Poland NO!

Polish Nationalists Protest US Over Holocaust Claims

Oy Veh…
Can you believe the nerve of these Poles? They think that Poland should put Polish interests ahead of Gods Chosen People!

>Rafal Pankowski, a sociologist who heads the anti-extremist group (((Never Again,))) called the march "probably the biggest openly anti-Jewish street demonstration in Europe in recent years."

… but what about the jews? Doesn't the Torah say that all the wealth of the Goyim belongs to Yahweh's Chosen? If your economies are ruined and your people left destitute, who cares?

The nerve of these kikes, I swear.

Article from USA News
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Fuck both the kikes and these rats.

Why the sage?

Because the Holohoax wasn't real, and both sides in the equation of this kabbalah matrix have a real interests in keeping the (((official))) narrative. They are both scum to be exterminated.

He's a kike. He is paid to spam in all threads that Poles are not Europeans and that General Plan Ost not only happened as the jews claim it did, but that it should.

How can I claim that when I refute and expose the Holohoax?
It is your subhuman rat (((people))) that keep the Holohoax alive and terrorize the descendants of brave Axis heroes.

Tell me did I post these?

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Looks like a faggot who didn't even read the story, only just read the heading.

Tell me if this baste "nationalist" crowds will say the gas chambers were a post war creation.
Show us how baste they are.


He's a screaming kike who hates Poles and will grasp at anything to convince us to hate Polacks.
Pathetic, eh?

When will these baste huwhite nationalists of Poland clear the names of German soldiers?

the crying dutchman!!!
lets see how this new approach works lol.


Great, more Holohoax, more "Germans were the real nazis!!" drivel from NATO cocksuckers.


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Fuck these subhuman poles and the kikes they play kosher balls with.

this is a JIDF/leftypol bait thread. observe carefully and learn.

This doesn't change the fact these people are still serving the kike narrative. They are just mad the kikes are showing their gratitude to all shabbos who serve them.

No shit. Anyone keeping up the kosher narrative of Germans in ww2 is the enemy.

Pretty sure that all this anti-White shit

is just the same (((person.))) So I'm not going to address obvious kike-posting.

It's pretty strange that literally every time Poland does anything that the jew doesn't want, the thread will instantly be flooded with desperate, passionate anti-White shills.

Mad kike is mad. Try harder at pushing the Holohoax. Even inside Russia people are mocking it.

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Second kike free post

FYI on the toilet with the tablets.

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Alex Jones and (((Anglin))) aren't here, yid.

This is anti white how?

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More threads with kosher nationalists pushing the Holohoax, keeping it fresh and alive. Great!

Stop switching IPs.

That should be the punishment for kikes and their servants, yes.

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Keep being a kike lover. This will end well for you.

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Our real enemies have a keen interest in keeping the Hoax for as long as possible.

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2019, son. 2019.

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Holocaust denial is illegal in Russia.

A pole thread immediately flooded by (((british))) and (((germans))).

Jeez whiz, Chaim, why do you hate the poles so much?

It really is incredible that every time you make a thread about Poland, one or two highly dedicated IP hopping anti-White shills derails it. Every time.

Is something going on in Poland that we don't know about? Why are jews so invested in convincing nominally pro-White anons to hate Poles?

In most of Europe too. We mock it. People who don't mock the hoax are 99% likely to be enemy of circumstance or fundemental.

I will always be here to make sure people know the Holohoax was just a hoax.
Stay mad :^)

Actually in Europe, holocaust denial is mostly illegal.

Yo, that's the point of this thread.

Jews mad that poles that the hoax isn't about jews.

So when are these baste nationalists going to collapse the hoax and put serious pressure on kikes?

Are you literate, Moishe?

this thread isn't working out the way they wanted it to lol, these pesky holocaust denying anti-whites.

Poles are indeed subhumans.

Moishe will get no tendies today. Probably getting demoted as a bonus too!

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>Rafal Pankowski, a sociologist who heads the anti-extremist group (((Never Again,))) called the march "probably the biggest openly anti-Jewish street demonstration in Europe in recent years."
Are you fucking literate, Moishe?

