrace by 2050!

Because they understand better than anyone else science doesn't care about feelings.

Sadly "muh ethics" will probably hold back improving the human race for a long time.

The soulless jews have released the soulless chinese upon the world and now the chinks are going to destroy everything and everyone. They're taking over companies and industries all over the West and sucking them dry, they're stealing technology from everyone and using it to enhance their empire of shit, they're breeding out of control, they're meddling in the affairs of most other nations, they have no care for the environment, nor race, nor anything other than profit and personal enrichment.
Honestly, the depravity and soullessness of chinks and semites everywhere has really led me to understand just how decent Americanized negroes and spics really are.

The strong deserve to win.

the smart deserve to win.

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i'd rather have chinase as overlords rather than what we have now

muh nazi eugenics comparison
It happened nearly a century ago, GET OVER IT YOU RETARDED KIKE.

You chinks are not strong, nor are you especially smart. The average chink in China is a lowly and pathetic creature enslaved by the ever-watching Chinese government. The only reason they have been able to find "success" now is because their skulduggery, selfishness, and general parasitical behavior is well-suited for the artificial world that the jews have created in which Whites and most others are completely powerless within their own homelands. Chinks are scum, they wait for others to do most of the work, and then they scurry in to try and take everything they can. This behavior is observable in their military history, their politics, their economic behavior, etc.

You are naive. The chinese are exactly the same as the jews.

Not as if the west will be successful in esponiage or opium wars any longer, the South China Sea policy is failing for the US, we shall see, it's not looking very good to date but find comfort in your fantasy world.

Napoleon said this to an English official who visited him in St. Helena island where the British imprisoned him till death. He knew the Opium trade the British was doing evil in China, so he warned the arrogant British (*) not to go too far - as one day the sleeping China will wake up, the world will be shaken.

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So glad we practice diversity. Let's just let other races catch up, no, pass us.

China's got 2 aircraft carriers and is working on a third. They are all, so far, garbage as best as anyone can figure out.

Japan can sit out at the entrances/exits to the South China Sea and shit all over China's shipping lanes and China can't do shit about it except lob missiles.

And China is mighty nervous at the prospect of lobbing missiles.

By the way, there's no over-land infrastructure to ship oil into China.


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East India Company was owned and run by jews. If you were less of a subhuman retard, you would have known this.

US Navy Ends Search for Japan’s Crashed F-35A Stealth Fighter
Oh well, you mad cuck?
The crashed Joint Strike Fighter was one of four F-35A fighter jets that took off from Misawa Air Base for a training mission at 6:59 p.m., Japan time, on April 9. The aircraft disappeared from radar tracking systems at 7:27 p.m. on April 9 about 135 km (84 miles) east of Misawa Air Base, in the northern part of Japan’s main island of Honshu.

Sure must suck not having a deep water Navy.

sure must suck not having a functioning economy. Try funding it with a flood of desperate 4rd worlders.

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This is old news. But a serious problem.
We don't know the long term effects of the modifications made to these children, we do know that they failed to accurately replicate the naturally occurring mutation they were trying to copy.

By the time the longterm effects are obvious it'll be too late to stem the spread as we'll have at least dozens of individuals carrying these tainted genetics. Just from the children he's modified already.
It would take maybe three or four generations for any long term fuckup to be clear. So if we assume each child produces two of their own we'd be looking at something like 30 to 40 people. Even assuming all are entirely chaste outside of any marriage and don't produce unknown/illegitimate offspring that go unnoticed. Or worse donate sperm or eggs.

The problem is that now we have at best ten years before a total embargo must be imposed on all interaction with the Chinese population and the populations of any nation who do not place a similar restriction on interaction with the Chinese.
The potential damage these children could cause to the human genepool must be contained.
GM Nuremburg laws now

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We also might learn more about genetic engineering with those genes.

US Census Bureau……….. let me update you on something gramps. No one believes the news, or any US governmental agency.
Post quotes from the Talmud you filthy, misleading, money grubby kike scumbag
people believe that

Either way the potential damage could lead to our extinction.
Genetic engineering if it is to be pursued must be done so in a manner that prevents the modified from reproducing naturally. Until over multiple generations a modification is proven consistent and safe.
Long long term? An original species reservation must be considered. An entirely self sufficient region wherein the original human species is preserved and should the rest of the species fuckup with genetic engineering they will be able to repopulate.

(((human rights))) aka prioritizing sub-humans

The ‘RULES’ are made by the kikes. You are correct sir, we don’t need the kikes rules. I hope that no one thinks that this scientist go tin trouble with other BUGS…no, he got in trouble with the fucking kikes who run china.

I hear this a lot. Are there lists of what's stolen, or is it just some "stolen" CSS memes?

Pretty sure that is part nigger. At least it looks part nigger to me.

No way to tell until they are grown.

It comes down to official Chinese state policy.
No outside company can operate independently in China, it has to have a Chinese partner company.
And you are required to share proprietary technology with the partner company

Honestly, the similarities between you and the the jews is astounding. You both are hated by all of your neighbors, you're both constantly trying to destroy what remains of another people who exist in close proximity to you (Tibetans//Palestinians), you both undermine and subvert through economic means, you both lie, cheat and steal to get your way, you have no decency or honor, etc.
It's a real shame that the Japanese were unable to completely sweep over china during WWII and rid us all of your filth.

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How is that stealing? If governments have that level of authority, then what's stopping governments like the US from forcing domestic companies to not operate in China?

Why complain about "theft" if they have the power to prevent it swiftly?


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The Chinese do not promote degeneracy.

