Why Didn't They Just Shoot Him?

The jews had already taken Russia. Why didn't they just assassinate Hitler? Wouldn't that be what they would do today if a real national party gained traction in America/Europe?

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Are you retarded? Do you think they didn't try?

Hitler fled, and when they could've find him they just told everyone he killed himself. In reality he escaped to Argentina with other party members

You also have to take into account that technology hadn't progressed to the consolidation that it has today. So orchestrating it was a little more difficult.

I am referring to his campaign and early years in office. I just keep thinking if somebody real were to oppose this system and make headway that he would be JFKed and I wonder why they didn’t do that to Hitler.

JFK was killed by the Israelis and if you think it so easy try killing a figurhead today, same can be said about Merkel, why doesn't someone just kill her, because it's never so easy as you make it sound.

If there was even as much as a hint against Hitler, the SS would have been all over it. Nefarious kikes were removed from positions of power and their secret societies were shuttered. Still, there were attempts on Hitler's life and ultimately all failed.

*hint of a plot against

They already tried.
Look up the assassination attempts you moron.
Hitler had incredibly high luck.

Wrongzito, chuckleheads. (((Hitler))) is why.

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Listen to the autists scream. The truth hurts. There were no good guys in charge during WWII. Those were the ones dying in the trenches and digging the autobahn with shovels.

WWII was the war against the free world and it is one the free world did not win.

I can see right through you schlomo.

Also again look it up.
They were attempts that were made, it seems you are in denial.

Welcome to the world of free speech. You're welcome to leave at any time.

I have no doubt. But at the end of the day, it is either pawns fighting for scraps of power, or the elites trying to backstab each other.

Hitler was a puppet just like the rest of them

That doesn't make you correct nor that doesn't mean you cannot be ridiculed welcome to chan culture boy can't handle the heat and called out?
Then simply get out.
Is also in the rules if your going to make a question it should be in questions that do not deserve their own threads, goodness shakes did you kikes get so obvious over the years?

You mean that has been refuted countless times on this board except the ones saying had better arguments then and any refutations on kiketube get hidden or shut down?
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So then is trying to come out with a family first economically left socially right political revolution and taking and American state back possible?

Without being just suicided I mean.

Go ask that question in qddtot.

You're really popping the lovely balloons of all the magical thinkers here who believe with religious fervor that a little nobody failed artist living in flop houses in Vienna suddenly was propelled to the pinnacle of power by virtue of his voice and will alone.


He was a disaster. 20 million Germans killed, countless women raped brutally, Dresden, the precious jewel of the baroque flattened and scorched. The greatest army in the world left out in the middle of shitass nowhere to be surrounded and obliterated. Hitler stinks of treason as much as Napoleon, another evil pied piper that led off the excess male population to a frozen wasteland never to return.

They're not know for being good with a gun.

Did you ip hop again or is this your co worker jidf?

Go read Louis Ferdinand Celine and what he thought of Hitler half way through the war. He liked to joke that Hitler had been kidnapped and replaced with a fatass traitorous twin.

I just assume paid shills. Have for awhile. There may be some true believers out there, but I don't the vast majoirty really believes in Hitler any more than Mao or Marx or whoever.

Already did till I read hitler's war by david irving,

Tactic that's been tried last year, so much for free speech.
Again ousting your self, which proves you haven't been here for a while, which is making me believe you are not here in good faith.

The question is (now) would you be able to come out with a family first economically left socially right party in America and be successful and not JFKed.

Also come back if you can into self awareness because the disaengious n your posts are obvious.

Like I've said before
ASk here

This thread is eventually going to get deleted.

Sage is not a downvote.

Look I enjoy Hitler speeches as much as the next guy. They're pretty good. But then I enjoyed Trump speeches from the Trump Tower declaration of candidacy right up to election day when I suddenly realized with dismay that he'd come to Washignton without a list of 6000 names to fire and 5000 names to hire. Didn't have a clue what the fuck he was doing and then he let Javanka just walk in and take over.


And it's not like Napoleon and Hitler didn't have vivid examples before them of what was in store for them in Russia. Frederick the Great tried, Charles XII tried and both marched to disaster in the frozen wasteland.

Given those facts you can only assume the slaughter was deliberate mischief to ruin France and Germany respectively. Take out the finest strongest most courageous men in a deliberate suicide mission.

And? Saging is used for not getting a thread not to be bumped. But nice low effort post schlomo try again.

No not really you hadn't given much facts despite repeat talking points from the (((victor)))'s view.
Again read hitler's war.

jews are busy tonight
let's see what time is it in Tel Aviv right now?
Yup, a bank of Jews shilling to the sleeping late night crowd for shekels.

I've long since quit trying to figure Trump out. He's still getting hate from all sides, so I'm not to worried about him.

As for your others points, I agree.

And they think they are fooling people and you either get bots, or two co workers ir ip hop to agree with each other

They quit crying like a little bitch and complain to the mods. You strike me as someone who knows right where the report button is.

Already reported and threads like these did get deleted, did you even read the rules schlomo?or are you ousting your self and embarrasing your boss right in front of you.
So obvious, I am glad you are stepping up your game compared to the spamming kikes, but still no where near the level when jidf used to be challenging to debate with and debunk their arguments.

