Tennessee judge shares links saying 'Jews should get the f*** over the Holocaust' and calling Muslims 'foreign mud'.
The judge says doesn't agree with being a Holocaust denier.
A coalition of organizations, including Jewish ones, have called for a reprimand of Jim Lammey of the Shelby County Criminal Court.


A judge in Tennessee is facing repercussions after posting racist memes and articles to Facebook, including an article posted on April 5 that called Muslims "foreign mud" and said Jews should "get the f— over the Holocaust.”

Commercial Appeal reports that several organisations in Memphis, Tennessee are calling for state authorities to censure Criminal Court Judge Jim Lammey following the discovery of his racist Facebook activity.

Organisations calling for censure include the NAACP Memphis Branch, Memphis Islamic Center, Jewish Community Partners, American Muslim Advisory Council, the Anti-Defamation League Southeast Region, Bridges, Facing History and Ourselves, Jewish Federation and Jewish Foundation of Nashville & Middle Tennessee, Memphis Islamic Center, MIFA, the National Civil Rights Museum, and Tennessee Holocaust Commission, according to a press release.

Judge Lammey, who has made his Facebook page private since the local discovery, was first elected in 2006 and re-elected for an eight-year term in 2015.

In an interview with the Commercial Appeal, he claimed that his posts would not hinder his ability to judge fairly, and said that he “certainly doesn’t agree” with “being Holocaust denier.”

“My best friend — who’s deceased now — was Jewish and I wouldn’t do that,” he said.

Local Memphis organisation Just City has argued that Judge Lammey has a history of treating immigrants differently in court, including requiring some seeking probation to report themselves to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE. This practice is unusual, and could leader to a person’s deportation.

In a letter sent to city officials by the coalition of organisations alarmed by his posting, the coalition called the April 5 post “one example of his habit of sharing articles, conspiracy theories, and ‘jokes’ online that carry a dark message of hatred.”

"The content he spreads often targets Muslim and Latin American immigrants,” the letter continues, “which is troubling because of Judge Lammey’s elected position overseeing criminal trials as a representative of the State of Tennessee.”

They have called for the Administrative Office of the Courts and the Board of Judicial Conduct to publicly censure Judge Lammey and to “explore bringing the anti-bias and Holocaust education resources of our respective organisations to the judges, clerks, and staff of our state judicial system."

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It’s insane how many resources and different people and organizations you’ve never heard of come in all directions after you once you date challenge the narrative. I mean really, the “Tennessee Holocaust Commision”. What the fuck is that? For anyone who isn’t aware of the Jewish control of this country let this be yet another reminder.

Sound like he could use some historical facts if he isn't denying it.

What the hell, really. The NAACP I get because there's a lot of blacks in Tennessee but I never pictured it being a fucking magnet for muslims & jews to the point where all these organizations to represent (((their interests))) would even be called for.

Anti-semitism is analigous to magmatism

And there isn't a single white one

>*12 jewish foundations to combat magmatism have just been founded*


Fun fact about this, I got to go to one of their conferences in 7th grade. I got to touch this old guy's tattoo and the whole nine yards. But after the thing was over, I found myself wondering why it was important for the Jews to remind us about the Holocaust in an American state thousands of miles away from Eastern Europe where the crime ostensibly occurred. There is no Tennessee Holodomor Commission, there is no Tennessee Khmer Rouge Commission &c &c &c. I've also been to three different Holocaust museums in various states, twice on class field trips and once when I was in DC. Basically, the Jews are extremely fearful that we will stop caring about their fake Holocaust and they loose their secret weapon.

Tennessee has very few Jews in comparison to California, Florida or New York, and yet we have two Jewish representatives, Kustoff (R) and Cohen (D). Funny thing, that.

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A Criminal Court Judge v. Cunts regarding the First Amendment.
Should be quite interesting either way…

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we should make it

They're by far the single most overrepresented group. There's as many fucking jews here as Native Americans.

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Internet coalition of anti-magmatism committee

This is simply another attempt at not paying their debt.

The Jews have been here for a long time due to the music industry, but the Muslims were dumped here in the late Bush years through the Obama years. Or at least that's when I started noticing them coming in force, they're primarily in Memphis, and the Jews are doing a swift job of making Nashville worse from what I've seen when visiting compared to even just a few years ago.

Don't forget inflation and compounding interest.

