Become 'the man who planted white families'

I'm sure most of you have seen "The Man Who Planted Trees". If you haven't, you should check it out.

Each of us should dedicate our lives to planting white families. What I mean by this is that we should always be providing financial incentive to white couples to have more children, whenever we can afford to do so.

An example of this would be to rent out a house to a young white couple and, during the interview, tell them you like to support nice couples and families like them so you'll allow them to live rent-free in the home as long as they have a child under 3 years old.

The wealthier you are, the more incentive you can give, such as adding that if they have 6 children, the home is theirs free and clear.

Another example would be to set up a foundation that gives grants to white couples, the grant amounts being a super-linear function of the number of white children they have.


1 child - $1,000
2 - $3,000
3 - $10,000
4 - $30,000
5 - $100,000
6 - $250,000
7 - $500,000
8 - $1,000,000

They can update their payout by getting the difference between what their current status would pay and what they've already been paid.

Then publicize the foundation and take donations to fund it.

Ideally, whatever you do would be self-sustaining or even snowballing, like a Ponzi scheme. Except, where a Ponzi runs out of participants, you never do because you have new participants being born all the time, by the very nature of the scheme.

An example of self-sustaining would be to make your white families well off but require them to make payments to you thereafter.

Give your gifts in lump sums whenever possible because one needs money to make money, and you want them to become wealthy, not just for payments back to you but because it empowers our race.

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I'd get bankrupted immediately doing that.

Kek, does the financial demographic this would be applicable to even fucking browse 8/pol/?

Whatever you can afford.

In many cases, the couple will have already been considering having another child, and your incentive will just make it an immediate reality instead of a possibility.

For lots of couples, it wouldn't take much money to convince them. Just go from one couple to the next. It's a numbers game.

i think you should offer a discount, not "rent-free"
instead you should offer a discount to where you at least break even after expenses (insurance, loan payments, repairs). even better if you mention it offhand so they believe they came up with the idea to have the kid.

I like this a lot. I would probably just give a discount though. This user
got the right idea

Become 'the man who released the gas'

thats a great idea but i dont think im ever going to have the money for that

Ill be this though, I recently was given a revelation by a higher power that I will be the one to lead the fight against the eternal evil
I am the player character of my time, all you other npcs can choose to help me or not, depending on what the devs have programmed you with


In group preference

Kek wills it.

We've been over this a million times you braindead nigger. More white babies does not solve the problem. At all. It doesn't even help. You must remove non-whites. That is the only thing that helps.

We've been over this a million and one times dummy, a combination of more whites and removing non-whites is absolutely necessary considering our current state.

No it isn't. We have hundreds of millions of whites. We do not need to prop up jewish pyramid schemes with an expanding population. Non-whites existing in white nations is like having a negative birth rate. It the genetic equivalent of removing children from existence:

i like this idea. if support groups and foundations can't be started, do it in person or with extended family.

Stupid faggot OP. What's to stop liberals from taking advantage of this?

And many of these whites are on the older end of the population pyramid. I get what you are saying, and an invader removed is worth more in removed descendants than a white child born adds, so on net removal is above breeding w.r.t. the demographic math(there Is a paper on this from the 1970s about genetic distance and population which was on here but I forgot the name and am trying to find) - but Whites still need to keep the bottom of the population pyramid relatively fat. If we just stop having children those long run numbers for the fighting age/fertile population (which is necessary to remove the invaders) plummet thus you have increasing difficulty in removing the invaders as the math shifts.

No we don't. Jews need to maintain their pyramid scheme. It is 100% purely harmful to whites, there is no reason to promote jewish interests. An expanding population inherently means current generations are stealing from future generations. If the population stays stable, the price of land stays stable, and every generation can afford to have a home and raise a family. If you have a growing population, the demand for land causes prices to rise. This is how boomers fucked the rest of us. They made huge profits on their houses because they imported millions of shitskins driving up demand. So now their own grandchildren will never be able to afford a house.

We’d be interviewing them before giving them anything. We’d be able to spot bad apples.

And if you have no children, there are no future generations after invaders are removed. Should whites just stop breeding? Be explicit rather than beat around the bush.

Whites are breeding, moron.

But your posts imply they shouldn't. Look - I agree with your premise that focus needs to be on removal by whatever means necessary. We cant simply outbreed invaders. But we should still be having families, and your previous posts imply otherwise.

No they don't. Are you illiterate or retarded? My posts clearly state that trying to outbreed non-whites does not work. You do not outbreed vermin, you exterminate them.
We are.
Repeating it won't make it come true.

