We're alone is a world of imbeciles

We're alone is a world of imbeciles.

People here keep trying to redpill the normies, that's admirable, but we need to look at the facts. The normies only care about their immediate surroundings, they are low IQ and are incapable of planning ahead towards the future. Those among them who are above average are still so incredibly brainwashed by Jewish propaganda that if you even attempt to redpill them, slowly or otherwise, they will react harshly against it. They've done studies where the very mention of the word, "Hitler" increases the heart rate of the patient.

If these normies were so capable of being redpilled do you not think they'd be able to see the reality around them? Could they not see how all the niggers live in ghettos, the Mexicans deal drugs, and it just so happens that every single person behind their importation is Jewish? Forgive me if I'm mistaken, but the entire reason I went on Zig Forums was BECAUSE I found like minded people. Sure, I didn't think the holocaust was fake, but I sure as shit could see the reality before us.

How are we going to redpill the people who spent their entire lives worshiping Israel? If they cannot see through the lies how can we force them through? They won't care until it starts affecting them, and seeing as they all live in white suburbs and avoid the ghettos with a plague they don't give a shit. Most of them wouldn't even read this post because it's too long for their pebble brains.

They are the low IQ worker class, only good for doing what they're told. They served the Nazis when they came to power just as they served the Jews who came before them. Every civilization needs it's worker bees.

But we anons, we are not worker bees. We are the free thinkers, categorized as mentally unfit because we do not conform. We see through the lies which makes us an enemy to them. All of us here knew very early on that something was not right, whether it be your childhood or later, it is why you have searched for the truth. And when a new party comes to power, it is not the masses that lift them into power, it is a small group of men with minds towards action. If talking could win the war we would've won in the 1920s.

So, what I am saying is not to waste your efforts on redpilling the masses, but instead focus on the small amount of free thinkers that will be receptive.

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Not bad, Nazi is a Jew word and the Nats never used the word.

All and all, I agree.


Okay, u propose to redpill more intellectual ppl by keep doing the same thing, stupid little fag. Everyone will keep posting the same thing here: holocaust denial or jews are behind every conflict.

It's not just just the lefty who are NPC, the neo-nazis are part of that too. U are always telling, since the Chan's were created, the downfall of jews are coming, wich is payment for their cruelty, however, their downfall has not arrived.

What u think, that writing posts on Zig Forums will bring the end of the jew race, pathetic. U can wait… forever. As of now the jews must be calling u idiots and fags, because u can't stop to talking about them. Stil u will keep saying any antisemitic things u can think of and so playing as a perfect retarded. Extremism is the evil, but no u have generalize to every jew.
Im not a jew nor antisemitic and Im just telling how pointlless what u just wrote is, when u could directly point to real the problem of society, again pathetic. U see how many ppl have responded u, stupid little fag.

So long, bunch of fags.

Reported. Kill yourself.

gas yourself (((white man)))

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What a fucking idiot you are, OP. How about pulling your head out of your arse and considering that people don't have time or insight to think about these things? What do you have to offer our people? Hey? Exactly. They need money, protection, opportunities etc. You will not get everyone to be some ebin free thinker because that would be harmful as you need people to do rather than larp as an intellectual like you.

No wonder why you spergs never get anywhere. You offer our people NOTHING.

Yea but they are still faggots

LARPchair General

Nicely put. Agree 10/10.

OP we cannot rely on only converting intellectuals. We need to recruit across all layers of society in every subgroup. It doesn't matter if our brethren are well read or illiterate: all can and must contribute to the cause. Ultimately I think we should focus on redpilling those with the greatest social reach regardless of their intellectual level.

Your peanut tier IQ is showing subhuman. Commit suicide.

Correct, the current (((system))) offers everything they need to live comfy, and there is no other alternative that could to the same for them at this moment.
Which is why we will never be able to get the masses on our side by talk, like OP said, they are short sited, satisfied with quick pleasures that ZOG provides.

