#BREAKING: Four commercial vessels were targeted by acts of sabotage near UAE waters - United Arab Emirates Ministry of...


UAE is closely allied with Saudi Arabia and Israel in the anti-Iran axis. inb4 the """sabotage""" was carried out by US or Saudi special forces. Probably Saudi.

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This is how the Jews will unleash their crusade against Iran

courtesy of jim stone:
Want to stop a false flag? Just report it a few hours before it is supposed to happen!
The plan was to blow up oil tankers in a UAE operated port in the strait of Hormuz, and blame it on Iran. PROBLEM:
The Lebanese media jumped the gun, and released news of the attack before American planes which were witnessed by "numerous people" dropped their bombs. They could not overcome the social media backlash from this, and called off the attacks. That's the only thing that fits.

Here is the story, according to Sputnik:

"Several heavy explosions occurred early on Sunday in the port of Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates, a number of media reports say. The reports, citing eyewitnesses, further suggested that American and French warplanes have been seen flying over the port at the time of the incident.

The government of Fujairah denied on Sunday media reports about several heavy explosions taking place at the emirate's port, insisting that the port is functioning as usual.

"The press service of the Fujairah government denied media reports about powerful explosions in the emirate's port earlier this day and confirmed that ship traffic is as usual," the state-run WAM news agency reports.

Earlier in the day, the Lebanon-based al-Mayadeen broadcaster said, citing local media that several heavy explosions occurred in the port of Fujairah.

The blasts were heard between 4:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. local time (00:00 — 03:00 GMT), the broadcaster reported, adding that from seven to 10 oil tankers were in flames. The broadcaster continued by saying that the real cause of the incident has still been unknown."


My comment: So there you have it. Here's what I think: Someone spilled the beans because they did not want this to go forward as planned. The U.S. was not going to have who did it identified so clearly, so they called it off. Fact: You can't see "French and American" planes during such an attack, let alone at the time the report states the attack happened because it was dark so someone who knew who was going to do this ratted it out and to make sense of it all, the reports said people saw the planes, when in fact no one did but someone knew. That's the only explanation that fits.

UPDATE: I know when the false flag was supposed to happen. It was supposed to happen at 8:30 AM CST, just on time for the American news feed. I am not going to say how I came up with the exact time. I am now totally convinced there really was going to be a false flag attack to kick off a war with Iran this morning (Sunday) and someone BLEW IT.
I am not going to say how I know.

Yep, MILK THAT RAMADAN FATIGUE just like prime a-holes would. And they then bitch about a Yom Kippur war.

NOT SO DEAR ISRAEL: It appears your G-d was not with you on this one!

May 9-10 2019

Tanker War again

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Iranian cleric threatens U.S. Navy fleet amid warning regime could target commercial ships

dont let them get away with this false flag

rolling for major war with economical collapse, power shuffle and israel being surrounded because the it's golems final straw was broken

It would be so funny if the reveal was made by the Bannon faction to fuck over the Jared/Bolton faction, giving them a double defeat with Venezuela and the Gulf.

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What a fucking scam the continued construction of carriers has been. We know tanks went obsolete in '73, and battleships went obsolete by the end of the 20's at the latest, maybe sooner. I sort of suspect they were obsolete by the battle of Jutland myself. No big deal that all the ships sunk at Pearl Harbor were antique obsolete battleships. Sucks to have been the crews though.

But carriers. When did they become obsolete in modern warfare? I'm not talking about sitting off the coast of a turd whirl country and dropping bombs on barefoot niggers living in mud huts. I'm talking about WWIII all out total war in the space age. I'm thinking it was sometime in the 60's. Maybe 65 or so.

If it's not a sub it's dead in the water. But who knows? Maybe they can even see subs from satellites in orbit.

I think it was the battle for the Falklands that showed that boats versus missiles equals sunk boat.

Fill up your gas tanks

Glorious Hitler shelter trips confirm!

