Nigel Farage's Brexit Party polling higher than Labour and Tories combined before EU elections

The Brexit Party has more support than the Conservatives and Labour combined, according to a new poll.

This actually reminds me, as a message to all my fellow EU citizens: DON'T FORGET TO VOTE IN THE EU ELECTIONS IN THE WEEK OF 23 MAY. Please vote for whichever nationalist party in your country is part of the Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy (EFDD ) coalition or the Europe of Nations and Freedom (ENF) coalition.

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Nigel "we need more Asian immigrants" Farage

Why would cukservatives be on suicide watch?

Didn't Trump ass rape this guy and then never call him back?

Checked. Yeah. Just like every other dumb shit that trusted or listened to the goy
Stupid literal orange kike cocksucker

That's what happens when you ignore the people.

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23 MAY

24 MAY:

24/25 MAY

25 MAY:

26 MAY:

Suck Juncker's dick harder, cucks. Nationalist parties are going to have a huge victory this election and there's nothing you can do about it.

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Wow, what an accomplishment! Ol' Nige finally got something done!
Nevermind, it's literally fucking nothing. Again. He's just going to gloat over his personal enemies in the European Parliament that he managed to get elected again, while fuming to his voters that he can't accomplish anything because of "muh international Brussels kinspeercy" or whatever.

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Nigger Farage is a race traitor though

So Nigel is running for what?
President of the golden star sphincter flag?

If he facilitates the Brexit than he has done more for his people than Trump did for his. No problem in dumping it when it's over.

Kek, seems like all the discord trannies are flocking to this threat like the bunch of vultures they are.

First: Checked.

Back to 4cuck, newfriend.

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Have you seen the state of the Brexit party?
Its members are filled with Niggers and Women

>Trusting the (((Brexit))) party
At least, Zion Trump is explicit with cuckery.

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Back to the Discord server, tranny.

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You will never be white kikefy.

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What the fuck are you talking about? He was two-faced from the start. The only ones who are explicit about their treachery are the fucking leftists, neocons are the most insidious because they hide behind conservatism while they brown up the country.

And if it happens to not be him and just tranny/niggerfaggot pretending to be, they can still piss right off.

His own family is poisoned with the Jew. You don't need to say anything else. At least, this is my perspective from Austria. Blood above all.

Back to your Christian Minecraft server, Billy.

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Farage wants to leave the EU specifically because he doesn't want Eastern Europeans getting in the way of brown immigrants.

Yeah no. In any case, there is only one race: The humyn race. So your point about muh purity is moot.

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Put more effort JIDF, you're getting lazy.

That doesn't make sense if you consider that EU policies are forcing both into the country and leaving the EU would prevent that from happening.

Try leaving your parents' attic for once.

Europeans are truly the vestigial organ of humynkynd.

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Doesn't everyone?
Actually, for the past few months I've been away from home - we aren't going to get President Kamala without enlightened lybyryls like mysylf getting out there and doing the fieldwork necessary to register voters, distribute campaign signs, bring in donors, etc.

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Oh yeah, goy. Voting DEFINITELY works. Just ask the burgerfats.

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Why do you even have these…

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FTFY. That’s literally all that needs to be said. It’s not going to happen

If I didn't, who else would?

But you should really get back on topic. For example:
Don't you think the huge swath of undecideds throughout Britain will lead to an "unexpected" (by the MSM) surge in poll numbers for the main two parties by election day, with a subsequent drop for Farage's latest ego project?

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I dunno user, that's what they said about President Hillary, and she won hyr election handily. I mean, Drumpf literally had to bring in Nazi rioters, white supremacist voter suppression tactics, police state goons arresting voters at polling places, and the KGB-run neo-capitalist Russia to steal the election on an archaic technicality. Now that we know their tactics, I'm betting we'll be able to counter them for 2020. #PresidentKamala

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Sargoy of Mossad was a plant to given (((Farage))) victory over Ukip.

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Meanwhile in Ukip.

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Except nobody knows who he is but a minority of faggots.

very baste indeed

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Headlines: "Brexiteers reach truce with Remain"
Why do you think the MSM is giving his vaporware Brexit party so much air time? Farage openly states he considers another vote happening (= second referendum) rather than ruling it out on principle.
She is merely trying to get it passed publicly. You know she went behind her ministers' backs to make her surrender treaty, but you still think she didn't sign it too? Are you really that naive?
Cap this faggot. Zig Forums is always right.

The Brexit Party is a single issue party. Farrage has already said he doesn't want it to be far right. It is only useful to the cause if we infiltrate it and guide its policies after it wins.

UK politics are useless.

EVERY parties are the same, and it's even worse than the US.

You're both wrong and right. In theory, leaving the EU would allow the UK to shut its borders completely or let in far fewer than it does currently. The reality of course is that the traitorous elite, allied to the Jewish agenda, will continue the march to white replacement. In fact, things would get worse, demographic/immigration wise after the UK leaves. The numbers would remain high, but almost exclusively non-white.

If they could remove the hard left part I would support them immediately.