Like I've said if you are trying to create a false consensus or have ip hopping everywhere which failed miserably for most shills and Kushner shills that used to be here and you got the trump niggers that tried doing that and look where that got them? None of these tricks are going to trick people you'll have to face with good proper argumentations, evidence and everything. ANy other trick here is going to be useless, not a lot of anons aren't responding because you are not worth responding to, but I will respond because I don't have much better things to do anyway.

In short this isn't cuckchan.

You just like the (you)s

If Hitler was such an admirable leader in war and politics, why did the great hero Rommel lend himself to the plot to assassinate him?

This thread is going to get deleted, would be useless posting it here.
Post it in questions that don't deserve their own threads and I will answer or someone else will.

Hell I might even do it for you, might be called a faggot or a retard, since you might be a shill who could care less about the facts or truth. And if your interested to know the answer to your question than visit qtddtot

Nice recoiling if I wanted (you)'s I would be spamming or made something that was obviously bait.

Well after all the thread's subject is "why didn't Hitler get assassinated?"

It seems to me that the most deadly close call he ever suffered wasn't from the bolsheviks or Stalin at all. It was from his own most illustrious officers. You know even to this day you can scarcely step anywhere on the vast battlefield of Stalingrad without stepping on a helmet or gun or bones of fallen soldiers. What a waste. What an idiot or scoundrel Hitler was to throw away the greatest army in the world…

Ask yourself this,

Could you draw a picture of Hitler that people would recognize as such? The answer for most people even without artistic talent is yes. This is because Hitler was a character and All the best characters have a recognizable costume.

Now, could you draw a picture of Hitler without his iconic mustache and still have people recognize him? Unlikely.

The truth is that Hitler was a symbol moreso than a man. He was a puppet and they likely used several different actors to play the role.

Stories go around that many assassination attempts were successful yet the next rally low and behold Hitler would walk out to greet the crowd.

You could attribute this to cloning which definitely existed at the time. But it seems more likely that they used actors.

That was his generals decision not hitler,
Not gonna spoonfeed, but to know both of their relations were at look at pic related the whole assassination was already explained in some other thread which may be dead or alive.
If you are interested in your answer visit by questions that do not deserve their own threads, this is my last reply you hadn't brought much to the table besides stepping up your game instead of resorting to spamming.

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They were not probably afraid of him before he actually got elected
They probably tried

Why would they assassinate one of their own top agents?

He was no agent debunked already by piper or david irving which has been shown to be another misleading tactic and old jewish tactic.

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My question is why did the world support Hitler until suddenly, they didn't?

In the south, after a brief halt, the Soviet 4th Mechanized Corps continued its advance north, removing German defenders from several towns in the area, towards Stalingrad.[91] As German forces in and around Stalingrad were at risk, Hitler ordered German forces in the area to establish an "all-around defensive position" and designated forces between the Don and Volga rivers as "Fortress Stalingrad", rather than allow the Sixth Army to attempt to break out.[86][92][93] The Sixth Army, other Axis units, and most of the Fourth Panzer Army's German units were caught inside the growing Soviet encirclement. Only the 16th Panzergrenadier Division began to fight its way out.

Another stupid question.
Go here

Already debunked on the last shitler thread which one of your colleagues posted and something got recycled from 3 months ago (ahem when you were actually trying and then suddenly stopped.)
Go there for your answer.

The storm which broke on Nov. 19 was a furious one. Only three days later, Sixth Army supreme commander Friedrich Paulus reported that the Germans were surrounded. Units of the army's Romanian allies were the first to be destroyed, losing 35,000 dead and missing in those three days. From there, things would get worse.

Hitler appointed Field Marshal Erich von Manstein as head of a newly-formed Don army group to help out, while Air Force chief Hermann Goering confidently predicted that the Sixth Army would be kept supplied by air.

On Nov. 24, Hitler, ignoring the opinions of virtually all his generals, ordered the German army to stay put at Stalingrad. Paulus' Sixth Army was to hold firm while Manstein's forces were to march in from outside and break the Red Army's encirclement.

On Dec. 12, Manstein's offensive code-named "Winter Storm" got under way – but too late. It would eventually get stuck in its tracks, 72 miles short of reaching the Sixth Army.

The fate of the Sixth Army was sealed by Christmas 1942. One German general later described the battleground as "organized mass dying."

Since the war the drama at Stalingrad has been the stuff of heroes' tales on the Russian side and of an outcry against a criminal leadebship on the German side.

Manstein puts all the blame on Hitler. He said that when he took over the Don army group, he signalled that only in an "extreme case" situation would he seek to help the Sixth Army to break out of its encirclement.

Military historians said this position had a devastating psychological impact.

When on Dec. 19 Manstein finally did argue that the Sixth Army should try to break out, only for Hitler to reject the call, it was too late. The "race between life and death," as Manstein described it, had been lost, and none of the military leaders dared to act on their own against Hitler's orders.

Go to the shitler thread again this was already posted and debunked.

He was big guy.

For Jew.

I am sure you are bigger puppet.

Also one more thing this post is laughable.

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There were dozens of assassination attempts towards him.. Read "The Artist Within The Warlord".