Aushwitz slogan

Why did Hitler send Jews to holiday camps free from Allied bombing, while Germans were left to get burned alive in their cities? What actual "work" was performed in these camps?

I figure you nahtzees can riddle me this. Everyone here is so keen on the 'holohoax' but never seems to be able to abstract one intelligence level further.

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Read a book nigger.

Don't let the cognitive dissonance hit you on your way out.

What 'Albeit macht frei' work did the Jews perform?

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Jews will say "all that nice shit was staged", and they almost have a valid point.

Just because nice things were photoed in one part of a camp doesn't PROVE bad things weren't happening in another part.

Simply showing normal life pics isn't really a good way to debunk The Holohoax unless the pics were a true daily record and included relevant parts of the camp.

What debunks the Hoax is the way the Jew's stories keep changing and conflicting with each other, and conflict with physical evidence.

What is needed to judge any Jewish claim is first put all claims on a TIME LINE for each location. What was claimed, and when claim was first public.

What if the stories were a way to maximize 'reparations' and that was that… Sure, okay…

But what actual work was performed at the camps? Why give the narrative that a slogan was that they were work camps when they could simply be 'containment zones' (safe zones) as the rest of the Nordic populace got bombed?

Something isn't adding up here and you can rationalize this all you want, but these holiday camps seem awfully too convenient.

Too afraid to admit that a psyop had a double-abstraction to keep you blind and you bought into it?

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🤡 x

Complete refutation of the alleged 'gas chambers':

Sure, being given a shower and head shaven to cleanse the body of lice is counted as a gas-chamber delusion… this is clearly a fearful lie to receive gibs by way of reparations from Germania. Got that..

Gas chambers didn't happen and was a slander towards an alternative monetary system. Fine. But if "work sets you free", what did the work camps have the God's chosen people do? We hear talks about shaven heads (lice) and all manner of shit, but this seems like a fracture point in the narrative and I don't understand it.

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Hitler was jewish

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A source was provided to you and you didn't even bother reading it. Fuck off.

Hellstorm happening has no bearing on the OP's question of what was the purpose of the 'work camps' if there was no work involved where your Jewish friends were conveniently kept safe from the allied firebombings. Sure, Typus was a hell of a disease and many people senselessly died during that war, but let's not change the goal-posts, shall we?

If the narrative is that they were work camps, then why the civilizational amenities without any work actually taking place? Was the 'work sets you free' sign just another fake addition similar to the fake chimney added after the war?


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Holy shit kike.

That wasn't a POW camp.

The allies said they only learned about KZ's at the very end of the war Churchill doesnt mention them at all in his war diaries. So they had to assume it was a POW camp. Otherwise they would have bombed them.

Also i met a polish prisoner from a smaller camp around auschwitz who said that they had been working on building jet planes at the end of the war in these camps. When this one kid asked them how terrible it was he just waved it off and started telling us about how awesome those jets were.

A source was provided to you, and you didn't bother reading it. Fuck off.

Lie then misdirection

AI chatbot glitching out? 2nd time you posted that.. No output for the input I replied?

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"Arbeit macht frei" is a psychological slogan to break the jews away from crime, because jews normally never work a day in their lives.

Why would I bother changing my response? I gave you a link which refutes the narrative of there being gas chambers in Auschwitz, Auschwitz-Birkenau, Treblinka, Matthausen, Dachau, and a couple more. You didn't bother to read it as evidenced by the fact that none of your replies contained any response to it.
No one is obligated to reply seriously to you, or to do anything other than copypaste their first replay, if you yourself never addressed their first reply and the link contained therein.
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Why would I download a copy of hellstorm when I already hold the knowledge that contains that narrative therein? You linking hellstorm had (and still doesn't) no bearing on the question contained within the OP. Are you fucking retarded? I already acknowledged that hellstorm likely took place (in the OP) when I stated that "while Germans were left to get burned alive in their cities". You appear to be just another victimhood merchant.

Just fuck right out of here with your bullshit and let the adults have a discussion.

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I didn't link you to hellstorm or anything close to it. The fact that you think I did is proof that you never even clicked on the link in the first place you lying kike.
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Hey at least these kikes aren't spamming anymore, no where near the levels where jidf used to be debatable and cool to argue with.

It literally says "Hellstorm.pdf" in the filename

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Holy shit are you actually retarded? Compare the ID from to my ID you idiot. I'm not that person. The link I gave was in this post:
I never posted hellstorm, you lying kike.
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Holocaust is a lie. The builders of 1000 ton tank, if they decide to mass exterminate a human group they don't build wooden shacks. Even the idea of mass exterminating humans coming out from these hateful and hostile jews. The false narrative of holocaust will be exposed.

Oh shut up. I conceded the point as I mistook you for another poster due to intoxication. Get over it and yourself ;)

Would really like a response the question in the OP. I don't come here often and figured this would be the place to ask. All of it seems fishy.

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If you were going to ask a questions then go to questions that do not deserve their own threads you retard or you can face a ban.

Kikes are know for not being hard-working insofar as actual labor is concerned. "Work sets you free" was supposed to be a slogan that reflected how they should behave in general, as opposed to how they acted all the time. It was never meant to be a physical descriptor of the camp itself.
Additionally, even if it did have some ulterior motive, which there's no evidence for, it still wouldn't be for any gassings of kikes since the holohoax has been refuted countless times, including in the link I posted earlier.
Lastly, you're the one who should get over yourself considering you have a condescending attitude the entire fucking thread.

I'll take you in good faith, even if no user here should.