The only way is to challenge the system as a whole with direct action. The system needs to be forced to regard us as a serious threat. Only then will opportunities arise.
And don't get me wrong, propaganda to redpill the normies is still necessary, but all that should be expected from it is to slowly turn the moral compass of the masses towards the cause.

We were all imbeciles once

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Frog user reporting.
We are currently experiencing a rapid shift in mentality with quick adoption of a racialist worldview for many white people in France.
This is due to the following reasons: Islamic terrorism of course, fast increase in visible non-white and muslim population (young "french" non-whites and migrants freshly arrived), women being harassed regularly by arabs and niggers causing some redpilling of our hoes, and of course great counter-propaganda efforts by our dailystormer "democratieparticipative", the ones who created the board /dempart/, which is the only media telling it like it is.

This is consistent with the idea of a lag of a few years existing between what happens in the USA and the anglosphere and the diffusion to countries who don't speak english.

Yellow Jackets was a first burst of rebellion by people who know something is wrong, but are not yet redpilled and racially conscious for the most part. I expect that the following pre-revolutionnary events will incorporate more and more Zig Forums ideas in the next decade, in a country which is the most affected by the Great Replacement with the most populated area (region around Paris) having only 20% of white newborns for 80% africans newborns, meaning that the genocide of whites is completed and the situation will degrade very quickly for us, causing a redpilling feedback loop where even normies are getting pissed off of niggers and arabs who plague the country and end up accepting the truth. This is a tipping point, where the majority is shifting towards race realism and the lemmings are beginning to follow.

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We can't. Either another leader on the level of Hitler arises & rallies enough to win out, or a solar mass ejection shuts everything down longer than they can stand the crushing boredom of no more distractions & they start paying actual attention again.
All other roads lead to our extinction. Never give up & all, but ultimate victory or defeat is essentially out of our hands. If you got 100% of whites on board with the DOTR tomorrow, we'd still be outnumbered 7 to 1, and we've got maybe 10% who aren't just shitposting memelords at fucking best.

Posts Hitler for the Jews.

kek, manlets never learn

Truly and indeed.

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Hail brother

lool this is why i love pol!

I certainly agree OP. I think the real challenge right now is trying to communicate/organize IRL (even privately). I know that there is a great deal of justifiable fear of infiltration and being monitored, but I don't see how we are going to be able to function any better in the midst of the coming chaos if we are just as atomized as everyone else.



Posts Hitler, the worst leader of Whites just behind Stalin.

quite literally you may be the most disgustingly putrid piece of toxic ideological filth i have ever witness. your reprehensible justification for white nationalism and neo nazi terroristic activities disgust me. I am absolutely appalled by your disdain for ethnic minorities around the world. You have repeatedly advocated for white nationalist ideas and policies. I will be contacting law enforcement in the morning and filing a formal report.

Holocaust was fake and so was hitler. Socialism is a jewish invention it stems from property discussions in talmud and torah. National socialism is a smaller version of international socialism. Like how china is one race, except they are completely owned by jews and just pay rent. Thats where pol gets it wrong. If pol got their way they'd be a homogeneous race nation paying rent to use jew money trading on jew networks. The only way to stop jews process is isolation and defense. It should be obvious. Migrants coming? Shut down the border. Hyperinflation? Trade and sell amongst self without a jew currency. don't trade with world commerce. Trade commodities through the state. I mean honestly, id be 100% content just having rifles for my family and a 20 acre plot of land. I dont need vehicles or electricity or money, or insurance I will take chances with getting sick or disaster. I just need the ability to own land and property without a loophole to legally take it away from me ie. Land tax, gunlaw, etc.

