Bourgeois controlled government is gaining more and more power every year

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There's even some Leftists who say and do that shit. It doesn't help us to ignore it; these idiots need to be addressed.

Its getting ridiculous. There are people who unironically think Ben Shapiro is a threat

Ben Shapiro is a threat. His free market cock sucking fools millions of Amerikkkans into becoming republikkkans every year.

Liberals are the bourgeoisie.

Honestly, the bigger problem in that vein among leftists is the LARP-y "HURRDURR FREE EXPRESSION/PRIVACY/DUE PROCESS/LABOR RIGHTS/DEMOCRACY/CONSUMER RIGHTS/ETC BEING ROLLED BACK DON'T EFFECT AKSHUAL LEFTIST ACTIVISM" line, as if reforms don't help us, and organizing in socdem polities is just as easy as in the most backwardly repressive 3rd-world shitholes.

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That's what happens when you fool the workers into idpol horseshit. Unless we, Zig Forums, go mainstream, this will never stop.

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This really deserves to be looked at seriously, not in a thread on an obscure forum. Like the first poster said, youtube is the new mass media, so whats popular on youtube does matter as much as any other propaganda, but this isn't quite what OP is talking about I think. Its an issue with how liberals/"leftists" see politics in general.
Liberals/Progressives/etc have completely and totally abandoned any idea that the underlying structure of anything is bad, everything is the fault of interlopers from outside coming in to corrupt and subvert the naturally harmonious and good inside. Trump was elected by a russian infiltration. LARPing stormniggers are a credible facist threat that must be addressed immediately. Incels ought to be a serious concern for feminists.
They've even more obviously into a different flavor of reactionary, this way, and it causes them to totally ignore more important shit. Even if some of the shit they fixate on does matter still. Sort of like with idpol in general.

Well one of them did just kill about 50 people.

And muslim fascists have killed groups of people in the west too, you're still more likely to get struck by lightning.
And they're certainly not any sort of meaningful political threat, contrary 'muh trump is literally hitler'. Not to defend trump, but the particular way they fixate on him is another very good example of this, as if the problem with the US political system was that trump is a mean racist, and it'd be good if we could put a sensitive, civilized democrat in office.

And should "muslim fascists" start threatening to kill commies, we should treat that as a threat.
The most politically motivated violence in burgerland comes from rightards, well over 90% if I'm not mistaken. They have guns, they're deranged, and they believe "leftists" are trying to genocide them. It would only take a hand full of them to shoot up a strike or org meeting, we would be absolute fools to not prepare for something to occur and treat it as a threat. If it doesn't happen and Zig Forums does stay in the basement then all we've done is learn how to use guns and provide ourselves with security, which is useful to us anyways.

Yet they dont do shit beyond the occasional random acts of violence towards minorities they don't like.
I think you're just taking their rhetoric too seriously, maybe in part because its obvious that the deaths from the shooters are terrible. But the situation isn't as though we had some meaningfully powerful socialist organizations being targeted by meaningfully powerful organized right wing militias.
Most rightards aren't deranged stormfags engaging in political violence. Deranged stormfags are tiny. We're tiny too.

This absolutely can't be overemphasized. Do LARPers kill people, or otherwise disrupt their lives? Yes, some, maybe a few dozen a year in the US. But in that same time, hundreds of Americans are killed by police and lumpenbourg organized crime, while THOUSANDS are killed by the needless squalor and oppression enforced by state and business at the whims of capital. That enforcement? It is strengthened with every overreach of clampdowns by law enforcement, stronger "moderation" by private businesses business, and tighter legal integration between the two, all "justified" as a "response" to the LARPers.

In other words, the "response to" fascism poses a far greater danger than fascism itself.

To be sure, there are some countries (i.e.: Greece, Italy) where fascists aren't fringe outsiders being suppressed and infiltrated by law enforcement like any other form of organized crime, but instead actually integrated into the ruling power structure of capitalism. But neither the US nor New Zealand fit that description.

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A nice way to put it is that its really just a continuation of the bush administrations authoritarianism, but since attitudes towards social issues have swung progressive, oppression needs to be justified as defense against racists rather than defense against brown people.

Are people here so stupid they can't even comprehend how a liberal views the world? Why would they care about the bourgeois? They are not leftists.

Something as nuanced as class consciousness, based around undemocratic relationship to the MoP, is beyond the typical prole's ideological outlook, sure. But "rich vs. poor" or "1% vs. 99%" vulgarizations of the concept are ubiquitously and intuitively understood by practically anyone who's ever had (or tried to get) a job, not even just libs.

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Do you even know what a "liberal" is or are you just using it to mean "people who disagree with me"?

both tbh

Anyone left-of-center
>in sarcastic Zig Forums memespeak
Any of the above (sincere or merely self-declared) who are not ideologically opposed to capitalism
The Enlightenment-era ideology underpinning democracy, free association, secular humanism, materialism, and republicanism. This encompasses essentially all political ideologies that exist today, including both capitalism and socialism.

But that's the thing; they don't. It's just mindless slaughter in public places because anyone prepared to carry out an attack at that scale is really just lashing out at the world, with a thin veneer of politics to justify the atrocity. Elliot Rodger's first victims were his Asian roommates, who from most accounts weren't pussyhound Chads that "deserved" his rage. Same with Dylann Roof. Imagine telling yourself there's any long-term political benefit to white nationalism that will come from dead black church ladies.

Polite sage because you're right but at the same time it's hypocritical to make a thread about this too.

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That's why we have to spread class consciousness. The problem is most people don't know who their enemy is.

