Are jews inter-dimensional aliens / reptilians

Are jews inter-dimensional aliens / reptilians

I met a kike at a party yesterday. Not the stereotypical hook nosed kike but a mystery meat semite that looked vaguely hispanic (sephardic?) seemed very well connected and might have been the organizer behind the party.

He was clearly a master of manipulation, skillfully diffusing questions regarding his person (downplayed as someone unimportant working a weird low status profession) and his end game totally opaque as the party was free and the people going there largely didn't seem very moneyed or connected at all.

He hit it off with a possible heavily outmixed jewess and their humor and talk was so bizarre that I thought these two people cannot be a human like you and me.

I have met these mystery meat types before (vaguely hispanic looking without hook nose and mostly with sickly sunken in eyes) that they can read and manipulate goyim extremely well and don't seem to mind goyim witnessing their bizarre interactions as they believe in their manipulative superiority in any situation.

It almost seems to me that they're interdimensional aliens / reptialians or are they merely so much above us that we are like negroes in our capabilities? The only time I witness goyim being anywhere near their level of manipulation is people that suffered from extreme abuse and perpetuate it on others as if an interdimensional virus had entered their mind. (borderline and narcicistic personality disorder types which result from this abuse tend to act in very similar ways to each other) But even then these goyim are mentally unstable and run any company into the ground instead of making it a multinational top corp.

Are sephardim the hidden interdimensional top jews lording over neanderthals and fake Khazar jews that do their dirty work?

Picture is of a similar mystery meat jew:

Ilya Ehrenburg – one of the most prolific authors of the Soviet Union; Soviet cultural activist and journalist. He was accused of “promoting hate campaign” against Germans during World War II.

Quote from his 1942 leaflet called “Kill”: The Germans are not human beings. From now on, the word “German” is the worst possible curse-word to us. […] We shall kill. If you have not killed at least one German in a day, you have wasted that day. If you don’t kill the German, the German will kill you. He will abduct your relatives and bring them back to his accursed Germany where he will torture them.

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Commie jews all seem to have this specific kind of blood btw. if you can trust black and white pictures:

A thread died for this

Don’t give the kikes that much credit. It’s simply a group evolutionary strategy combined with Jewish supremacist thinking of the Talmud

This kind of shit is why I stopped doing wake n bakes years ago.

Elite jews talking about a new world order that includes China.

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Nah the reason he was better at you in manipulation is becaue he's just using tactics he's been practicing since forever while you see his tactics and your first thought is he's an alien.

Jews aren't aliens, they are just superior humans

They have the shield of Judaism, knew one several years ago, would go out, in a podunk toy of locals and speak rudely, outload about this whore, that dummy, this dumbass and that dumbass, all people walking around hearing what he was saying, but he was a jew, and people are anti-Semitic if they confront the jew. Were I to have said the things he did out loud, it would have resulted in a direct confrontation.This was when I began to dislike (((my friend))) and overall hate Jews. I learned a lot from him, him and his father used to role play conversations on an intellectual level, insult, rebuttal, followed by a humorous quip disarming the entire direct insult or conversation, as not being funny, being funny, not being funny, leaving it with a sense of Jewish superiority. Let me ask you ppl, have you even spent 3-4 hours a day role-playting dialog with your parents in social and business situation where you come out the victor? He did this to come out as the victor, in business, and in life, and then he'd entertain, lighted ping pong balls in the hand, in the mouth, slight of hand… switch to finger puppets, then try to sell you a remote controlled helicopter he bought at wallgreens for $6 dollars for just $19.95. I grew to hate him.

They practice extremely hard being scumbags.

And you bumped it.

Mystery meat here. Could you recount some direct quotes from these two? Jews aren't any more alien than any other human race. The fact is, many other races' homes stick their kids in front of a screen to pump commercials into their head 8 hours a day. This creates an expert follower. Being told what to do and how to think.
You can't expect to close the gap and take up positions in leadership if you've been training your whole life to watch TV. Also, diet has a massive influence on IQ. Correct these issues and you'll stop being outperformed.

Only when the Vril stops flowing

Might as well ask if blacks are kings?

They are vampires.

I have concrete proof but I won't share it.

you mean aside from the blood ''libel'' that's repeated by isolated groups who only connections with each other are having to deal with jews?

Not aliens, demons. They literally worship Satan.

Or maybe have you considered the fact that he may just be a bad jew? Most if not all jews I've met are the best people. Quiet, humble, respectful. Go to your local synagogue one day and see.

