Universal Basic Income

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I am Andrew Yang, Democratic candidate for President of the United States in 2020. The leading policy of my platform is the Freedom Dividend, a Universal Basic Income of $1,000 a month to every American adult aged 18+. I believe this is necessary because technology will soon automate away millions of American jobs—indeed, this has already begun. The two other key pillars of my platform are Medicare for All and Human-Centered Capitalism. Both are essential to transition through this technological revolution. I recently discussed these issues in-depth on the Joe Rogan podcast, and I'm happy to answer any follow-up questions based on that conversation for anyone who watched it.

I am happy to be back on Reddit. I did one of these March 2018 just after I announced and must say it has been an incredible 12 months. I hope to talk with some of the same folks.

I have 75+ policy stances on my website that cover climate change, campaign finance, AI, and beyond. Read them here: www.yang2020.com/policies

Ask me Anything!

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It doesn't even matter if Yang doesn't win. The USA is too old and bloated. UBI will only grow as more elite adopt the system to ease the suffering of almost 100 million poor Americans. The elite will make so much money, it will be hilarious.

What’s your Chinese trade policy?


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your plan is dumb
wow you just raised taxes by a huge amount just like normal but this time it hugely disincentivizes any economic activity in the most regressive way possible

what if instead we end the fed and solve the actual problem instead of just laying poorly conceived shit on top
I know you're not real but yang supporters will see this

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The point is to introduce the concept of "humanistic capitalism" as opposed to unrestrained globohomo capitalism and gay democratic socialism.

That's just buzzword nonsense. Your proposal makes no economic sense, whether it's humanistic or whatever other meaningless garbage is irrelevant

It’s not regressive to do that. If the funds revolve, savers are rewarded if they engage in individual austerity. The marginal utility of the cash is minimal at the high end (expect rich people to dump it on charities) and will accelerate debt-clearing across the middle. Across the economy, people will gain holdout rewards; if they refuse to waste resources, their income will effectively increase. These rewards will be highest where the marginal utility of each dollar is highest, ie the very poor.

Somewhat but not desperately poor people will also find it easier to refuse second jobs (leaving them open for desperately poor people), while jobs that offer truly catastrophic working cobditions will face increased competition from the nothing option, reducing the rate at which exploitative workers can use up and discard very impoverished people.

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The basic purpose of a better, richer economy is to increase quality of life. That’s always true, but somehow people forget it. That was true under socialism also. “Socialism with a human face” could have worked wonders if the Soviets had been less actually corrupt while implementing it.

You don't really get it at all, it's capitalism that prioritzes the interests of the people as opposed to disconnected corporations, wealthy lobbyists, and the activist organizations

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Give it a century, ya dump truck. We aren’t on the eve of THAT much automation yet, and unless there’s a sufficient population of nerdy volunteers adoring the machinery so well they maintain it for free*, we never will be. We’re more in a position where we need to detension the human factor in technology.

*there will be a few people like this, they will be actually honestly fulfilled by their volunteering, and if we put up cloning vats to raise/maintain their population we can physically achieve total automation.

Fiat… Has…. Value….. HA HA HA HA HA HA inhale HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. This is simply buyi. G people's votes with a printing press… How about we go the other way and outlaw wealth redistribution all of its forms by any government entity…

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It’s not the fiat that has value. It’s the hours of your life it buys. It’s the performances you’ll engage in for it. This is the same thing that gives value to gold, sex, artwork, and other forms of currency.

Without wealth redistribution the enslaved masters die of plagues and violence in a shitty impoverished world where they never get to have friends or peace. The government takes on tasks that are individually lossy but collectively profitable. There are quite a few of those.

Even if all you want in politics is to absolutely maximize disposable income, you’ll have better conditions and more real wealth with a small welfare department than without. If you put RAW WEALTH MAXIMIZATION as your sole god almighty to which all else must bend in service, I estimate you would still end up paying 8-10% taxation, in order to fund ventures of clear and provable collective profit, and a small (yes, only a small, but still a real) portion of that would be straight up transfers.

Most people consider other conditions valid targets for collective profit, and thus have preference structures leading to higher taxation rates at the limit than a mere old time tithe.

By ensuring that capitalism takes into account the interests of all, the system can be stabilized in ways that enable transformative stresses to be invoked. If socialism with a human face had been implemented with a steady hand over a less corrupted government, it could have enabled trimming and automation by reinforcing the conditions of the people being cast out of the it-really-actually-was horrifyingly bloated Soviet government. Similarly, by reinforcing the conditions of the castouts in modern industrial economies, it will become sociopolitically feasible to launch total renovation endeavors such as new industrial automation and the replacement of all vehicles with self-driving vehicles. There will be no employment riots if the income from these things is shared widely, and conditions will be better during the transition across the whole of society, even to the very top.

Additionally, the UBI will require relatively little administration and verification. Ensuring it will not be defrauded will be easier than with the systems it replaces. It will not preferentially subsidize certain lifestyles and classes as present systems do, nor create biasing factors upon the economy save insofar as there will be a nascent economic reward for serving the interests of and therefore rehabilitating the very poor.

Especially if paired with carbon taxes, including taxes upon hydrated carbons in foods. Lets improve health by eliminating carbs, my fellow carbon-based life forms!

The issue with both of the ideologies I mentioned was the fact that reject native workers. Unrestrained capitalism is a no-brainer because of corporations adopting cheap foreign labor and automation.

Democratic Socialism seems good on paper, but you'll notice that the members don't practice what they preach. They actively brag about kicking people out of the workforce who aren't ideologically aligned with them. You can't tell me that you care about the poorly paid laborers if you prohibit them from earning an income.

Yang's ideology is the best alternative out of the three. It's capitalism that would benefit everyone with no strings attached.

Would you support peace with Russia? If so, how do you propose to get there?


UBI is the end of class mobility.
It is the concretization of bigotry (in the past, someone hated could get around it by having money).
It means rentiers and banksters do not pay for their crimes, which guarantees collapse, since financial competence comes from consequences and not an MBA (a bankster will indulge in bad practice that he knows better than to do if the rest of his industry is doing it, all the more so if he knows that the government will pay his bills).

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why dont americans create new jobs and try to stay competitive? Also, won't printing out money and passing it around just cause hyper inflation?