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Let's have some fun making libtards cry.

"Our reproductive rights are being erased. Until women have legal control over our own bodies we just cannot risk pregnancy. JOIN ME by not having sex until we get bodily autonomy back. I’m calling for a #SexStrike. Pass it on."

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If we legalize prostitution, sex strikes will work better to influence policy. You don’t have to be shattered nazis pretending broken racists are your opposition as the only way to advance your ideology - you can have the strength to be liberals public and private.

Remember that scene in Austin Powers when he defeats the fembots?
Just get #cantresist going and post shirtless selfies after working out.

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Also, in case some sad fucker here is actually a bigot for real - wake up, white niggers, we abolished slavery already.

Abortion is a tool against child abuse, long-term. The women most inclined to get abortions are by genes, culture, or personality not the women most capable of being mothers. The best, most thorough and cost-efficient way to reduce abortions is to leave them legal and trust in generational withering of non-reproductive genomes to do the heavy lifting.

Serve not the god that wishes to see children abused, but seek that power which protects children by an invisible hand. Know that in all their subtle competency some women still will reveal themselves unfit. Honor the woman who will not be a parent, for she is not wrong.

Abortion is only acceptable in case of rape or child abuse, case closed.

Mandatory abortion for detected retarded not-yet born children.

The rest, denied.

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yet slavery still exists in 2019 and there are still niggers in the USA (Abraham Lincoln was a member of the American Colonization Society and the only reason he fought to free the niggers was because the actual plan was to ship them back to Africa to a country WE FUCKING BOUGHT for them: Liberia).

Abortion is just how you jews worship satan with human sacrifices.

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Let people opt out of parenting. Do you WANT to go through another sexual harassment purge? You don’t own any womb but your own, gar-goyl.

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Satan’s name, people. You’ll have to live in this material world you’re trying to bring abused, unwanted children into.

At least fund IUDs. Legalizing prostitution would also mitigate the suffering from banning abortion - reckless sexual expression would tend towards the brothels and the professionals therein, distracting deadbeats from dadhood. Prostitutes don’t breed with their customers.

If they didn't want to have a kid, they have many options to avoid it. See here:

Stop spamming your "legalize whoring" on every thread, you worthless fucking kike whore.

We'd be better off ending welfare programs and reintroducing the concepts of deserving and undeserving poor. This nigger would be one of the undeserving poor.

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I still dont forgive Bishop for that homeless park scene

Wouldn't it be less degenerate to just implement some sort of religious law forcing women to cover up and never leave their family home without a male family member escorting them?

Please see Mr. Brock after your shift.

Ricky Jay was a jew

More options to avoid ot is literally what I just promoted.

IUDs are a significant action that could use more government support.

Men can do more to prevent the fathering of unwanted children, too; if you’re just looking for a fleshy pit into which to pump your reproductive goop and you aren’t attracted to shitscent or available facsimiles, you need a whore, not a girlfriend.

Behind every unwanted child - look, sometimes it’s the mother’s fault, but usually there’s also a man involved.

One of the big reasons why abortion has to stay legal is that a sufficiently viral-souled man can exert a lot of pressure without quite crossing the line into rape. Physical pressure slightly, emotional pressure definitely, and sabotage of birth control isn’t solely something women are capable of.

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have been there for months already

Alyssa Milano is a MtF tranny.
MtF trannies work in feminism, similar to how jews do at other times with their (((fellow white people.)))
The satanic trannies (who are often jews to boot) pretend to be women.
Just as kikes pretend to be White.
The leaders of the feminist movement, since its inception, have been jewish men in drag.

This one is no different.
The name of the game is to divide White men and women.

I'll believe it when I see it.

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If a your girlfriend/wife ever requires you to do something for sex end your relationship immediately.

It's a man.
And your (((roasties))) is part of the d&c.
Most White women do not actually hate White men, which is why jewish men in drag have to play the (((fellow women))) game.

You’re that faggy “hateslave” poster, I can tell from your choice of words and type of posting.

Have you nothing better to do? Are you just bored or something? Why do you come here?

Incels btfo, a-amirite?

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They're eating themselves

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Alyssa "women are only valued for their hole" Milano


Ooh, this is beautiful. I just love it when feminist golems just have a crash of their OS and don't know what kind of kike orders to follow.

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Good women will submit to their man

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Imagine being so out of touch with the outside world, you won't be getting that pussy anytime soon with such beta cuck attitude nu/pol

Lincoln never planned the Liberia thing, that's a spook.


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Other thread got deleted, don't know if it was actually Alyssa Milano herself or a (((journo))) that made it but they seem to be desperate.

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All women that support abortions must be killed.

Make a list for later.

Well look at that, they can understand the male perspective.


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Yeah, that'd be great for society at large.

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What about shitskin children?

they get shot

That's not a relationship at that point. That's Judaism.

100% this.
And of course, making shekels in the process.

So (You)?

Based whores still sucking cock

Yes goyim, implant all your women with an IUD, so the Aryan race can't reproduce without paying Dr. Shekelstein a visit to remove it. But by then the uterus will be so caner laden that it won't function, or if it does, any future progeny you may be lucky enough to have will be born with down syndrome or some other malformation to ensure that your race becomes inferior and remains subjugated.

Yes, goyim, remember, any children you might have should be unwanted and you should do more to prevent them from being born.

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see, if there aren't kikes to funnel them in to our countries there really isn't a problem

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fuck off kikes we need abortion, its a necessary evil just like we need a sewer in a city, all of the filth is funneled into one area and expelled. Just like abortion funnels all the filth into the afterlife. Do you want a street full of shit with no sewers or streets full of 50 million more niggers without abortion.

highly organized, coordinated, and directed

this won't stop until their rothschild funding ends

problem is, as everyone here knows, that the feminist anit-man anti-child hate is directed squarely at middle class whites.
just look at a photo of the women's marches.
they even canceled one b/c it was deemed "too white"

Yep… every time.