I buy land and build authentic historic European-styled homesteads with well and solar. I have yet to draft up a "race-based" contract to limit my Italian homes to Italics and my German homes to Germanics. The controls thus far have been simply requesting a letter from the potential buyers sharing their story with me. It is easy to select the "correct" applicant without flagging any feds. I sell the hometeads below the local value by ~25% to help bring down housing costs everywhere.


I like the cut of your jib, user. Good man.

Were I rich I’d do something like this.

Realistically though my goal is, as I climb heirarchy in my career, almost exclusively hire white people. Interview them, make sure they aren’t racemixers. If they good hire.
Eventually might get slammed for diversity quotas and the like but I’ll try to play innocent and meritocracy for as long as possible

Are you a fucking nigger? If a white man cannot afford to raise his own children then he's a fucking nigger, you faggot.

JFC this whole thread is a shit-fest. I don't think even CIA-Niggers could do this much damage.

Now I know what I'd do if I won (((the lottery)))


uh.. okay..
hell ya brother
kill em all

I would also propose a similar program for buying small farms and plots of land for permaculture. Provide discounted rent to couples to work as tenants on the farm on condition of having children. This would also be a good program for increasing the number of whites who are skilled at food production to decrease dependence on corporate ZOG chow and be prepared if shit hits the fan to form self sustaining rural white villages. The Amish strategies for buying and using land may be something worth getting inspiration from.

Natalism is primitive. Making it skin sociopathy doesn’t make it less horrid. Rich people don’t get rich believing themselves to be the holy avatar of their skintone. They’re more concerned with practicality than that. Use every resource. Tamp every restraint. Donald Trump’s most infamous racism afaik involved purging low-value tenants, not forking over gibs to people.

You shouldn’t want to train people to run the uterine pumps for money anyways. I’ve had people tell me prostitution is dumb because prostitutes would reproduce, but they absolutely wouldn’t. OP is promoting prostitute babies; actual prostitutes would avoid fertility by every means. Stacked contraceptives almost never fail.

Disrespectful bump.

Can I be Lucian Lachance?

So National Socialism is cuckoldry to you? We don’t have to wait for total Aryan victory over Jewry to begin building a Reich. The rich cultivating the deserving poor into their highest potential and blossoming is not cuckoldry. It is the darmha of an Aryan Vedic civilization.

I love all of you beautiful people. Hail victory.

I appreciate this post.
And agree with it. We need to look out for each other.
Help each other. And protect those among us that are raising families.

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Great idea for wealthy people. This is real charity that benefits us instead of niggers. I will do my best to support wholesome white couples if I ever make it with my crypto stash.

Nobody trusts anybody though. Maybe you've had better luck making friends.

what king of business model is that?
nothings is free

May as well ask for help here since /b/ is quite dead

So I live in a very brown neighbourhood, (not in the US) but the neighbours that live in front of me already know each other with my family. The family is white, they have a white son and a white daughter. The issue though is that the daughter is already ten I think and she's going around with spics as friends. I fear that their bloodline is going to die there if I don't do anything. What can I do to save them from becoming pawns of Satan? I don't want to see her getting pregnant by a spic, her mother got pregnant at 16 but she had the luck to give birth to two white kids, the demographics have changed a lot since in a decade

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Brother, this doesn't require much trust. You don't have to even tell the white family that you are helping them because they are white. And there are lot's of ways to help that are not financial. But if we don't start to form alliances with each other soon, when the shit really hits the fan, it will be far too late.

I don't believe you can do anything for that individual family. Even if by chance that family were relocated to a better area the daughter would still be exposed to the relentless pro-miscegenation agenda of the mainstream media. It doesn't matter where one goes, if children are still exposed to the anti-White mainstream culture it's not safe.

Going full 1488 is the only solution I can see to the problems we face. Achieving that requires boring, thankless & unglamarous political activism.

Just my thoughts.

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Kek definitely wills it. I'm a poor fag, so I'm out of this pool. Sorry, OP.

I had some "rockstar" days in my (((brainwashed))) West Coast youth. I fucked, and I fucked, and I fucked, until I was bored with it. All these bitches are on birth control.
With the world landing where it ended up, and as much as I always wanted to find a wife, and be a Father, I would have loved nothing more than to have an army of epic little Vikings running around figuring this shit out on there own now.
I'm really starting to hate "White" women.

Some countries have tax laws against free rent or hugh discount on renting. In my case Denmark.

How are we supposed to start the Turner Diaries when we're raising a family, ZOG-shill?

