MODS don't want you to see:

Multiple threads have been deleted and anchored already in a desperate attempt to contain the damage
Got no proof but when I watched the video, it hat around 400k Views, and now it's down to 40k views, probably to make it rank low in the algorithm.

A welding channel guy with 555k subscriber did a diy "audio book" of tarrants manifesto for two hours on his channel, following up with this video how he's been a White nationalist underwraps since about 2014, shows many of the info graphics from here. He's a christcuck in stark contradiction to what he's preaching here but he can work it out later, regardless of that he's on the train he's on.

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Reported for spam

I want someone to OCR his party platform pictures, or post whatever website the text is available. Also, why dods his latest video end with #altright? Seems he should know by know (((who))) they are.

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I guess it's optics?

Cry harder, shill.
I drink your tears.

If there are any mods reading this thread, what's the reason for deleting and anchoring this? or is there a sub to ask why and get a real answer?

Mods work for (((Q)))ushner.

The mods don't seem to want this video getting a wide audience.

We have more important things to discuss than what Joe Shmo did on YouTube. If threads like this were allowed, every e-faggot making videos on YouTube would have one, and there would be no reason to come here other than it being a
=TV Guide for JewTube==

The kvetching is real.
They don't like it when Zig Forums leaks out in to normienet.

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yeah like the last pepe the frog meme thread, or some random bullshit about vegans insterad of a 556k subscriber youtuber doing what has never been done before. fuck off moshe.

eh, the channel he built up for ten years is getting deleted, obviously not a tv guide for jewtube.

Why should I care

You're coming here for the wrong reasons

You're damn right! Look at all the trouble it's caused already.

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This is actually a worthwhile eceleb thread. He isn't some aut-right grifter, but a mainstream jewtuber who throw it all away to drop some redpills, even naming the jew.

Lots of shills = good topic

I'm a bit confused why the thread has been deleted. It seems like quite a high impact video and an example of political bravery for others to follow.

Can we have a thread here for everyone who has had his channel deleted? You know, some of us don't just come here and spam shit threads. We put our time and effort into making quality. Why don't you get the hint?

Can argue that a previous thread was deleted because it's eceleb shit, or possibly shilling, but I say that if the guy has half a million subscribers, and his channel has been of a highly different topic up to posting this video, then this is something we should discuss and encourage. Watching this gives us more understanding of the Christcuck's mind and how he relates to Nat Soc ideology, and we can tell him how we support him, which will encourage him to use his platform for the greater good. By banning this as a topic we lose out on info and may allow a good man to be bullied into hiding, if not publicly disavow, his beliefs.

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now you're just pilpuling.

Absolutely based. It was probably deleted for eceleb shit, even if this is a good thing to see a pro-white message put out to such a large audience

Why don't one of you make a whole board called /youtube/? Then no one can stop you from chatting about your favorite youtuber. Someone please answer me.

Website owner is a jewish shill. All mods are hand picked to ban pro-white content from Zig Forums.

This guy absolutely deserves one single thread that isn’t bumplocked here.

Why do we care about ecelebs?

Lies from a butthurt teenager. Clean your room.

I agree.

not about eceleb, jew.

Case in point.

Why do you deserve dozens of threads spamming the board?

Here's an even better idea, create your board and shill it here? As long as you're discreet and respectful about it, no one will care.

Really makes you think, doesn't it?

Saying "eceleb" isn't an argument. You're just using that word to shut down discussion.


This isn't just someone who had their channel deleted, it's a popular "mainstream" jewtuber naming the jew. And we had threads for Jonestein and other 100% kosher ecelebs who were banned from other platforms.

The Purple LARP is even worse than the Q LARP.

Yeah, I reported those too.

Or you can just discuss the topic without needing affirmation from an eceleb. Why can’t you do that?

The Great Replacement by Brenton H Tarrant

read by ChuckE2009 (YouTube welder about to get shoaed)

2hr 14min mp3:


of video:


The board isn't being spammed, people check the catalog, don't see a thread about it and post, unaware that mods have memory holed this news.

You seem to spend a lot of time trying to derail threads.

We don’t need a new board to discuss a normal guy who suddenly happens to post videos on youtube that contain politically incorrect opinions.

Because its fucking spam. Why do you need a talking head to interpret someone else's words and tell you what to think? Why would anyone justify giving that person clickshekels? The last thread on this they tried to say it was to redpill others, but then why post it here? This isnt a board for babbys first redpill. That's the whole point of shaming newfaggots from posting and telling them to lurk moar.

Also stay tuned for the party/movement he's founding. I see great potential.

Every new thread is screaming about the old one being deleted. Don’t fucking dare try that line on us, dumbass.

No one said that. The board would be for all of your favorite ecelebs and circle jerking to them. Not just one guy. Why can’t you go make your own eceleb board?

Ain't that the truth. So which mod are you? The roach or the oildriller?

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It's not even about him, it's only about these two videos he made. And I couldn't care less about welding.

You're just a teenage faggot who isn't going to listen to anything I tell you.

All of you think that the culture here is arbitrary. ==It is not.==
It evolved to be what it was in 2014, then the mods changed and it devolved, and now it will slowly but surely evolve into what it was before. Ask an oldfag if you don't know.

It is to spread the message, and make anons post it elsewhere, sweaty.

Respect to this guy. Doesn't seem like some random making youtube vids, he already had a decent audience and he's putting it on the line for the cause. A good example.

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Then perhaps you could discuss the contents of the videos without shilling the eceleb and his whole image.

Excuse me:
*It is not

Except it's not.
Not what it's about.
Not what it's about.
it actually will on jewtube, not here, the point about a thread about it here is it's news.