Sounds legit.
Don't look at what he said.
Look at what they're saying about what he said.

Imagine all the jews in the US (half the world's jews) being in a single area the size of Vermont (Mandatory Palestine), ~10,000 miles.

Unpaid interest capitalized annually starting 1933.

In order to deny something, something must've took place. If systematic extermination of 6 million jews hasn't taken place that could only mean that the holocaust is a lie. More people investigate this claimed event and more people learn that holocaust is indeed a lie.


A license to print money and collect foreskins.

He didn't deny it.
He agreed and amplified, telling them to "get over it."
This helps the jews.

Well if it didn't happen, then what was the point of WWII and 20 million Germans getting killed and Dresden getting flattened? Seems like a waste of time otherwise.

Won't get the former because jews did it, won't get the latter because they didn't follow the script.


Probably just kikes setting up bullshit groups that get goy but from the kike infested government

Hitler was naive, in a way. He knew what Jews were but he thought that they could be rehabilitated.

Based judge. We need way more judges like this, tbh.

all coordinated against us by (((them))) because they know you won't do anything.

(((they))) could try but once a judge becomes a judge it becomes very difficult to remove

The Holocaust Happened

They claim that the tattoos were made with the same type of tattoo stamps used for cattle ears… which is physically impossible

Of course he's not denying it. He's telling to stop kvetching about it already.

And? He's going to lose his job and MAGATards will screech about how the President stands with Israel

How the fuck can any judge be so retarded as to not know if he posts shit on faceburg the whole world can see it.
Wait scrub that thought

Fucking based. And I agree. I also wish the kikes would just shut the fuck up about their gorillion myth, but that'll never happen.

and jews did the Holodomor

If it wasn't a jew I would ask if the noose was photoshopped ,holy shit this one sets new records

How can someone so fucking stupid be elected, appointed or get through Law School? Being a Stormtard on the bench isn't going to work.

It's a catchy phrase.

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The Holocaust gives me a calm feeling.


Don't blame Hitler for losing against the forces of evil, furthermore, given how many people communism killed, 20M dead in war is better than genocide during peacetime by your own government. Fuck off nigger.

It's really more sad then anything that these groups even exist because they have no right to. America is a free country or at least it was before the jews got here

Retarded boomer statement on the level of "free speech" masturbation. whites would never just "get over" any holocaust happening to them and neither should anyone else. What he should be saying is that it never happened.

Idiots like this don't have a back bone so don't strain yours trying to defend him. He will break, tuck his tail between his legs and apologize like the bitch he is.

Exactly. Netanyahu would says this type of shit every week.

>(((they))) could try but once a judge becomes a judge it becomes very difficult to remove
Not in clown world.

The holocaust myth relies on repeating over and over that it happened, from (((reliable sources))). Do you have any actual evidence that millions of jews were systematically murdered by the Germans during WWII?

How do you murder millions of people and not leave behind shit tons of undeniable evidence? Instead all you have are a handful of idiotic German confessions, and six million even more idiotic jewish "witnesses".

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A judge expecting that his right to any and all free speech should be protected under the constitution, what a stupid fucking nazi.

Pretty soon, they will no longer allow goyim to become judges.

Being a Stormtard on the bench.


All excellent points, gentlemen. By my math, I'd wager the jews are owed upwards of 35 million bodies. Gentlemen, I'm not sure if there's enough jews in the world to make good on that debt. We may just have to kill every jew on earth, and then argue for a settlement.

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If every judge were like this we’d be fine, communists a/k/a (((them))) would never stand a chance in court… or anywhere else for that matter.

how do you blame a country that didn't exist? Moron

And literally all of them is concentrated in coastal and liberal/democratic controlled states.

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Not all of them. Denver/Boulder is kiked to hell.

/ourguy/ None of the organizations calling for this guy's censure are white. Fuck all of the whiny Jews and sandniggers.

This holocaust bullshit is getting out of hand. The holocaust is fiction.

Magmatism is the placement of magma on the outer crust of the earth by volcanos. What in the fuck does magmatism have to do with kikes? Doesn't anybody read science books anymore?

Pick up a real history book and read it. Don't even come back here until you until you have.


Good. Kike scum have been lying about the holohoax for too damn long. About time somebody said the truth.

You really are this retarded, aren't you?

No that is nit why it happened.
It happened because germany kicking the kikes out and nationalizing the banks.

