The growing popularity of Islam

I thought we could have a conversation about the growing popularity of Islam and specifically the recently noticeable phenomenon of whites converting to it.

I live in Australia, and Islam wasn't really widely noticeable here until about a year or so ago. Today, I see many whites walking around with Muslim clothing on. Obviously, they are somewhat recent converts. I suspect that there is a primary causal factor: the spiritual and epistemological void of the modern world creating a big demand for meaning and purpose. People simply can't subsist on consumerism and Uber Eats city-culture forever. Islam probably is especially appealing to most because of its perceived strength and emphasis on masculinity. As bin Laden said: "When people see a strong horse and a weak horse, they will naturally want to side with the strong horse." That's perfectly true and I don't see the conversion phenomenon stopping any time soon unless an alternative is offered, the right re-gains power – or something along those lines.

This phenomenon isn't limited to Australia, though, but the rest of the white world, it seems. For example, this entire Norwegian family (see second pic, link below) recently converted to Islam. They did the whole shebang, which I find slightly surprising given the fact that Norway is not what one would call a deracinated nation, especially when compared to my country or Canada. But I guess they too have succumbed to the vampiric globohomo culture that is consuming us all.

What do you guys think? And if you have any stats, feel free to post them.

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I guess white people are getting so sick of western women's shit, they're converting just to shut them up.

I'm glad whites are converting to Islam, Islam is far more based than christianity or any of the pagan religions.

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You could convert to a number of other religions if you desired to gain the power to put them back in their natural position. It isn't simply Islam's extreme patriarchal nature pulling people in. One lelement I didn't mention in the OP is the left perpetually selling and advertising Islam. That has probably had a huge impact that we are now just beginning to see. It may take a few more years before we can truly see just how bad things may actually become.

ANYBODY stupid enough to fall to islam deserves to have their daughter diddled by a 80 yr afghan muslim;Their son stoned to death by the mindless mob and their legacy destroyed in the name of Allah.


It's essentially a DVD + remote instruction manual put into religious practice. Basically, a simpleton's guide about how to do the basics like eat and wipe your ass. It's pretty crappy.

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Fuck that shit conveting to a religion that thrives on death and destruction of people that are non believers and genocide their own kind. Fuck that shit forcing their joke of a religion to all corners of the world. People that convert to Islam are idiots that don't know the full truth only the bullshit that has been read to them through the fake media.

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China's policy on religion is the best.

never fails

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You're 10000% a kike.

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Why is that women stealing his wife?


I am Jack's total lack of surprise.

By Mohammad's Last Sermon, Islam is the most anti-racist out of all the Semitic derivatives. Enjoy many inbred non-White descendants.

Allowed to post here.

Hi, jew.

MEN, retard

Pisslam isn't growing popular. they have a breeding rate of 8.11. They are simply out breeding the locals. The "white" traitors are another issue. I would guess they're low IQ and or libtards.

Muhammad had black slaves, muhammad called ethiopians raisin heads, the devil is black in Islam, look all this up I'm speaking the truth.

Within the last ten years in southern California, Islam went from nothing, to having multiple temples, towel heads everywhere, and now fucking billboards promoting mohommad. Let me tell you, you dumb motherfucker, Islam is growing faster here than the fucking mexicans.

Do you fucking understand?

No, it's not growing faster than the spics.

Islam is "growing" because the kikes want it.

Yet still ton of nigslims.

The day when your entire ancestry being buried with pigs and your disgusting inbred bloodline being burned, will come soon.

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This. The kikes always depend on proxy combatants, and muslims have served this niche for almost all their existence - as the shock trooper of the jew.

Same old dreck, made by sandniggers for sandniggers. Any white man who converts and forces his family to do the same is dead in my book. A mudslime is nothing more than an inbred kike without the low cunning.