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photo of those two immediately reminded me of this

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Sex-based trauma-induced mind control.

As seen in MK-ULTRA vis-a-vis the CIA.
Devil-worship (baphomet is male & female) vis-a-vis generational satanic families and ritual abuse.

The "cult" infiltrated the CIA and used its power to install their minions in all the highest-level positions of power.
Some, like Anderson Cooper (gay), come from the most elite families (Vanderbilt) who have practiced satanism, or w/e u want to call it, (brother was sacrificed) likely since b4 there was a USA.

The Cult's worship of baal/baphomet goes back to the days of babylon. The Hebrew speaking tribes learned it when they were in captivity there. However, they are only one type of people who were involved in what i'll call satanism for lack of a better word.

These satanists cults were brought into the modern era in a big way when Kazaria converted to Judaism around the years 800-1000 AD.
This is where the history begins of the people who we call "Jews" today. Note that despite claiming lineage, they are not related to the people who lived in Judea at the time of Christ. The Romans killed all those people off in the Apocalypse of 68 AD (forgive me if dates are a bit off)

It is the Kazars who converted to Judaism with the satanic cult flair that we are cursed with today.
They took over Russia, killing the Tsar, then used the riches and power of Russia to destroy eastern europe, pillaging it and killing christians along the way. Using this massive amount of new-found wealth, they proceeded to infiltrate and dominate the rest of the western world by blending in with the native populations and using their bloodline's backing to gain a majority of positions in the key institutions of power in each nation.
They then used that nations power to get the next nation like dominoes.
They, themselves, were likely being the rule that was instituted in Christendom which banned Christians from money-lending so that they would have a monopoly over the money-power which gave them even more control over the world economic system.
Their success has lied in their incredible group cohesion which is founded in their black magic satanic rituals which serve primarily as a form of mind control and enforces strict secrecy and discipline and is the root cause for why everything they are involved in is so god damned evil.

Imo, it is the Rothschilds (literally red-shield, i.e., protectors of their bloodline) who are their main source of power today.
By controlling the world financial system, they have literally infinite amounts of money with which they use to place their members into positions of power around the world. That is why there is such a perplexingly disproportionate amount of jews ruling over us. And as stated, it is their satanic cult history, which explains why all the causes they support are so evil.

Ohes Noes Alyssa Milano is withholding her dried up old Cunt… what are men to do…

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Yh thats too much money you are giving niggers.

we need to meme Zig Forums is a board of peace everywhere

so these spics niggers jew and muds know where we are coming from

leftism, not even once

Christfags cry when white women aboirt half-nigger mongrels.
Abortion is a National Question.

It would, but nobody is going to even contemplate that other than muzzies.

Can we promote this in leftist and antifa groups to get leftists to stop breeding?

>when most problems in society come from women being unable to keep their legs and mouths shut
i say we fan the flames, it's not like any of us neckbearded incels are getting laid anyway, we'll just cockblock chads and harvest the salt on both sides like we usually do

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Oh noooooes! Please don't stop pretending I have a snowball's chance in hell of getting laid, ladies!

The only guys who are going to suffer from this are chads, and one of two things will happen: pornhub records a record year or the rape stats will go way up.

>(((roasties))) is part of the d&c
i bet these pics still trigger you roastychan

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I couldn't possibly agree more.

So the protest to the abortion ban is… abstinence?
Carry on, ladies.

this is what a woman post looks like.

exactly this

I want to know exactly what goes on in the brains of these creatures. In-depth scans and fucking charts explaining exactly how anything that uses a human body can be this retarded. They need to be cast out into the wilds so they understand that nature doesn't give a shit about them and if you do something this stupid then someone is going to die, and if you're useless and retarded then you will probably ALL die.

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go ride hundred nigger dicks, you've earned them.

Here's your answer:

IUDs are easy as hell to remove. All you need is a dilator and some long forceps.

also, exercising without calories is how you destroy your body

learn how your body actually works you privileged nigger.it,'s not like I have a fridge and pantry of food waiting for me at home.

Try living like this for a while and see how much more expensive food gets when you can not buy in bulk and store it. excercizing without calories destroys your joints first.

Is this a bot or someone that's just high?

take the gaypill, lads. The grass is greener over here

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wtf i love white genocide now

Mandatory post-birth abortion for nonwhites

MGTOW Faggot raus!

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Being gay is suicidal.

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Didn't they do this shit like a dozen times during both the general and primaries in 2015 and 2016?
No one wants to sleep with those hammy roasties besides niggers. Nothing lost.

>You had your options to CHOSE



This. I'm totally in favor of birth control methods, the morning after pill, and even very early abortion (before the mass of cells forms into a baby with a heartbeat, that can feel, develops a brain and other organs, pre-consciousness). However, these insane liberals are literally asking for abortions all the way up through the third trimester. That right there is unacceptable.

I think at a certain point it should be illegal. I'm not enough of a medical expert to know when things take place, but imagine this: Imagine your first experience of feeling, your first and only living moment… being killed. That's sickening, and if abortion is to be legal, which there are certainly reasons for (sexual assault, etc), it needs to ONLY be legally possible before then.

12 guage shells won't fit into a 20 guage

kek. Swear this is what i thought. this one mightbackfire lol

This is one of the reasons I technically consider myself centrist, the whole special snowflakeism of considering ourselves to be so monumentally fucking special & important that even killing one of us in the larval stage is some huge crime against existence itself.
Get over yourselves faggots, we ain't special.

Again, we ain't special. Nobody remembers being born & the earliest memories the vast majority have are somewhere around 5.

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Women are truly disgusting beings.

more like a kike strike