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(((Nonprofit))) Wants to Form a DIVERSE Corporate Oversight Committee To Manipulate Tech Giant's Algorithms & Designs
So this guy's non-profit is trying to network all the major tech giants and certain legislators into regulating the internet.
>Tech is 'downgrading' humanity — but (((we))) can fix it
He talks like he's speaking of tech affecting us and our attention spans, but what he's really upset about are Rightwing ecelbs and "muh conspiracies" being recommended on YouTube:

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So how does he want to solve this "problem"?
He wants companies and governments to collude globally:
Well, I will say, there’s been more interest than ever from (((world governments))) who are affected by these issues, radicalization. I mean, this has to get stopped, right now.

This was another eye-catching bit to me:


these are all just some choice bits from the interview transcript. you can read the full thing in the archive link above.


That's how it works in most industry. Once you achieve a dominant position, you've bought out the competitors you can buy out then comes the time to lobby for regulation of your industry to start strangling the competition financially. You're big enough that you can tank the costs while still providing the execs with their drugs and child prostitutes but your competitors are too small to survive and go under.
Going forward you never have to worry about competition because startup costs are simply absurd.

It's funny that self-proclaimed leftists claim that they're against empowering corporations while also granting them additional power. It's even more hilarious that they think that we're motivated to adopt views out of popularity and money. As if we don't lose money from being deplatformed or fired over those views. The only reason why our views are inherently popular is because it's the objective truth.

These rich people are completely disconnected from the concerns of the public by parroting takes from their twitter feed and MSM articles. They believe that people are "radicalized" by "muh yt algorithms" as opposed to the left's mental illness. Even if they kick out Alex Jones, alt-right, and alt-lite types, those thoughts will still exist in a wider scale than before because no one can cope in a world with contradictory and stupid standards set by them. Censorship post-Charlottesville didn't prevent BT and John Earnest.

If anything, I was "radicalized" by the stupidity of leftists. If you're controlled by stupid people, then they'll attack you for not obeying their stupid rules. They frequently exonerate criminals who steal and kill others like Angela Davis and Nelson Mandela, but will gladly penalize law abiding kids who smile at native americans on camera. They ridicule those who believe that God created everything on earth, yet will easily believe that OK symbols create a new holocaust. They drone endlessly about a woman's right to choose unless if they refuse to fight a tranny in UFC.

Here's his twitter by the way:

No one is claiming to revoke it entirely. They're stating that it should be revoked for those larger sites so that the government could penalize them with fines. Not that it would happen anyway since neocons are in Trump's way. You can't convince these deluded mentally ill people, it must be done through force.

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The kikes want nothing more than absolute control of everything in society.
That is why they drone on and on about "lone wolves", "incels", "virgin young white males", and "hate speech."
Young white males with little to lose terrify kikes so much because they haven't been completely brainwashed yet like boomers (not counting the soyim nintentoddlers and trannies), are well accustomed to modern technology, and usually escape the dragnet until the moment of action.
They don't go around telling people their plans, and often hide in plain sight while preparing.
The solution to this "problem" for ZOG is implanting everyone with mind control chips, 5G total surveillance of everything, locking down the internet, and wiping out anyone who resists only leaving human cattle.

Be prepared.
The Jews want to kill every young white male.

I know, right? These people are completely self-unaware. The viruses aren't even spread by anti-vaxxers. It's spread by illegal immigrants who come into the country unvetted. Viruses don't appear out of bumfuck nowhere in a country, they come from filthy people who travel miles across a desert. If people believe that those conditions would make ANYONE hygienic, then they're fucking stupid:

Independent thoughts not approved by ZOG could somehow maybe someday perhaps eventually indirectly or directly threaten Jews and cause anuddah shoah, therefore kikes want them outlawed.

That's what it's about.
The next step is banning everything not explicitly approved and actively monitored by Jews.

