Trump is our Guy: Retweets Freedom of Speech for Anti-Semites
retweet, see pic related.

Looks like all the fuss about Ilhan Omar being anti-semitic was reverse psychology this whole time.

bros, I look foward to the day when we can discuss the JQ at schools and on TV

Looks like all that kissing jewish ass you trump traiors complain about has finally payed off and trump's 4-d chess strategy revealed.
no thanks to any help from you, you dead weight do nothings. do better next time to avoid obvious D&C. enjoy your freedom to talk shit about jews.

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Orange kike can fuck off
Sieg Heil gas all semites and goys


More proof that we are winning the culture war. The only reason his social media advisors told him to RT is to try to regain support ergo we have more political power than jews and marxists pretend we do

Yeah that’s about it in a nutshell
Fuck em all atmospheric gas changeout 2020
7.8 billion dead

the teddy bear is going to defeat trump cause satan rules the world at this moment

how brave of President Trump!


He can be "/ourguy/" again when I see him have Jared Kushner tarred, feathered and chased off the white house campus with a bullwhip.

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Joe Biden needs more baby kidneys

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ZOGnald doesn't run his own twitter


the word "unironically" has been used on Zig Forums more than it has ever been in its entire history, you lame 8chn faggots make me sick

Trump has been Kabbalahed since the early nineties
he was never your friend

I read Obama hated israel dunno how much evidence there is of that

This faggot.

Fuck you, nobody insults the 8pol brotherhood on our own board

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Same faggot, jumping IPs.

Ditch your TOR, back off your RED TEXT, still glow like a nigger all over the board.
You suck at this, faggot.

r/thezognald called. they miss ya bud

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Donald Trump literally endorsed, backed, and signed the Antisemitism Bill HR 672 into Law.

Fuck you Trump, fuck you Qushner, and fuck your entire kike operation. The Goyim Know. Burn in hell.

mere 4d chess.
besides isn that bill all talk and not bite? it just makes a statement that cpngress is against anti semitism, right? harmless

Alright goys hang up the swastikas everything is fine now. Be a faggot like OP and continue playing the internationalist game that results in international slavery through finance and the complete annihilation of our race. Kys OP

LoL. That must be why my Twitter account was suspended when I didn't say a fucking word. I only uploaded an image of Hitler. A portrait saying nothing at all is "hate speech". Trump's still a fat orange kike. Fuck yourself, OP.

It's a Law, Not a bill.
If the US government wants to charge you with a federal crime for this, they have the authority. It's now a law.

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Read the comments section too

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Dumb fuck, it was blowing smoke. It was/is a matter of FOREIGN diplomacy. Their laws are fucked, so to play nice the US gov tattles on the bad goys. It literally means fuck all.

Nice matzo picking jew, what is the fucking context? What's that?
Oy fucking vey.

Combating European Anti-Semitism Act of 2017

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no, trump is advancing the ZOG.

But you don't get it! He tweeted, that overrides any laws he signed in. 88d chess.

I'm sure Bibi will set him straight soon enough.


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He always does this shit.
He tells you he loves you as he shoves it right up your ass dry, and like a conflicted daddy issues whore you take the pain and convince yourself its what you wanted from the start and that he really loves you. You love him as hard as he continues to hit you and will die for him.

Be ready Iran because these faggots certainly are.

Will Ivanka be glued to his back with said melted tar?

President Barack Obama and French President Nicolas Sarkozy were caught on a live microphone criticizing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu while at the G-20 meeting last week.
According to a report in a French newspaper picked up by the Israeli press, Sarkozy told Obama: "I cannot stand [Netanyahu]. He is a liar."

Obama is said to have replied: "You're fed up with him, but I have to deal with him every day!"

Fuck this faggot mark green too

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Poor dupes thinking this will benefit anyone other than the Zionists.

Standing up for other people's rights does deserve respect.

Whites don't watch or listen to Farrakhan's message
they have no idea what he's about
That tweet is garbage nonsense made to distract
Fuck Zion Don and all the Republicans
All there is is Pro-War shilling for (((US v. Iran))) War to further zionist interests

Not that i like that designation but you're pushing it a bit fellow white

"other peoples rights"? or the written constitution of your nation that you took an oath to defend when elected president. glad he could muster up a mighty retweet

Look at this. By complaining about the littlest thing about disrespecting the halocaust, it becomes normal to tolerate it in public, while at the same time its the democrats who get all the bad press.
by the time republican start openly calling out the halohoax, it will be old news and not a big deal.
this is the perfect way to flip the tables and actually force the democrats to be the sacrificial torch barers of freedom to talk shit about jews

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Yeah but they can't because it's unconstitutional.
Amendment I
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Simple lawsuit requesting that the defendant provide proof that the words and concepts of 'jew', 'semite', and 'israel' exist before, and outside of, religious text will fix this.
They can't.