No he thought they would stop being parasites after given a homeland he still was going to persue the madagascar plan since jews were causing trouble in palestine and didn't agree with an ss officer border policy.



/our judge/

Dude was posting articles by David Cole.

No mention that the author is Jewish though lulz

Well at least they provided a nice little list of bolshevistic organizations.

Man, what a world of difference 1% makes.


an organization for each jew

Its illegal in the United States for a government official to condemn the state of Israel, by not prostrating himself while mentioning the Hallofcost he is stating he is against the state of Israel.
Someone should report him to the Tennessee Ethics Commission!

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The numbers were generated by SS programmers (actually a thing) using IBM Hollerith machines, its some sort of encoded hash value. It was specifically designed to be used in camps as well as the Hollerith was excellent in sorting census records to find all jews.

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Jews should get over the Holocaust, I realize that eight thousand Jews died from the flu or something because the Germans were too busy fighting their golems to give them cough drops but that kind of neglect can be forgiven.

There's hardly any now besides a few of their mud lackey's. Your chances of finding a white judge are about the same as finding a white doctor.

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Uncanny resemblance, every time

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This fucking guy. He's a judge and he posts Facebook memes? YOU'RE A FUCKING JUDGE MAKE A COMPELLLING ARGUMENT. What the fuck is going on. Either he's a fucking fool or no fucking friend, or he's just another idiot using Facebook to spread a mesage. smart, use a Jewish tool with built in censorship and a permanent record, to make a confusing post. Just fucking say it, be smart and say it in a smart way you fucking mongoloid…if.it seems like I'm pissed at 4an ally, it's because he fucked up a good opportunity…get high up in society and act like an autisticbasement dweller, what the fuck

Never. Makes them too much money + it's the only reason pissrael is even a thing

Yeah, agreed. His spergout made us a disservice and I'm pretty sure it was deliberate.

Lmao no.
It's more fun to be a boomer and just bitch like a retard about things you caused.

And than the semitic Islamics. Never forget niggers, jews, semites are all enemies of the white race. They all scream love as they invade with daggers behind their backs.

Money siphoning organization. A nest of leeches.

Jews are the only relevant threat at the moment. Muslims and niggers are mostly a nuisance only after they've immigrated to the west.
Libya, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Egypt - they're not going to invade us. They're not going to genocide us. Saudis are living their power fantasy at the cost of all of Eurasia's public living in relative terror threat. That's a problem, but not an existential threat.

Jews, however, are an existential threat because they target information spread and like viruses, put their own filth in there.

WW2 refresher course fr Pierce

That's not true, the Jews have co opted their leaders just like ours. This senseless slaughter in Palestine, the white slave trade in Israel, this potential war w Iran are the types of things we can capitalize on.

You realize David Duke drew a crowd of 50 k Syrians, or the fact that there's Christians living in Palestine.

Look at the reception of whites at Iran's Holocaust conference. They're attacking the source of their power at that conferance. The fact that we a trying to starve then and are about to bomb them for nothing. They're our greatest allies if we're smart.

Let us be under no illusion, the Jews are very powerful and we cannot win alone. We need to break their control of the media and bust their Holocaust story. Both will require freedom of speech and a open internet. Don't help them..

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Our goal should be to be on a level playing field with them. That means achieving the two goals above, repealing the 1965 immigration law and ending Citizens United. All goals everyone will support..

.This talk gassing them or another shoah, it's not right or realistic.
We didn't do it the first time, white people are nice. Lets level the playing field and end the corruption of our govt and stop the flood of refugees.


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Judges have got to be the dumbest peope alive with the level of power they have.

Bump for baste judge

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The only good Jew is a dead Jew.

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How many rabbis have you seen morn the dead Christians in the mass graves in Russian permafrost?

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My humburist aporrigees, I must now sodoku

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Seriously, more of us died saving their useless asses. Where's our reparations, kikes?

Gtfo newfag

But why would you want to disown Hitler's single most glorious achievement?

Seems normies are sick of it too

He never thought of "rehabilitating" them, but getting them out of Europe.

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I'm pretty sure he thought that jewery was, to some extent, due to their upbringing, and that it might be possible to raise jewlings without being ruined jewery. Or at least that's what I remember reading on some Taipei shoe fitting bbs.


My message to the Judge, don't fuckin resign. They'll have every boss and important official urging you to resign. Don't do it, stay in office and run on it next election. Go down swinging.