9/11 Dancing Israelis Photos Finally Released After FOIA Request

9/11 Dancing Israelis Photos Finally Released After FOIA Request

They're heavily redacted, low-quality photocopies, and only a fraction of the photos they took, but it's still more than anyone expected we'd ever see.

Embed is Adam Green discussing them with Ryan Dawson.

Twatter thread by the guy who got them:

Ry Dawson's Analysis - identifies who's who and where they were taken:

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Photos of the Urban Moving Systems van, shown by Ryan Dawson in that video.

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So some of the pics were shot one day before the attacks?



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Seriously, what the fuck.

just photoshop some grinning merchant faces on them.

The dates and times on the cameras were changed, apparently as some kind of counter measure to being caught, despite the burning towers in the background (not visible in these copies). Le superior Ashkenazi IQ at work.


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Switchign the date to one day before the attacks would have made them even more suspicious.


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why were these pictures printed by a potato?

To make it even more hard to identify anyone.
It's all about our best friends, you know?

The FBI love dicking with FOIA applicants.


Because it NEVER HAPPENED you filthy anti-semitical incel GOY! OY VEY!

'Dancing Israeli' Yaron Shmuel was married to his wife on September 11, 2002, presumably to celebrate a successful operation. The chutzpah of these fucking kikes.

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I mentioned what I'm about to say previously but it is worth repeating and looking into. Look into "Bridge Information Systems" and Media Matters journalist Madeline Peltz' father (((Scott Peltz))), he was the plan administrator of a financial data analytics company that moved offices safely over to tower 3 just a week before September 11th 2001. That company was dissolved into what is now Reuters today. They were residing on 2 floors of WTC2 sharing one with an attorneys office. There is a lawsuit where Scott basically fights to have the attorney removed, even offering to pay him large sums of money because Bridge Information Systems wanted to keep both floors to for their "much needed space for growth". So it's odd that they locate to smaller offices a week prior to 9/11 without even as much of a glance back. Hope some sleuths can further expand on that info some day

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Well, that's at least undeniable proof that some israelis happened to be filming and cheering on a place that had a great view of the 9/11 attack.
Should be able to nogg some joggs of some normalfags

interdasting naming

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Covering for sloppy job mossad


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Be a real shame if somebody killed him on their anniversary. I'd be moved to tears.

I am pretty sure I would LAUGH…A LOT.

Like flying a plane into their house on the day while they're still in bed?

he stated right after this that all the Gelitan Art Student Balcony stuff is total bullshit.

He's right. That was disinformation promoted by the jew Jonathan Elinoff.

there is a thread on here claiming "these pics are harder and harder to come by"

How much disinfo to swim thru…..

so many questions for pissrael when it comes to 9 - 11. What about the Lower Manhattan Cultural Arts Program earlier that year that rented out floor space to different "art groups" in the WTC, and one of the inhabiting groups who are from pissrael that call themselves Gelatin (15 members one of which was documented mossad)? they said their project was to remove a window from a higher up floor, and install a balcony. this was their cover for what they were really doing which was lining explosives into the hollow support columns of wtc 1 & 2. remember when you build sky scapers you build them for the inevitibility that you might have to take the building down at some point so theyre made to destroy.

heres a video with in depth information on this group and the events of their occupation of wtc
reminds me of "israeli art student girlfriends" mossad is creepy as fuck.


lol, you follow the last two posts with this shit…it is bullshit. the art students are in florida. many of the floors of the WTC were vacant. art students were pooling their funds and renting space. they were legit artists……not involved with 911


FF to 24:14

Just another astonishing coincidence.

This was a decade ago.. Get ready for the next false flag.

Support for Israel is flagging and Iran needs to be eliminated for Israel's goals.

Relevant site:


That's exactly what happened.

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oil tankers off the coast of UAE…noa


Greater Israel will be achieved and we all are working towards it. Begrudgingly.

Is there a way to have a pilgrimage somewhere? Somewhere we can go? It seems as if there is no escape.

In the video Ryan mentions that there's a "Urban Moving Systems Inc." currently operating in jew york, but nobody knows if it's the same one.

antartica….artic circle?

We don't have the resources to survive. Let alone travel there to begin with.

We are losing ground on the internet as well. We are now shoved into nice tiny cubes of influence. Our message of warning has gone unheard and we have devolved to kike led infighting.

We're splintered and defeated now. Trump has fully betrayed the American people. The EU is actively trying to eradicate all forms of dissent and heritage. I don't know where to turn. I don't know where to run.

Wherever we go they will follow and kill us if we mobilize.

Mice trapped in a maze with gps location on at all times. With kikes scrawling down everything we say and do.

Where is the exit?

Under no circumstance do i see the type of unity america had when 9/11 happened. That was the last time i can remember any sense of nation with each other.

nigger, please.

it is what we make it. this place is awesome for info…but there is tons of crap on here.

it is overwhelming, like standing infront of the ocean on the shore. I keep jumping in but it is tiring.

You think I'm wrong? This place is a glow in the dark petri dish. 4chan's Zig Forums is completely censored now of all logical and reasonable argument as it is flooded with waves of inane children who believe that because they are anonymous that their post should be read and taken seriously.

