Why the average American hasn’t made a new friend in 5 years

Why the average American hasn’t made a new friend in 5 years
Forty-five percent of adults say they find it difficult to make new friends, according to new research.
A new study into the social dynamics of 2,000 Americans revealed that the average American hasn’t made a new friend in five years.
In fact, it seems for many that popularity hits its peak at age 23, and for 36 percent, it peaks even before age 21.
The study, conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Evite, uncovered that one of the reasons 42 percent of adults struggle to make friends is due to introversion or shyness (((pussifacation and cuckdom))).
And the challenge is not just in breaking out of their shell but also breaking into new social situations and circles.
The majority of respondents cite friendship-making barriers that include aversion to the bar scene where most people choose to socialize, or the feeling that everyone’s friendship groups have already formed.

And how many friends do adults actually have? Turns out, 16. The average American has three friends for life, five people they really like and would hang out with one-on-one, and eight people they like but don’t spend time with one-on-one or seek out.
Most people have remained close with friends they met when they were younger. Nearly half of those surveyed have stayed friends with peers from high school, and a further 31 percent with peers from college.
Kicking it even more old-school, three in 10 Americans say they have made lasting connections with people they met in their childhood neighborhood.
However, 82 percent of those studied feel like lasting friendships are hard to find. The number one cause of lost friendships is moving away, with 63 percent revealing this to be a reason they’ve fallen out of touch with a former friend.


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Only quote I like from Jay-Z is "less is more, nigga there's plenty of us".

Ironically, he's right… Now the Jewnited States of Americunts are overrun by nignogs.

Kek for skirt skirt ye

I don't have any friends, except you guys

Another forced belief without European origins emerges, it seems.


eternal fucking high school
the ideas of friendship and brotherhood have been degraded along with everything else, now the measure of a friend is whoever is willing to smoke weed and get drunk with you on a daily basis

TFW you realize most or probably all your pre-redpill associates and frens were Neanderkiken, Islamigommunist or Frei Massodnicks. What would authentic NatSoc style frens entail? Common frenship is a shitshow. Borrowers, boomers, bastids and Berber slave traders. What would realistic standards and elevation benchmarks be like?

As 100% Bavarian Phenotype, my duty is to suggest a structure decentralizing from a maximum of Dunbar's Number [148] each then interlace individuals to groups nominally [10-14 max in common] so there isn't too much overlap of separation degrees.

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One of the only good piece of advice I got from my mostly useless father was that you'd be lucky to have six actual true friends over the course of your life, they'd end up being your pallbearers.
He was Right, and I've made zero actual TRUE friends. You get stabbed in the back enough times & you'll be too busy constantly looking for knives to bother making any more.

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It's important for anyone with an interest in politics to be at least civil around those he disagrees with, you should be trying to establish a respectable circle of people who take your opinion seriously. If you're looking for friendships (or relationships, to a lesser extent) then seek out activities that are inherently right-wing; Churches are a common example, but getting involved with a shooting range, a wood/metalworking hobbyist group, mountaineering, etc, will help you find people more likely to align with you, and the hard part of finding an initial topic of conversation is already done for you.

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maybe people aren't making friends because they're afraid that they'll either go to prison for saying that theres only two genders or they're afraid that their right-winged friends will find out that they're lying about having left-winged viewpoints so that he can safely make other friends

never tell (((friends))) you own guns, ever. Don't show them, don't let them be seen

A lot of people are assholes, users and abusers, and it often takes a sizeable investment of time and resources to figure that out. Then again a lot of people are just NPC's happy with a big pizza a case of beer and a TV with sports playing on it. And the simple fact is that once you get out of high school, you're just too busy trying to establish a home and a family to sit around making friends.

This x 10000

Basically we're living in the Soviet Union then.

Pathetic shilling

Another forced belief without European origins emerges, it seems.

Reminder that the moderators allow these paid shills to post here.

It's almost like forcing either extreme is subversive.

Shit sample size of the 300million in the US.
I make many frens here and at the beer hall.
Many people have families and have no need to add more frens after some point. It happens but life obligations come first for many.

13% of the population.
Has been ever since.
Mayans are too many here and need to go back.

Friends are for nothing if you do not have brothers and sisters in arms first and foremost. Friends should come secondary.

Reported. Get the fuck out, yid.

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I'm beginning to think that field of psychology is the most worthless field in all fields. Social sciences belong in this category as well.

This is excellent advice.

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This is not limited to guns. Don't tell team that you know computers, have spare parts, a stash of anything (fuel, carbs, drugs) and that you know or even see regularly important people.

