Illegal Immigration at 9X the Rate of 2017, Projected to Outpace Obama

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I wonder if ( ( (orange) ) $ ) sucks kike cock or not??

That's because they get stopped a lot more with the jews pushing them up here in caravans. Just trying to get in makes the numbers climb.

yeah miga bro

Trump is worse than Obama and he is the last Republican. Hope you boys got ya arms ready. I wanna kill me some commies n cuckservatives.

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The primary objective of the Trump administration was to use a fresh coat of paint and superficial rhetoric to reinvigorate White America's interest in fraudulent jewish wars for exclusively jewish interests. When Trump's shallow cult of personality proved unable to survive first contact in Syria, the direction was changed to warp speed White genocide in an effort to consolidate jewish capital's position in the dying empire.

Funny how they have nothing to say about the even larger numbers of legal immigrants.

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The only way to make it into either Valhalla or Folkvanger is to die gloriously in battle. Remember that

This is pretty accurate

That percentage chart can't be correct because it's accelerated way beyond the rate used there. The 2017 Census estimate was 62% white, and that didn't include a bunch of illegals, and obviously counts kikes and various north africans as non-hispanic white. Whites are probably around 50% or below right now.


blow me, the stats are real

Die slow.

The point being made is that legal immigration is a non-issue ignored by Breitbart, Trump and Republicans in general.

He didn't say anything about being a votecuck.

I never said anything related to partisan politics. Trump's election and failure prove politics and elections are only their to give the illusion of having a say in one's destiny. White cannot vote their way out of genocide.

*only there


Mods trying to hide this. Good thing I have a picture of one of their moms

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Fuck off LARPagan

We have no accurate way of knowing the amount of illegal immigrants who get in, only the number we apprehend. So if we are apprehending 9x as many, this means we reduced the amount of immigrants who actually got past undetected.

How are we classifying visa overstays? They immigrated legally but remain illegally. Are they counted as illegal immigrations or not?


MIGA 2020
Remember to vote for Trump to ensure war with Iran

Most non-whites immigrate legally.

Everything is so fucked.

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We have the biggest numbers folks. Illegal immigration the likes of which has never been seen before. Tremendous.

Shit-tier shilling. I guess it's the fault of Europeans that independent companies go to and from the shores of Africa 24/7 bringing Africans to Europe. Why are you importing Africans, Europe?!

He's the fucking president for crying out loud.

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Exactly. He's the President, not a dictator.

He has executive orders faggot, no need to defend the guy who gave billions to Israel and has done nothing to stop legal immigration let alone illegal immigration. His sole purpose was to calm angry white people from doing the right thing.

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You mean congress. The congress who, under Obama, voted to give Israel 10 years of funding at the tune of, what was it, 3.8 billion? Yeah, Trump doesn't have the authority to do that. That's a congressional power, shill.
That's a congressional power. Congress has to vote on immigration reform before Trump even has a say in anything. And then it's either vetoing or signing. Yes or no.
I've disproved this countless times. Three years of rabid anti-white media, direct and blatant attacks on white people, the censoring of white people in social media etc. disproved the "release valve" theory. The pressure has been amped up exponentially since Trump became the nominee.

What States besides CA have a Hispanic Majority already?
Not only will they control the vote, they will cost astronomical amounts of money from taxes.
98,000,000 Illegal Aliens graduate FREE High School Annually at a cost to Taxpayers of $12,000 per student national average for classroom, teacher, and bus ONLY, plus laundry list of Gibs…
Democrats are pushing hard for FREE college to KEEP Illegals and Others in Country on Student Visas so they can pop out spawn and stay forever.
If only Half of the 98,000,000 Illegal Graduates go to FREE college at $40,000 per year average cost to Taxpayers, plus all laundry list of Gibs…
Wonder which way the vote will permanently go…

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you can't be so daft that you haven't recognized the pattern where every EO is met with one of your faggot judges counters with an injunction?

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Non-burger here. So what happened with that wall in the end? Is it being built at all?

last i checked it was somewhere between 5-10% actually done

it will get done if America is 100% non-white

$1,176,000,000 three extra zeros, sorry.
Los Angeles CA LAUSD churns out a 50% failure rate K-12, (how many stay on Gibs until SSI?) and churns out criminals at an alarming rate.
In addition, parents are spending their hard earned dollars pulling children out of public schools and putting them in private schools or home schooling or church schools, lowering said parents standard of living.
This is not the Future, this is Now.

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And what are Americans going to do about it?

Americans have the right to bear arms and form militias, will they organize and put a stop to this invasion?