Holy shit the shills in this thread. Farage really scares the shit out of them doesn't he.

*brags about killing the BNP ethnonationalists*

*Brexit means more pajeet doctors*

getting out is for the best but recognise what the BNP's Nick Griffin said in 2013 about zionist bankers looking to fund someone
brexit needs to be only the start but instead it'll likely be used as an end, we need to start cutting out EU perversions of our laws as soon as possible.

Brits must be fucking desperate lmao.


Whether they are all-or-nothing noobs/retards or genuine shills, in practice, both are our enemies.

This is the game we are playing and this is the way it works. You pick the best option, all things considered. We leave the EU, we destroy globalism just a little bit more. We regain a bit more autonomy. We then move on to the next thing.
Freedom of speech vs political correctness is the next big battleground we should go for.

The ride has only just begun.

the BNP are a good thing to remember.
They really weren't much different to UKIP and now the Brexit party. You just need to periodically shed skin as you get closer to the objective. Brexit party will be replaced with something else in time.
The real culture battleground is on the internet. Every counter globalist fact you inject into conversation awakens someone. Anyone with eyes to see and keen instincts sees what's going on.

We won Brexit because of our internet high jinks. We conquered America because of our internet high jinks. We need only continue doing what we are doing and having a laugh as we do it. Humour is a skill that we have that the enemy do not.

wtf I love the EU now.

If this is the case then what do you propose we do?

If Brexit is betrayed, it will have consequences. The story won't end there because the story never ends. This won't just go down the memory hole. The lie of democracy is central to the axiomic foundations that serve to legitimise the authority of established governments.
When they are openly exposed for not respecting democracy, their moral framework collapses and their legitimacy.

Simply put, if these guys won't follow their own rules, then why should anyone else?
That opens the game up to new options.

If you had a screwdriver rammed up your ass you cucks would still say "if I was screwed in the ass".
Leave cunt. The fact you're asking instead of stating what you propose shows what soft cucks you all are.
top kek! Did you leave the EU on the 29th of March which is what the law in your country says? How about on the 12th April? No? Yet you say "If Brexit is betrayed, it will have consequences." So you mean "consequences" like "continue to take it like the bitches you are"?
At least the frogs on the other side of the sea are doing something, all you cucks are doing is taking part in EU voting. You're weak like your beer I reckon.

I'm not sure Sargon is going to make much of a difference but Farage was definitely called back to make sure UKIP didn't win. Farage has described himself as a (((safety valve))) and was last used in this way to take support away from the BNP. Now UKIP is (((their))) enemy Farage has been wheeled out again and promoted by the (((media))) as the saviour of Brexit. UKIP would win 40% of the vote making them the largest party in the European Parliament if it wasn't for him.

America got Trump instead of Clinton I guess that's a slight improvement
I'd love them to nuke Trump for Gabbard and her anti MilitaryIindustrialComplex stance A shame she's with the Dems instead of a Libertarians, maybe they'd finally nuke the thread…

Someone should meme the Farage Brexit Party wink. Basically if you are voting in that party, you say "I'm mostly voting for Brexit" and then you wink, and it secretly mean you are a nazi by UK gov standards and secretly want to purge immigrants, and establish an England for English people.

Is Anne-Marie Waters still pro israel? Batten literally has (((Tommy))) as an aide doesn't he?

Most of these people are pro-Israel just to wind up Muslims and the left or out of political expediency.

If you had been here longer than a week, you'd know he was open about everything you see DRUMFKIKE posters post here as far back as 2015, and that's only including election related times.

You said that Farage "will" do something, implying it is yet to happen. Therefore "if" is a completely appropriate thing to write as this has yet to transpire if it does at all.
My question still stands.

Just to say, based on your hysterical response, I'm doubtful of the validity of your political views and suggestions. In politics and analysis, cool heads prevail, people that psychologically collapse simply for being questioned are not particularly useful in just about anything.
Leave where???
Leave the UK?

I am specifically asking you what you propose we do. Lots of people look like they are going to vote UKIP or Brexit party. What other viable options do we have just now? Until the day some elite storm division horde of right wing saviours emerges behind a powerful single banner, the game of lesser evils is the game we have to play.

They are obviously stalling, but they cannot stall forever and the pressure is mounting.
What I said was valid. They cannot betray Brexit. It will be the end for them. People will tolerate stalling, but they will not tolerate complete and open betrayal.

Ugh, why do I get the feeling that you are an American Christian?
All your kind do is punch right.

By Asian he means Oriental


So if we're so terrible then why aren't you just sitting back and having a happy little wank to yourself at the prospect of these Island kikes being obliterated by globalist kikery?

You literally are here just to waste everyone's time, including your own.
You're also a faggot.

My European election ballot had Tommy Robinson on it as an independent.
I still voted for the Brexit party but that was a bit wierd. I guess they put him on ther to split the vote.

Im a postal voter for anyone who is confused.

He has been caught lying and backsliding multiple times since he's been in office you retarded dweeb.