Please detail where you stand on the issue.

Meh. Fuck having friends. They just get you in trouble. Family is the only that matters. If you don't have family then one life long friend will do it.

Same, thanks.

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This…what good would it do me to make friends if my core beliefs are an aberration to them. What would we talk about?

But user, you won't be able to enjoy kikebook without tons of worthless relations that don't mean anything.

It is not. Psych is everything. The reason it is seen as worthless is because 1. most people don't understand it 2. most people getting into it are more interested in self diagnosing their own neurosis

This basically means you have idiots going in, learning about their illness, and then making papers on why they should be treated equally. Very few people actually care about the milgram experiment, or skinner boxes anymore.

Much much worse. The soviet union infested with hordes of shitskins and other assorted human filth.

No it is completely worthless user. Kike invention and it bears their hallmark incompetence and destroying nature in all of it.

have a

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all i've done is loose friends

If we all survive the collapse we are going to be so weird from being raised in this environment.

Yeah, with no "mother russia" to retreat to and let the winter wipe them out, unless you count Canada, maybe we could collapse civilization up there and they would leave, but niggers and spics in the US are seemingly determined to live with us as long as we don't support slavery.

In general, you should keep as much of your wealth and status as possible hidden from people. There's a bit of truth to those oft-cited aphorisms of Warren Buffett living in the same mobile home he's lived in since 1959 or Bill Gates wearing the same $30 polos. The last thing you want when you're looking for a genuine friend is a bastard who will stab you in the back; the last thing you want when looking for a wife is a gold digger like pic related.

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Found the Psyche student.
Sorry you wasted your life, user.
Psychology is kike weaponry.

"It only takes one person to have a disease. It takes two people to diagnose a 'mental illness'."

Is there a blood, or other some such quantifying test, that can identify, without question, a "psychotic break", etc?
Nothing subjective about that process at all, eh?

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I've noticed a lot of normalfags label acquaintances as friends ever since kikebook and other such platforms became a thing.
16 is just way to many, probably a lot of overcompensation with (((work friends))) and other bullshit.

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I've never had a single friend, someone hug me

Kill yourself cunt. Not your fucking blog.

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It started ages ago with the fucking newfriend garbage.

And of course, what a coinkidink, just in time for FRENS amirite?1one!1!one!


I'm a high functioning autist and I never had any friends. I was always alone throughout high school and always kept to myself. I don't even talk to my family because I have crippling social anxiety and depression.

I'm a 21 year old virgin and I will probably become a wizard at age 30. I've never had a girlfriend and I will probably remain a forever alone virgin forever.

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>introversion or shyness (((pussification and cuckdom)))

I'm a 27 yo service worker who reads Evola and Kaczynski in my spare time and hasn't owned a television in five years. The average person I work with/for probably couldn't locate France on a map, much less read and understand demographic data projected into 2050 (but rest assured they can tell you the name of every single character in Game of Thrones).

Why, exactly, should I be concerned that the number of people in the general population who are both trustworthy and compatible with my worldview is very few? Should I try to expand my social group by recanting my world view even in private and among my "friends"? Would doing so make me any less of a pussy or a cuck?

Worthless kike bullshit that has allowed them to 'diagnose' anyone who doesn't agree with them. It is perhaps the most dangerous form of social control that they ever invented and it is a weapon against people that there is no real comparrison for in historical context. Does anyone thing the kikes are sane or that their systems and laws are 'sane'? Why would we let something as FUCKING DEGENERATE AND MORALLY FILTHY in charge of the mental health of humanity.
Unless you 'think like a kike' you are 'mentally ill.

If you want the kikes out of your nation you are 'mentally ill'.

If you don't want faggots to rape your little boy to death you are 'mentally ill'.

If you don't want to fuck a nigger you are 'mentally ill'.



Kicker: the average American MALE has one or zero friends for life, while the average American female has between three and five.

Not if you keep posting here like you're on fucking reddit you won't.

That is one way to destroy our people user. Find yourself an AUTGIRL and breed with her. We are becoming our own race because we prefer each others high IQ and intellect to the genpops retardation and chicanery. We need your DNA to breed with an AUTGIRL because our numbers are low.

Field itself is worthless and current state of psychology is like this: Someone is fat, and sad and depressed. He goes to the psychologist and the doctor pretender gives him anti depressants and tells him "it's ok to be fat." and come back next week. The science would put this fat person on a strict diet and get him to participate in physical training to turn him into a scientifically healthy person. That's the difference between a real science and the feel good field of psychology. Body builders hold more scientific knowledge in comparison.