You need to reconsider your evaluations.

OP thinks authoring paranoia profiles is creative and/or is paranoid schizophrenic and/or is paranoid schizophenic about paranoid schizophrenics (lol)

They’re probably profoundly uncreative and a slave in their personal life, broken into submission to a joyless world of abusing themself while calling it abuse of others.

"Repeat a lie often enough and people will believe it."

paranoid schizophrenic
paranoid schizophrenic
paranoid schizophrenic
paranoid schizophrenic
paranoid schizophrenic
paranoid schizophrenic
paranoid schizophrenic
paranoid schizophrenic
paranoid schizophrenic
paranoid schizophrenic

no, actually, his neighbor was was an elderly jew, how frequented pain clinics, so they sold Percocets as a partnership, young jew/old jew. In business, it was all jews, specifically, I don't want to post Dept of Justice indictments which would identify me but fucking criminals, all of them, and it was one helluva an insight.

You need to accept the objective assessment who developed their belief over a 10+ year period. As had been mentioned, he grew to hate them more and more over time.

You got any proof for those claims?

your pilpul is off the charts friendo…

This shit is funny and terrifying. Jews like that should get the gas in minecraft :^) my friend

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He can't back up his claims. Most jewish people I've met are good people. Honest people. Righteous people.

Jews are great.

Nope just the creations of demons.

What the fuck do you think you're doing kike?

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There's no business like show business


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well there is this.

and this:

Which stems back to this, but bear in mind, defrauding investors of 56 million, and then paying fines of several hundred thousand could be considered the cost of doing business. as if it was an advertising expense.

And we can take a look at this:

These are all jew run financial frauds, with an international jewery supporting them, within the US and Canada. So let's just say, as I said, it has all been quite insightful over many many years.

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No, they are just inbred and suffering from deep trauma and psychosis. Their entire world view is a massive hallucination brought on by their group think; enabling the continued decline of logic and reason.

The mad goyim would invent better if the world wasn't so decrepit and Jew fungus ridden.

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Or the guy was just a latent schizo. Their approach to the world is precisely very otherworldly.

Maybe you're onto something, I mean it is impressive, surviving 8 death camps and all, no normal mortal can compete

Go to your local synagogue one day….

someday, user, someday.

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Thank god they are cowards.

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It reminds me of going with a mate to some local pub/fast food hole where drivers hang out, discussing W40k, philosophy and laughing at meta-memes only to eventually notice the people present to stare at us like we are some sort of alien life-form.

Kikes are not reptilians, they just have the reptilian brain dominant, making them highly prone to psychopathy and lacking higher brain functions.

tip top kek. I'd gladly visit a synagogue during peak hours and share some VX gas grenades in Minecraft. Godspeed user.

Retards are going to save Whites by shitposting to a Jew psyop board.>>13264618

We shape civilizations, you will be sterilized and out bred by people we choose and control. This is your future. Go to death knowing the white race is doomed.

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Reptilians are jews but jews are not reptilians in the same way zombies are niggers but niggers are not zombies.

Fuckoff boomer kike

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Your getting close, but Jews are not aliens or reptilians, the are children of Satan.


Are you White today?

perhaps they think about how to manipulate people in conversation from as soon as they learn how to talk

So the final answer to the whole Jew thing is that they are basically a maternal lineage descended from Akhenaten when the Hyksos were kicked out of Egypt in the 18th dynasty (represented by mitochondrial haplogroup K, and also H). The paternal lineage went across the Mediterranean and became the "Gauls", "Celts", and "Scots" among other groups. Some even went southwest and became freemason-niggers (see Abakua).

This is where most masonic and jewish traditions originate. Akhenaten tried to turn Egypt's polytheistic Amunist society into a new, monotheistic, Atonist society. For this he was kicked out, and some of his people became the Israelites.

The Paternal lineage is R1b, and this is the Y chromosome haplogroup that still dominates the British Isles, and was the paternal lineage that founded America. In many ways the fractured lineages of the Egyptian Hyksos (or the seed of Abraham) have finally reassembled themselves in the United States 3300 years after they lost the kingdom of Egypt.

The reason all this is relevant is because I believe Y chromosome haplogroup R1b refers to the Reptilian fatherline, perhaps even including the one that has been called the house of David.