It does seem like a lot of people here have just found out last week that his daughter was jewish and stuff.
He never really hid that. I think the constant CNN blitz about him being an anti semite probably just distracted people.

Just take his stance on the confederate flag. He has been caught saying two completely different things on the topic.
Or take his stance on gun control, blatantly said he wanted to champion it one second, then bans bump-stocks and works with Democrats the next. DACA is another example, or even him saying MAGA when he meant MIGA. Or him saying he's both a nationalist and a globalist, that's less of a lie and more so blatant autism.

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Brexit will set back the transnational capitalist global elite agenda.

Let's put aside our political differences; this is one good thing we can do for humanity.

Most people here probably aren't eligible to even vote in the House of Commons.

It was a program of building bonafides, establishing a level of credibility for Trump within dissident segments of the population while also reinforcing the incredulous indignation that actual israel-first retard conservatives feel when they are accused of "anti-semitism".

Trump and CNN are in total lock step. Every segment about two scoops and Jim Acosta is a segment that isn't about the war in Yemen or the military's media blackout in Afghanistan because of how poorly it is going.

Schlomo 'I can't believe they pay me for posting of this quality' Dragondildostein

tories are on suicide watch
May is a traitorous wretch I expect her to call a general election before she's forced to resign…

Yeah his main strength is manipulating the media.
People used to pay billions for coverage. He lives rent free in their heads.

No religious person should ever encourage suicide, for those who hear words and act upon them are sacred, as always religion has held the word sacred. To injure that capacity by setting the listeners upon their own throats is to deprive the world of those who are capable of holding listening sacred.

Christcuck detected.

Jew detected.

You worship a jew.

I mean he condemned usury and chased money lenders and pharises out he was pretty good

Friendly warning that after this election they will start dismantlement your cultural identities. Starting with the names of your countries, who will not officially be promoted anymore. They will start taking the nation flags down, and solely push the (((EUROPEAN UNION))) Whatever you intend to do, show your colors everywhere, bring your fucking nation flags to wherever you go, because if you let this one slide they are going to annihilate you rapidly, with bans for Christianity, with replacing holidays, with bans on any form of white gatherings in "fear" of nationalism etc.

Show your colors, attack the EU flag, and preserve your national identity or you will all die.

Christ hated Jews. And the reason Jews are anti Christian. You support them low IQ Stormfag.

JC was a false flag to get the jews out of Christianity, while leaving behind a refined suicide manual for the gentiles.

Jesus was a jew, he was a fucking rabbi for crying out loud.

leaving the EU is pointless if you just go straight back to jewish capital and paki cock once it's done

UKIP is the best out of the bad bunch of parties stil running

i still wish the BNP was still a thing

punching right is all nigel fucking does

whether the right of him is a zionist mong like tommy ,or someone actually based like Nick Griffin , he will actively try to sabotage them and keep the spotlight on him

All major parties in Germany want an EU-Army by 2030, so get ready for that.
Kinda explains why they have intentionally sabotaged and dismantled our own, so they can justify it to the average voter.

A common european army won't mutiny when ordered to kill their own kin.

Just like all the police officers in london are all bearded Muslims now, the (((EU Army))) will be comprised mostly of brown people.

They are formally militarising the invaders.

JewKIP btfo

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If the retard would learn how to wear a suit properly maybe he could do more than just read the news and work at applebees.

He was a socialist and a jew, so even worse than most jews.

Do you know what I love most in those polls?

It's the CUK word aka Change UK. Why? Because if you read it like CUCK, you will understand it. They would love to be slaves to EU.

Hope Nigel can blast it with polls and seats and humiliate all Labor and Conservatives with guys who don't have political experience. Biggest humiliation ever.

I would love to watch it but I will get very busy in last week of month because of my fucking work.

I'm quite curious about why people react too violently to phrase "I wouldn't even rape you".
Maybe because women have desire to be raped and Sargon is denying it.
I mean, if I phrased it like this
Now I would be interested in watching the reaction for this.

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The British army probably has the most browns of any European army bar mabye France and the Forgien legion.

Wouldn't piss on them if they were on fire.


>Nigel Farage Grilled By Theo Usherwood - European Elections - LBC
This was today.
BREXIT related
The "common-folk" are sitting around too and commenting right next to Nigel Farange - Really gives you a feel for what the PEOPLE are thinking and what they know. They aren't stupid.
One problem I have is with how they perceive Trump - They don't recognize that he is a Zionist Shill.


Elites used to have better access to information. With the Internet, this is no longer true. All they have left is their hubris and prejudices.

BASED anti-white demon anglo cocksucker farage!
BASED splinter party created to sink and kill UKIP because it got too "dangerous" for Farage's anti-white ideals!
Don't forget to vote for Nigel "Whites and White Nationalists are worse than nazis!" Farage!!!!
Brit/pol/ niggers are retarded as usual.

Kikestianity is a slave religion about worshipping and being a slave to a kike rabbit. That you kikestians refuse to see that the fighting between Kikest and the other kikes was just infighting speaks volumes toward how much of a slave you are.

Fuck off kike rat