Almost all of my good friends from school were victims of White genocide. >two were OD's after getting Rx'd (((Sackler's))) poison
There are two left, but it's too hard to hang out with them because we eventually get to talking about the dead, and I don't need anymore blackpills.
I just hang out with my wife and occasionally I'll go fishing with the old guy down the road.

Yeah…but the field of 'science' is one that cures and tends to peoples needs. The field of psychology is one that injures, hurts and kills people.

Giving someone pills to pop instead of addressing their weight and general health is wishing that they would die horribly and painfully due to THE PSYCHOLOGISTS LIES rather than doing something to change their life for the better. Remember we only care about the END RESULT. We don't give a fuck about the 'justification' and 'reasons' or the kike FEE FEES…and 'sensitivity' that is the road to ruin and death.

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what are you putting money away for?

start video at 3:00

>uncovered that one of the reasons 42 percent of adults struggle to make friends is due to introversion or shyness (((pussifacation and cuckdom)))

Seems the author can't count to two.

really, OP?

I sure am glad these shit threads are ok but threads showing that random people in the world are willingly reading the Great Replacement to more normalfags to spread the info get killed because polvol2 spammed sagebomb replies

It's because of DIVERSITY

What does DIVERSITY do?

Decreased friendships, community spirit, decreased altruism, and depressed social capital, less ethical behavior, more crime, fear, isolation and depression:


Harvard study: onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1111/j.1467-9477.2007.00176.x

Good Fences: necsi.edu/research/social/scienceofpeace.pdf

Self-identification study: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15625622

Everything else:

More diverse neighborhoods have lower social cohesion.


Diversity increases psychotic experiences.

Diversity increases social adversity.

A 10% increase in diversity doubles the chance of psychotic episodes.


Diversity reduces voter registration, political efficacy, charity, and number of friendships.

Ethnic diversity reduces happiness and quality of life.


Diversity reduces trust, civic participation, and civic health.


Ethnocentrism is rational, biological, and genetic in origin.


Ethnic diversity harms health for hispanics and blacks.


Also, a nice little study from Cornell University about how segregation creates peace:


Multiculturalism doesn’t work:





Read the post I shared, dipshit. What I wrote is not about storing money so much as cultivating a barrier from those who wish to develop a false rapport with you simply because they crave it.

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The structure of modern society isn't built for friendships. It's hardly built for any kind of relationship. When you work a full-time job, even a relatively simple one, it eats up more of your time than you realize. Can't stay out late because you've got to be at work tomorrow. A portion of all free time you're going to have in a given week is dedicated to chores, errands, and keeping up your life. Depending on where you live, the taxes and fees you have to pay for everything will likely ensure that you need to be cautious with your money and time anyways, as a foolish endeavor or overinvestment in something could ruin you.

Then you try to factor friends into the equation. They've got their own jobs and responsibilities to tend to. They likely moved somewhere further away, because the job market is such shit that people have to take whatever they can get to stay above water, instead of being able to live where they want and have that work out. It's seems malicious the way all the homes are nowhere near any of the jobs necessary to afford those homes.

Now you're left with limited freetime through your week, low energy from the constant stress, responsibilities piling up because you are away at work and commuting to and from work every day, and you're supposed to go out and find new people to meet, carve some time out of their schedule to attempt to form a friendship, assuming there's an actual possibility for genuine, authentic friendship at all. And if you've already got friends, you're likely constantly in the process of trying to align schedules for a few hours per month just to see each other. Chances are that many of the friends you've held onto over your lifetime have either fallen away, or lost your faith in them. Nothing worse than keeping up with people on Kikebook only to find that they spend all day reposting dozens of lefty feminist memes and ranting about how Trump is turbohitler on steroids.

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This is why the National Socialists talked of a Volksgemeinschaft. Technological progress changes societies for the worse, unless a conscious effort is put in to counter-act those negative side-effects. One of these side-effects has been social isolation.

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How is she a gold digger? She broke up with him because he seemed like a loser. Her goal was to getting married and have children, while maintaining financial security and she felt the year she was spending with him became wasteful. He didn't work or seemingly want to get married. Of course, this could be a whole miscommunication issue but she was working under false pretences so how could she have known he wasn't a deadbeat?

Thank you TOR user. This was actually my first thought as well, having grown up during the invasion. I remember the cohesion and it gradual vanishing as more and more alien faces began showing up in my neighborhood.

