Chips Ahoy has drag queen celebrate mother’s day

I used to think this stuff was just liberals going nuts, but it’s obvious there are people behind the scenes pushing this for a specific reason. Now even cookies have GRIDS in them.

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Post the webm cuck.

Not saged because WTF is this shit?

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It's the Jew, it's always the Jew.
We memed too far and too deep.

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If you needed another reason to kick the junk food Jew out of your home, here it is. Are normalfags waking up to this shit at all? What are the Twitter comments like?

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Mostly negative. Normies are waking up. They don't want drag queens, faggots and queers in their cookie jar.

This is disgusting. This holiday is supposed to honor mothers and the Jew drags it through the mud with filth like this. Ideally the commercial aspect would be eliminated entirely and this would be transformed into a holiday of pro-natalism and respect for those who give birth to the generations to come. also spot the kosher sign in pic related

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This picture is at the top.

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This world gets more bizarre each day.

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Disgusting, utterly disgusting. Why must this keep happening? We need a solution.

it's all related to stock market manipulation and control of the financial markets and currencies.

I don't think that's cornstarch…

This is what leftist golems actually think. They claim we're just 'fragile'. It's just hilarious they think it's about a faggot in a costume.

Oh, we have a solution.

They are chipping away at the number of corporations I will ever support again. Chips Ahoy are vile, like eating sawdust, but this is the last straw…


I think that might mean you didn't watch enough interracial faggot porn when you were 11…it is ok to be fragile

When does it get implemented?

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in 2010 what did the Onion mean by this?>>13267321

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Some might argue a FINAL solution, Mr. Dubs.

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Fucking fix the goddamn website, Chodemonkey.

Just buy the great value version. It's cheaper and tastes as good or better.

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I laughed

"Supporting" a company/corporation is like "supporting" a hammer. These things are tools, mate. Only kikes want to make you think they are something special and precious and deserve your "support". That's how they get your soul. Stop it and treat them as tools again.

jesus you're retarded

dont look too hard at who makes those lol

Not even one second in, and I just did an unironic spit take all over my now sticky keyboard, monitor, and general vicinity.
The instant it opened it's mouth…
Someone in marketing probably authorized 6-7 figures for this shit.
Are they intentionally trying to be retarded?

What the fuck happened to it's face? Did Mohammed melt it with acid when he discoverd benis

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Homos like him go to Jewish surgeons and get all sorts of surgery in order to look feminine. Of course it always fails

None of you have a Mother? absolutely pleb

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Those cookies are hydrogenated garbage anyway. Not even nigger children should be eating them. Buy cookies from a real bakery or make them yourself.

Are they implying that this is a "were trying to warn you" situation? This seems like a clever way to redpill people and meme them out of buisness
Then again they've been cucked forever so eh I can go without their chewy cookies that I can eat cause muh tmj

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Why the constant provocations? How much more do they think we can stand of this?

Not surprised, already gave up Nabisco when Oreos moved to Mexico. Bake your own cookies, or find a trad wife that knows how to cook.

You have to understand, international corporations don't care about American values. Their mega profit potentials are not domestic.

7.53 billion cookies > 350 million cookies

It's more of a "it's not like it showed it's balls or anything" response.

Your mom made real cookies.
Real moms are the natural enemy of Chips Ahoy.
Hence, the Chips Ahoy ad campaign attack on motherhood.

Possibly, as yids are notoriously horrendous at spatial awareness, but it may have also turned out exactly as intended.


I needed a reason to stop buying these things. Thanks, Jews!

Twitter comments are based and redpilled actually.

make your own cookies jesus christ, the recipe on the lid to Quaker Oats is actually god-tier.

I'm boycotting so many companies now that it's hard to find any products that aren't tainted by this rampant madness of catering to a tiny minority and giving a big 'fuck you' to normal people. Soon I'll have to grow all my own food, make my own clothes and drill for my own oil.

Buy or grow raw food and make things your self.

Kek just learn to cook from scratch. Its better for your health any way.

Literally 99% of them are variants of "yas queen" or "get those cookies".
We are literally the only people who are against this. We are hared by everyone.

Stop fucking lying

Not gonna lie, these fucking kikes are owning us hard. Literally everyone is siding with the cookie jew while our people are mocked relentlessly.

And awoke the nameless fear.

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Imagine giving a shit what a controlled platform like twitter thinks. You’re a retard.



Hmmm…half a million faggots show up for gay pride parade in Vancouver every years.

Sell them cookiez..


What could a team from this board make to sell to these faggots and profit?

Trump buttplugs?

When you go mass market you must understand the masses.

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I know, you make a rainbow colored candy bar and put it in a rainbow colored package and call it The Gaybar.

Then you advertise it with "Why don't you take me to the gay bar"


Fine by me tbh.

I think this nigger watched "White Chicks" too many times.

Cookies? Cookies are for little kids. I stopped eating pastries and sweets when I was 14 and got into grilled meat, fish and poultry with fresh vegetables, sometimes raw or lightly steamed.
For sweets and dessert I eat fresh fruit, not canned (usually canned is in sugar syrup and shit).

Try to wean yourselves off the infantile diet and eat like a man.

That's nothing. Toronto's mayor John Tory celebrated Mother's day with drag queens, and put dollar bills in their thongs. Don't believe me?

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No one here should be eating this shit anyways.

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I say we boycott them for giving the job to a man instead of a woman.

people still eat that shit? I remember having chips ahoy after they changed something with the taste 15 years ago and it tasted like ass.


No. Didn't you know, it's "profitable," that's why they do it. Anyone who says otherwise is a conspiracy theorist. This is just market demand. This is status quo capitalism. No agendas here. Just corporations meeting the demand of the market.

I make my own cookies on the rare occasion I actually want them.

I just looked through the twitter. Nearly every person supporting is a woman. It blows my mind how people don't grasp that women are the backbone of all of this. If women were never given the right to vote, every single bad thing of the last 70 years would not have happened. They are the backbone that made it all possible. Every single thing.

GoysAhoy, processed goychow full of pussifyng fag chemicals

brought to you by the jews

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Dude…trannies. Read if you dare. Fair Warning.

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Euh ya know, trannies, what are ya gonna do, hey stop judging dude! Be cool!

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The (((Nabisco))) are putting chemicals in the Cookies turning all the fricking frogs gay

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Someone should put a razor blade in one of thier packages, just saying…

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Is she even a mother? Well, women do make terrible mothers, I guess.

Man, Marlon Wayans has really gone downhill since Scary Movie.

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i'm doing the same. It's the only way.

Must I remind you that even Hitler ate Leibniz Keks and had a sweet tooth for pastries?