What would a world of only Jews look like?

We hear about a perfect ethno state where Jews do not exist. What would a world of only Jews look like?

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Questions that don't deserve their own threads.
Enjoy your ban retarded cuckchanner.

Go watch Star Trek theres a fucking space Jew planet in that

Space Jews? Tell me more.

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How did Gene know?

Takes one to know one.

I can't even imagine. Seeing as how they can only live as parasites who actually contribute nothing to society. I'd guess tribal level technology, at best. They'd be too busy Jewing each other of the finest furs and whatever crude forms of usury they could maintain with rocks.

lel, well actually they wouldn't need a giant concrete prison to house goyim cattle like NYC if kikes were the only people left, it would probably look something more like Tel Aviv

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This is possible too.

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Imagine the penis of a rich child abusing noseberg penetrating the children of poor nosebergs forever.
It'd be jews jewing jews forevermore and humanity would die on this rock.

No way in shit would they have more advanced technology. They would quickly devolve into primitive society.

True, without another people to parasite off of, the kikes would be in shambles having to rely on the work of their own hands

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Top kek

They would all begin suing each other for not doing their jobs, which is a joke since they are mainly employed in media and law. Few of them actually have any technical trade skills. Modern society would completely collapse within a generation.

Bleak at worst seems erradication is inevitable

not sure about ONLY Jews, but there is a movie about how Vampires became vast majority and were all in poor health on diluted dwindling human blood.

In areas of Poland and Russia that were large nearly 100% Jewish towns the Jews were unable to build anything or even keep the place repaired. It would always be an existing town they moved into, and could only add a few of the most degraded shacks for expansion.

All construction in Israel is done by foreign workers/slaves.

A world of only jews would be a smoldering ash pile devoid of nature and humans.

The jew cannot live without a host.

Closest to New York kikes could achieve on their own was the complete genocide of local natives.


Impossible question to answer OP.
It's like asking what sort of human body a tapeworm would create

Quite the understatement.

Like a gyppo camp. Kikes are pretty much the same as gypsies, just much more superior than them. But without the host nations to prey on…

No host, no party.

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I believe that the answer to the question can better be asked with another question:
"When will civilization collapse???"

(Although I found this on Wikipedia, - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Societal_collapse) it also enforces part of what Alfred Rosenberg spoke of in Chapter 1 of his book, The Myth of the Twentieth Century.

There is also the Dionysian (Matriarchy) that came in from the East (Judea) on both occasions, which overthrew the Apollonian (Patriarchy) that led to both demises.
This injection of ideas from the Progressive-Liberal Left is the Matriarchal (which appeals to Emotions) that we see today.

More from that Wikipedia Page:

>Other changes that may accompany a collapse:
> o Destratification: Complex societies stratified on the basis of class, gender, race or some other salient factor become much more homogeneous or horizontally structured. In many cases past social stratification slowly becomes irrelevant following collapse and societies become more egalitarian.
> o Despecialization: One of the most characteristic features of complex civilizations (and in many cases the yardstick to measure complexity) is a high level of job specialization. The most complex societies are characterized by artisans and tradespeople who specialize intensely in a given task. Indeed, the rulers of many past societies were hyper-specialized priests or priestesses who were completely supported by the work of the lower classes. During societal collapse, the social institutions supporting such specialization are removed and people tend to become more generalized in their work and daily habits.
> o Decentralization: As power becomes decentralized, people tend to be more self-regimented and have many more personal freedoms. In many instances of collapse, there is a slackening of social rules and etiquette. Geographically speaking, communities become more parochial or isolated. For example, following the collapse of the Maya civilization, many Maya returned to their traditional hamlets, moving away from the large cities that had dominated the political landscape.
> o Destructuralization: Institutions, processes, and artifacts are all manifest in the archaeological record in abundance in large civilizations. After collapse, evidence of epiphenomena, institutions, and types of artifacts change dramatically as people are forced to adopt more self-sufficient lifestyles.
> o Depopulation: Societal collapse is almost always associated with a population decline. In extreme cases, the collapse in population is so severe that the society disappears entirely, such as happened with the Greenland Vikings, or a number of Polynesian islands. In less extreme cases, populations are reduced until a demographic balance is re-established between human societies and the depleted natural environment. A classic example is the city of Rome, which had a population of about 1.5 million at the peak of the Roman Empire during the reign of Trajan in the early 2nd century AD, but in the Early Middle Ages the population had declined to only around 15,000 inhabitants by the 9th century.

There are other theories on that page, but they are unproven because we didn't have in the past what we have now, such as the advanced technology we have today. Some theorists say that our advanced technology will delay a civilization collapse, but I think that a collapse will be on a more societal level.
What I refer to are things such as a Civil War fueled by failed Political Agendas and Religious Factions.
Personally, I don't think that it will be a solely economic collase because an economic collapes will be built on the foundations of societal dysfunction, like we are seeing today.
With the Zionist Divide and Conquer techniques I see, like our two-party system that we have in the United States, its easy for zionist forces to influence the folk.
Have you noticed that we never have a third party come to life? If we had that, we would have two-thirds of the population against the remaining one-third. Divide and Conquer would not work at that point.

The answer to your question will arrive in 20 years.

We are all going to die. I know how, why, and when, but you retards won't even read this.


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