Saturday Night Live : Trump's Jewish

Saturday Night Live tonight performed an on-air skit where the host (playing the role of MSNBC's Chuck Todd) says "Trump's not even a Christian" - another actor (playing the role of Mitch McConnell) laughs and says "Everyone knows that" and then the Chuck Todd character says "He's actually Jewish" -

What did MSNBC meme by this, and are the rumors that Trump is actually Jewish true? SNL is Jewish Comedy on a Jewish Network.

Let that sink in.

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Kike free first post

It's a type of Jewish irony where you say something, play it off as a joke, but it really is the truth. Then you can laugh at all the goyim thinking the truth is just a lie, but also chutzpah.

What rumors? Trump brags about how much of a kike he is every day you fucking kike.
Get gassed.

As a military historian Trump will prove to be America's greatest President.

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(((Military Historian)))
Check out the nose on that Jewess

This user gets it

wow, like when he was all for blockade against Qatar because they wouldn't refinance 666 tower for Charles Kushner and then Tillerson reminded Trump and Jared that Qatar is a key US ally holding a big USAF base on its territory and they were surprised by that inconvenient fact leading to Kushner driving Tillerson out of the cabinet? Like that? kek



Tillersons replacement is objectively worse though, we ended up with a glownigger (Literal CIA head) - that's chutzpah.

He's right though. CentCom was in Qatar through both the Iraq /Afghanistan invasions. Literally central command.

Oh for god's sake, they are just making fun of online morons like you who say that.

If he is Jewish when did he convert and under what rabbinical authority and court?

He sure isn't a very dedicated convert based on the fact he follows zero jewish law in public and frequently breaks jewish law in his daily actions.

Who do you think you are convincing here kike? Go push your hasbara on facebook

most kikes don't follow kike law, don't you know that you stupid kike?

Read the comment it's replying to you fucking idiot. The user describes Jewish Chutzpah.
Now you're just making shit up and projecting to derail the thread. Typical hasbara move.
Kill yourself.

You anti-Trump shills will be so embarassed in December 2020 when Trump wins re-election and his first act is to cut all foreign aid to 0 and Israel self-destructs.

How dare you!

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You talk like a kike. And like a Boomer.

Literally what the fuck? You know too much about this kind of Jewry. You smell like a kike.

You even know all of the details of being a kike.

If it walks like a kike, smells like a kike, and acts like a kike? You're a kike. Reported for being Jewish on a National Socialist Board.

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This is a mod.

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It's the Secular Jews who engage in the most kikery. Religious Jews are often insular and might think of participation in politics and business as worldly. Thus, the most strongly religious Jews often do not have much influence.


Fucking great. Too bad Trump's a kike puppet and we have to wait til this Shabbos Goy leaves office first to make sure it happens.

Kiked and Turkpilled


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Still waiting to hear who his rabbi was and what Jewish court oversaw his conversion. Oh, and who did his circumcision for conversion and what mikvah did he go to?

All this thread derailing and almost no replies about the OP is quite telling.
Trump really did convert to Judaism didn't he?

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Trump is a kike not because he's a religious Jew but rather because he enables and condones kikery. Netanyahu, Soros, Koch, Rothschild et al. have their dicks far up all the (((neocons))).

its got nothing to do with your golem, kike, it's the iranians that will glass your cursed wasteland

stupid kike

God I hope so, I would be the happiest man in the world. Somehow I doubt it will go this way, though.

Trump was probably circumcised right after birth like most goys in the USA are. At least the jews get a few days before theirs.

Was Donald Trump born into a crypto-Jewish family? If so, does he know it?

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I thought Trump was a beaner

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Inb4 (((Mods))) Shoah

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non religious circumcision doesn't count


Trump is Jewish on his father's side.

kek SNL actually being funny, albeit a jew probably wrote that

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I think they do this because in Kabbalah, "if you tell it, it isn't a sin".

Judiasm isn't a religion
Everyone knows Bernie Sanders is a Jew despite the fact he isn't a practicing one, you know why?
Because it is an Ethnicity

The same one as all the Secular Jews who are ethnically Jewish despite not having a Bar Mitzvah and all the religious shit

What a piece of pathetic shit you are

JIDF really hitting this thread hard with the derail. I'm seriously convinced Trump is literally a Jew.

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This is true, they're trying to normalize it and rightfully assume Americans don't really give a shit either way because "only an anti-semite would care about something like that."

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Sage is Japanese, dimfag. About as far from kike as one can get on this planet.

Eat shit kike

Regardless of whether he's a crypto Jew, he's clearly a kiked (((neocon))) puppet either way. His children are all married to kikes, and his policy has always been pro-Israel.

It's an ethno-religion. It's both. Spartans used to call themselves "sons of Herakles" and they built temples in his honor. Most religions start out as ancestor worship.

I like to think of Judaism as not a religion or ethnicity, but rather as a crime organization like the mafia.

The third reich referred to them as a "counter-race" I refer to them often as a "criminal people" in casual conversation, I like the term "crime organization," very accurate.

Fuck off turk

Based Schlumpf has a Kaballah teacher.
Does that sound like something a "Christian" would do? Practice Jewish Black Magic?

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Too bad all his children will have to be wiped out for the Jewish Messiah to come, since Trump's grandpappy was a German and therefore an "Amalek".

This is so stupid, it's funny.
Pic related is Trump's dad.

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Considering we now have "Christians" like John Hagee who explicitly deny that Jesus is the Christ, yeah.

A Jew in the entertainment industry has two jobs.
First, he must push the propaganda.
Sencond, he must make the propaganda entertaining so that people will actually watch it.
Thus, Jews in the propaganda field will sometimes output legitimate work.