Bills become laws. Resolutions do not.

Our guy Trump is at it again!
New Tweet.

By the time we're done chewing the democrats out for anti-semitism, and them defending themselves… suddenly it will be a lot more normalized to hear about the JQ

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Since there is no thread on it, here is what Rashid Talib said on a radio show:

They are reducing here statement to "thinking about the holocaust gives me a calming feeling". The jews are attacking her so hard they even had one of their jewsod plants out themelves. An Australian "Imam" said :

And jews like Steve Scalise want to remind you:
“The episode marks the second time in recent weeks Republicans have seized on out-of-context remarks by a freshman Democratic lawmaker.”

All going according to plan.
Now the Washington Post is complaining about taking remarks out of context to accuse someone of anti-judaism.

ISN'T THIS WHAT WE'VE BEEN COMPLAINING ABOUT? True we want to be actually anti-jewish in publically, bu they call us out on even the most innocent of comments that concern anything to do with jews or halocaust.

Now the fucking MSM is forced to advocate for us. Brilliant.

suck a dick. Trump is Christian and German. Go fuck yourself.

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fuck off normy scum


Trumps deserves gas, just like anyone who's first name is Shlomo

Are you PewDiePie?

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Has Trump not figured out that the Democrat strategy is to declare his supporters to be Nazis, then unperson them, leaving him with zero supporters and zero donations?

Trump is our guy.
He said there is good people on both sides.

Give it time for the antidote to take its effect


Kill yourself.

Is he at unregistered foreign agent? I doubt his commitment to sparkle motion. Is he even rich? Is his sales banter all political mop up duty to square his unreported debt to international style socialists? Look at that phoney, dude. Pretending to be a millionaire. This guy is a fake, a fucking goldbricker.

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Trump is not stupid. I would be making a lot of the same decisions he's made considering Israel and jews. The jews Trump won over with very powerful and open support has won him some of the best experts he has around him helping MAGA. Yes, there are powerful wealthy jews that are working some sinister and malicious deeds against the west, christians and white people. But there are many jews right by our sides fighting the good fight and taking some very heavy roles in countering this elite grp that consists of many different races and religions all working to destroy our great American Unity, and they have done great damage to our society in a whole. But we can change things around. Where there is a will, and a strong will to fight, there is a way.

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Never post here again.

why? i like you fren. explain to me what i said that you din't like. ABout some jews being on our side? Or Trump kissing jew ass to try to get their support because we all know you have to bow down to israel in order to win at politics. I see Omar as one hell of a ballsy chick and may people have followed her in critisizing israel in open. I think user, we got big problems that need to be mitigated in this world of mafia like organized politics. We got muslims that have immense power int he west too, and that is not being seen as a threat like jews. I think that is a mistaker.

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You're right, and I hate to be a 88d chess poster, but all of my the_donald tier friends are absolutely disgusted by just how much subservient he's acting towards jews. He's redpilled a good number of people intentionally or not.

I think Trump has said a lot, that he likes to make people think things and be unpredictable. I don't think he's perfect, I think he's good at learning fast. Even Bibi has now been exposed by George Papadopoulos as having set him up with the bad contact that tried to frame him. This information will no doubt piss Trump off and learn once again, you can't trust anyone. Trump has been putting his hand out in friend ship to people that want to cut off his hands. This is a full of a move to be so merciful. But the story isn't over frens. Have faith. We will have justice on ALL those people that fucked our country up, muslims, jews and all.

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Too late, shlomo. Our patience has reached it's limits

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It's like the Florida law. The law actually says, if you are a BDS business, you cannot obtain government contracts. And if you do have a government contract and go BDS, then they can revoke contract, and or imprison, depending on the organizations i suppose.

But I defenitely take this all into account as not being a good thing and im a trump supporter. He is the only one, and they all hate him, so I like him. Does that make sense?

kill yourself

He don't give a fuck about us.
He cares only about his (((greatest ally))).

burn all kikes and their golems

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I think this, Trump tries to do anything for us and he gets 100% democrat stonewalling with a side of republican backstabs. But when it comes to israel the whole fukcing congress does anything and everything israel wants.
Trump threatened syria pull out during the shutdown, the y went ape shit, finally he got something but not enough, and syria still in effect. Trump has so many knives at his throat and he is to focused on trying to do good things, he is dragging a ton of shit weighing him down. Trump, in the government, doesn;t have many powerful friends, but he has some.

