Wow im so glad bill gates is such a benevolent billionaire gifting the world with force inoculations

Wow im so glad bill gates is such a benevolent billionaire gifting the world with force inoculations

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Its in-your-face


Midnight in Tel Aviv and you're still at it, get some sleep

"if I use their memes against them theyll think im one of them"
God you jews are dumb as fuck.

Vaccines work but the ZOG makes ones that are designed to kill us.

This. Only cat ladies question the jews' vaccines - I heard it on TRS so I know it's true!

Vaccines are safer than not vaccinating when looking at immediately observable side effects, but what about long term effects like low sperm count in the west? Could vaccines be a tool of white genocide?

I call bullshit. Especially when you realize that vaccines have ZERO LIABILITY. You CANNOT sue a vaccine manufacturer if they botch a batch or a vaccine of theirs hurts you or your child. (there have been vaccine recalls)

I know very little about vaccines, but just looking at all the shilling for vaccines is insane. There's definitely a campaign online for it. There's very few parents who are actually anti vax so I almost wonder if there is something already wrong with vaccines or they're going to be rolling out something WORSE soon. Anyone know who would benefit over this? To me it's such an odd thing to shill unless it's just a "submit to Big brother" thing.

It’s time for your mercury dosage, goy

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There exist in this world honest peaceful people whose hearts ache for the suffering of all. Some of them are very competent I have no magic ball with which to tell you which of the greats of the world are pure, which are evil, and which are pure evil. I believe they exist in that order declining. I *enjoy* the speculation, but I will tell you as you ought know, I am committed to being an aching heart and a pacifist myself, and that is such as makes me safe in all company.

Damn it though, you fools, vaccinations are no submission. They are a defiance against the viruses and bacteria of the world, that advanced multicellular lifeforms ought not die as colonized substrates by primitive life.

Would that we had purity in power we would benefit from health monitoring chips. I will not tell you to get health chipped in a world that I know contains unscrupulously manipulative Big Data corporations, but at least do not reject vaccinations!

Have some faith! Would YOU do dreadful things to people had you the knowledge and resources to vaccinate them?

If you would not, hear these words: neither would the people distributing them!

The whole problem with Big Data isn’t even a problem of evil wills. Programmers tend to have spectacular integrity, but such honesty is novel to mankind, and we as a species are sometimes clumsy with integrity’s awesome power.

As a oldfag I want to give my two cents. Anti-vaxxers have been around for a very long time but there has been an extreme push against anti-vaxxers out of seemingly nowhere in the last couple of months.

I find this troubling something nefarious is brewing.

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Anti vaxxers are brain damaged. Fucking shills push it to make us look loony.

On another note, I finally got around to cleaning this up and giving it an English version that conveys the same message. Enjoy

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you are a evil kike

pharmakikery negated

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well done and nice digits

Sorry but your translation sucks.
It's confusing.
What does it mean

It wasn't a direct translation since I can barely read the Fraktur script. The top and the bottom are to be taken together:
The original German says something similar. If you can think of a better bottom text portion or a better way to word it, I'm all ears, I don't necessarily have to preserve what it originally said

There’s a push because
people want to eliminate/subjugate/conquer/destroy diseases
people long for permanent progress
to extinguish a disease is a greater achievement than the construction of any monument
to be part of the destruction of a disease
even a small part
is a greater thing than to be even
the greatest monument builder who ever lived

that’s why there’s a push against anti-vaxxers
they don’t get it
they’re in the way
they’re doing an awful thing for awful reasons
preventing a good and awesome thing

destroying diseases is a pure and awesome work
viruses and bacteria ought be slaves or nothing
they have no moral worth comparable to sapience

antivaxxers make the world more like suffering
if there were no antivaxxers
if there were zero antivaxxers
if all antivaxxers “submitted”
diseases would fall like dominos
one virus after another would be driven out

we would learn more of what it’s like
to live with less suffering

Literally an Idiocracy reference. Go back to China, slave.

Antivaxxers are betrayers to humanity. They are false lights defending truths that are not true. What powers them is faithless; they do not believe in the words of people who speak true. They stand in the way of a great work whose completion even they would benefit from. They preserve the iniquities in the world and do the bidding of darkness on high.

If someone told an antivaxxer of a burning bush, antivaxxers would not have faith. And yet we live in a world where Eucalyptus trees put out a flammable haze of blue terpenes! Some bushes CAN self-ignite! And as a painting can speak without sound, so can a burning bush proclaim in thundering voice its own existence.

Look: it is the vaxxers who would know the truth of Yahweh, who is “I Am That Is”! That is what gives to vaccination the standard of virtue!

Should we then make vaccinations compulsory?! We should not need to!

We should not need to.

There is a push against antivaxxers because the cause of vaccinations cries righteously and honestly for the suffering of those who sicken in this world.

I am sorry that this world is not more comprehensible.

Is it your allies who tell you that you must do as shall sicken your children, or is it your enemies?

Is it your allies who tell you to do what will improve the health of your children, or your enemies?

Do you think the children of the rich and powerful in this world ever miss a vaccination?

The most powerful people of this world would joyously do for all people a thing which they would never submit to being themselves banned from doing. If vaccines were banned entirely the scions of wealth would still get them. They would defy the law to defend their kin. And as pandemics raged across the earth stunting the minds and bodies of all people, those who defied the law against vaccines would stride as giants, as the nephilim of old, free to consume their lessers or drive their lessers into the consumption of others. And yet if all people are willing to have vaccinations there is a brighter option, for vaccination is a service that will not be refused if it will be accepted.

Do you understand? The people who know this truth of vaccines will still know this truth if it is denied by all others, for it is true, and they will gain a strange great power if they hold it alone. Yet if this truth is not denied, it will be shared. For the lot of a nephilim is not happy, and best avoided. We all might be giants, and then none of us shall suffer as all of us would suffer in the world where only some of us held truth.

By persuading vulnerable people that it is “defiant” to refuse vaccinations, people are persuaded that it is “defiant” to submit.