Teacher Decides 2nd Grade Boy Is Trans Because He Won’t Use Boys’ Bathroom – Turns Out He Has Gas


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*Parents, not teachers, sue for $1 million

You cavalier little cocksuckers. I'll tell you what, though: If this happened in the 3rd Reich, you'd have a bayonet in the back of your skull. And God willing, we'll live to see that someday soon.

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Murder school administrators in minecraft.

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They must be jews. Only a fucking kike would have the chutpah to say some shit like that. Holy shit, even the dumbest gorilla nigger knows to keep their mouths shut when they're in deep shit.

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In a sane society the parents would at the least know and audit those potentially teaching their children so they could trust them. In an insane society parents trust the state and assume its decisions will align with theirs, thereby removing that responsibility as a parent, destroying the idea of community, and those that would be in it.

A kid like this will grow up redpilled


Can't tell which ones are kikes, the names are deceptive due to marriage, but the number one ranking member certainly has kike potential. The one in the bottom left corner looks like an Elizabeth Warren type progressive cat lady. Also the school principal is a literal foreign national spic.

School board emails:
Linda Reeves: [email protected]
Noemi Legaspi: [email protected]
Anthony Medina: [email protected] (see, all the shitskins are Stanford scholars and doctors goy)
Linda Johnston: [email protected] (literal cat lady email address)
Laura Isiordia: [email protected]

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he should just let em rip in class tbh

yea he's a second grade boy. Why didn't he just fart in class.

What's this teacher's name?
I wonder where she lives?

Should we change the name from united states to degenerate states of america? What the fuck is this craziness?

I fucking hate spics.

Hang these cunts!

Halakhic States of America is more accurate

Sending your kids to a public school is tantamount to child abuse.

As someone who is getting his teacher's certificate, i can confirm this.

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I hope they win.

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So, does pic related have benis or frontal anus? Kek decides

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Poor kid is going to live with this for the rest of his life.

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good, he's one of us now

I've seen you spam like ten threads already with these lazy "I hate Nazis" snark posts. It reeks of suicidal tranny full of self loathing.

sue ghe teacher as well, for deciding to involve herself in the sex life of a minor.

This is as bad as a Jew saying a man isn't a man after paying faggots to rape him.

The parents are stupid fucks, the teachers know this, and down the rabbit hole this kid goes. An 8 year old shouldn't be given drug because of this.

they are morons.

This gender fluid bullshit is basically an abuse of inner voices. We all behave different when interacting with different people. Only low IQ simpletons don't.


Good on them. Poor lad. Should sue for ten billion to make it stick

At this point death seems almost too good for them, but better that than wasting too many resources on this worthless trash.

Actually the teacher doesn't "think" you're a fag, the teacher is engaged in a white genocide agenda that utilizes any excuse to purposely claim somebody is fag so as to destroy them.

Notice they no longer teach the different faces concept in psychology anymore.

They replaced it with this gender fluidity crap.

I so desperately want to see the kind of repercussions this sort of faggotry will have on kids. The idea of kids getting mass-redpilled by their retarded (((teachers))) makes me giddy.

So what will YOU do about it?
The facts show, everyone waits around for someone else and in the end nobody stands up.
Doing nothing is what kikes want.

It's simple; we find our who these animals are, and make their life hell.

No, you want OTHERS to do that.
You will continue posting on Zig Forums

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No, the fact is i'm right.
You want others on Zig Forums to take action, and when they do it will make you happy because "We finally took action! Yay! Even though I didn't do anything myself except post on Zig Forums it helped win the BATTLE!"
The only thing which really matters is action now.
We have too many people who sit around and do nothing, thinking their posts on imageboards will suddenly cause revolution spontaneously.

Either do something in real life or leave.
If everyone here bought a firearm and screwed the optics, this movement would be in a better position.
Feds love this place, that's why it still exists - to make you sit around and shitpost.

one is an arab, one is mystery meat, the other three are old, fat, unfucked white cunts. I don't see why you think they automatically have to be jews- women, especially ugly women, are almost as bad.

yes, the jews are the driving force behind every problem; yes, every jew is bad; but NO, not every single person that does anything bad is a jew. by all means, go research and see if they're jews, but just calling people jews because they did something bad when they don't look jewish nor have a jewish surname is schizo lunacy

So shut up and go do it. Fuck off until you have.

You mean you'll stop harassing me finally?

Sure, do it, then I will believe you're not a bitch.

the only advantage public schools may have is it will teach smarter zoomers about violent niggers

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Can't the adults be identified and paid a visit in Minecraft

Why not today?

This guy gets it. Discussion is no longer an option.
There's no such thing as a middle ground here.
Again, there is no such thing as a middle ground. The middle ground has already been tried and failed in this case.
There is no middle ground see picrel. One side wants that for your children, and will do anything to make it happen. Also see

Since discussion is no longer possible, as all of the ideas are binary, violence becomes the only option.

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Seig Heil to that

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If a teacher did this shit when I was in school they'd be convicted of a child sex crime and spend the next 10 years getting ass raped in prison by niggers.

t.Gen-X fag

This is a reminder that Elliot Roger did nothing wrong.

More schools need to be SHOT!!!

i want to fucking die.

They know what they're doing with this crap

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If he is innocent, like this young man claims, then he has nothing to be ashamed of.

