Trump's DOJ Indicts Obama Drone Strike Whistleblower

Trump's DOJ just Indicted 31-Year-Old Air Force Vet and former NSA Employee for Leaking Proof of Obama's Drone Strike Assassinations to the Media

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I think when you can blow trillions of dollars a year on whatever you need that kind of tends to happen.

Indictment here

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True story I went to a job interview with these guys once. "Responsibilities include looking at satellite images and making dossiers/reports." Real creepy folks, I got the CIAnigger vibes the whole time. Get out of the interview and start reading about them, turns out they've provided the SIGINT for all of the big time assassinations that the US has done in the last few years.

Kill yourself. This man is 31-Years-Old and exposed the criminal and illegal Drone Strike Assassinations program. Fuck off back to Langley nigger.

Serious Question, is that something that has branches in multiple locations around the United States like the FBI? Not really familiar with this specific entity.

Nigger, regardless of what you claim your motives are, when your job is to keep your fucking mouth shut, you do it. Everyone knew kang nigger was murdering people. Just like the presidents before him. The dick in office doesn't change what is necessary for a country's security. Doesn't matter what side you're playing on, dude's a fucking traitor. Same goes for any narcs being little bitches about Trump's demolished airfields.

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If you are White, loyalty to the US federal government and to America in general is treason.

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Honestly can't say. I know they have at least two offices.

his leaks were fascinating. his best leak was revealing that NSA watches every Israeli drone through its camera sensor simply by decrypting its video feed. the video feed has to be radio'd back to Tel Aviv, and since NSA reads the air by intercepting all radio traffic, the NSA drinks Zion's milkshake. turns out, thanks to Shannon Entropy, you can't encrypt an already compressed video feed, because encryption is a type of compression in a pure math sense. which makes NSA complicit in every Israeli drone strike, and responsible for every civilian assassinated by Israel.

im guessing this embarassing of Zion being hacked by NSA is the real reason DOJ hunted him down over a 4 year old leak. because obviously DOJ don't give a shit about prosecuting leakers, since Crooked Hillary's email server was a goddamned firehose of top secret, and the entire executive leadership of FBI and CIA were hand feeding reporters with top secret leaks for over 2 years in an attempt to coup and stymie Zognald Trumplestein, and DOJ didn't do shit to punish those dozens of leakers.


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Enlightening, thanks.

They destroyed rule of law. There is no America anymore. Laws dont matter, its just the government and who they decide the laws apply too. If America was alive, this simple fact killed it dead. The people know this subconciously.

His name is Bradley Manning. Lipstick on a pig is still a pig.

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