Such rot, those are just non-Muslims, Muhammad had White slaves who weren't Muslims as well. The Semitic derivatives must be anti-racist in order to spread through multi-cultural Empires, there is no racism in Islam between Muslims of different races only between Muslims and non-Muslims.

"All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over black nor a black has any superiority over white except by piety and good action. Learn that every Muslim is a brother to every Muslim and that the Muslims constitute one brotherhood. Nothing shall be legitimate to a Muslim which belongs to a fellow Muslim unless it was given freely and willingly. Do not, therefore, do injustice to yourselves." -Muhammad, Ninth Day of Dhul Hijjah

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sounds good for me

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They've forgotten their culture in the rush to be progressive and now they seek one wherever they can find it. If they had any pride or respect for their ancestors they should Sharia themselves off this Earth.

Imagine if the multiple wives Mormon sects or Sex Cults were more mainstream or as large as Muslim religion, or promoted by MSM as much.
Men would flock to them, yes?
Marry a Hooker for the weekend.
Multiple Wives.
Child Brides.
Did I miss any?

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Anyone have a theory why there isn't an Islamic Jihad against China?

A few years ago, the entire muslim world went apeshit over a cartoon in a Danish newspaper… but they ignore what the Chinese are doing.

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Islam is, overall, a disgusting semite religion, but they got one thing right that many people correctly recognize as fundamental to a functional society: keeping women tightly controlled.

It's sky rocketing, boy!!!

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I mean, you do know that he's paid by the Saudis to talk shit about Islam, right? And that he has never once given an opinion he genuinely holds on his channel?

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because bug literally send them to prison and gulags. Unlike in western countries where they get support from kikes and goys, bug govs will kill them if they present any threats..

Actually, there is. But the glorious Communist Party there is BTFOing the religionists, so the theocratic Western media doesn't like to talk about it.

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They are both his wife

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They will be the only whites that breed and have families. Islam will take over, bet on it.

Dunecunes don't count people who leave, which more do so than join.

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I've converted and actively wage war upon disbelief.

Once you read the Qur'an and the Hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, you will very quickly realize that it is indeed the final revelation to come to mankind. You will realize that the Jews and Christians have made innovations out of the Torah and INJL/Gospel.

This is not a matter between brown people and white people. Racism is not a part of what God commands us, that was invented by the Jews and people actually buy it. "We are God's chosen people" does anyone actually believe that? The guidance of God is available to everyone, EVERYONE. Nothing stops you from becoming Muslim, nobody will look at you in the mosque if your skin color is different. When I was Catholic and went to church, if there was ever a brown Christian person, everyone would look at them in disgust. Do you think Eastern Europe is some "based" society? Even if the brown person shares your faith, they hate him. Christians don't even believe in their own Gospel, it's sick and racist.

So glad tidings to the one's whose guidance is Islam, submission to God. visit /islam/ for actually good reading material.

Those who view this world in worldly terms and disbelieve in the Oneness of God, Judgement Day, the Angels, the Fate, will never come near paradise. Get out of what (((they))) have taught you about Islam, read it for yourself.

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I dont understand why the kike would promote a relgion that seesthem as the biggest threat. Real islam(not the westernized cucked version) sees kikery as the most important enemy that needs to be beheadded

Islam is the last way to redpill against the kikes, all your natsoc and nazi bullshit don't work anymore , normalfags are already brainwashed against your ideology

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Whites converting to Islam sounds like the most pathetic thing on the planet. I'm not a religion cuck but if I was and wanting to convert from what my family has traditionally been, Christian, I'd rather go with the Pagan LARPs then Islam. Islam is just Christianity but some Arabs plagiarized the Bible and did a shitty job at it too. The Quran namedrops Jesus more then it does Mohammad.

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your understanding of Islam is weak.

Jesus is a prophet of the Abrahamic religions. Moses and Abraham are mentioned more than Jesus. If Muhammad was mentioned more than any of them, you would cry about that fact.

When will you admit your negative feelings are emotionally charged?

