Why are black people so rowdy during graduation?

If you go to college, you know you are going to graduate. Why the hell is it so big of a deal during the graduation ceremony that the black people have to go crazy like this during the ceremony at every turn? They take something that's supposed to be a normal moment of closure and turn it into a big wild song and dance.

Is it only like this in America, or is it like this all over the world?

They're such lively happy folk, a welcome relief from dour boring northern europeans…


Niggers are niggers. They are always loud. Self-restraint isn't a quality they have.

They never really got the hang of dat whitey's ebolutions

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The word "Graduation" could have been left out of the sentence.

I envy any who's never witnessed their monkey antics in movie theaters. Or classrooms. Or 4th of July celebrations. Or basically anywhere.



OP you are being too kind.

it's because they only care about themselves as individuals first, blacks as a tribe second, and they only care about broader society in the context of of how they can benefit personally from it.
and that video is fuckin hilarious that guy is a hero

I didn't even go to a graduation ceremony. I have two degrees. I very humbly accepted them and had my own celebration on my own time. Niggers ruin fucking everything. Fortunately, I had little interaction with them in my collegiate years.

Same here. (Although I worked one as campus security, reasoning if I have to endure 5-hours of pretentious dreck I was going to get paid for it. The other one I skipped because the speaker they invited to address the graduating class was a jew.)
The OP vid: So the academic who tried to play zookeeper will get completely screwed for this. Smart move would have been to let the chimps completely chimp out, let them ook at their naturally destructive worst, let them embarrass the school as much as possible. That would have been useful; it might have woken some real humans up to the fact that universities are nothing but corrupted joo echo chambers where genetically violent monkies get a free pass and delude themselves into believing they earned a degree.
Don't interrupt your enemies when they are fucking up. And, really, attempting to force nogs to act civil? Let's not kid ourselves.

Me neither.
Fuck sitting and clapping for hours.
What the fuck for? Why does there need to be a public event?
If I had my way universities wouldn't be allowed to give out degrees. The education should be worth the money without the piece of paper.
That would fuck their shit right up

because fuck whitey we can chimp out all we want and you wont do anything. doing it at graduation is just a reminder to know your place whitey. we will hoot and holler all we want.

muh dik nomsayn

Graduation 'ceremonies' exist to squeeze even more money out of the students. Gotta buy cap and gown, pictures of you receiving the diploma(which isn't your real diploma anyway), tassels, and of course to take up as much of your time as possible.

Vid related.

praise da lawd mmhmm

In today's slide thread: Why do animals act like animals? Join us tomorrow as we discuss magnetism.

Not American but I assume it's optional. In my Shithole you can attend if you want but your real deal piece of paper is mailed to you.

Chemistry professor, eh?

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yeah it isn't his place to put his hands on them, he isn't security and it isn't his call, let them make a mockery of the institution

there must always been at least one thread up to vent about niggers daily, it is known

>live in a country where only the richest and most educated blacks africans mostly, less basketballs are allowed to enter

They can't help themselves really. In every respect of the word.

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And just like that, I no longer recognize the difference between life and death. Its all just a coordniated dance. Anything to take the edge off, and forget.



Americans are weird

Rule 4. Fuck off.

I mistakenly took a date to see candyman in the movie theaters when it came out. You can't possibly imagine the nigger behavior, thank god it was at least in a very white area and there weren't very many of them.

Reflection, contemplation, consideration and decorum require faculties uncommon to that race.


Negros are proto-humans, like Homo Erectus or Neanderthals. They lack the capacity to think ahead or reflect on the past and can't visualize things before they happen. For a nigger ape they don't even realize how they got to the graduation in the first place, let alone understand that it's not that big of a deal.

As if my nation and its founding principals couldnt be shat on any more.