Haplogroup K refers to the maternal Reptilian bloodline (the letter K, as well as G, hard C, and sometimes X esoterically refer to the serpent.) Refer to Michael Tsarion's "Irish Origins" for more on this

The hybridization of the reptilian haplogroup R1b and the maternal haplogroup H (the real holy grail, and maternal royal line of the British Isles) forms the house of the Lion. Think about it….what is the most reptilian mammal? The cat, of course. The slit pupils?

This could explain the constant Lion and Dragon imagry on the European royal houses.

The royal lines not explained in this model are paternal haplogroup I and maternal haplogroup T (the respective Teutonic lines).

It really has always been British vs Germans.

Fuck you Kaiser.

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Oh and the Israeli I know believes they are aliens. Unironically.

TLDR; the only Israeli I am currently acquainted with believes they come from aliens.

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If you are observant, Jews consistently have a low, dead vibe to them. Not quite sure how they obtain it but I think that's how they bleed goyims' of life force when they are in close contact and why they are so attracted to living with goyims even though they are constantly "persecuted"

Go to /x/ with this faggotry

Jews are an international genetic mafia.

Are you telling me the Irish are Jews?
Interesting. because that's what I was jsut reading here.

And also whites were the Egyptians and the real Jews?

I came to the conclusion recently that there is something arcane about that group
They can exist for a long time in the shadows biding their time and rising to power and falling but never truly be eradicated like other ancient cultures
The babylonians, egyptians, assyrians, romans, zoroastrian persians all came and went but the jew remains
Im starting to believe that they have some kind of time manipulation device that allows them to ensure their existence. Like in the Red Alert series where they use future tech to kill hitler and get the future that they want, even if there are unfortunate side effects they can just keep going back to change to get the desired outcome
I believe this is how the british empire and now the american empire was/is so successful, by employing arcane jewish time magic

One theory, proposed by Michael Tsarion, is that Jews actually refers to Yews, or the Trees of the Druids. Can't this explain both the jewish obsession with trees and the lingual similarities between Hebrew and Gaelic? The origin of this druidic tradition would potentially be the post-diluvian remnant of Aryans in what is now called Ireland. Perhaps the Tuatha De Danann.

My Israeli friend confirmed that Gaelic is related to Hebrew, and when I asked him if the Jews were once Egyptians, he replied, "We were one people".

By the way neither Jewish nor Irish nationalist here, simply a revolution posterity American trying to figure out what we are doing here and why we are circumcised. Don't go look up Hebrew gematria value 77

Jewishness is passed down paternally. Genetics confirm this. Ashkenazic kikes have paternal kike DNA and maternal White DNA from the European women they raped/defiled.

Read Mark Brahmin's series of articles on Judaism being a Semitic Bride Gathering Cult.

What I'm proposing is that one strategy for white American survival, since most of us have at least a blending of British with our German, is for those of us who are circumcised to man up, take an extra wife (2 per man), and double our child output.

I forsee Christian philosophy and spirituality combined with nonchalant, chill polygamy (chillygamy) providing circumcised American men with the water of temperance and flame of motivation they will need to survive the coming decades. We will not circumcise our children.

As for the Jews, they should be converted to Christianity or ultimately made unwelcome. This probably won't manifest as a religious persecution per se, but rather a banning of usery in the city-states that result from America's ultimate fracturing.

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OP is a jew. Sage this bullshit thread.

Specifically how it happens is through messages to the past. It's not possible to send anything larger than a particle through time, so the only real form of time travel is via things like radio waves.
The Kike is actually the focal point of an alien war against humanity. If aliens came down from outer space, and were looking for the perfect collaborator, they would pick the Kikes as their first choice. And so they have done so.
The true history of humanity involved the complete extermination of Kike identity during WW2, which was actually a war between Western European and America, and Germany and Eastern Europe. Japan did not even enter any conflict in this period, and would eventually come under the ideological domination of China after the war.
The Kike future of humanity is one of Earth being a vassal planet of a group of reptilian like aliens, with Kikes as humanity's middle management, facilitating the eventual colonization and extermination of humanity. It is not known whether or not the Kikes themselves survive.
What we do know is this method is not full proof. Changing one thing in the timeline can cause unpredictable effects, and a war over the timeline eventually does come to a conclusion, one way or the other. We do not currently know which way it is going, but we do know the next coming years will be a decisive turning point in the war, either leading to our eventual liberation from the Kikes and their alien masters, or to the extinction of the rest of humanity.