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This literally just means freedom of speech is secure for stupid niggers and no one else. (AKA Twitters agenda.)

If you actually read the Havaara Agreement, you would know that a part of the agreement was that jews would not take land that was inhabited by Palestinians. Of course they did anyway, but that does not mean Hitler endorsed it.

Look, i know about the jews but there is not much we can do about it frens. It is something that has to be mitigated. At some point in even Hitler's rise to power, their were jews that supported him. "The German Jews were no problem - they had nothing against Hitler and even "supported" the issues that were going on in their letter to the US Embassy in 1933. What this means is, they were being victimized, but the problems weren't of their own doing and they certainly weren't of Germany's doing."

what part of intentionally creating rifts and divisions between the population did you not understand? This is not a pro-antisemite tweet, this is a "start freaking out libshits" tweet. because twitter is not, under any circumstances, going to stop pushing liberal agenda. and when both of the agendas serve zionists no one wins. It's not that fucking hard to look 1 step into the future from an opposite standpoint.

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We start nameing names like Soros constantly. There are jews that don't like Soros. That man is a menace. We need all the political help you can get to stop a guy like Soros. Not gonna win people over by trying to redpill normies. Redpilling normies is small scale and takes time. Mass pilling is what Omar has been doing, and I don't like her or muslims. There is not much anybody can really do, expet Trump.

Checked. He isn’t wrong though ( ( (they) ) ) r trying to replace us and that isn’t going to happen. Sieg Heil auf vedersehen. I’m all out of ammo and am going to ram

yup, but all that happened after Hitler, the taking of land. Hey they fought the shit out of 6-7 countries. They won. I respect that. I don't care about the claims of tribes and peoples and ancient bullshit. I do respect conquest. They won fair and square against un overwhelming numbers. Shit load of jews died too though. War is hell.

Israel has to much power in USA and it is a problem, I agree.

I was talking about during the agreement as well. Jews were moving in on Palestinian lands even as the Germans were transporting them in. By the time Hitler realized this, the war was imminent.

Oh and btw Israel only won the 6 days war because of US support in the form of dollars, weapons, and fighter pilots.

ahh, yes. Thats when those first clashes happened and british were stuck in the middle much of the times. You right bud.

There is nothing to discuss. The discussion is over. We have to exterminate them down to the last shred of DNA. Case closed.

They got given the old scholl lend lease, it was other countries too, like I think the jews had the Mirage fighters. Those were french. The jews had old scholl surplus Sherman tanks modified for desert combat form the ww2 north african campaign. Egypt did the most damage was able to push back idf forces but had taken heavy losses in their tank and camel charge against idf defensive positions. It was one hell of a fight, with lots of casualties and bloodfueds that still flare today.

How many countries have been sucked into this conflict. The unholy land drenched in oceans of blood from all over the world. Shame onm that land.

shut up
this guy is right

good jews exist
that is the heart of the matter
there is no grand jewish extermination at the end of the rainbow. only shills are paid to keep that alive here.


Blow your fucking brains out. No one will believe a word you say.

my cousin married a jewess and had a child
I try to convert him to Christianity.
I'll teach him that his race is inferior and so he has to clean the bathroom and do all the shit work. Jewish garbagemen are great.
Nothing feels better than seeing a jew get what he deserves, a hard day of work pickin up trash.

Sick of Larps

You gonna g

Blow your brains out. You're done here.

Holy fuck this is cool

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pewdiepe style videos fuck with my head

The thing about retweeting is that it gives you space to write a comment at the top (though you can't use hashtags or anything as usual) but most people don't use it. Has Trump ever demonstrated he knows this can be done?

What I don't trust about retweets is that you can't really archive them very easily. There's no unique URL to view that an account has retweeted something, so you need to archive the page at some specific date

200 million isn't that large an increase compared to the what, 4 to 4.5 billion Obama was already given? I understand the disappointment that Trump hasn't scaled it back, but I think he thinks he needs Jewish support to win 2020. Once there are no future campaigns to consider, he can just defund Israel entirely to make up for it.

Nah, too late nigger, you're a zionist cumdump.

There are no good jews.

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Donald Trump is Presbyterian Protestant since the 80's.. Look it up, it is an easy search. Who the fuck believes SNL for news source.
This is just a new left idea to change the election.
MSM is mad they lost.


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