Also in California, atheism/irreligion is the fastest growing "belief" not Islam. In fact even Christianity is still growing faster because of Spics
Yeah I've seen them, they remind me of billboards you'd see for those early 2000s UFO cults or Scientology.

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Not according to Jews. The Quran and Islam itself started as a sect of Christianity, just as Christianity started as a sect of Judaism

or there are actual Abrahamic Prophets.

your disbelief will cost a lot once you are gone from this life. Life continues afterwards.

Sooner or later, it always comes back to threats.

Think about how terrible such an idea actually is, not even within Islam or Christianity but in religion that believes in an afterlife in general. If you live forever it eventually gets to a point your humanity itself stops existing. Life exists because its non-permanent. Life is the definition of change. And I am more then comfortable with accepting my death if it means being able to live for even a small moment

I'm not religious, but that is one of the takeaways I did get from studying Zen Buddhism.

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He just said that user would go to hell. That's not a big deal.

Paganism has no real Gods its just larp.
Allah is real.

Ignoring the rest of this Mudshit's obvious lies for a moment, I would like to draw everyone's attention to one thing. OP addresses Whites* but does not reference race outside of this. This is typical behaviour. Mudshits don't want to talk about race, and will avoid mentioning it wherever possible. Discussing race would be inconvenient to their objective of getting Whites to submit to and worship their beloved shitskin.

*Notice that in OP, whites is written entirely in lower case while Islam and Muslim are capitalized. Nicely illustrative of their true feelings I think.

Jews push degeneracy among Whites (and Mexicans, and Niggers) to push them all to Islam.

Without Jews, Whites tend to shed religion, since they have their own morals and behavior control from their DNA, similar to Japs.

Most people don't capitalize whites. Anyway, the point of OP is that Islam is gaining converts from the whites, and it is.

Only a muzzy would say that.
Christianity is still #1
What now nigger. ????

Also, as someone who lives in the largest city in Australia I'd just like to reiterate that OP is full of shit. In my entire life I've seen only a single White convert to Islam, it was a fat old boomer in a stupid fucking hat. He wasn't the most intelligent looking fellow either.

Rope yourself you lying shit.

lol, all Pagan gods are real, they are personification of forces of nature.

Allah is 4th hand, 3rd rate Jewish swindle. As real as Jewish marketing ploys such as Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, etc.

It's the fastest growing religion. Fact.


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From a fellow socal fag here, I can tell you that's bullshit. I've yet to meet anyone that's converted to islam let alone seen a damn billboard about it

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because kikes want the people in their host country to lose and squander their property, money, and life in order to score some vulture gains.

I'm sure it's very popular with the niggers.

Wrong. And at best case scenario it wont even overtake Christianity in 100 years. Again, that's at the most generous growth estimates. Who gives a shit though?

I don't know any white Muslims and I'm fucking from Southern California. I knew a Chinese Muslim but that's it

It's true though. Mohammed is the most popular baby name in Germany. It's the fastest growing religion, while Whites are dying out. It's going to take over, man.

Germany was already dead, in most actually decent countries athiesm is the fastest growing belief, not I-Slam

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Atheist people don't have many children, while Muslims do. It's inevitable.

First world countries don't have any children you mean, and atheism is a symptom of having a first world country. You know who also has more children then atheists? Christians in Africa

fuck off mohamed


Yeah, but they starve, tho. Islam will move in on them, anyway. They will spread in western countries. You haven't seen anything yet.

OPs an Australian shitposter user

still could e a dune coon they getting their share of jew muh diversity. Havn't been here in a while been working my ass off ya know to pay for all these fucking shitskins food stamps.

Naw thats outdated. Pews research on religious population growth is from 2015 and we see a lot of trends changing since then. Fertility rates in Muslim countries are dropping for example

Everyone else is below replacement level. though.

Apparently, if you are tough against the muslims, they don't dare breathing against you.

Same deal for Myanmar.

