I am a Black Separatist

Black separatism seems like a good political and cultural ideology. All races can agree they want Blacks to be separate from everyone else. I know some want to work on having a White ethno-state in some region somewhere, but in the meantime people could all work on having a Black separatist society.

An ethno-region is good for long term ethnic survival. Black separatism is good for physical survival right now. If you look at the rates of Black crime they are scary. Colin Flaherty and Paul Kersey do a lot of work spreading awareness about the topic of Black crime.

I am not anti-Black and find some Black individuals to be Brilliant, such as Jesse Lee Peterson and Thomas Sowell. This is why I support separatism, I think Blacks deserve a place of their own and the place of their own should be separate from everyone else. Whites, Asians, Indians, and Hispanics can all agree that Blacks should be separate. And we can all work together on this.

I am a Black separatist



Please copy and repost or share these Black separatist ideas if you like this. We need to get the word out.

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As long as you don't take an inch of American clay I don't give a fuck what you niggers do.

Take your monkey asses back to africa.
This is where niggers belong.

It's called Africa nigger plenty of resources over there to nigger up

Negroes seem happier to live freely in their natural habitat than being kept as pets by degenerate, decadent whites and Jews.

As long as it isn't some faustian bargain shit where the 20 worthwhile blacks get an ethnostate & leave the garbage niggers for us to deal with, I'm all for it. World population would shrink by a billion in the first year if all the blacks had to live together in the same place.

LOL okay, I don't know if you guys are trolling or what. But I'm not Black. I am saying Blacks should be kept separate hence I am a Black separatist. Sure sending them back to Africa seems like a good idea.

Well the good Blacks should live with the other Blacks, I just broght up the good ones to mean I am not classifying all Blacks as bad.

I'd bet on the good blacks building ovens within the first month of having to deal with all the niggers deprived of white man's gibs at once.

That's because every people deserve the right to self-determination and freedom. Send them all back to Africa. It's the right thing to do.

So why are you here nigger?
Separate yourself from a board, website, internet, city, county, state, country that don't want you.

Cool. Go back to Africa.

1. Have westernised blacks colonize Africa and seize power.

2. ????

3. Profit.

in a row


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how about no they all need to die

Isn't the south already a black nation?

That turned into a disaster last time. Liberia is the worst place in Africa.

Shut the fuck up Kike, no one is buying your JIDF nigger thread, gtfo.

Its the job of us to make sure their living spaces function properly, we should just ship them all to Africa or separate them into some section of the USA. Hispanics would gladly cooperate with whites on this as long as they thought whites wouldn't turn around and ethnically cleanse hispanics

I mean its not the job of us to make sure their living spaces function properly

I am not suggesting black separatism as a replacement for white nationalism, just that its a good fisr step towards restoring order, and after that then if whites have the political will then maybe whites can claim a region somewhere. But the most important thing is getting blacks separate from everyone so we can sit at the park in peace.

It won't work. Black people measure their success by how far away from other black people they can get,


Black separatism is the natural ally of White Nationalism. We don't want to live in the same country, we don't want them as low-wage servants, we don't want to go to school with them. The logical solution in that thing called "America" is for them to have a Nation-State carved out for them in the Southeast, where the majority of niggers live, and then force the others to relocate there.
This may be possible after the coming White Nation Liberation War, depending on how much the niggers cooperate with the ZOG. It may simply come down to exterminating them all, but we're definitely gonna put this out there. And if we have to exterminate them all, we're gonna point at the deal we offered them as say to the world "Look, the ZOG-niggers would preferred being welfare recipients of the ZOG to actually working for themselves. We gave them a choice, and they chose death over work."

at least a few Hispanics want their own ethnostate. Look up Republic del Norte.

" A place for Hispanics"??

hmmmmm…you mean a place like….MEXICO???

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Even though your jewish, OP? You just want all dat blak dik for yourself.

What do you think Africa is? Also, are you unfamiliar with monkey breeding rates? Highest in the world.

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Make Liberia Great Again, OP.

Which group gets the mixed?

I agree with this. Niggers should have been corralled to their own state right after the Civil War. I don't know why this was not done. But stupid people are selfish. They will demand that niggers go back to Apefrica where they belong, and while that's good in theory, in practice it didn't work. Now are sisters are fucking baboons and it's 100% our fault for not thinking pragmatically, and thinking about pipe dreams of shipping them back to Africa.

Turning them into fertilizer works out too