ChuckE2009, a youtube channel with 556,000 subs read Tarrant's manifesto, slipping in a few redpills here and there and is now having his channel removed.

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Why is it easier to find a thread about this on halfchan than here? Is this the real cuckchan?

inb4 thread deleted

One already got bumplocked, another deleted

111 get

He is going to get his channel striked and deleted. They recently purged videos that read Elliot Rodgers manifesto.

Because the mods on Zig Forums's Zig Forums actually do their fucking job.


Was just coming to make thread about this.


TL;DR, one of our guys built up a subscriber base of hundreds of thousands of people doing normalfag metalwork and farming stuff

YT chan:

BT video:

Subsequent video explaining his allegiance to us:

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You done it now OP. You gun get banned.

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Half a dozens thread shilling this faggot now. Reported all you see.

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Someone does something actually effective instead of sperging on an imageboard and it's (((their))) job to make sure it spreads as slowly as possible? Sounds about right.

Neck yourself kikefaggot. You are never going to keep Tarrant's manifesto under wraps.

No it's the other way around. The mods on cuckchan want Zig Forums to be a shitposting playground. The mods here actually give a shit.



Oh boy, right out of the woodwork.

unfortunately it seems like this guy's popularity has been falling
check comments on his other videos and you'll see a bunch of boomers pissed off because he doesn't know how to farm

These threads are being deleted meanwhile a Pole spewing blackpilled, hateful bile against Hitler is at 190 posts, not anchored, not deleted, nothing. Really makes you think.

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Kike jew
Im reporting you
Do you have any idea how easy it is for us to pick you out? You glow even when the sun is out
Do the world a favour and go kill yourself

Enjoy your false report.

This is great. It has started the conversation across farm/welding/hobbyist forums. I'm seeing a ton of /ourguys/ that I wouldn't have known about otherwise…just don't dump all your spaghetti and get banned, fellas

Mods are shills, not even memeing
this place has been infiltrated

Nothing about it is jewish, he even calls out jews several times
In anycase im not gonna pilpul with you and your mental gymnastics, i KNOW what youre trying to do and it wont work here

I agree. We should really keep our distance from this goy or boomers will think we aren't cool.

Give it about three minutes and it’ll be gone

This. Their lawn mowing techniques are vastly superior to ours and we must learn from them.

if that's what you took from my post, you should neck yourself retard

ah, now the JIDF kikes are pulling

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Pic related, also a cap from the vid at 5:52
Oh boy we really are in Weimar again arent we? Those who fail to learn history are doomed to repeat it. We are going to repeat the last 100 years

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God damn do these videos make the kikes angry.

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You’re terrified at being exposed as a paid shill.

Hail Brenton
Hail Victory

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Cuz halfchan done goofed it's self, welcome to REALCHAN.

What is 100% sure right (((SOMEBODY))) is very upset. (((Somebody))) is calling in the troops.

Delete the thread again mods, it'll totally make your problems go away.

Keep shilling JIDF keep upping the post count, then we can make #2

Online Journokikes and SHUT IT DOWN when?

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I'm currently listening to his reading of The Great Replacement . So far he's included the video concerning replacement rates that Brenton references in his manifesto and the video of Barbara Spectre talking about how Europe must become multicultural.


Is that the phama Jew that paid 6 figures for a Wu Tang album?

Whata jew, kekekek.

Since the video came up you people haven't even been trying.

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Shill him somewhere else, moishe.

Fuck off, boomy.

Yes. Biggest example of a smug jew troll. He also directly inflated his profits with a lifesaving medicine oy vey o(>:0(


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Because mods here are kikes


Mods are jews

Exactly, also to add:

This man is taking a stand for his beliefs and his people, risking a lucrative lifestyle and a significant reputation he's spent years building to fight for our race. Anyone who isn't a shill and is also discounting his actions are no better than niggers.

I've noticed they actually do their job here.

Youre right. They help the Jews and their lies. That's what they're paid to do, so Jim and Ron can turn you in to the FBI

Why the fuck was the last thread deleted? This is a legitimate topic.

Are you questioning us, goy?

You mean when they delete shitposting threads? Cuckchan mods just leave them going forever.

Nice deflection kike
The Goyim Know

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You are literally a redditor named Tallest Skil. I thought you only cared about Truml threads?

mah shekels

Funny how a nigger can get away with spewing his beliefs and his ideology and get pushed by an "algorithm"
Yet when whitey reads one booklet and names (((them))) all sheit insues…


hes a cool guy, he cucked the pharma companies out of their money by inflating the price

he stepped on a jew toe and crushed 6 million bones so they need to take him down

I'm the OP. I posted this thread specifically because there were no discussions about it. From what I notice, the mods on Zig Forums's Zig Forums actually give a shit about the quality of the board.

You’re required by your boss to reply.

Hi Tallest Skil; it’s bumplocked now you don’t need to sage. Are you evading any band right now Tallest Skil?

His channel is definitely getting shoah'd. I'm in the process of downloading a few videos now (hopefully they finish before the Shoah) and using this as mini clips for redpills
Dude is based, here's the platform he says he's wanting to start. Says he's building a website.

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Filter (((f47205)))

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The give a shit in the sense they're paid to re-elect Donald Trump

What the fuck are you talking about?


I’ll download the channel. I have the space

Yeah, that's why they shut down both the previous threads. The second one was better than this one, until it got shoad.

I didn't know about that. I know that on cuckchan they have moderators watching "Trump General" 24/7 and keeping any sort of oppositional opinions suppressed.

Well shit.

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Will the anons find out why this threads bumplocked?

Is the Whatcha doin' mods thread disappearance mystery going to be solved?

Will this thread be deleted halfway down the catalog?


Not seeing the 6 million low-effort threads that come down to

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Sorry I didn't check your ID I'm just used to arguing with JIDF here and I'm desensitized.


Your globally unique posting style makes it obvious who you are, Tallest Skil.

Sure thing, moishe. As I said, you were required by your boss to reply, so you replied. Now reply again.

Those are Chodemonkey's bots that feds and JIDF paid him to set up


It's fine. Look, the quality of discussion here is at least 200% better than it is on cuckchan. But it's not really the mods that do it, it's the fact that the posters with any sense beat feet and got the fuck away from nu/pol/ before it became /b/ 2.0.


New video about biden ends with #altright

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It's the posters 100%
This is now and always has been a National Socialist Board. Jim/Ron Watkins however are greedy as fuck and took $$$ to push the (((Q)))LARP and have continued to take money to silence important discussions on Zig Forums.

Didn't know about that but I would assume it to be true on this corner on the internet.

Bump just to the the


This fam. The acceleration is happening.

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already been deleted

Has anyone read this stuff yet?

why new thread when this one still bumps?

It's locked. Fucking pigchan mods

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Imagine losing your yt career and whatever the fuck else he was doing only to jerk off to a cringy manifesto with an even more autistic audience. You dun goofed retard. He probably didn’t learn anything from the retards that actually (((tried))) something in the real world.

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No it doesn't you blind nigger.
(((Mods))) bumplocked it like they did with the first thread, and it's only a matter of time till they delete this like they did with the others

just kidding

what are they saying about it

Mods = Gods


The first wave on the shore merely wets the sand.
Those that come after remove the sand for good.

Based user

Imagine using dubs to to toesuck mods. Filtered


Go back to halfchan

How is it shitposting to share the video?

It's deleted, faggot

Back to cuckchan. Don't let the big beautiful door hit you on the way out.