I can't support that as much as i like the idea, a father is really important for raising a child

Don't be that overt if you do the rental idea, they have housing laws in the us that'd get you fucked over a barrel for that. Thing is they really can't do shit if you say nothing and give them a discount.

probably should have covered it in other post but the endowment's a great idea. Look up norman dodd and the reese commitee. They've been using these tax free nonprofits as tools to hide wealth they use to genocide white people for the past century. We need to start playing that game before it can be shut down, as it stands it won't because it can be used to asynchronously attack us.

Wouldn't it be too weird if I print a paper saying them "Take care of your daughter, I don't want to see her ending up like this" with a photo of a spic woman with a bunch of piercings, tats and make up?
I just want to do something for god's sake, everything around me is turning to shit.

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It's a risk to give money to others. Family might break up. Why not use the money to impregnate surrogate mothers with your own children?

Befriend the girl and when she of legal age to be bred fuck her and leave her pregnant. If you won't do it Pablo will do it. And Pepe. And Carlos.

I mean shit dude I'll take the damn money. Me and the mrs want to have as many little white kids as we possibly can. Too bad the NZ govt is fucking cucked to high hell and back.

I'm just glad we have places like Gloriavale already established here so when I go and form an all white alt right commune out in the mountains it wont be too much of a shock to people.
Already have at least 2 families that want to help build it and I'm sure there will be more once we get the property purchased and the self sustainability sorted out.

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Thanks, user. You are my inspiration.

The thought of based uncle Zig Forums landlord giving a young couple a break and coming by to visit the kids every so often warms my heart.

You should go over and have a talk with her father. Explain your point of view and why he should move to a white territory.

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wuu2 kike


The probability of ETH going 10x in the next 3 years is very high, as is going 100x in 10 years.

Crypto is still a once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunity, but it won't last forever. Once we go up 10x, it won't be such a great opportunity, and then when we hit 100x, it's basically over.

This is Zig Forums not /digishekels/

How old is your daughter, user? Any grass on the field?

Bump for good idea. Hopefully someone wealthy will go with it.

I got screwed by student loans when I was younger and stupid and now I am in debt. I now realize the error of my ways but the debt remains to the tune of 80k$.

I have a wife but neither of us are willing to have kids because of our relatively low incomes and the looming debt (she has debt as well).

If someone would be willing to step up the the plate and clear the debt, I would be willing to have kids in an instant. We were preyed upon by the jewish system and now cannot feasibly start a family.

Why do I take the time to write this post? I just want to point out that nobody will put their money where their mouth is and actually do something to support white families. Here I sit, desparately looking for assistance, but I am certain that I will find none. The jew wins.

Just as a slap in the face, now that there are black and white graduations, some black billionaire offered to pay off the debts for an entire graduating class…you know, the black half. Your tax dollars already gave them deductions to be there. I hope you remember what they took from you.

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I do remember what they took from me. I also remember what my fellow white man failed to provide for me. I remember how my ancestors allowed their nations to be overrun with nigs and jews, leaving me with a barren and destitute shithole of a country.

The apathy of the Aryan race is just as much to blame as the evil of the Jewish race. I am willing to fight, but what damage can one man do without his brothers?

The only thing you can do is find your brothers, locally. Create your own communities, and keep everyone else out. The whites outside of that circle have either failed you, or are your enemies/kikes. Try as hard as possible to keep all of your money in that community.

They start an auto hobby shop? Use that exclusively. A grocer? Again, use that exclusively. Anytime that group sets out to do something, be there in lockstep. It is the only way to survive the future without becoming violent.

If you can't make that community…well, you can burn down the forests of Arcadia, and leave everyone else nothing but ashes.

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I remember watching that years ago. Definitely the most beautiful and humbling animation I have ever seen.

join the lobby for student debt forgiveness, it's the only position that makes any sense and you can use it to get leftists onboard stuff they normally wouldn't support

Ever hear of the stork derby?
crazy millionaire dies, leaving a will that the remainder of his money after paying his debts be invested and after ten years converted to cash and awarded to the toronto woman that has produced the most live offspring in that time. And he died in 1924, and it came due in 1934 during the height of the depression, so thousands of mothers competed for that prize and it sparked a hell of a white baby boom.

if your solution is to keep pumping out more single mothers and fatherless children and you excuse it because "they are white muh birth rates" you are a traitor.

cringe alert

"you'll allow them to live rent-free in the home as long as they have a child under 3 years old."

80k, goddamn that's rough, maybe both of you shouldn't have been retarded and went into debt without it being an emergency

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