Redpilled people wouldn't have access to those platforms anyway because they're inevitably banned from them. What good will banning content do if you're also prohibiting your intended "radicalized" target audience from seeing your propaganda in the first place? Day by day, I'm still astounded by how these leftists lack a functioning braincell. It's probably for the best that they are completely stupid though.

They make the mistake that we believe in information based on popular consensus as opposed to what's objectively correct. Not that I'm complaining though because it gives an insight into their overall mentality. Given what occurred in Covington and Kavanaugh, it makes sense that they're NPCs who believe in mob rule instead of due process. We would be leftist tranny redditors if we formed our views based on the highest viewer/upvote count.

Sorry for sounding like a broken record, but it's pretty obvious by now that they don't care about violence. They only disapprove of the violence not committed by them while embracing/ignoring theirs. Remember the recent reaction to a school shooting committed by a leftist anti-trump fag and tranny? There were no calls to:
1. Remove "pipelines to extreme leftism" like Charlottesville did with "alt-right/WN pipelines"
2. Attack "peaceful liberals" on campus like they do with campus conservatives.
3. Blame left-wing ecelebs like journos do with Pewdiepie (who is apolitcal)
4. Give weeks of airtime and a congressional meeting about the "worldwide threat of leftism".

You notice this with regards to history as well. They want confederate figures and Christopher Columbus to be removed for being "violent evil figure", while embracing terrorists like Angela Davis, Nelson Mandela, and Nat Turner.

Yeah, shaping it in a way they don't want, intend, or can control. Note how it doesn't say it "created" it, doesn't say it's "perpetuating" it, only "shaping" it away from its original intended designs.

Glad to see someone finally goncerned about “human downgrading”

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Maybe the jews should be deathly afraid of the tranny. Who’s to say the next tranny won’t shoot up a STEM school but a kibbutz instead.

Your understanding of the situation is inverted. Truth is on our side. They cannot deradicalize those who have been radicalized by the truth (short of full on 2+2=5 torture). They rather wish to prevent any more plebs from peeking their heads out of the cave. We are already written off as deplorable. Their only goal is quarantine.

The nature of censorship, implicitly, is that it selects its targets on a plane created by the intersection of the Aristotelian axes of true/false and rhetorical significance. Censorship is meant to target ideas which are true and rhetorically significant. False ideas die in the light. Rhetorically insignificant ideas are what they are. The cattle-corn concept that censorship is to protect people from (((bad))) ideas is ridiculous on its face. I'm not sure why people swallow it. Is one going to protect one's precious children from (((bad))) internet ideas while allowing them to partake in mainstream culture which inundates them with the height of degeneracy? With criminal niggers bragging about being useless and committing crimes while fucking idiotic white whores? With bugchasing faggots celebrating their warped sexuality and treating it as the most important facet of their existence? With the celebration of reckless and impulsive self-gratification and the mocking of virtue?

Fucking clownworld.

Keep in mind that these people are not as smart as they believe themselves to be. They're clever but they're not infallible. They soar to the heights of power because, amongst other things, very few people actually desire to play the twisted games required to rub elbows with the psychopathic "elites". They're not competing against the best we have to offer. There's probably a Marcus Aurelius out there right now who can lay waste to the corruption if he is spurred into action.

They're definitely getting better at their deceptive craft, but they've failed many times before. The French revolution floundered. Marx's introduction of the Hegelian dialectic to the push towards egalitarianism introduces a blind spot (I'm not sure how closely modern petit-tyrants adhere to his thought tbh) since Hegel's conception of history isn't organic enough to capture realistic behavior. Thus: Iron-fisted communism was an abortion. Modern socialist states often fall by the wayside. Their push for a global market of gray serf-units may fail spectacularly as well.

For all we know, this recent push for consolidation of power will massively blow up in the kikes' faces as people wake up with surprising vigor. I don't anticipate this, specifically. The point is that number of unforseen possibilities is large and human potential is enormous. We just need to break the chains of our people ASAP.

Oh vey. Platforms where people are able to practice their most natural right, the freedom of speech- causing us to lose the war over the narrative and more people starting to not give a flying fuck about some sandnigger land called israel. Must enact authoritarian laws. No kike. You fucking lose.

