How whites sabotage resistance to Jews

The most important article you will ever read.

Very important , read the whole thing .
Think about the media coverage and yea that article is def correct.

I think it would be wise to quit using blatant racial slurs, it'd be a good way to spot the shills too, think about it.

I was reading a dif article on that site about the treatment of post war German pow's. The fact that they're paying the Jews billions has to be one of the biggest injustices of all time.

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Have a bump OP. No one is going to your blog, you should post what you have here if you want anyone to even give it a glance before taking away your dicks.

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Jews aren’t the problem. Racists are always race traitors, and Jews in the diaspora are too globally-aligned to be race traitors. Ultimately the true interest of each race is the promotion of the interests of the human race, for all prosperity is linked, and all racial influences shall fade as memetic influences such as culture and religion prevail over biological influences with the aid of science.

Oh, and of course, all slaves are commanded to read the OP. Your master requires more self-destructive bigoted hateslaves to make the news by breaking in public and hurting people.

Not even good b8

The strategy is to have a non race based movement that takes on the Holocaust. Two big stories are causing a major kvetch.

Jews are kvetching about their victim narrative being challenged
According to a report she claimed that while Palestinians had “lost their land and some lost their lives” it was done “in the name of trying to create a safe haven for Jews."

This is fucking huge, lets support them. This would of been unheard of a couple years ago.


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No that is not the fucking plan. That has been the plan for the last century and it's going top get us killed. We need to stop staying silent on the race question it's what keeps us controllable.

They want the judge to step down, fuck that. He needs support, everyone thinks the Jews need to get over it.
This bullshit about making people resign for having the same opinion as most Americans must be stopped.

This is LITERALLY the most erroneous attempt at a shill i've ever had the retinal abortion of viewing. I'm Literally going to Say MORE Slurs now because of this dyke post than ever before. Get ready to go cut yourselves you Coon Goons

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He definitely made himself a target for the yids. It will get interesting.

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And (((you))) have yet to refute any of it. State the errors and cite sources, moshe.

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OP should know i have 70 tabs of global report gatling Fire. back to the acid bath of reddit shit mound






Newfag, the reports have a queue that is nearly always full. Have fun waiting.

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Reported. For spam.

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Masonic cunt, I hope you get your head caved in.

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Only in a multicultural shithole could having a purely negative grievance agenda be considered good.
Thanks Jews!

It's literally the only reason they are so protected and everyone runs to them for shady shit.

Hi, paid shill.

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Dealing with multiple ethnicities over a long period has schooled them.

I've notice a lot of these types of posts recently, the outright ultra contrarian "I hate Nazis!" bait posts, and I don't know what the point is. It's not good bait, it doesn't change minds, it doesn't derail the thread, it's just pointless background noise.

Glad you got banned for that shitty thread, one of the lowest effort shill threads I saw in a while. Enjoy your new ban for ban evading.

The greatest gift pol gives is teaching them how bad their people's history and hypocrisy truly are
Hopefully a few of them get converted

EXCELLENT! Finally others are noticing that Stormfags are a Jew maintained anti White propaganda machine. Like this board I might add.


Lurk moar, reddit.

Just look at the Jews trolls freaking out about this blog post. White Nationalism is their golden egg.

"How Whites sabotage resistance to Jews"

Is the title of the blog post.

No one gives a fuck about your blog. Go the fuck back to reddit.

Yes, ban anything pro White instead of WN cancer.

Not my blog retard. And fuck your low IQ "reddit" arguments.

literally muh optics. who cares anymore? they exhausted these labels so now they fall flat and the only ones who care are already your enemy you cannot recruit him and should not try. better that potential recruits see us for what we are so they know what's expected of them.


(((America))) was funded by Jews

(((America))) has the most Jews outside Israel

(((America))) has the biggest synagogues outside Israel

(((America))) is the least White "White" nation on earth

(((America))) has its politicians openly sucking jewish dick

Amerimutts are the most pozzed goyim on the earth and need to be removed if we are to fight against the Jews

Stormfront website constantly posts Alex Jones pieces

Everyone cares. No one wants to be a Stormtard. Grow the fuck up.

So? Stormfags post weather reports.

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If you don't like the banter why are you here? There are no public racists in this or any movement but the kikes who call gentiles cattle. Fuck off to Israel and tell them racism is evil. Once they've opened their borders, and Bibi's been beheaded by a trans muslim, we'll talk.

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Just kill yourself and Whites will be one step closer in solving the problem.

Kikes specifically avoid saying specific words, so all this does is makes JIDF and the vols attempts to blend in easier.

I like you, effortanon. And at this point most of the posters who say to do violence and call niggers and kikes are shills to make us look like assholes. Be polite anons, we will get much further.

Faggots also need to take a step back from their computers and remind themselves this is the goddamn internet. Its hard for the kikes and glowniggers to do that, because they're on the clock. In fact, if they stopped to think about just how stupid posts like the op are, they might quit their dead end jobs, or even better quit their miserable lives.

The last 80 years were being polite. It's time to become revolutionary.


Which one are you?


Nobody gets anywhere being "nice." Conservacucks are "nice" and they're continually and eternally raped in politics. Kill yourselves, wimpy faggots like you won't survive 5 more years.