We are a minority that they don't like my dude.
Bruh, they're telling us what they want to do and some of them are autistic enough to do it. It wouldn't take an elite tacticool right wing death squad to put a lot of us in the ground, it takes one or a few faggots buying guns perfectly legally and showing up to a strike or a meeting to spray some lead. The labor movement is awakening, and we need to be involved in it as socialists or else we aren't worth shit. Part of this involvement means being prepared for a lunatic to shoot at us because he thinks higher wages for teachers will result in white genocide or some other dumb shit. If the stormcucks don't try shit, the worst that can come out of this preparation is that we learned how to shoot better and made ties with comrades.

You're making predictions about risks that might exist in the future that havn't actually happened yet(fashy nutjob shoots up a strike instead of a black church or his high school or something).
This shit does not happen much. Even if, in the future, there were as many attacks like this as there are now, and they were /all/ targeted at leftist demonstrations, a few incidents a year that blow up in the news do not constitute a serious threat to your health.
What they want is no more brown people and queers. Shooting up a mosque doesnt bring them any closer to that, in much the same way shooting up a law firm or a private school wouldn't actually bring us any closer to communism. The average Zig Forumsack is sane and just this side of downs syndrome enough to understand that just as well as us. Their ideology does not motivate these attacks that much, it just picks their targets for them.

LARPers are among the very least important of far more pressing threats to justify our putting guns and the knowhow to use them back into the hands of organized labor.

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That's part of preparation.
It doesn't need to happen much, it only needs to happen a few times to kill a lot of us or have more cops around to strangle the movement. If we prepare for something that doesn't actually happen then we lose nothing but a few weekends we would have spent fucking around, so there is no reason for us not to prepare for such a thing happening.

Larpers don't pump lead into people.

Preparation without sufficiently plausible cause is paranoia.
Call me when the preconditions for this to /maybe/ happen have even been met. IE, common leftist involvement in a sizeable labor movement, and Zig Forums* sperging out about commie strikes and the like on a regular basis such that the potential shooters browsing would actually want to seek out such a target instead of just going after the nearest source of melanin.
*and other communities these nutjobs may come from

They do, as a performative activity on the fringe of society that could not ever have enough direct impact to meaningfully alter material conditions.

Activism done absent any popular backing, against targets wholly peripheral to any power structures of importance, is not activism in any practical sense.

Ok, both of the recent teachers strikes had leftist involvement and Zig Forums has been sperging about cultural marxism, commies, hellicopters, etc for years. Since getting guns and training with them is perfectly legal and easy in burgerland, there is no reason we should not prepare for one of their spergouts to attack a workers' movement, and even if we are lucky enough to be spared from an autistic rampage then we have developed useful skills for a revolutionary movement.

Larpers dress up as characters or throw balls at each other pretending it's a spell. When you get a gun and shoot people then you've gone past larping and into terrorism, regardless if you're "only" killing random people while screaming dumbshit or dressed like a fool.
You've expanded larping into being completely useless.
That is exactly what activism is, and exactly why activism is shit.

You know this is a bullshit answer. What matters here isn't reality, its Zig Forumss perception of it and said perceptions influence on the most delusional browsers. And you know perfectly well that Zig Forums is not especially conscious of leftist involvement in labor movements. Nor is there that much of a labor movement. You're stretching really far.

Both are true my dude. I know people who were involved in the teacher's strikes and if you haven't seen Zig Forums blame commies (ie us) for their real and imagined problems then you've been living in a box.
It takes less than 5 minutes of searching any relatively big leftist twitter account to see announcements of strikes and even faces of workers affiliating with the IWW.
There is one and it appears to be growing, along with a tennant's movement, in response to capitalism tanking the standard of living.
I would prefer to stretch too far and waste a few weekends teaching comrades how to shoot and carry guns than I would see a single drop of proletarian blood spilled.

Keyword is growing.
There isn't much of one now.
anyway, look at what you're doing:
This does not follow because it assumes there's an relationship between objective reality and what Zig Forums gives a shit about.
leftist involvement in strikes does /not/ weight on Zig Forumss mind, I guarantee you, and it will not until the labor movement gets rather bigger than it is now and leftist involvement in it is very visible.
And until its a subject Zig Forums cares enough to sperg out about constantly, a nutjob browsing Zig Forums will probably not select any associated events as his target when he snaps.

besides, you've backed down from defending the position of "Zig Forums LARPers are a really big deal that we need to devote large amounts of our focus to" to "it's always good to arm the workers and teach our comrades how to defend themselves", which is a totally uncontroversial claim I do not disagree with at all.
And besides besides, the original point here was about /liberals/ who fixate on the alt right as one of their evil outsiders who've corrupted the wonderful, sensetive, progressive, cosmopolitan society they they imagine.

Strikes are activism, mutual aid is activism, legal injunctions are activism, whistleblowing is activism, blockades are activism, monkeywrenching is activism, assassinations are activism. Activism is any activity with a viable contribution to the advancement of a political cause, LARP is masturbation driven by ideology.

Just because most self-proclaimed "activists" are putrid talking garbage is no slight against activism itself.


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If there is ever going to be a large scale legit leftist movement, it won´t have to worry about Zig Forums but the CIA. So at that point you would be talking about more than just teaching people how to shoot straight..

Agreed that other parts of military science (tactics, strategy, counter/intelligence, etc.) should be part of the leftist curriculum again, but you gotta start somewhere. Also, just having guns present at all can cause porky to react with far greater caution to an event.

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It'd be kind of hard to do that in the 2nd pic today because California instated a bunch of gun laws precisely in reaction to it.

else if*