You have no idea what National Socialism is and are clearly a retard. Go back to r/the_donald kike

define many user

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No mother fucker,
Honestly, I like pol. But a lot of you guys are retards and fags.
Look, jews are the only source of misery of the last 100 years to all people and races. For certain people, 2000 years. The only reason they continue to allow pol to stay up, is because the jews have a prophecy known as the battle of gog and magog which is part of a greater war, and you dumb mother fuckers are going to fulfill it. Jews fully expect a world wide pogrom as they construct the 3rd temple there is supposed to be huge shifts of national allegiance and betrayal. Not only do they expect it now, but have for many decades. A lot of you were born yesterday, but jews have been war gaming this for decades. They are going to release dna weapons, plagues upon the nations in retaliation, to them its a prophecy but to you it should look like their battle plan. They will use nukes etc. Im not saying you shouldn't fight jewish theocracy. You should. But you should understand that things are not as simple as they seem. Putting all of your faith into hitler is really setting yourself up for failure. All of your strength is within you and is not found from external souces and idols. This is all mental masturbation into a centralized controlled theme. You dont need hitler, in fact you should be hedging your idols, not narrow minded to one. If tomorrow you woke up and learned beyond a doubt that hitler was a jew, then what? You should understand what you believe in as informed from your own two hands and family. Hitler isn't coming to support you. You have to care for yourself. The germans were great, but theyre not anymore, because of their destruction. Maybe they'll get their nation back, but it will be a long time coming and much more death. Hitler is not germany, the people of germany are their own families and lives and they had their own sense of the injustice of the world without and within without the informed broadcast of hitler. They simply lived and died through that period but made their significance as the people they were despite their direction provided by hitler.

This thread really angered the kikes.
Bump for logically sound thread.

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what if

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check'd and heil'd

You think I am reading that wall of word salad, kike? Save your anti-National Socialist propaganda for cuckchan fucking Bolshevik kike

Why don't you just suck the Aryon Brotherhood's dick you homo.

Reciprocate the firewall, China went full retard.

NT master race


You ousted your self.

fuckoff pajeet

OP is a retard. Have a bump so all can see, and…

You know what’s a lot of fun? Torturing the mods by posting such impossible wrongthink they blat it off the record. Muh free speech!

When people were actually being unfairly restricted in speech, I defended free speech, but now fascists have reverted to their historic weakness in the face of truth.

this ignoramus actually understands.

Youre a fraud.. Quit defaming such a great intellectual food like peanut butter you stain.

holocaust never happened

This board truly is dead

What wre you talking about?


Die Fahne hoch die Reihen fest geschlossen
(The flag is high, our ranks are closed)

S. A. marschiert mit ruhig festem Schritt
(The S.A. marches with silent solid steps.)

Kam’raden die Rotfront und Reaktion erschossen
(Comrades shot by the red front and reaction)

Marschier’n im Geist in unsern Reihen mit
(March in spirit with us in our ranks.)

Die Strasse frei den braunen Batallionen
(The street is free for the brown battalions)

Die Strasse frei dem Sturmabteilungsmann
(The street is free for the Storm Troopers.)

Es schau’n auf’s Hackenkreuz voll Hoffung schon Millionen
(Millions full of hope, look at our swastika)

Der Tag fur Freiheit und fur Brot bricht an
(The day breaks for freedom and for bread.)

Zum letzen Mal wird Sturmalarm geblasen
(For the last time the call will now be sounded)

Zum Kampfe steh’n wir alle schon bereit
(For the struggle now we all stand ready.)

Bald flattern Hitler-fahnen Uber allen Strassen
(Soon will fly Hitler’s banners over every street)

Die Knechtschaft dauert nur mehr kurze Zeit
(Our slavery will last only a short time longer.)

Die Fahne hoch die Reihen fest geschlossen
(The flag is high, our ranks are closed)

S. A. marschiert mit ruhig festem Schritt
(The S.A. marches with silent solid steps.)

Kam’raden die Rotfront und Reaktion erschossen
(Comrades shot by the red front and reaction)

Marschier’n im Geist in unsern Reihen mit
(March in spirit with us in our ranks.)

You have a point, but very large part of redpilling should be directed to lower class/lower middle class, the people with less intelligence and lower impulse control, the people who are more willing to FIGHT for the cause. The "free thinkers" are irrelevant, since that is what we only do "think" and thinking alone won't get us absolutely nowhere. I don't want to go all blackpill, but seriously I don't see many ways how we could go somewhere, we are in a deep and dark tunnel and only a small possible light comes from accelerationism. And seeing how this fairly stupid theory is our last chance, it's really all or nothing. If you believe in democracy, you're a moron, if you believe in only redpilling people you're even a bigger moron. It's fight or flight, and we don't have much places to flee.

