Operation Spoilers

If an user comes across spoilers for an upcoming episode/movie which hasn't yet aired, they share the content with proof and a raid is organized and executed thereafter.
When a movie/final episode/videogame is released; Zig Forums also gets a hold of the soilers ASAP and commences an organized raid on social media.
1. You shouldn't be wasting your time on this, doing this will rid Zig Forums of the time wasters or reforge them into more productive allies
2. spoiling normie shit keeps normies AND co-intel agents off the board
3. The hate the rest of society has for us draws attention and brings in more of the societal outcasts to be redpilled and adopted into Zig Forums culture.
Repost this in the peak times for your timezone. Let's get this shit started.

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If I'm reading this right, the goal here is to spoil it so they don't waste time on it & spend that time getting redpilled instead?
If so that's laughably retarded, they're not going to give that shit up because you give them spoilers, and if you "out" yourself politically in the process they'll just have an anger aversion to it altogether because of the messenger.


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I don't see this winning anyone over, but it still seems like a worthwhile way to fight the jewish media barons, if only to a very small degree.

I tend to agree with this user
At best you look like pic related. At worst you make them sure not visit Zig Forums on purpose.

Could you give me the most concise spoiler for Endgame? (Didn't watch it, don't plan to).

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all the heroes everyone cares about die and then all the womyn heroes gang up on thanos and destroy him with their girl power

Here's a good resource for movies.

If you scroll to the bottom, they have an even more concise "cut to the chase" section, since most of this Ziowood filth isn't worth effort of reading through the longer summaries.

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Tyrrion Lannister is killed.

Gayer than I thought.
Hope they fill the shelves with the pussy power merch and watch it sit there for months.

well you can false flag the jews / antifa instead

They're drowning in bread and circus. Help them break out of it and care about what really matters.

Add spoilers to every thread on here, if you watch talmudvision you dont belong here anyway.

Sean Bean dies.

why are there all these niggers on the commercials these days
and when are they going to portray these porch monkey for what they really are
and why are they always targeting liberal feminist cunts

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Reverse that. All the womerns get BTFO & then Tony has to kill himself to kill Thanos.

It would be fun to spoil everything for the lulz, but in no way will you actually redpill anyone.

ok moshe, lets just forget about the decline of whites in europe and just spoil some retarded netflix shows

peak idea

Checked honk dubs

Bump for great idea

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This brings back fond memories of the "Snape killed Dumbledore" spoiler raids of 2005.

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Got me.

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Ruining these jewish propaganda pieces (the primary distraction from White genocide for the masses) can only be good for us.

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from this site:

The Avengers go back in time to get the Infinity Stones before they are found at various times in the MCU (Natasha sacrifices herself so Clint can get the Soul Stone).
Stark develops a gauntlet which the Hulk puts on and uses to snap back the beings who were killed by the original snap.
Thanos arrives and wages a full on war against all the heroes from the MCU movies.
When Stark and Thanos fight, Stark takes the stones and uses them to eliminate Thanos and his army so that the universe may live in peace. The power of the stones is too much, and Stark dies.
After the funeral, Banner and Wilson help Rogers go back in time to return the stones to their places of origin. Rogers returns as an old man to give the shield to Wilson.
We are then shown Rogers dancing with Peggy Carter, and they kiss as the movie ends.
There are no mid or end credit scenes.

The purpose of entertainment isn't to benefit society and how is it your business how they spend their free time?

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Muh invidiualism. You're going in the oven.

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