Toddler starved by her vegan parents so badly she had no teeth and couldn't stand up is now obese - with her carer saying 'it's like she's storing calories in case she needs them in the future'

Her metabolism is now so fucked up she turning into a morbidly obese blob. Damn vegans.

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Vegans are so fucking stupid.

Hitler was a vegetarian for health reasons not out of concern for animals you dumb kike.

That's a lie. He ate hams and stuff occasionally, but he mostly stuck to veggies because he had digestive problems.

Fuck off shlomo. (((Veganism))) and not eating red meat due to shell shock from the trenches of WWI, are not the same thing.

So you are suggesting babies don't need meat products?
The baby in OP is irreparably damaged and should be euthanized, and the family also has two boys who will probably be 5'2 as adult males.

Why are we blindly believing what jewnews says?

veggies are the hardest foods to digest, literally toxic. Pretty sure dogmatic pseudoscience of nutrition from weimar was still popular, much like the "whole grains are healthy and cholesterol causes heart disease" shit is believed today.

You need animal fats, specifically the type of fats that come from animals (or humans in the form of breast milk) in order to perform certain bodily functions such as repair the brain during sleep, produce hormones which make the body develop and stay healthy, and produce immune cells. These are all things a baby especially needs. That kid is stunted for life, and vegans/vegetarians stunt themselves post development. The main thing they fuck up is their brains and hormonal systems from lack of saturated fats and their bodies from lack of protein. Their bodies struggle to repair themselves during sleep or at all, and their immune systems are shit. There are a plethora of other nutrients in animal products that are beneficial and necessary as well, but saturated fats and complete proteins are necessary for healthy living, and even survival in extreme cases of malnourishment.

The "vegetarian for health reasons" thing is most a meme. Some people eat more meat than their colons can handle, and not enough fiber to clear it out, or more fats than their vascular system can handle. That can easily be rectified by eating less animal products or more fibrous plants, not completely taking animal products out of the diet. Your diet should focus on covering the nutrients your body needs to grow and recover, and to do that you must be balanced. It's impossible to be balanced as an omnivore without a diet containing animal products. Not nearly impossible, but impossible. You cannot substitute certain things, animal specific saturated fats being one of them.

This is Babylon we are living in.

Vegans are fucked in the head. Children should be taken away from vegans from birth. This has happened way too many times and babies have died on numerous occasions. Putting an infant/child on a vegan diet is a death sentence or worse, inevitable crippling like this child, and probably brain dysfunction or permanent damage.

Kill yourself immediately you dumb nigger he was a vegetarian in his later days because he recognized the health benefits.

Stupid kike you have no idea what you are talking about.

Greek princess recounting her time time with Hitler:

Hitler's food taster, Margot Woelk:

Release and analysis of Hitler's corpse:

Die slow faggot kikes.

Not really sure how you can trust it since it is coming from the same news sources that told you Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

You have a point, but this is not a lie that benefits anyone, what does it matter to the general public that vegans are morons and should be genetic dead ends.

Do you have any idea how much capital is tied up in meat production and the entire associated production chain?

Our bodies can create all the fats we need. The fat you eat does not pass the blood brain barrier, you stupid nigger.

Vegans are the only group that has a healthy BMI.

Pick one.

also hitler had 9 testicles and a superubercock and was vegan…..

Die slow you retarded faggot.

Also, do not construe that post as to mean never to eat any fats, it's the idea that you need "animal fats" which is quite retarded.

Most of which is either privately owned or publicly listed companies, not by the government. I personally know two of my countries biggest beef producers personally (billionaires), I went to school with them and they are honest, hard working guys that come from at least 3 generations of farmers and land owners. They would have nothing to do with propaganda.

No shit, Mr. Science. You don't need to be vegan to have a healthy BMI which is a gay measure to begin with since it doesn't account for the athletic population who have a higher muscular composition.

What's the point of bringing that up? We live in an oligarchy. Are you trying to assert that entrenched capital ISN'T the government?

Let me guess, you call bloated NFL niggers "athletes".