It was real in your mind
Trust the plan

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5361ee is an Israeli intelligence operative, do yourselves a favor and filter him

Trump’s Brother Rebelled Against Their Authoritarian Father By Joining a Jewish Fraternity
The Forward:

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Literally Soviet Russia tier.
Spread the Protocols while you can, lads. If "King Cyrus" wins another term, you might face being shot for possessing them.

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Judaism is a mixture of atheism and tenets of the old religion. Their entire religious existence is one of rebellion against God, the Talmud even brags about how rabbis win debates against God. "Jewish law" is an oxymoron for such a lawless people, it only exists to make the goy open doors for the jew and pay taxes to make foods kosher rather than for anything for the jews to follow.

Weird keeps crashing my browser when trying to save that. Thx.

Yes massa.

I honestly do not see Trump being elected again, same fuck-up as George Bush, the next President is going to be some fucking Democrat cuntish mug.

We should really start planning right now that the message in 2020 is the year "No Vote Matters".

All of Trump's kids married Jews

I can get down with this. Too bad the country is as riled up like last time due to black lives matter protests, almost as if they were coordinated to make Trump look good.

GWB was elected again though. How? They added the "Gay Marriage Ban" to the ballots and boomers turned out en masse. Plus we were in two wars. America doesn't change hands during wartime unless a president completed his 8 years.

*isn't as

Literally everything the Jewish Media has done in attacking Trump is designed to make it look like he's the underdog. They're playing a role, good cop / bad cop. It's genius because it's keeping his support up among boomers who vote. Millennials/GenX/etc really don't go vote.

It had nothing to do with war, Obama was reelected too remember?

thanks, saved

Maybe there needs to be some blackshirts to scare the boomers away from voting.

Obama was re-elected because Mitt Romney was a fucking joke. Kind of how theyre pushing Biden as the frontrunner right now (lmfao)

So was Obama though.

Yea if Biden is the front runner you can't deny the whole voting system is rigged by (((them))). Mitt Romney just sat there like a cuck while media tore him apart, just a plant just like jeb bush. Trump acts just like a puppet with rightwing buzzwords instead same as Obama just a different shade.

Trump is the definition of a neocon jew worshiper why else let your daughter become a full jew. So when Trump is "re-elected" expect a full on war with Syria and Iran to create a bigger border for greater Israel. With purposeful ineffective borderwall in the USA.

You haven't considered that neither Trump or Biden get elected. Either way it'll be a puppet so why even have this retarded conversation?


you're talking with a kike shill

White Cucks are a very real thing. I'd go as far as to say 30 Million Whites are legit Cucks for Niggers.

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Exactly. They really love throwing it in peoples face. A few years ago, they had a sketch (ha ha it's comedy comedy goy!) about whites being replaced.

Some people like throwing gay porn in people's faces

Argh, I can't find the sketch, because now Google/Youtube have scrubbed the NBC copyrighted content. All I have is a screencap. It's from 2014, with Jewess Sarah Silverman acting as though she's white herself. Truly sickening.

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Exactly, extrapolate it out, the message in 2020 is the year "No Vote Matters" both side of the jew coin will win.

Trump was the one who derided everyone for special interests, and look at him, 9x more illegal than under Obama, and jew this, jew that, jew everything. Trumps sole special interest group is Israel, and flooding America with illegals.

Do you even realize that the legally immigrated spics are the ones replacing you at a rate ten times higher than the illegals?

Yes, and people from India, everyone bitches about the Chinese because they are so visible but people from India far outweigh their legal immigration populations numbers. There isn't aa single mom and pop store to be found anywhere in America, it's all pakis or indians. The goal is to turn America, all of Europe brown and all the minorities are onboard with it, including 40% to 65% of all whites. It is genocide on a global scale.

I found this video.
Also, it's still available on bitchute.

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>Oy vey (((we are white just like you)))

Thanks mate. It's absolutely disgusting.

Many southern Europeans have curly hair and prominent noses, the ratty inbred look they have is the bigger give away.

Never has American nationalism been more vilified, and think back to 9/11 ….everyone waving patriotic American flags, parades. Now the only ones supporting American nationalism are white Nazi's. I am so fucking sick of it. And minorities I interact with, if I voice frustration, all smirk and find it funny.

They seriously think that we don't aware about "my fellow white people" trick.

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Civic nationalism is fucking disgusting though.

It's almost like Kikes have the texture of White people plastered on a misshapen character model.

At least they low-key admit that the Moon is a white accomplishment, which must not be forgotten, because obviously Mexicans aren't going to pull that off, ever.

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Even a stopped clock is right twice a day…

what are you fucking talking about, the only reason you can claim it is disgusting is because America lacks homogeny. Every other country, whether it's a shithole like Brazil, Mexico, China, South Korea, all support their national identity. One thing you can't take away from a bugman, is the fact that he has a country and is a bugman.

Bush suckering white people into fighting a war for jews was never a good thing. Do you even know what the difference is between civic nationalism or ethnic nationalism?

what reality do you live in pops? it's not the 1950's when ethnic nationalism was what ruled America. Since the civil rights act of 1968 civic nationalism is all that was left, again, due to lack of ethnic homogeny which has progressed into this sorry state of affairs. If you want ethnic nationalism you better seize control of the US Army and start a campaign of national genocide against non-european races. Tarrant may have done what he done but there is no way that overcomes Trump releasing 168,000 Guatemalans into the United States last month. they'll living in fucking vans with kids in PJ's at midnight scampering down at the gas station 4 miles from my home.

Border detention cells in Texas are so overcrowded that US is using aircraft to move migrants

Trump is flying them all over the god damn country.

Are you serious? More like the 1840s, but okay "son".
Ooooh I'm shaking in my boots, so scared, better become a civic nationalist now.

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