You don't see muslims crying over muh jews in Myanmar, only in western countries. Jeez, you wonder why.>>13261750

Damn those are nice digits, but it doesn't matter Muzzie, its been established that even at the most generous rate of population growth, assuming no change in current trends, that Islam wont even be the biggest religion in 100 years

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white man stops paying for them to have ten kids because of fucking rats in our gov they will be below replacement too,Intelligent whites don't want to have kids if they are living around fucking shitskins and pan heads.Go to there origin countries and try to have ten kids for free …they will all die

You're in denial, show some proof.

Muslims go into full Jew mode when the current government wants them out. Jews in the lolocaust didn't do much fighting back either, they were too busy plotting how to become victims. Replace that with Muslims conveniently crying "muh religion of peace!"

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When is this going to happen? Whites are poor now, too.

Catholicism has you beat by billions yet you are gaining yet you will be dead before dune coons take on some jew desert scrolls becomes larger.

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Believe in nature means "not knowing yet".
Believe for humans means "accepting to never know"

In nature believe is temporary, followed by curiosity, leading to knowledge…that is called adaptation, which is the basic rule of survival.

Human believe is against nature, it prevents adaption, prevents the acquiring of knowledge, endangers your survival, and replaces it with something that isn't verified and only works if you believe in it.

Let that sink it…

Lad you do realize said Jews are mentioned in the Quran as well. Theres some irony about a Jew religion calling out other Jew religions for being Jew religions. Only Pagan LARPs are allowed to do that faggot

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But seriously though. At least in the US, what does being Catholic even mean anymore? At least with the Muslims they adhere to their religion.

I was going to address that got side tracked excuse me user.NONE OF YOUR TAXES PAYS ANYTHING EXCEPT DEBT TO THE RAT JEWS WHO OWN THE FED RESERVE its just more debt added on until it collapses and we go to fucking war on our homeland to purge the welfare/anchor babies/niggers/chinks/gooks/poos/muds/and most importantly jew vermin.The gibs run out and they will chimping will go down and sustain not fizzle out because its about to be the first and they get their ebt cards loaded it will be mad max type shit Whites can survive it shitskins won't and this is why they want your guns because when we survive it and we will the jew will be castrated and all sub humans put in their place being either dead or somewhere whites aren't.

You're from Australia faggot you don't know shit about American Muds. But regardless, most Muslims barely adhere to their religion, most Muslims are only still Muslim because they're threatened by stoning for wanting to leave. Even fucking Indonesia believes people who leave Islam should be put to death and Indonesia is arguably the most moderate Mud country. It's also why the number of Muslims on Earth is skewed.

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They can just print more money, though. Everyone wants it.

the more they print the more worthless it becomes when not backed by the worth of assets.

The other thing is that most of the converts are women. Soon they will crypsis and be just like Jews. Abdulberg will just change his name and you won't be able to tell the difference. They will bleach out and take over.

take this and go away

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Please remember to sage Mudshit threads. Arigatou!

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you built a house 20 years ago for 100k providing no apt were built around you or gov sec 8 free for nigger housing it might be worth 220k and you think the value went up yet this is false because inflation by over printing currency actually what made the number rise not its actual worth that stayed the same or actually depreciated as a dollar now won't go as far as it did when the house was built.This is the scam, they hold all the assets inflate the currency until everyone but them is broke then buy everything up you can't afford for pennies compared to what the worth or the currency was at the time.

In Judaism isn't it actually the male that takes the females surname and not the other way around?

Also, its important to note the growth of Islam, at least according to Pew Research, is not actually coming primarily from converts or immigrants, but from Mud countries projected population growth. In America for example by 2050 the Mud population will only grow by 5 million. To compare Christians will grow in the USA by a little over 10 million by 2050. In Mexico by 20 million (Islam too negligible in Mexico to even give results by 2050)


But they aren't staying in those countries. The US is making them leave by bombing them or the UK just invites them in.

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