I'm less and less in love with "freedom of speech" every day. Subversive kikes and other assorted lefties have used it to destroy the USA. I'd rather put communists on spikes for their words and send anybody who begins preaching about "black power" to Liberia.

Fuck egalitarianism. It is a lie meant to drive us towards a globohomo market where everybody is gray and cultureless and must buy things to have an identity. (buy your ipod and your latte and your breast implants and your tranny surgery and your cool hipster shit).

I'd rather cut out the tongues of those unworthy of speaking.

The only reason everything turned to shit is cause speech is prevented under the pretense of it being hateful. Once the fundamentals of free speech is apprehended and words started to be illegal, then you have a state playing the thought police. Don't take freedoms for granted, they're the foundations of this nation.

and the alt-lie are playing right into their hands with their toothless calls to repeal CDA protections.
if there's any kind of regulation, it needs to be the monopoly busting kind. or to apply the first amendment to any company that takes government money. you could also go after them because the supreme court ruled that access to representatives is a constitutional right. but that's not what they want.

they're such disgusting snakes. the most infuriating think is that is guy is an ex-google employee claiming to be against what google is doing, but acting in their interests. just a helpful "third party". so freaking obvious.

That freedom allowed the enemy to speak ad nauseum to impressionable youth and the greedy.

If speech had been controlled post WW2 the jews wouldn't have been able to take over media, entertainment, and academia.

The sword cuts both ways. Don't be stupid.


So here's the thing. All of this shit is meaningless because it all assumes that the global economic system won't collapse. Take a step back and look at the bigger picture. It's like being worried about sweeping a hallway on the Titanic while the ship is sinking. Don't get caught up in this bullshit. Prep, train, and get ready for the happening.

That's because it is not radicalization. It is merely the ability to identify jewish confidence tricks and schemes.

man mike enoch lost some weight

And they will be able to do it, if they aren't killed.
Violence is the only solution.

ultimately violent revolution is what is often required for any true liberation from tyranny, but people just aren't uncomfortable enough yet. they have television, netflix, burgers. they have jobs they can do to feed their families.
until people are tired and hungry, until the are in extreme discomfort, I don't see any way for them to meaningfully revolt, but by then it may be too late.

This Satanic up-is-down Jew is literally calling the paleo movement, the Self Improvement General, and the intelligent consumption of media as "human downgrading."

Speech was controlled but voluntarily so because your guy lost so bad. Being an anti-Semite after the liberation of Dachau was not an attractive proposition.

We need action against nonprofits, they are (in this case literally) a way for billionaires to silence anyone who isn't a billionaire.

Remember what Tim Murdock said about the SPLC: the Deep State uses para-governmental private organizations to achieve goals the official government cannot.

This. Our elites are incompetent morons. Good. Crane Brinton locates the Revolutionary Moment not in desperation or ideological fervor but when the people realize that the leadership is stupid and they could easily do better. Not in the meaningless grumbling Monday morning quarterback way but like how many major cities now effectively have no police department.


Reciprocate the firewall -
and merge humanity with tech.
Create and enhance cyborg moderators chosen for their ability to wade into filth without going crazy. Interlaced multi-mind individuals might be able can comb across Youtube taking down some videos and engaging with others in an extremely productive way. Truth is extremely potent - the people with the resources to fuel such a struggle, in an open and compassionate society, hew strongly enough towards integrity to make this functional.

Transhuman fantasy? Sure, but transhumanism is fun. You never know what might be merged with neurons. Be someone who wouldn’t molest or assault people so people will feel comfortable empowering you, or be ready to wear more invasive rehabilitative implants.

able to* comb

Dude, crime is soooo awesome! Crime and avoidable suffering! Let’s throw away this whole Urth project because we don’t like poor people!

People knew this would happen. Free speech to fascists is non-reciprocated.

Be disloyal unto the dishonest. Reciprocate the Chinese liarwall.