No wonder kiwi farms is so radical.

the founding fathers wouldn't have just sat there why a faggot admitted "We are trying to groom the next generation"

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I pray for the collapse so this can be corrected

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In other words, things that never happened in the post you were responding to which you clearly didn't even read.

filtered for shillspeak

I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed that.
I hope this thing kicks off before the boomers die. I want them to see what they helped create.

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The jews created this hundreds of years in the making, what the fucking are you talking about?




It’s mind blowing that the parents are still sending their children to the public schools. Many parents are already homeschooling their children because the public schools are well known to be shit.

^ low-key very insightful

Spare me.

The inferior white people needs to move to Papua New Guinea and render themselves undeportable by renouncing their citizenships.

What a dream. I wanted the verbal language to be illegal to force force everyone to sign instead of talk.

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I hope someone is creating a database with all the people that have been actively damaging and abusing our children, training them to go against their very nature for political ends.
Names, faces, locations, level of fucking stupidity. One day their must be a reckoning so harsh that this sort of shit isn't attempted again for a thousand years.

What if he just doesn't want to use any bathrooms at all? Instead if he wishes to piss and shit in the corner of the room he is in, what gender does that make him then? What particular pronouns should those who refuse to use any bathrooms be referred to as?

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I don't know this reference in op's article so I look it up. And this is when I am introduced to the comedy gold that is Ahmir and Jazz. The meme possibilities are out of this world.


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They've been plain about their plan - they want to indoctrinate the youth. Control the minds of the youth and you control the future. Socrates was killed for corrupting the youth.

This poor fucking Desmond kid… I can't wait until his rebellious teenage years after a whole childhood of being groomed. Like needs to be countered with like.

(((They've))) created "Queer Kids Stuff" - we need a cheerful, blonde woman to host "White Kids Stuff" or "Right Kids Stuff" that explains, in terms a child can understand, the classical foundation for Western Civilization.

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If you look back at the State of the Union addresses, the last President to treat the Boomers like adults was Carter and they voted him out.

Every politician since has indulged their feelings and desire for free stuff. And now, instead of reflecting on the inheritance they squandered and the hellscape they sent their children to, they gloat about getting their kids to pay for their retirement as well.

Thankfully Millennials now out number them and the Boomers have divided themselves into two parties. If Millennials united into a single, new party, we could dictate the world to come.

Dictate. No need for consensus building, no need to spare the feelings of divided Boomers.

Seduce the majority with a moderate message, take the reigns of power and then start introducing a few changes to the party platform.

The Boomers have so eroded any checks and balances, their only legacy will be to usher in Millennial national socialism.


Did you link to the wrong post?

Anglos are fucking disgusting.

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Reminder that anglos sold their soul to the satan and united with israel to form the empire of anglojudea

Take this garbage back to cuckchan where it belongs, the boomer meme from the start was meant to get young whites to hate their own uncles and grandparents and deflect the blame away from the kikes. Any and all memes that take responsibility out of the hands of the jews are a shill op from top to bottom, and I see you kikes are pushing it hard today.

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This has me physically sick, at this point the only thing keeping me from suicide is seeing how much of a horror show the kikes are going to turn the US and the rest of the West into. This is now. In 20 years we'll have horrors that are truly Eldritch in their monstrosity and depravity. Gods save us all.

**I have created the men of time
The seven earths and the seven heavens.
These are my suns shine on the worlds
Guide the perplexed and my secrets are hidden**
**I am who creates in the wombs as I like. People and I made my miracles appear in my creations.
I am the being of beings and all the beings.**
I am that who satisfied all the worlds in my creations. I am God of Gods and all of the throne.
And all of heavens are of my inventions. I am the one whose secret is venerated To me are the thanks, praise to me, venerated is my being.

Forgive me my shitty attempt at blackboxing multiple paragraphs

Not sure if anyone remembers what a nightmare it was to use the bathroom in grade school. The kid had gas, so he probably had to crap also. Taking a crap is absolutely forbidden until you are big/old enough to beat the shit out of anyone who fucks with you. Kid was probably bullied in the bathroom by older/stronger kids. I hope they get their $1 million. It could set a precedent to fight against this insanity.

They don't even allow fucking stall doors in most of the bathrooms anymore.

It's not kikes today it's the useful goys.

Giving a 2nd grader anti-anxiety medication because his teacher is abusing him.

Might as well put him on meth and shoot him while you're at it. God damn this country to Hell. Curse America.

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Checked and kept in mind for today.

They also got him hooked into the world of (((psychiatry))).

An 8 year old on fucking anti-anxiety medication. That's worse than the fucking Ritalin they give "ADHD" kids. There truly is no hope for this country. This is the idiocracy.

I heard your prayers and I'm going to send this country to Hell. I'm the real God, and I've had enough. I'm not saving anybody, everybody's going to fry. Fuck this gay earth.

Just murder all their player characters in minecraft to be sure. None can be innocent in that setting.

Post Shitler for the Jews.

The best part is I know all of their plans and we are at the very end stage before they implement the final world war and form the one world government.

We are completely and utterly fucked. We have maybe one more generation to fully finish to indoctrination, then it will begin.


Underrated post by senior torpedo. Teachers are shipped around to destroy the youth.

They aren't teachers, they're cat ladies, jews, and trannies. The enemies of mankind.

They should lose all federal funding and support for the rest of eternity.

Jesus H. Christ

Even an anus is not a good comparison, user. More like an open wound.


The teacher probably has a hereditary condition being jewish

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Absolutely based.

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