"Arbeit Macht Frei" is just Nationalsozi Weltanschauung—the idealistic community of Arbeit, Freiheit, and Brot. It is meant just as much for the internees as it is for the camp personnel.
I don't think much of Zig Forums thinks that the interment camps across Europe were actual holiday camps. The amenities you see in Birkenau and the like were the result of pre- or early-Barbarossa construction. The German quality of life at the time was wonderful enough that some of it was able to trickle down to even the prisoners.
As the war turned to shit, the lives of the prisoners become less important in light of the collapsing Reich as a whole, leading to a deterioration in living conditions. Camps were mostly left defenseless from Allied air raids as the overstretched Reich simply didn't have the resources to defend all of its territories.
In the end, a couple dozen (or hundred) thousand camp deaths had occurred by 1945. I would like to stress that this would have been all avoidable, had the allies not turned down Hitler's appeals for partnership.

"nationalsozialistische weltanschauung" just means "nationalsocialist worldview". There's no need to keep it in German when speaking English. Weltanschauung isn't some magical word that has no English equivalent - it just means 'worldview', literally 'world-window' or maybe 'world-picture'. Arbeit, Freiheit und Brot just means work, freedom, and bread.
Also, while I'm at it, there's no reasons for anons to keep using the German word 'volk' in place of 'people' or even the English 'folk'. German 'volk' is pronounced the same as the English word 'folk', and has the same meaning, so it makes no sense to retain the German spelling when speaking English. The German letter 'v' is called 'fow' and pronounced as an English 'f' a majority (although not all) of the time.

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>made thread about how the (((allies))) were the true holocausters
This is why you are called subhumans and rightfully treated as subhumans.

Read Mein Kampf—the Stalag edition left the word untranslated for a reason. Weltanschauung isn't as simplistic as 'world-view'. Technically, the latter does suffice as a direct word-to-word translation. However, the term 'world-view' simply does not hold the same connotations as its German anti-eponym.
Weltanschauung is more accurately (in regards to how the NSDAP used it, anyway) translated as the collective set of all the guiding philosophies that a man, a party, a people, has. You can't just slap over the label of world-view, because the Weltanschauung is simply broader than a 'world-view'.

I kept the words German because of their historical links, which were relevant to my argument. Pic related.

It's LARPing. Most anons here like to act as if it's still 1933.
And I see no reason why Zig Forumsacks shouldn't. We're trying to encourage a National Socialist revival—why wouldn't anyone here emulate the words of Hitler? Maybe you'd have a point on some more 'moderate', normalfag recruiting site, but 8/pol/ has been full NatSoc ever since it was made.

If Zig Forums has been full natsoc, I pray that it actually does LARPing well and reduce the usual of jewish/yiddish vocabulary on this board while increasing Sieg Heil Viktoria.

I swear to god, every times I'm on Zig Forums, it's like a synagogue with all the jews and greentext.

Because removing the subversive Jewish element from society was necessary, but Hitler was a nice guy and didn't want to kill them, just deport them. Jews hated being removed from the host which is why they ordered their golems to burn Germany down, naturally, avoiding the dwellings of their masters that were the concentration camps.

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Viktoria doesn't have German roots. The propaganda artists stole it in the 40s because of the psychological effect it'd have on the allies, which were used to plastering "Victory" wherever they triumphed. Sieg Heil Viktoria is a tautology that shouldn't be used today.

That's still more european than the yiddish shit that is spammed non-stop on Zig Forums.

I'm ashamed that I used "kvetch".

making Ammonition

(pic related was eaten by Jim's pig farm)

Not really. There was no need to put camp prisoners to that kind of work; the problem of the war was resources, and there wasn't nearly enough of that to put them to work on aiding the ammunition effort. The work they got was typical menial labor—administrative desk jobs, construction work, mining and agriculture, etc.
Besides, would you really trust a POW with weapons, ammunition, or even the parts required to make them? The security of most camps proves this; most camp uprisings only happened as a result of smuggled and/or stolen weaponry.

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They should count themselves lucky they weren't in an gulag like the heroes at Stalingrad instead of being in a 2* hotel with brothels, swimming pools, maternity ward, theatre, soccer/football pitch to enjoy.

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Fuck I'll say it then.

Op was not a faggot, based and redpilled.

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At least 1488% are Jews in this thread.

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why aren't you trying Shlomo?? Some effort please, out of respect for us.

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Hitler was a (((rothschild))) plant just like Brenton Tarrant. Hitler's goal was to create a kike homeland by exhausting Germany and killing non-Zionist European Jews. Tarrant's goal is to carve out a sandnig homeland in Europe and former British colonies to allow Greater Israel to move ahead.

You know what else was created by the Pacific War? (((North Korea))) where Tarramt was fully brainwashed. No normal white goes to (((North Korea))).

In the interests of restoring/saving a discussion about a different point of view:

The op is not arguing that there are gas chambers.
That would be retarded, we have established that gassing is a hoax, as well as a top down mass extermination.
The op is asking why Jews were conveniently absent from the bombing of Germany.
The op is saying that The recreation facilities could point to Jews going to the camps purposefully and with foreknowledge about what was about to befall Germany.
If we could get back to that discussion, rhe results might be interesting.
What if?

First off they were "pogroms". Literally all but 2 were built pre-war in Poland.

Secondly it's a myth that the NSDAP used the super uber highly skilled juden kraftsmen to perform any labor. Because ashkeNAZIs don't do work. Period.

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Because the allies primarily bombed industrial areas, you retard. They intentionally avoided the camps, most likely because they took their highest orders from the kikes as well.

You have no power here, lampshade.

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This. My understanding is that they were deportation camps not work camps although I’m sure they had basic chore tier and grounds keeping work to do (boo hoo). But I’m sure it was very much a reminder to the jews of at least part the reason they were; their involvement in currency manipulation, usury, welfare leeching, government, press, basically all the things kikes still do to this day. Clearly the 6 gorillion did not learn. Maybe they need another lesson.