I have a healthy BMI and I'm not a vegan. Do you see how your argument is retarded.

So how do you justify all the babies that have died, and infants damaged irreparably??? Please, I'd love to know.

Yes. That is exactly what I am suggesting. The CIA arm that runs the mass media, has very little to do with the Beef and livestock industry, and more to do with the grains and sugar production.

Literally. Read above how their brains don't recover properly. Their brain cells are literally dying. They're becoming mentally ill, if they aren't already. Paranoia and schizophrenia are also common, because to compensate for an unhealthy immune system, the body must use what's left of the hormones in order to try and not get sick. It essentially results in the body and mind being on edge constantly, in fight or flight mode as if the body is in danger because it feels like it is. It feels close to dying. Imagine what that does to the brain over the course of years and years, being saturated with those kinds of chemicals and hormones. They go insane.

This mainly applies to vegans. Vegetarians still have eggs and dairy which are the healthiest of animal products. Throw fish in the mix and you're getting everything you need. You can cut out red meat entirely but you'll lack creatine which your phosphagen system needs. You essentially won't have a fast movement energy system and will become slow. But creatine can be supplemented. Vegetarianism can be done healthily with little supplementation. Veganism can't be done healthily. It takes a huge amount of knowledge of food and supplements to be remotely health5, and even then you can't cover all the bases.

Reminder that this is okay for parents to do, but if dont want vaccines for your kids everyone will think you ars adumb abusive parent.

It is also okay and even expected to snip his penis partly off, or completoff and say it s now a girl. Honk honk.

Ih Hitler had eaten meat, the Nazis probably would have won the war.
Some of Hitler's bad strategic decisions were probably due to the vitamin defiencies that affected his brain.

Imagine if Hitler had proper vitamin B-12 and B-6 levels? Better decisions, better outcomes.

Let this be a lesson.

Oh my fucking god, you retarded nigger who can't biology…

omega-3 (n-3) long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (LC-PUFA), eicosapentaenoic (EPA, 20:5n-3) and docosahexaenoic (DHA, 22:6n-3) acids, are well accepted as being essential components of a healthy, balanced diet, having beneficial effects on development and in mitigating a range of pathological conditions.

Statistics measures populations at large, not specific individuals. For everyone of you non-vegans that is at a healthy BMI, many more are overweight or obese.

That's absurd, should you be blamed for the low IQ which occurs in formula babies? The take away point is that a vegan diet can certainly be healthy if it meets all of the nutritional needs of the child; there are unhealthy plant-based diets, and unhealthy meat-based diets.


ITT: kike shills promoting the (((meat industry))) and desperately trying to steer the conversation away from Hitler being a vegetarian… next you'll tell us that smoking is healthy because it boosts testosterone production

You have to go into overdrive to use it. And do you see very many fat vegans? They're barely able to store any calories as fat at all because they're burning up everything from their low calorie diet already. They're for the most part devoid of this essential macronutrient.

Which can be gathered from plants (ALA), and our bodies convert it to EPA->DHA.

He was a faggot at student and an idiot who lost the war. You should be idolizing ancient kings and war heroes. Show me one Roman emperor who was a vegetarian. These men are pure examples of masculinity, and these men are winners.

Vegetarians still consume eggs, milk, and sometimes fish.

Also, Hitler's change to a vegetarian diet might have been due to his injuries suffered from World War I which affected his digestive system apparently.



The Jewish mind cannot appreciate Art. Thanks for giving everyone a reason to discredit you.

My vegan diet almost killed me:

You can find lots of articles like this ^ on the web.

Dude just stop. You have made a poor life choice and you are adamantly trying to justify it. It's just sad. Read below.

It takes three reactions in our body to make EPA from ALA and another four reactions to change that EPA into DHA.

In order to successfully complete these reactions, the body needs an adequate supply of B3 and B6 vitamins, magnesium, and zinc.

Without enzymes, converting ALA into DHA and EPA wouldn’t be possible.

The greatest inhibitor of this lengthy chemical process for most people isn’t the absence of nutrients, however, it’s the enzymatic activity (or lack thereof) required to make it all happen.

