Thanks, Muslims! Lego Hotel in Balochistan Attacked by 'Gunmen'

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And if that wasn't enough reason to hate religion, this happened on the same day:
Because why settle for terror-attacking one country a day when you can easily hit two, right Abdul?

Religion is poison. No one has ever done anything like this in the name of atheism.

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Nothing in Balochistan is happening because of religion. It is because of the region's strategic location at the Belt/Road project.

Anti-China sentiment..? Fascinating…

The claimed motive focuses on benefit to local people. Perhaps to some people chasing tourism income is no more savory than chasing gambling income.

Can these regions… I… Is it dignified to shape the earth, perhaps? Pakistan is not known for its good environment. Maybe they could teach people to wander the countryside taking soil samples and sharing knowledge with farmers, landowners, and also… well, tourist facilities, which need also that the environment be well-attended.

Though I wonder if the problem is the basic indignity of serving the Chinese economy in some way when China is so awful to workers at home, thus exposing the whole world to that impoverishing wage pressure.

wasn't rachposter deposed of last year?

Religion and stewardship go together beautifully, for we must care for this world if our adoration for this world’s creator be sincere.

Seems like it's part of a power struggle between Chinks and Ameriniggers.

Pre-emptive anti-Chink EMP: 天安门广场屠杀 Tiananmen Square Massacre 法轮功 Falun Gong

Pic related

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I guess kikefy is drunk again.

Yeah, no. It's religion.

Show me the atheist communities this shit happens in. Go on, do it. Give me one.

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Stupid boyim, this isn't even my final form.

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The Muslims are good when they're starting trouble for Chinks and Jews. As long as we keep them away from the US, Canada, Britain, and the rest of Europe we'll be fine.

Nope. Religion is a disease on humynkynd and must be eradicated at all costs. Thankfully, we long ago identified the vaccine with a 100% success rate against religion: Education.

You can't stop us. Your shitty skydaddy fantasies are going to go the way of the dodo soon enough.

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OP is the same fucking tranny from haifa

Drown yourself in semen.

It is a proxy conflict with China like the Afghans in the 80s.

You're not wrong about that.

So you're an atheist jew?

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Interesting because I have a PhD in a STEM field and am very religious.

Hail Tyr, Hail Odin

Who is being used as the proxy? Oh right, Moonslims.

I don't care that they're being manipulated by the Drumpf administration. They believe they're doing it for skydaddy, that's all that matters. It's still a religious problem.

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I don't care how many fucking stems there are in your stupid field, bumpkin. Skydaddy doesn't real, period. Deal with it.

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Global report.

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Oh, I wish. Sadly I'm 100% European - Dutch/English on one side, and German/Swiss on the other.

But atheist, yes. Fervently. Praise Darwin.

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Try again, subhuman

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One day you’ll grow up too and realize you treat science as nothing more than a religion. Which is likely ironic as I’m willing to bet you’ve never even touched a pipette


Here, have some smooth, funkadelic jazz to assist you:

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Do you have anything to back up that petty insult, or would you like to graduate to attempting to refute the points made in any of my posts ITT?
Not without their consent I wouldn't.

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What points? The only things you’ve posted here is pictures of a European-descendant person corrupted with Jewish DNA, and half-baked “points” about religion.

I mean seriously what substance do you want me to respond to? What arguments to refute? I’m game

At least you admit you came crawling back. What's wrong? Miss the glory days?

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No atheists use other excuses like "freedom" "the revolution" "the people" "the king", etc.

Rachel Maddow's father is half jewish. Rachel Maddow's grandfather, Bernard Maddow, was a jew from Poland whose father was David Medwedof.

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How about in the very first reply to this thread?
Or further down in :
Etc. My entirely valid, well-reasoned arguments are there, if only you had the IQ - or at the very least, the patience - to read.

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I'm aware of that. Are you aware that posting images on a Mongolian painting-abstract-art-via-horseback-archery imageboard does not magically imbue the poster with the qualities of said images?

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This right here. A fleeting, likely unintentional, moment of intellectual honesty by one of you backwards, bigoted stormderps.

Atheists fight for a variety of courses: Freedom, revolution, etc., but never for religious values. And that's what makes us different, better.

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That really begs the uninteresting question as to why you keep trying to make that happen.

Good. Islamic vs China war when? The chinese won't fuck around like americans.

I want to live in a world where china destroys the middle east and bulldozes africa.

Atheism isn't a political point of view.

That's part of the many articles from 2017 praising Rachel Maddow for having jewish ancestors.

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I want to live in a world where we destroy China, glass the Middle East and turn Africa into a giant parking lot, after we have extracted all natural resources there.

I filtered that fucking moron and the OP is gone, ban this cunt

You must be new.

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When did your parents emigrate? I'm 100% certain you are simply a Jew.

No shit. How'd you figure that out, newfag.

part and parcel faggot

absolutely fucking based

I mean it's not hard. So, with that out of the way, back to the bread. What do you guys think China is going to do to protect their investments abroad?

Guy you’re entire point boils down to stupid people doing stupid shit, and then blaming it on ideas. Ideas aren’t real. If you don’t believe in the “sky daddy” then what you are literally saying is, what exactly? That crazy people do crazy shit and this is a problem?

So fucking woke thank you so much for your college educated insights. I mean seriously what’s your point here and what’s your solution? Ban religion? Ban ideas? And then what? These things form naturally within the human mind and psychopathy is a human condition. You can’t ban humanity and our flaws? If not that, then what? Self congratulatulatory masturbation?

Go suck-start a 12 gauge

No, imkikey doesn't get his thread.

If people continue a conversation in their own way, how is it OP's thread?
Although from what I can see, most of the argument in this thread is on religion, which is usually a fruitless line of discussion.

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