It's always the same (((germans))) and (((british))) who whine about poles.

In one thread, anglos ain't white.

In Poland thread, anglos are white and master race.


Oh I see you, Moishe.

Looks like I stroke a nerve by saying nothing, kek.

The kikes called the sinking of the Liberty an anti semitic event too, kike.

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What nerves did you stroke, kike?

The kikes call everything anti-semitic, kike.

I'm tired of fake nationalism.

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How is it fake nationalism?

The correct term expose.
Holohoax Exposure.

Then do something about it.

Poles expose holohoax.

Kikes screeching.

They are only reacting because the kikes have come for them. They have played along with (((Schindler's List))) for decades. They are still doing it.

Aksually, poles have resisted the kikes since the ending of WW2.

That's great to hear! Have they finally disclosed that it was all bullshit? I would love to have something to share with my likeminded friends. An official statement from just one nationalist group there would be fine!

dude chill you're even if your intentions are good you're spazzing out, it looks bad

Post proof then, kike.

you are completely missing the point of this thread. i personally am waiting for the meme map packs to trigger muh anti-white nazi scum

Yes it is bullshit. Holohoax is not about jews dying, it's about europeans dying because of jews.



That is NOT a pole.

Thats not Holohoax exposure, Moishe.

absolutely and i agree the poles are always acting gay by keeping the narrative. But remember this is the public speech the shoa is part of the public speech, the influence is decreasing yes and we need to make sure it disappears but at least the poles are acting in their interest

That is poles resisting the kike, kike.

This is Holohoax exposure:

Where is the part where they say it didn't happen?

The poles are resisting the kikes, because now the kikes want the poles to pay money too for the holohoax.

Those damn polish death camps.

But it did happen, kike, millions of germans and poles dead because of jew.

Where is the statement saying the death camps are a post war invention?

True. So the poles can smash the kike narrative now. Where is the revealing of the truth for the last 80 years? I must have been blind and deaf the whole time.

The polish death camps didn't even exist, yid.

Only after they fucked over all nationalist movements in Axis countries post war with the holocauster.

They are already smashing it.

The holohoax is not about them, it's about europeans.

Indeed. So when are they going to say there were no German deathcamp also?

I don't think the poles have the power to enforce the holohoax narrative.

That's the kikes and ZOG.

When the Germans summon up the courage to do so, kike.

Isn't that for a german to say?

But they do have the power to tell the truth.

That's the power of everyone.

And they are telling the truth, the holohoax is not about the jews.

Wow, no wonder we're dying out. This is the extent of right wing thought. Fucking autistic morons that can't unite under anything. These people literally go out and protest the Jews and their bullshit laws and you retards can only manage to sit here and argue about unimportant bullshit

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Make no mistake, it's the same (((german))) and (((british))) jews who whine about poles every damn times.


Poland was occupied by the Nazis and had no choice about the holocaust.

Fucking greedy jews.

Where was (((poland)))?

Oh good, another retarded polskakike thread.



Same can be said about all the retards who fought for (((Allies))).

Eat shit and die yid.

That's two fucking dudes talking with each other.

Where is everyone else?

you are on 22 your team lead is only at 8, be wise and follow his example. You won't be able to trigger any anti-whites likes this.

It is very frustrating.
Whenever jews are threatened, jews all over the world unite against it.
When White people are being ETHNICALLY CLEANSED everywhere, we start attacking each other.

Nigger what?

So the US is baste now for pressuring Poland to pay more monies to the jews?

It's just an angry kike that sages every post and hops ip, ignore

Really moshe?

Indeed. A German finally stood up with his team and called out the Holohoax. Where was (((poland))) and all the baste (((nationalists))) of (((poland)))?

Sounds like a -sky instead of a -ski.

Yeah, it's the fucking US and Israel who are putting pressure on Poland.

inb4 it's somehow pole's fault.

And again, that's TWO FUCKING PEOPLE.

Where the fuck are everyone else?

That's a normal reaction from a (((polish nationalist))) when people start putting pressure on the Holohoax.