Enzymes act as catalysts to get things rolling; think of them as the spark needed to ignite the gas on that old stovetop your grandma has. Without enzymes, converting ALA into DHA and EPA wouldn’t be possible.

The enzymes needed in this particular series of reactions are fickle things that are easily disrupted.

Additionally, enzymatic activity is negatively affected by genetics, age, health, and diet. Too many omega 6 fatty acids, for example, throw off the entire EPA/DHA conversion process.

At the end of the day, the rate of conversion from ALA to EPA and then DHA is, unfortunately, not great.

It’s estimated to sit around 6% for EPA and 3.8% for DHA.

Factor in the declined rate of conversion when too much omega 6 is present and those (already small) percentages decrease by an additional 40-50%.

If you’ll allow me to do the math for you, assuming that we’re all at least somewhat out of whack in the omega 6: omega 3 department, that’s a conversion rate of roughly 3% for EPA and 1.9% for DHA.


Are you surprised to find such articles on the web? The dairy and meat industries have very powerful lobbies. The media would lie about the 6 million, but they'd NEVER lie about diet and vaccines.

notorious vegan misanthropy.

The standard american diet recommendations are 85-95% plant based.


And to top it off, our current food supply in total, is insufficient to provide the world with their Omega-3 and EPA needs.

Hitler didn't die in Berlin during 1945, normalfaggot.

Odd formatting, you must not be from here, 'dude'. To summarize your post, you haven't disproved anything I have told you, only amplified that it essential we meet our nutritional requirements for optimal health. Is the average meat eater getting optimal amounts of Salmon? I highly doubt this, as it likely isn't on the menu in the average fast food joint, and will be too expensive for most ordinary people to afford. Thus, most meat eaters end up taking supplements and multi vitamins to bridge these gaps. For vegans, this is an option as well (you can get plant based EPA+DHA).

I have no intention on going back to your death diet.

Dumbass, vegetarianism is not eating meat.
VEGANISM is not even using milk or butter or any product derived from an animal.
There's a huge difference.

I bet you are anemic.

KYS you dumb weak faggot. BMI is the worst measurement of health in the history of the world. Pic related is considered fat according to BMI.

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There is no evidence of him fleeing. Yes, I know the bones the Russians claim are of Hitler may be a falsehood, but I think the idea of Hitler fleeing is perpetuated by the Allies to cast him as a deserter. There is more evidence to support that he stayed until the bitter end, going down with the ship.

It was a copy and paste champ.The average Vegan dieter is not getting their nutritional needs either. It is simply too inefficient and they aren't smart enough or educated enough, and as the poster above said . Their brain cells are literally dying.

Additionally in reference to B-12, dietary B-12 from meat, is far better than supplementation.

C'mon goys, stop eating meat.

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Your pic related shows a guy who has been fasting for weeks so he looks good for his shoot day. That's not a path to optimal health, but it's pushed by the media to gullible goyim.

Just like how the media pushed roman and greek statues?

Spoken like a jew. It is confirmed those remains where of a woman, too young to be Hitler's wife. Even Stalin said in the 50's that he knew Hitler to be alive.

But plants are alive too. And there have been tests proving they "feel pain". So veganism is the paper tiger of activism.

white trash

Than what, people who eat donuts? Show me the study that shows these people are healthier than people who eat traditional, majority animal product, whole food diets. You can't. That study doesn't exist. You can only find me studies that call people who eat donuts, bread, drink soda etc., "meat eaters." You vegans are so fucking stupid.

More like urban progressive trash.


This, there's no fucking vegans in the trailer parks making meth.

Starvation is a lack of food.
Malnutrition is a lack of nutrition.
The end result is the same, but choosing the correct word matters, it really does.

I bet you think all niggers are based too because of one guy on youtube.

No, vegans are dressing up to look "sooperz hip" and cool, going to parties, and doing meth. Also no one makes meth in a trailer park. Are you retarded? That'd be the worst place to make math. You'd be found out and arrested before you even sell your first batch.