Filthy anglo-pakis literally BTFO!

mike Pompeo in Russia today lol

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Carriers are for strategic force projection via gunboat diplomacy, not warfare. At least now they are. One cannot be too careful with disregarding old platforms though. They thought planes would be obsolete with the invention of missiles, until they learned you could put them on planes and be more effective that way.

Reminds me of this guy

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I thought the carrier group would be the target. They would nuke it and blame it on Iran, then trace the nuclear material to the Norks and get to destroy the two largest countries without central banks. I don't think they can get popular support for more war without 9/11 × 1,000. I think they know this too.

I'm not sure even that would do it. The amount of people who believe they did it themselves might be approaching critical mass.

Worked before with Pearl Harbor, why wouldn't it work now?

And the Lusitania, the Maine, the shelling of Mainila.. it happens over and over again because shit works. People are stupid, thats why it works.


the hardcore Zionists window of opportunity to kick off war with Iran is closing so don't underestimate their haste & clumsiness. Trump is the Zionist president and he wont win 2020 if for no other reason than a ethnological shift in total population. Trump will lose and a less hawkish Bolshevik-esq democrat will realign U.S policy priority away from 'muh Iran needs a regime change' and focus more on general globohomo bullshit. Ziocons know this and I don't think they are willing to wait for an ideal optics to start a war, they will just do it dragging the populace in kicking and screaming

I genuinely hope you are right but my faith in humanity makes hope nearly impossible.

False Flag

I don't know…. Obama had no problem continuing Bush's policies in the Middle East. I think you underestimate Israeli influ in Washington.

God! What will happen next?

War? When will it start???

Checked for I hope they try.

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Obama only did what he was coerced to do concerning pro Zionist actions. Bush and Trump willingly push & push & push. Obama had multiple spats with Israel & its lobby. He was not so much Zog as he was a commie, and other democrats lined up are much like Obama in that sense

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You'll notice that Obama lost all those spats.

Netanyahu even came to America and address Congress to stop Obama's diplomatic effects with Iran.

The leftie type Democrats do exist,,but they are not the leaders of the party.

Biden will get the nomination for president because he doesn't threaten the corporate interests.

Biden is pretty much Trump lite.


one of the commercial vessels on fire twitter.com/AlFahadQ8/status/1127641732756197376

And yet the actual articles showed two oil tankers and a tugboat colliding.

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funny how reality is you dirty beaners getting btfo by a declining empire who had to sail half way across the world lol

"I'm not talking about sitting off the coast of a turd whirl country and dropping bombs on barefoot niggers living in mud huts"

They bomb niggers for show since they are the ones to arm, train and organize the niggers in the first place. Carriers are meant to threaten/protect sea trade lanes.


Nope. Just a person who at any given conflict sides with Whites out of principle.

for fuck sake I just had to wade through an argument about carriers on 4chan spanning an entire fucking thread. let me guess you're the Canadian and American fags?


News travels much faster now and through many more sources. Most people don't believe the official 9/11 story now. Trump got a serious boost from attacking the news media, because most people don't believe what they read.

only the russians or chinese have access to this kind of intelligence.

neither side was white lol

The Muslim side is always the least White.

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Already a thread nigger.

fake news

1945: state of the art panzerfaust does 200 mm of steel armor.
1950's: invention of stand off fuze and wave shaper improves shaped charge penetration by ~3 times.

1973 tank = turret front has 200-400 mm of steel armor giving an equal amount of resistance against shaped charges.
Contemporary anti tank missile easily penetrates turret front.

2019 tank = turret front has composite armor equalling 1000-1600 mm steel armor thickness against shaped charges.
Contemporary anti tank missile will not penetrate turret front.

It was submarines and mines that killed the battleship by putting it at risk anywhere outside anchorage. That which will kill carriers is the long range terminally self guided missile combined with expendable scout drones.

Thats why they explode above tanks