TXanon here. Wall is being built thx to Trump's Pentagon and Executive Orders over the objections of (((congress))) and (((judges))). Recent court ruling in Trump's favor will also allow us to detain refugees in Mexico. Cartels are getting rolled up at the bottom and they are paying for the wall indirectly.

(((Ann Coulter))) spread the keme that Trump wasn't actually building the wall and the desperate kikes are clutching to their neocohen princess narrative.

This. Trump is slowly purging neocohens from the Republicans. (((Congress))) has most of the power of the purse thanks to decades of (((legal precedent))). Of kikes read the constitution they hate so much their shilling would be less laughable. I can only hope the right in non-border states see through (((Coulter))) when the neocohen right and MSM gives Trump 0 credit. He's even replacing the shitty old fences imstead of cutting corners. BUILD THAT BIG BEAUTIFUL WALL.

88 dubs of truth


We need to form more volunteer militias on the border.
This is perfectly legal to do.

Would also be a great training opportunity for young men.

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You're spreading a jewed info graphic; "undocumented," "pay"

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and again

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How are people still making excuses for blumpf at this point?

Honest question, are you over 50 or under 20?

None of it. Ask the few remaining Trump supports left to show you a map of the wall and watch the melt down commence.

I'm going to laugh at you when Tejas goes blue in 2020

Bumping for Accelerationism
Your great grandkids will be either living in a non-White majority thanks to Trump or not have a job.

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(((Ann Coulter))) iis the first to back Trump
You JIDF Kikes don't even fit in.
A fence isn't a wall Trumpnigger, and 55 miles doesn't do shit to protect 2700 miles of Border. Neck yourself and tell your boss that The Goyim Know.

Walls work both ways. Could be used to keep us in (if it ever actually gets built)
Just an idea to chew on.

I hate codemonkey for what he's done to this board but I hate Trump more for how he's betrayed the White race

What did code monkey do


If our government is betraying us, then aren't we justified in a revolt? If they won't represent us we'll represent ourselves.

Because the majority of Americans are pro immigration as long as its legal, I mean that's what dup told us

No problem with legal immigration if it's stricter. It's most likely not going to be brown or shitskin because shitskins are too dumb to pass any form of examination. Much less niggers or sandniggers. It will probably be white immigration or asian (which is of course not good, but not as bad as niggers and shitskins). Even hispanics who migrate via legal immigration are most likely to be of white heritage due to obvious reasons, if you put a high standard. So limiting all immigration to legal immigration via merit is a pretty good temporal solution. It naturally limits the quantity of niggers and shitskins because they simply don't have the IQ to acquire citizenship through merit (the merit requirement could be educational degree in some high IQ field or something like that). And it's great, because normalfags and boomers tend to accept it, not knowing they are actually buying the whole package of restricting shitskin immigration. They are implicitly accepting migration via race.

The problem is, the Drumpf administration is not doing anything at all. They won't stop illegal immigration and low IQ shitskins. So we are fucked anyway. I was hoping that this retarded boomer would AT LEAST build the wall and pass tougher laws. But he's not doing anything. We are fucked. Voting is of no use.

Why? Have you seen the fake diploma mills of China and India? Have you ever seen an Indian doctor? Web developer? They have no business being here ever. They need to make their own countries better, not come here with their half assed made up resumes and fictional degrees.

This can be fixed. Of course, you couldn't accept a diploma from a shitskin public university as if it were CALTECH or something like that. Some research would be needed to make a list of universities that suit to high standards. But that's pretty easy. You already have online rankings where, of course, most the universities in the first 100 places are american and european.

I admitted, though, that the main problem is with asian immigration. It won't stop it. But I think that's a good price to pay IF we can stop shitskin, nigger and sandnigger immigration. In the long term, of course it's better to have race based immigration. But that's nowhere near happening, and I just thought that some really strict and serious merit based immigration would be a pretty good temporal solution accepted by normalfags and boomers.



It's being built though retard. Trump still has a lot of support

This. Nu Zig Forums is too daft to get that. No wonder this place went to shit as soon as the new mods took over. Zig Forums and JIDF overran this place

Keep crying (((Beto)))

Show the proof.

From jews and spics…

No, she isn't. Richard "don't let Kissinger handle Israel" Nixon backed Trump first. Every glownigger in Nixon's sphere starting with roger stone then jumped into Donald's arms like flies on shit. The best way to deliver a stab in the back is with a (((hug))). Trump is also redpilling normies on Israel by forcing the MSM to attack his overt Zionism, which also enrages (((nupol))) mouthbreathers like u who have never read a book in your life.

You're so retarded and Jeb-level energy I'm beginning to think circumcision causes brain damage and was a way for ancient rabbis to enslave their Jewish flock.