You aren't qualified to have this conversation, go away.

We need to ask ourselves why the controlled state/jew media would publish a story which is negative of veganism, when that diet is exactly what the Globalists intend us to end up on in the end.
(((they))) know that the right generally looks down upon vegans with scorn and ridicule. They also know that a story which makes leftists (or any other group disliked by the right) the central object of derision, is a story that will be accepted, spread and memed by the right.
What are they suggesting be done about this?
I'm betting the endgame is removing parental rights.

Such as? The government can take your kids for almost anything these days. What rights do parents have? In Canada you can't even stop your kid form becoming a tranny.

Pedantics schemantics. I watched BB too.

5 year vegan and 3 year natsoc here
Muscular and muh dick is big
I make jewesses eat my ass by telling them "lower, lower, lowerrrr" when they suck my dick. I also slap the shit out of them when they do it all.

Basically I ruin their lives too because I record it and let them know I can release the vids at any time.
Who would want to kiss a jewess that was sticking their tongue wayy down my asshole?

Btw I dont treat white women like this whatsoever.

I don't who "BB" is.

Looks like the vegan brain fog is alive and well.

Duh, Brigitte Bardot. Did a song with jew uber-troll Serge Gainsbourg back before he started pretending to molest his daughter for lulz and profit.

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I know they can, but they generally need legal justification.
I'm talking about lowering the bar and stripping away whatever rights still exist.
e.g, the right to:
In support of this, look at some of the statements within the story and try to read between the lines. Don't just read the statement, think about what it implies/how it would be "solved".
They're tying these two things together, so that "no medical records" = abuse.
Why would the child of a family that wants to live free as possible from the state, avoid vaccines, and who hadn't been ill enough to warrant a doctor's visit have medical records? They're implying it's a problem per se.
Honestly I suspect the entire story is bullshit.
Could they have made the parents look any more "White and middle-class"?

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When I went vegan, all my teeth fell out in one week, and all the bones in my legs shattered after walking up the stairs. I lost a third of my penis length so now I'm down to 2". I have no hair and I'm losing vision in one eye. My nose bleed so much I have to continually stop and wipe it, so just this short message took 10 minutes to write. Talking of which, due to severe muscle loss it hurts to hold my arms up to the keyboard. My doctor says part of my brain is shrinking, and it has severely damaged my nervous system so I spend most of the day drooling. I am so thankful I found this thread, maybe it's not too late for me if I just start eating rotting animal flesh and pizza, perhaps I'll get my life back.

semen isn't vegan

But a man can consent to having his semen taken and swallowed, so there's that. I'd hate to tell your sister she isn't Vegan.

Did you catch the metamessage there? Implying the kid was treated differently because she's a girl, also offering the idea that if doctor's checkups were mandatory it could never have happened.
Sounds like total nonsense. People who have been starved don't magically create extra fat out of calories. For a child to become obese, it has to be fed a calorie excess. Simple thermodynamic fucking law.
This is how the kike recruits the working-class and the left to support and spread the narrative.
Much the same way as them being cast as vegan, recruits support from the right.
If they had cast them as typical arty/socialist vegans, then the left would not support the story and its conclusions.

What fucking "documentation" should a new born baby have, other than a birth certificate?
Water birth, link in anything that's better for mother and baby.
The 3 hours part is to make it clear the child wasn't shot up with mercury, for THERE WASN'T ENOUGH TIME GOYIM.
Oh look,

'nuff quotes, it's a fake story.
100% contrived jew fiction·

I really liked this chapter of "Green Eggs and Ham" from the Author's cut.

Poof, and there the characters go, off to "another state" just like they used to write characters out of Home and Away.

Yeah, focus on the grammar in my post.
Surely I should have taken my time and not skimped on the effort when I'm shitposting.
And by shitposting I mean posting about how I make jewesses eat my shit.

Cool. Still decent ammo against a vegan. This story isn't going mainstream any time soon, but it can be used as a fight against the spread of veganism on social media. I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with you, but I can say assuredly less than 1% of people are going to look at this even half as deeply as you, and will chalk it up to "veganism bad."

