Tulsi Gabbard’s Domestic Policy is Policy Media Cannot Ignore

Tulsi Gabbard’s Domestic Policy is Policy Media Cannot Ignore

Tulsi is based.

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slide and reported to the same person who made this thread

Tulsi just wants to steal votes from sanders so that one of the establishment candidates would win

Bwahahahaha. you're a fucking tard if you think that commiekike stands a chance.

oy vey

globally reported

Photoshop Gaussian blur to remove acne scars.

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Tulsi entered the race before (((Sanders))).

Yes, we must vote for a zogbot mulatto in order to save the White race.

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Make sure you cap this for the eventual ban notice, bitch.

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any thread about politicians that are actually anti-war, anti-zog, anti-neocon is immediately slid
8pol is either dumb as dogshit or """compromised"""
the answer is both

Yes, nobody wants a liberal shitskin whore in any office.
Here's an idea: gas yourself.

She's 75% white 25% samoan
Samoans have true warrior spirit and her mother was white german

Kill yourself nigger, I never said anything about her I said this thread is pathetic. (((journos))) can't just cross post here and put in the most minimal amount of effort and expect me to bite. If you clicked on the link, you're more of a faggot than OP.

Wow what a stronk based brown vagina. I totally want her as my next president.

Fuck off, newfag

shut your mouth, goy! she's a shitskin, dont vote for her *rubs hands*

your ideology is a vile brain cancer, and your culture is ugly
no wonder you've been kicked out of so many countries

Aside from guns, she seems spot on.

I want to impregnate her with my Aryan seed.

While we're on the subject check out some of the fine end results of (((American))) foreign policy. Remember when Hillary supported this? And when Trump pretended to not?

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A shitskin golem of white genocide. End your life, traitor.

I want to impregnate her Aryan womb with my Aryan seed… orale

Mulatto is half white, half black. She may be a mud, but she's not mulatta.

Tulsi is 75% white, which is whiter than large parts of Zig Forums and most burgerstani WN organisations.

There is nothing wrong with these images.

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You do not vote for Tulsi to save White race.
You vote for Tulsi to save Iran from Israel.

a whores name

So what was she really? A POG whore who very likely slept around while overseas. It happens.
They didn’t mention at all where in the middle east she went, as she could have been to kuwait or qatar, really cushy places away from all the fighting, and even if she went somewhere like baf, i highly doubt she saw anything other than the random mortar or two we all saw that were so inaccurate they could barely even hit the airfield.
As for her politics, typical antiWhite shit like gun control as niggers will just turn cities without legal guns into crime-infested hellholes (just like everywhere they go but without a chance to shoot back legally).
Fuck this literal shitskin whore.

I'm starting to agree with Striker on this one. It's not like blormpfe is going to do anything on immigration. We might as well get someone in there who actually goes against ZOG's wishes. Exposing ZOG is really the most important thing. Removing shitskins is simple after that.

They make it sound like she was fully tact'd up and clearing buildings on the front lines. She worked in logistical support and was a military police officer.


Fucking POGs should not be in positions of power.

>>>Zig Forums