Microsoft To Release Version of Word That Makes You ‘Politically Correct’


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We can use this to our advantage. Take all the publications made by organizations we don't like, and scrutinize them for anything non-PC. They'll go crazy trying to explain their bigotry, and waste a lot of time in a race to the bottom.

People still use Word?

I wonder what a copy/paste of the Protocols would look like in the Word Newspeak.

I use notepad.

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Emacs/LaTeX master race reporting in.

All we need to do is hack the AI (since it will be cloud based) and spread redpills into random word docs

Whatcha sliding, rabbi?

Tay 2.0

This. There's plenty of free alternatives.

Nope, it's all Latex for me.

Nah, more like AOL 2.5

We need to reverse engineer it so that we can write a coded newspeak that takes any input and writes it using politically incorrect constructions.

Then make it a Word Add-On, which activates whenever an entire document scans as every sentence completely politically incorrect, which will automatically decode.

Then, Microsoft will start to modify the program to prevent us from using it as such, but that will expose further holes we can exploit, like writing a non-PC paragraph on a live stream showing that it is not marked as non-PC because it is so outlandish Word refuses to flag it.

This confusion will mount in the minds of the office users until Word is disgusting to them, and believe me that something like this is now indeed inevitable as sure as if you fuck with fire you get burnt.

Isn't word on a subscription now? Is your only option Office 365? I use LibreOffice anyway when I need it.

Good thing I use LibreOffice.

Can't wait for their market share with Word, etc sink after releasing it.
And I like the idea. Make them sweat a lot.

It's sunday, triple dubs. Theyve spent the last week shitting up the catalog to prevent any discussion about tranny girl maya shooter and the latest nerd/fat girl shooter team that was foiled.

Soon your entire OS will be run from the cloud and you won't be able to even type the word nigger. Terry was right.

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dream on fucktard

sounds like they want to kill off some of the only products they have left.

also fuck this kike

Guess (((who))) runs most cloud services?

What is Linux ?

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But will it detect racist statistics and maffs?

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And that was the last thing user ever typed.

This feature is bullshit & all but you make it seem as though it's filtering your shit as an involuntary mandate, instead of the "on by default but still toggleable" thing it's most likely to end up as. There's too many competitors for them to make it a feature that can't be disabled, even if the disabling is a pain in the ass.

I'll go full uncle Ted if this happens. In fact I might do that even sooner. The moment I'm forced to upgrade from my beloved Win7 I'm going Fred Flintstone I swear.

I wonder if it will catch on and people will gladly police their thoughts, or choose to be free by supporting software that respects their freedom to think freely instead?

What is Word, and who is Micro$oft? They sound irrelevant in CY.

that was the first thing that i thought when looking at the title

SJWs run kernel development now and systemD is probably way up your ass. Linux will ban typing nigger from the level of the kernel on the same day Windows does ya rube.

Learn to code* nigger
* and compile from source

Linux is infested nowadays by kikes and feminist golems, like literally most if not all open source projects. It's just a matter of time before they implement something similiar.

running SysV

well there's always openbsd, which seems based as fuck to me, and devuan.

Just wait until PornHub starts paying people .5 Basic Attention Token per minute watched of interracial or incest porn - mark my words.

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Friend of mine is a uber-low level published author, damn near computer illiterate, exclusively uses Word. I did a couple of "how the fuck did you get all these toolbars" type OS/HDD wipes for him.
This shit is like something I'd have done to troll him. Even if the feature is able to be disabled he'd never figure out how & will probably kill him from the blood pressure spike.

run grapes of wrath, or huckleberry finn, and it will turn it into boring drivel, for that matter run a current hollywood script through it. clown world

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The days of your friend in this world are numbered them. Suggest to him to see a doctor if he wants to stay alive.

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I had trouble installing devuan on an old HP
then again, straight debian acted fucky…
It was a driver issue though, so on that craptop I put some shitty ubuntu distro and leave it in the kitchen for and shit like that
never tried openbsb/freebsd


im also on HP but i never had any issues with linux or bsd.
botnet. might as well install windows 10.

Murr murr muh durr puh durp

Unless you game, Linux Mint is a good option. The only reason I'm still on 7 is the games, but as an OS Linux Mint feels like a modern day 7 except with huge bonuses like package managers.

This. There's no need for the kiked up Microsoft Office. Let these Jew corporations destroy themselves, pretty soon they'll destroy Windows itself, and then ReactOS can finally be a proper alternative.

Ubuntu ships with botnet software but it's easy to remove… not even remotely similar to the amount of botnet in win10. One is still better than the other.

Things are botnet now at the hardware level. Intel and AMD are both (((compromised))), so even if you're using a non-kiked OS, you're still screwed.

To ban nigger at the kernel level they also have to add nigger at the kernel level.

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one is better to the other, sure, but no botnet is better than some botnet.

its still possible to minimize it though, airgaps and such. no botnet is better than some botnet.

meant to say "some botnet is better than a lot of botnet"
excuse my retrardation

How the fuck are machine shops supposed to maintain ITAR compliance on their CNC programs and drawings if this is the case? Mastercam and a lot of other programs are windows only.

Switch to Autodesk Cloud 1080 suite bad goy it's the Future(TM)

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I'll just drop this here:

My nigga. Latex is the real shit. Once you get over the learning curve, it's like piloting a fucking starship compared to all the wysiwyg bullshit.

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Lol! You assume the retards that come up with this stuff have a clue.

They're not. That's the point. You can't be trusted with a machine shop… what if you made something pointy that could be used against a zogbot?!

No, you're being genocided, and everything's going to be made in China and India anyway.

just use notepad nigger

Sadly beacuse I'm a college student, I have to use it, I used old Word version and disabled updates. It should be fine I think.

underrated post

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the cloud is a kike scam for tech obsessed boomer faggots.

Hey guise what's going on

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steve jobs had hiv. it was in the latest wikileaks.

I think this is great. This is going to radicalize middle school students.

Libre Office and Notepad++ are my two main tool.

Fuck Microjew.