How will it evolve into what it was before when imkikey destroyed the board permanently and codemonkey enforces rules that prevent us from going back to the way things were?


If anything you were saying was true, you’d shut the fuck up about the guy and discuss the contents. You’ve yet to do that.

that over the top "whats up guys" youtuber voice.

I hope antifa kills this dude

Read the Saint's manifesto or watch the fucking video. And the Saint's words have been discussed so much I don't even have anything to add any more.

checked and correct.

Just filter the shills and move on. Wasting time engaging them is what they want.

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This is completely retarded. There needs to be just one single thread about this guy that isn’t locked. That will eliminate the “spam” and contain this absolutely thread-worthy discussion. I’m fully in favor of a new thread being created about this until it’s allowed to run its course naturally.

He evangelized for a murderous manifesto you absolute baboon and you're acting like he's already a victim of something because people want him banned. This is why you're gay as fuck.

I will go back because the shitty anons who don't adapt will surely get frustrated and leave. Even though people love to name drop this place, WHICH WAS TABOO AND NOW EVERYONE CAN SEE WHY, this place will become less popular once again. It will become aloof once again. It will become intellectual once again. It will take time and effort on the part of anons to make it good again.
I don't want to believe that this board is kill.
Stop name dropping this site.
Stop making the conversation here evolve around what happens on another website.

False. I posted a thread about the welder guy because I didn't see anything in the catalog, then later discover there's been lots of threads about the welder guy. Surely some reposts are people reupping now that they know they're being deleted but there's still the first case and the first case scenario of mods memory holing this is what started it.

Does anyone remember Evalion? Didn't she have 500k subs too? Was she allowed on this board? People tried to spam her here too, and the threads were reported and deleted. It was better that way.

He's making a contribution which we all have to do if things are going to progress - flyers, stickers, shitposting, protesting, rioting, TALKING to real people without fear, voting, getting the nuclear codes and destroying mecca and all things in between.
ChuckE's making a sacrifice for something he believes in and fuck anybody who says any different. We are right, the tide is turning.

false, most responses have been dealing with your derailing.

Oy vey, the goyim know.

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If that were the only problem that would be the solution, but the issue is the mods are apparently on the side of the shills/are the shills, memory holing threads about this event.

who has the original 2 hour video?
since deleted by the jews

Okay. So don’t spam the board with threads about your eceleb.

You have every other website on the internet and every other board here. Zig Forums is a board for truth and for natsoc content. Other content does not belong here.

Since Brenton Tarrant, I truly feel like there is so much synchronicity all steering the world in our favour. This is what made me believe in the divine (God/Kek, not as a personified deity, but as a concept and force of nature).

if its spam just ignore and look away, why are you so triggered? youre acting like Chucky personally holocausted your 6 granparents 666 times
Why dont you just leave the thread? Go to another one? youre spamming this thread

allow me to correct that, global jewery

The threads are right there. Everyone can see them. You’re fooling no one.

Are you even trying now?

Almost as though there’s a bunch of jews controlling the narrative or something.

Why didn't you niggers do this with Trump? Not sure whether that link can be shared.

THIS x 1000
It's a board for the mind, not for e-cheerleaders or e-sheep.

obvious leftypol/jidf

Impotent homo idiot limp dick who doesn't have even a spec of the courage contained in the manifesto. Fucking gay as fuck. This is basically how retards "radicalize" themselves, posting controversial opinions and then they can't handle the criticism so they double down and feel like victims for receiving any sort of push back at all.

They are kvetching because all his subs are normal working class people. He is not preaching the the choir on some autright channel. He is spreading the good word to new people. The story time video showed up on my vanilla "recommended list" account at work.

I want the old board back. I will fight. My body is ready.

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We’ll table the discussion of false flags for now. YOU are a kike shill for saying we shouldn’t be slaughtering nonwhites.

Tarrant/Hitler 2020

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What is this board to you? Your little interwebz box for shitposting and endless, meaningless debates around the same topics?
This guy has sacrificed his career and dropped massive redpills to 500k subscribers, he is even planning to start a political movement.
This is huge and could be used to further spread propaganda over social media. It's for the 14, it's for the cause. If that seems pointless to you, you're either a traitor or a filthy non-white rat.
And please, spare me how this board is suppose to be this and that, if you really were concerned about the existence of Europeans, you wouldn't care about these supposed rules, just like I don't.

Does the word murderous trigger your guilt or something, maybe I calling it martial would sound better to you even the manifesto literally promoted murder you fucking baboon.

I swear you retards talk a big game but you can't even hold your ground and back up your shit talk on the internet of all places. Damn gay ass fucking homos I swear.


Did the IQ just drop in here or did the IJEW go up?
You're right to fear us, you knew it would happen and you think you can control it, lead us gently to the slaughterhouse. But the reason you fear us and want our genes eradicated is the very reason you will lose. We are independent and creative, traits you will always lack which is why the jew has achieved nothing of value, just parasites who feed off the successful host. Humanity will not miss you.
Now, fuck off, you're way too obvious

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lol anchors

This is exactly why it frightens them when anybody is willing to make a sacrifice for a cause. They have always cowered in the shadows throughout history, Standing for nothing, contributing nothing
What a world it could have been with the viral jew.

definitely jidf/leftypol.

It's a happy place where a large variety of high-brow things are discussed, and the occasional ops are discussed and run.
He deserves his own board. You be the mod. You can delete or bumplock all the intellectual threads that you hate.

If you had respected other anons, you would respect the culture here, rather than trying to FUCK IT UP ALL THE TIME. Lurk moar used to mean something.
You act like literal niggers

Why can’t you answer the question you were asked?

*obviously 'without' the blood-sucking cunts