It's reddit and it's a modern woman. You have to assume that there's a certain amount of dishonesty there. I doubt this is the full story, nor is it the actual way things went down. She was likely eying some other guys who seemed wealthier and more able to pamper her, and she expected her boyfriend to fight kicking and screaming when she tried pulling this shit. The fact that they broke up and she expected him to chase after her and weep and beg for her shows that she values herself more than she valued him when she tried this little stunt. She was being a gold digger, but in her twisted little feminist princess mind, she was doing what any modern, corrupted woman would do.

I don't want friends. The only "friend" that I still even bothered with past college isn't even worth it. They didn't get offended when I said redpill things, but then one day it was "I'm not sure if all your racism is actually real, or if you're some kind of neo-nazi…" Which is when I realized it was hopeless and that this faggot was nothing but a liability in every way.

Oh no user. The last thing the kikes on this board want you to think about or do is get married and have children. There was nothing wrong with her desire to have White children and raise a family. It is just offensive to the kikes who stalk this board and do everything they can to discourage Whites (especially intelligent Whites) from having children or a marriage or a family.

Why the actual fuck are feminist retards here?

I am natsoc from Greece and have no friends… Most guys marginalise me and don't want me with them….. To tell u the truth I am introverted, ugly and never had a girlfriend… Could you fellow anons help me please???!!??????

Hi Poseidon

Brilliant webm, thanks a lot

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That’s extremely sad.
Nobody should be online so much, there’s no excuse.

Fuck you, fuck John Gotti, fuck the mafia, and fuck your terrible advice.

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I use Zig Forums as a friendship simulator not going to lie.

Been thinking about this for a couple of years now. Modernity promises me a cocoon of vidya, warm cuddlies, cummies, calories, and a stable job so long as I submit on every level. You guys promise me pain, existential anguish, a possibility of the loss of all comfort, the loss of my job, and the vaguest, most distant simulacrum of friendship. Of course I will choose you.
Could modernity change tactics and lure me with friendship? Possibly, but the more I think about it, the more impossible a task that sounds. That would mean that I hang around with other white men in private. That would be an unacceptable risk to the system.

Dear God. If we ever figure out how to market the genuine promise of meaningful friendship to the masses of deracinated, atomised white man.

The Jew fears friendship.

I’m sure you meant non-FAGGOT GLOBOHOMOS like your kike self?

People who have an interest in the continuation of the White race, unlike you kikes/parasites.

I've literally made the most friends I've ever had in the past 5 years. Sounds like cope

And part of it is thanks to Zig Forums helping me get my life on track

You literally prove that that's not true, newfaggotniggerbraindipshit

Meeting women however….

Friends are overrated. If you aren't useful or have nothing to offer to the other party the friendship will gradually dissipate until its over or you'll simply get back stabbed.

> nypost.com

Now die, kike.


maybe you shouldn't hang out with kikes

I gots all the
I need right here

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Nah it is more human nature than you're prepared to admit. Have been trough this road twice.


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I can think of 3 people i consider friends.

I chatted a lot with a girl about farm life, nature, and tradition culture stuff in a class last semester. I think she was in a relationship and after the year ended she complete ghosted. I didn't bother reaching out in text more than once. Where do i find ecofash gf?

The problem is ‘modern’ Whites. As the kikes destroy the US this will only get worse. “A nation has as many parasitic subhuman trash as it deserves.” At least Saint Earnest and Saint Tarrant tried to remedy the situation.

Earnest's mom is Jewish… That is all

post evidence

Hey anons could you please help me????? (See my previous post)

At this point no one cares. It is symbolic. Furthermore if he was a kike it is even a greater indictment of them than if he was White. It would be one of their own UTTERLY condemning them to death for their actions. That is a lot worse than if he was White.

We hear you but we PROTECT AND VET anyone coming near our genetic treasure (the unicorns). You would have to pass through many layers and prove yourself to get access to the greatest treasure (White DNA) on the planet.

I'm from Germany, bro.

Agreed. But you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone that’s read the works of Freud, Jung, Lacan, and for that they’ll always believe Psych is a bunch of pseudo-science.

Well, I realized most of my friends growing up joined the masonic cult and they all unperson you when you tell them to get a demit. Turns out most of them were terrible people anyway.

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Making a new friend is not so hard. If you live in an apartment complex, a lot of times its as easy as knocking on someone's door and inviting them over for a drink. I've made some good friends that way. There's a good chance your neighbor needs a new friend.