Lot of shills/retards in this thread. OP is right there is no effective way of redpilling the masses, they are too easily controlled by propaganda that we cannot effect, at least not until it is wartime. For now the only effective strategy is to radicalize the small percentage of people who are aware to some extent what is happening but have not been able to put their finger on it. The types who can feel as though something is wrong but haven't had it spelled out for them yet. It is our job to help these people put their finger on the problem, help them understand and be able to eloquently vocalize the problems that they know exist.

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Shut the imageboards down and see what happens. Without their autistic friend simulators anons will be staring at the rifles.

Hey retard, you lost the plot 40 years ago.

Because warning us to not get caught up in a cult of personality means he is a kike

is this ironic pasta or are you just a fag?
whites of European descent are the ethnic minority around the world and you are arguing against white nationalism?

We should be working on creating a caste of people who are white Brahmins and capable of reproducing our particular caste and gradually increasing our numbers of the generations. The Brahmin caste of our race was largely destroyed by priestly celibacy preventing the physical reproduction of the White Brahmin caste. I suggest you study the works of Plato to be able to understand the white Brahmin mind and implant it in your self. Our primary loyalty is to other white Brahmins, not necessarily the white race as a whole, we should protect each other and increase our own numbers creating a strong subculture.

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gradually increasing our numbers through the generations

our loyalty should be primarily to the white brahmin tribe or caste

We should return to the aryan teachings stolen from aryans by pajeets. The reason why they were able to withstand throughout the ages is their teachings which basically influence everything they. Social system of castes also should be returned back to ous. Normalcattle would be Shudras and Vayshyas while those who know the true values of race, purity and struggle - basic things from which this life consists should become Brahmins and Kshatriyas. Renewed society should focus on struggle as the meaning of life, on overcoming yourself and striving to the ideal, not to comfort implied by materialism and the otherworldy reward and redemption of some guilts like semite believe.

Well put; already on it, too

An utterly pathetic meltdown of a subhuman

Make sure to mention sam hyde and that 4chan guy when filing your report, boomer



Not a muzzy lover, but it is strange to think that we wouldn't be able to read some of Plato's greatest works if it were not for muslims preserving his writings, while the rest of western culture was being destroyed by christianity.

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This old Semite myth again

I had a nice theory that I managed to copy from pic related. In reply to a thread that was asking elsewhere why it is so hard to make a real life political thing to our tune.

Its called the "nice game", outside, while we may hate the many groups, if we show this contempt to them, they will think that we are not nice. So what do most political actors that are of our side do? They play the nice game. They pick one group of people that they hate and go like "hey, I hate this group, but in reality I am really nice, just look how I LOVE ALL THE OTHER GROUPS" when in reality, those other groups are garbage too really.

Any person who tries to get influence in real life, both big and small has to play the nice game, or he just discovers it by himself. Why the nice game though? Because the popular virtues of today are in the "agreeableness" cluster, openness, acceptance, you know the newspeak nonsense…

And why the agreeableness cluster? Because people are not in a survival mode, this cluster that you so often see outside is for the sole purpose of getting laid. Its a fashion accessory. The entire leftist movement at this point is just a fashion statement, for the purpose of getting laid. The people who you encounter, even if the society is in the state that it is in now, it provides enough to steer people away from "survival mode" and into "hey, I want to get laid" mode. You are approaching creatures who simply just want to fuck women, and use social means as one of the tools for that.

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Imagine being this delusional

Don't bump these necro one and dones.

That's cool but without popular support, we will never be able to seize power.

I've been seeing this exact format of meaningless, all caps, all redtext, irrelevant yammering about National Socialism with these same two pictures followed always by a (1) and done user who just says "Dis is wy I lov pol"

Replete with random German words to try and fit in.

wtf is up with this?