Considering your fascination with eating ass and shit, I'd say you're probably a little 14 year old jewish or arab boy.

Btw, the photographs are not from a normal photo agency.
I noticed this with certain other recent events like the pictures of Obama during the Notre Dame event.
They're using a special agency to prepare photos from psyops called >MEDIA-MODE.COM
Only accessible to insiders, so no searching full size versions, uncensored versions, photographer's identity hidden.

But they will also conclude that anti-vaxxing bad, minimal contact with the authorities bad, home births/water births etc bad.
I don't think it's wise to pick up an enemy weapon and attempt to wield it but that's on you.

Aloha snack bar

Muzzle toffee

I would turn gas valve personally in this case

Get a load of this jew throwing different things into the same statement.

While dietary cholesterol doesn't affect sirum cholesterol, neither cause heart disease. In fact, saturated fat is a precursor for sirum cholesterol and that cholesterol is used in every cell, such as in the skin to be converted into vitamin d by the sun light. However,
60% of your stool is formed in your colon (large intestine) as the flora ferment the carbs you eat, specifically, the insoluble fiber of grain husk and bran.
Do not cut out grains or you risk colitis and celiac disease, as your flora will starve and, before they die, will eat the two linings of mucus lining your colon that protect you and it will cause inflammation as proteins come in direct contact with your tissue. Long-term inflammation is thought to aid in the development of cancer. That and starving cells of oxygen for ~48hrs. This doesn't apply to you if you are not European, as you mostly didn't evolve eating grass (wheat, rye, barley, and so on).

They fed her formula instead of breast milk. This is the cause of the obesity. Unless the kid was always fat, then they fed her lots of sugar (carbs) and no fat.

Are kept on a computer now.
Only information you want to be stolen should be on a computer.
Don;t let them argue that a duplicatable digital record that can be accessed from anywhere in the world is safer than a single physical record locked in an office or, better yet, in your home.
Fuck jews btw.

is there a list? there's enough by now

If you eat meat, your children will be born naked and illiterate.

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No, formula has other necessary nutes. It was their own hippy concoction.

That doesnt make sense. Celiac is triggered by gluten. Gluten is only partly digestable and the only form of gluten that is safe to consume is heavily fermented with lactobacilli. Sourdough is safe. Yeast and quick breads arent. The partly digested bits of gluten enterblood stream causing system wide inflamation over time.

Did this actually happen?


This link goes nowhere.

Where can I find the story or the court verdict?

I think it is a strange story. But even the strictest veganist can let a baby have his own mother's milk. So even if they refrain from dairy products. Mother's milk is the baby's.

So this would be at least not very wise. It has baby's name on it. It is better then an alternative.

At the moment some mothers are somehow scared to feed their baby. But there are more strange things right now.

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You mean the story itself doesn't lead anywhere? MailOnline always does that.

As for truth to the story, I don't think this is exclusively the drawbacks of a vegan diet because unlike the faggots above I read the whole story and the mother didn't even give the kid soy just toast, rice milk, potatoes, oats, and specific fruits. it doesn't explicitly mention it but from the details given and the child's state when she was recovered I don't think her parents even fed her baby formulas.

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I cut wheat gluten out of my diet years ago and it's done wonders for getting rid of brain fog and making me feel much better in general. Rice gluten doesn't affect me at all.

TORfags are misinformed as usual. Even a piece of bread including sourdough will give me a blasting migrane and I'll feel like I have the flu for about two or three days. Fuck that noise.

Top kek. It's true.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!RETARD ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!
You're going to get more saturated fats than you need with a vegetarian diet. People who eat primarily foods saturated with saturated fats like red meat are going to have high cholesterol which can lead to stroke, heart attacks, and more. But go on with your pseudoscience if it soothes your conscience.

Yes, and even though they are niggers they could fucking destroy your vegan ass without much difficulty.
I do not like those artificial beasts, but not eating meat to differ from them is like not breathing!