Our ancestors had to clear the land of all the nomadic fauna to build the civilization that the boomers and kikes destroyed with their third world animals. Likewise, we and our progeny too will have to do the same. Trump's open border policy just means that we'll be dealing with the same amount of savages that the original Americans did.

The best way to keep out low IQ immigrants, destroy unions robbing white workers and end the welfare party is learning to code and then deliberately automating massive faggots (((ivory))) tower jobs. You will also make bank, learn to love meritocratic capitalism ajd undermone the kike's debt pyramid. Ypu will thank me later, unless you're JIDF ;)


The last refuge of kikery is to feign control with emotional pilpul because denying the truth in favor of fantasy is one of the few things (((Coulter))) and the rest of em understand.

leftypol on suicide watch. if you've ever worked in unionized labor jobs like yours truly you'd know everyone hates the union boss as an equal of porky himself. The union boss is the biggest jew on the work site because they profit from (((defending))) other's labor instead of lifting a shovel themselves.

If you don't kill all of your enemies, they win.
Political solutions are tools of the traitors that want to keep people from revolting.
Be violent. All problems created by the enemy can be solved by killing the enemy.

>(((Ann Coulter))) spread the keme that Trump wasn't actually building the wall
That's because he's not.

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There is no wall my man.
There's part of a fence.
But its not stopping 100k/month illegals from streaming in.

Thanks Trumbama.

splitting hairs over wall vs. wall you can watch yhe spics thru isn't going to save Zionism you desperate retards. I have you so bootyblasted you forgot to call me a JIDF shill. Again, it's a shame the rabbi brain damaged you with circumcision bdcause you're not even intelligent enough to be entertaining. See: (((MSM)))

Even if you don't believe in these fairy stories (I don't) I've worked in a hospital for the terminally ill for a long time. 98% of the population, when forced to think of their own deaths ( well 98% of the population can't bear to do that anyway but nevertheless…) desire a comfy death in a warm bed. This is a big mistake. You die in bed you die in your own stinking shit and Esmeralda and Juanita will be very loth to wade in there and clean up your repeated messes, smelly old white man.

Dying peacefully in bed is not what everyone thinks. Being wheeled to the morgue at 2AM by creeps so that other mortuary creeps can mess with your corpse for shits and giggles is not what you want either.

Defying a mob of angry assholes and getting cut down dealing out vicious wounds upon those curs is definitely what you want.

There's no wall. There's like part of a fence. Deal with it.

Trump did that instead.

No you don't. You can't even keep track of IDs, you're so rectally rustled.

Bro, your bantz are shit.
If you want to fellate a zionist cumdump like Trumbama and his fence, go back to reddit, you pathetic loser.

There are only two ways for a European person to reach an afterlife that isn't awful.

Death in glorious battle, or death in glorious childbirth.
Anything else leads to a cold dark place that never changes.

This is why Democracy is retarded. It's like dealing with a mob of infants. Of course we're going to have to swoop in and save them form their dumb selves.

Well, at the very least, universal suffrage is retarded.

You won't do shit, fat retard.


Originally in the USA suffrage was only for adult males who owned a certain amount of land. It was assumed that if you were so financially irresponsible and so little invested in the country that you couldn't or wouldn't own land that you weren't responsible enough to cast a well informed ballot.

Yeah he will. So will I.
You can smell the smoke from the fires on the horizon, same as the rest of us.

Yeah, but even beyond that, representative democracy is retarded in its own right I suppose.

No you won't, shut up.

Yeah we will, and there's nothing you can do about it, loser.

While you're not wrong on any point you've made:
I chuckled.

>(((Ann Coulter))) spread the keme that Trump wasn't actually building the wall and the desperate kikes are clutching to their neocohen princess narrative.
Very strong projection here. How's that 55 mile fence going? Was each county able to approve it before letting the government build there?

No, even kikebart talks about legal immigration all the time

But yes, Repubs are all for white genocide as is Trump. The reason they ignore immigration is they want it. They are carrying out a hostile, genocidal act against the people they ostensibly represent.

Nigger, you don't even know what fucking reddit spacing is, jesus christ.

And this is exactly what makes the opposition preferable.

I would rather an obvious foe in power than a traitorous stooge plying lies to the people to keep them thinking all is well. And the GOP is nothing but exactly that sort of a stooge-pile.

nice reddit spacing, (((project))) moar. Trump only forced the issue of funding after the senate was won. One way you kikes could improve your shilling is by following a historical timeline logically but that would interfere with your emotional pilpul.

this is what not reddit spacing looks like tard. now go back to your foreskin restoration board.

I used to say this shit to Dems all the time when kingnig was in power. Poor leftypol has 0 imagination.