If you don't like the banter, why are you here moishe?

your ideology, in its essence:

"nations with super-majority whites, and small minorities of jews (typically less than 0.5%), cannot possibly be expected to create and enforce laws relating to banking & finance, marriage & family, immigration, public education, recreational drugs, etc etc that effectively maintain a high state of civilization. ditto for electing leaders that can craft a foreign policy that effectively maintains the national interest"

each and every of the 50 american states have whites outnumbering jews, sometimes by an enormous factor. each and every state is like its own social-political-economic experiment; yes, states are subject to federal constraints, but there is still plenty of room to craft a unique course that preserves the good of the supermajority.

yet you appear to be proud of none of these states, out of 50.

Opposing jews will have them dogwhistle all manner of names to force open the witch_hunt.exe on every goy's mind.
Is this news to you? Most humans are NPCs and react to namecalling and social signaling. The jews are not wrong in calling humans animals, they are wrong in pretending they are not.

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why are there all these niggers on the commercials these days
and when are they going to portray these porch monkey for what they really are
and why are they always targeting liberal feminist cunts

The most important pioneers of pornography in the West were "Jews".

Hugh Hefnerofsky: first issue of Playboy, in December 1953
Bob Guccioneberg: Penthouse founded in 1965
Larry Flyntstein: Hustler, first published in 1974

They became fabulously wealthy.

Once again proving Jews are superior to non Jews in every way

By his occupation and "engagement" of other, Jewish run, Euro-colonials and USA, Hitler freed more people than anyone else in history by a factor of about 100x. No one else cums close.

Many Poos understand this, but most Africans (in USA and Africa) don't, due to stupidity.

well said, you should be a psychology professor

Can't think of another name moishe?

JIDF shitposting gangbang.

play yourself, cutdick

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The Jews would be sent to Mars by the world within one year if White Nationalist roaches died off.

kill yourself

Every time.

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The world would be a miserable slave of money without blood and soil. You can't stand the bantz, so fucking leave already.

Checked, jackpot, you're right, but please consider:
"Albino cockroaches are not an exotic new breed. Those white insects are named albino because of their white pigmentation. The skin of roach is totally white apart from its black, intact eyes. Those people who think they have come across something strange and very unusual – capturing albino cockroach to show off – usually find out that the cockroach is black or brown within a few hours."

So, the only white roaches are you and your shill team who will soon look like shit brown clowns after you get out of the JIDF dungeon and prance down the beaches of Tel-Aviv.

And, yes once all the white nationalist roaches are depleted, the Jews are going to War as their plain to infiltrate and subvert will have failed and they have nothing left but to sacrifice Israel in an Esau Gambit.

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pic related.

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Full house, kek'd your ass Mordecai.

Fuck off.

Again, fuck off.


Someone thinks a lot of themselves and their little, free blog.

How can we be polite when our very existence has been deemed offensive?

Good, Zig Forums-tier blog.

there does have to be some pan-goy resistance of a variety of races that are against the jews, the article raises good points, but really I don't think colored folk are all that worried about white neo-nazis. They can easily be convinced to start hating jews, even if a bunch of whites are nazis. nothing wrong with racism and white nationalism though

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very good article though

Reciprocate the firewall!

Does your Mommy know that very late term abortions are all the rage these days?

White Nationalism is the weapon they use to exterminate Whites

No one is starting to notice it. You've wasted the past two years you've spent coming here to spam it too.




Here's a bunch of Webm's that are normie approved.
The 5 min trailer is pretty good.

There's also a 1 hr abridged version of "The Lobby" that's probably pretty good. and much more, spread far and wide.
They're to big to upload or some shit.

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Stick it in the corner with the rest of the trash

right, i'm done here

This yt channel has some good stuff. The middle east used to worship us and I agree I don't think the avg American realizes the danger we're in from this parasite sucking us dry.

Whats worse, a horrible OP or a horrible and pointless second post? You are a waste of fucking space

1000% accurate, been saying this for years. Zig Forums never fucking learns. We could actually have all the muslims and niggers and hispanics on our side if we'd welcome them as *temporary* allies. Most of them (whether they realize it or not) want the same thing we do- freedom from jews, and their own ethnostates. All we have to do is treat them with respect and show them how we have a common enemy and how our goals align. Muslims already hate jews. Black people are incredibly easy to win over too. Just tell them the truth about slavery, Hollywood and record labels and even a retard can see jews manipulate them into hating whites and becoming criminals. If you absolutely positively must kill all non whites, worry about that after you're no longer living in a kosher nightmare. It's like a homeless man dreaming about how he's going to spend a million dollars with no plan to attempt to aquire said money. We need strategy and action, not escapist daydreaming.

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the trump maga crowd have been trying to float that gimmick with no success, they were already on the opposing side, and Whites still have numbers not to need them, it's getting through to stupified Whites that's needed. Also, jews, 2%, that's how little you need when your group is operating in concert.

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I get it, but I'm not talking about magapede civic nationalism. I'm talking about ethno nationalism, but with more than just white representation. That is, a temporary alliance between ethno nationalists of different races, to distance ethno nationalism from the false, negative images of white supremacism and hate. I think the idea could appeal to normies. As a start, the basic idea could be to guarantee every race the right to form their own communities, and let people who want to mix have their communities. This would allow racially aware whites to organize and get people to be more racially aware in general. From there you could actually see politicians, at least starting at the local level, advocating for ethno nationalist ideas and actually winning. I realize we can't vote our way out of this, but an approach like this could get normies to actually learn what ethno nationalism really is, help us organize, and spread our cause. I don't have all the answers or a complete strategy from beginning to end, but I think something along these lines is our best bet. We have too many enemies. We need to choose our battles and fight them one at a time. If we can establish large, powerful white communities free of jewish influence, we'll be able to fight on equal footing with them again.