They are rehashing ideas that we have discussed half a decade ago thinking that they are geniuses.

So tell me. How aren't we losing ground?

That includes you.

isnt the game taking in all the information and figuring the reality out of it?

Riveting retort. Resorting to personal attack instead of attacking the argument is a sure fire way of showing how weak your position is.

I remember that..Even the hippie bar in my town put up an American flag….

but it was lie.

I don't want to get fired up to fight for Israel.

The game is ensuring the white race isn't enslaved by the kikes and interbred into extinction with the hordes of shitskins that are being shipped into all western nations.

the game i was refering to is wading thru all the info on these internets.

slavery has existed since man existed. Welcome to the age of aquarius. Alot of the immigration is overruning major cities.

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If you still consider it a game because it is challenging for you to wade through the muck and mire of information and disinformation that is laid about then you've got a lot more lurking to do.

If you're not worried about that. And if trying to prevent it isn't your number one priority then you're either a shitskin or a fool. Either one is no use to us.

your doing it wrong. i am on my bee.

So a fool it is.

you know those glowinthedarks are still here in the country

one is posting right above you

Definitely warrants some digging.

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Page four? This place is done.

B-but we have to talk more about GoT and epically trolling libtards!

I was trying to see if anybody new was picking up this story, and I found this, quoted in an article about Valerie Plame's "blatant antisemitism" in an article on Ben Shapiro's Daily Wire:


I hate kikes so much.

But aside from "12bytes" and "Anime Right News", nobody is covering this. Not even Jonestein, who touted himself as the "tip of the spear" of the 9/11 truth movement. But of course, if they really were the "dancing Muslims", that the ZOG Emperor lied about them being, this would be on every single cuckservative outlet.

Holy fuck that vid is real.


What am I watching here why is that one jew chasing down the five?

It was always a honeypot that includes neincucks you faggot.

For all you junior faggots Plame was a undercover CIA officer that was outed by the bush the retard administration. Her sin was her husband ambassador Joseph Wilson totally destroyed the Niger yellow cake uranium Iraq conspiracy. IE Saddam was buying yellowcake uranium to use for his nuclear blah blah blah. It used to be easy to find all this shit but more and more the interwebs history is being altered to fit a more kosher narrative.
You faggots have always been way ahead of the curve in this regard

I'm still waiting for this.

We've already seen their faces you fuck. No clickshekels for jew.

Well that guy proved your point. You presented well thought out ideas that provide credibility on their own merits. He says "no, you!" Much ground has been lost

Really? All that JIDF/CIA nigger does is "NO U" people all day, like who is jewing who? Still, there is no other way to obtain information than going balls deep in disinfo and banter. The truth is hidden in plain sight, this is their best trick. The fact that they don't fear it ever changing empowers then. What they need is that same fear knocking at their door. Nobody dares to go for them. They are out on the street everyday, take down one of them and you'll have a panic that is so big that their only reason is to clamp down even more on your rights that you'll become literally jewish slave class. If people cannot see through that, well maybe you guys deserve what you are getting? At least the Germans fought back.

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tip of the spear refers to this

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The best summation I have ever read regarding 911.

Actual important happening, and all the spics and niggers start bumping other threads. This is why neinchan is so much better than this place.

I just heard on the news after I posted about her.
She is running for congress
This could be fucking good.
Not gonna sage for off topic everyone should watch OP's video.
Bounce this fucker back up to the top.

Or maybe they were just set in israeli time and they never bothered to change it to U.S. time.

They bump pointless threads there as well.

This guy gets it


Revelation of the method.

Do you miserable subhumans ever address the topic rather than attacking the source? We've got finally-released and officialized information on this thing and you're crying because it's on other sites. Kill yourself.

Sure are a lot of CIA running for congress.

This, when they were being pulled over (for expired plates), they were in the process of changing the dates in their camera. What's funny is that they went full damage control (Palestinians are the problem) as soon as they were out the car.

South America

Should we support her?

Finally real pictures of the van so we can stop reposting those fucking hoax images.

Oh, never mind. Here’s that hoax image again.

user, babies born after 9/11, knowing absolutely no world other than this one, will be able to vote in the next election.

Exactly. I guess 666iq ashkenazi masterminds didn't think that far ahead

Truly they are our greatest worst allies.




Oct 2001
Mossad agents were thwarted from perpetrating a terrorist attack the Congress of Mexico



I 100% dunno I will let Zig Forums investigate and decide.
This is why, she actually was probably good but I cant say positively.
Bush the retard outed her as CIA, scooter libbey AKA irving lewis liebowitcz took the fall for it then the retard pardoned him.
This was after the Iraq war started and there was never full support for it.
I was totally immersed in 911 study at the time and this was a side carry over to it. I hated the retards administration with a passion to this day those fuckers were also ass deep in the whole 911 debacle.

This fucker…

But she is jewish. How can she be supported? Are you guys serious about this? I can't even, fuck you.

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I just figured it out myself if you believe jew or not jew

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It's just their nature. Don't you see how vicious he gets when he thinks the five is going to slip away?

Yeah this what the fuck


Well, at least you know the truth.

Makes ya thonk.

Do not have it.
This was a jew on jew fight it seems I always enjoy that shit show.