This is exactly the same conclusion I've reached regarding Jewish paternal genetics. They are essentially random semitic nasties who have held a number of 'royal' European maternal lines, including haplogroup K which is still significantly elevated in Ireland compared to other European nations.

The maternal line really seems to be the template upon which the rest of the organism is built….the canvas, so to speak, whereas the paternal line is the paintbrush.

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No you guys are fucking retards, the Jews have always been the tools of the royals. The Rothschilds are only the ones we are allowed to know about.

The Nazis still run shit and are above the Jews, when are you dumb fucks gonna get the joke?

Jews R.O.C.K.!

Okay I'm confused. How are the Nazis still aorund? And are the Irish the egyptians then or not?

In the past yes, but I doubt they would want to remain the tool rather than be the the hand. Also most royals are gone now, I wonder why?
Publically yes, but the others can be found out with digging, which is what Zig Forums has done, is still doing, and will continue to do.
How does a group that got bombed out of the existence by their enemy become higher than that enemy?

Reminder that (((reptilians))) invented christianity to keep humanity spiritually blind.

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Hehehe, very funny, Avram.
Hyksos were Hurrians from Taurus mountains. Heavy Neanderthal admixed semitic populations. As goat shepperds they invaded Egypt. Their main living space was Nile delta, capital city Avaris.
They were expeled out into desert, where they became Hapiru/Habiru/Hebrews. Also known as Sa.gaz. Throat cutters and bandids. Invaded Canaan. Rest is known.
They were haplo J and G.
Your babling about R1b is just funny.

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China sucks!

look up john lamb lash. he talks about how jews are archons/ai/interdimentional beings that were talked about in the ancient nag hamadi/dead sea scrolls.

The Orchid Mantis evolved to mimic a certain tropical orchid, it waits for it's prey and mimics the movements of flowers in a breeze, when they get close, it pounces in a millisecond. Jews likewise evolved over thousands of years to take advantage of other people in a parasitic relationship. The Phoenicians, their ancient ancestors, founded the world's first merchant empire in 2500 BC. To call them interdimentional reptilians gives them to much credit. They're mundane. Different from the rest of us, but specialized in such a way that it's easy for them to take advantage of us.

thank you for teaching me about this. I've always known about northern europeans carrying these types of genetics, but what I've never thought of was that there could be a hyperjew mongrel among them. It makes sense really. I've been thinking about aryan traits for along time and it seemed to me that northern europeans really do have these types of traits, hitler was a good example but a hyperjew could have these traits magnified.

Also, my previous thinking was that traits like this was just master race in action and that if edomites; palestinians, southern europeans, hook nosed jews etc. did not exist we would have the perfect world and I still think this way. If you could provide any sources that would be greatly appreciated.

After studying this for basically my entire life, my best educated guess is they are avatars with ancient genetics that makes it easy for the "reptilian" entities to inhabit their bodies, and their books tell you how to summon these reptilian entities.

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The Mythology back it up.

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The jews somehow do know of Aryan stories as Matthew 7:16 strangely describes. What should be unknown to non-Europeans of the time, that there are thorn-bushes which bear fruit in Europe, the Blackberry bush (dedicated to Thor) is thorny but has "grapes" the Blackberry itself, and the Thistle (dedicated to Frig) internally looks like a "fig" and Northern Europeans know how to cultivate the Thistle for many nutritious benefits as the fig is cultivated by those more South. Modern research even shows the "fruit" of many Thistles in Europe can be used to restore and protect the liver when properly prepared, which were the lauded benefits of figs in the past.

Making such a passage very strange to Europeans who know a bit about the plants that grow within Europe.

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I know a couple of jews, they are complete normalfags.

lmao, more people who don't understand this niggers proposition, that germanic aryans are the reptilians. Isrealite haplogroup r1b is what is present in germanic populations.


Read their tactics to understand the jews. I guess, they have something like a tactis school, where they get taught how to jew the goyim.

Share it, fo not expect others to do the job, you have to do!>>13263926

It's a camp actually.

Do you have any facts to back that up?

You can actually study their tactics as well but you need high verbal abilities, high mental stamina and high aggression. (the latter two probably contribute to their mental instability)

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Out of all lies that kikes have convinced whites to be true, this one is probably the most dangerous, after Christianity. There are many connections, but none between Britons and Jews or (((Abraham))) . Just because your Jewish royal family carries the (((bloodline of Jesus))), does not make the general population do so.

no he does not. Levant has been always mixed with negroes. Modern British/Celts come from Russian steppe, not from Levant.