Yes its not stealing.
It's more manipulation. You want that cheap no human rights labour? You gotta surrender EVERYTHING


Oh, did you think the US government cared about ethics? You think its friends with the Saudis for free and because they're such a vibrant progressive democracy? You think money doesn't matter in US congress? You think Zognald Trump is going to shut down all his billion dollar property real estate dealings in China and with the Chinese?

You are a chink, faggot. Only a chink would show this level of pro-chinese and anti-Japanese sentiment. You are fooling no one.
Your attempt to garner support for the chinese takeover of the West by implying that one can only support either the chinese or the jews is laughable and pathetic.

I mean, I'm not at all surprised. But why are anons here blaming China instead of the mega corporations, or at least both when they talk about the IP?

Who wins? Uncle Ted…

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At this point they might as well be the same thing. Hopefully the military bombs and executes traitorous General China Motors.

But they are not strong or smart. Their strength lies in being completely amoral.

So the kikes of the east are going to be the first to fuck with genes to create slave species of sub humans? fucking how jewish can u get? oy vey we are not superior lets fuck with the genes becuz we are niggers.

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Hopefully, more anons spread the blame between all three parties in the future. It's outright disingenuous to pin all the blame on China when the American companies and American government are equally at fault.

I think in the case of most anons its because they're so cynical in regards to corporate behaviour they don't expect any better of them or think they're capable of behaving any differently.
You do not blame the dog for eating the raw steak you left on the counter. You blame yourself for being stupid enough to leave it unattended when there was a dog in the house.

Others acknowledge that these corporate entities are legally incapable of behaving in any other way as most of them are publicly traded and thus could be sued by their shareholders for not using chink labour to drive down quarterly costs.

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you simply want people to focus on the Chinese instead of the Jew

I'm for eugenics
But fuck this trash

That in itself is one of the strongest strengths in clown world. Right now you see chinks stomping mudshits and niggers in their frontier, africa, and even on their trains when a nigger dares to chimp out there but what do we do? For all our talk of them being pussy or weak, it just feels like we're projecting because they are doing and have the strength to do what we wish we could and that's why Tarrant wrote in his manifesto that out of all the countries on earth he finds the most kindred with is not a single white nation in all the world but fucking china. Now they're going to go further than we ever did with our own science. Do you know how this feels?

I'm not mad at chinks creating genetically modified children, I wish the West would do the same.

What I'm mad about is that the chinks are stealing white genes to do so.

I hope you realize that the chinks are one of the mayor players behind opioid abuse in Canada and America.
They also inflate the property market making it hard to impossible for white people to buy property and start families in a lot of white cities.
And then there's the espionage that almost all chinks living n the west engage in.

I disagree with your analogy. If these companies are giving the intellectual property willingly, then saying that "it's because we can't expect any better" and appealing to apathy is not sensible. I'll explain. They could blame the third party responsible for the debacle: the American government. At least there, unlike Chinese policy, they have a theoretical ability to make a difference, no matter how cynical anons are.

Granted, complaining about any of the three isn't likely to do anything, but at least include the agents that might be in your control.

Is the mutation they tried to copy from whitey?

Lel, see


If they have to turn themselves white to become the superior race, can't complain.

Remember goy, patriotism is good, especially if a love of your own people leads you to ignore ethical concerns in order to seek a treatment for those of them suffering from fatal diseases.
Unless you're White of course, in which case patriotism and in-group love is the worst possible sin.


pick one

Reminder that the "hunt" for Mengele (literally just a doctor) was going on at the height of the Zundel trial (to distract from it?)

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You're trying to make your argument with one quote from one man? Asinine.

Shortened lifespan is only one possibility

China defeated the US military though.
And technically defeated the Japanese, mostly by not being defeated themselves and outlasting them.

its fucking nuts that we (human race) aren't going full bore on eugenics, now that we have some idea of what works.

Imagine telling some guy in 1700s or 1000s or 2000BC that "we know how we could have children that don't get sick and die, and are better looking and smarter, without hurting anyone, but we decided not to do that".

Beating the Americans isn't hard.
They're like white chinks

Their response would be something along the lines of "Oh you talked to a farmer?"
Because we've been doing that for literally our entire civilised history. It's called selective breeding. It is the basis of all agriculture and animal domestication

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Being moral isn't something to brag about. Morality won't save a race.

Unfortunately true. Might makes right.

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You're no fun, dude. The sooner we make it easy for every single human on the planet to edit their own genes with do-it-yourself kits in their own home, the sooner we figure out how to create the New Man.

Editing genetics isn't easy or predictable.
It needs to be done carefully, that kind of slapdash half assery with no sense of caution is how Monsanto operates.

So how exactly is a fathers hiv infection passed on to a daughter?

Or was the good doctor making the girls hiv resistant for general protection?

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Living with someone who is infected gives you a pretty decent chance of being infected.
But as I understand it the parents just wanted general resistance as rates of HIV/AIDs are only climbing in China.

the possibilities of this are endless.

Probably turbo child hookers for chink elites? It's the only logical explanation I have.

oh yeah
looking forward to new incurable diseases from china to which the chinese will have immunity

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At least the part is a prediction, am I on the mark, Zig Forums?

The children need to be put down or constantly monitored their whole lives.
It would be a crime against humanity to not do so

fake news, not real scientists

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Willing to believe you if you answer correctly in this one:
What's your opinion on the so called "Nankin Rape"?

The chink shilling is really getting out of hand, we cant go a week without a "west is finished, China rules the world" shillmao thread, I think all threads about China should be banned, there is no reason to believe anything they say anway.

I honestly can't see how racial preservation justifies this dakimakura…

A red herring.

China does not rule the world yet but soon will unless we learn from them to stop giving a fuck about superficial rules made by our very enemies usually for the specific purpose of driving us to extinction.

China wont do shit and muh Chinese superiority news are fake news.

Its not like are prone to lies and exaggerations.