Going to Jail for raising your arm

There is no free speech in Germany.


Honk Honk Clown World.

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What would happen if I went to Germany specifically to do a Roman salute and get deported back to Burgerstan

Well, if you go to jail for raising an arm, what happens if you burn down immigration ngo headquarter buildings?

In for a penny.. In for a pound.

I like your attitude, user.

Basically probabtion because you have to be sentenced to two years an more to actually go to prison in Germany. Unless you are known as a troublemaker, then you will live in prison for a while.

t. a german

If you wear roman clothes? Nothing.

§ 306 StGb: something between 1 and ten years in prison for arson. Depends on if people were injured/killed, tho.

Some China men did it and got fined.


based bug people




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They went to trial? Is that a joke?

Six hundred dollar fine for a mere gesture.


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Yes and no.

It's modern day Germany, what do you expect? It's not like you have to live here unlike actual Germans…

Are there still "actual Germans"?>>13267486

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Yes, mostly in rural areas and East Germany, except for Berlin and Dresden. Don't let the commie attitude of the older people there fool you. The youner ones are pretty based, while not yet as informed on the JQ as they should be. But they get the general idea of how fucked we all are.

Hear any stories from relatives or old folks about The Führer, the National Socialist years or the War? Do they speak positively on it? And is National Socialism still alive in the Reich today?

In any country on earth, boomers are weaponized against X, Y and Z. That is a fact. They are literally retards. Your only hope is the silent generation and before that, they don't practice mental gymnastics.

More free speech than there was during the time period you retards fetishize

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Good luck saving your nation, aon.

As an American,, I will try to get my government to remain neutral.

Fuck off Zion of A scum

The goyim know.
It will be over soon.

any other cases/

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May the ring, Andvaranaut, be found by the now leadership of Teuschland, for it was lost within the land long ago,

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Hey.. I know the American military still occupies your nation,, but I'm sorry.

If you're in a country where it is illegal to be a Nazi, how difficult is it to simply call yourself something else and use different hand signs?

Denmark still remains the best National Socialist state to reside in.

This is not free speech.

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Embrace your eternal damnation

complains about somebody elses land, posts a victim of Jewish subversion as proof

dammation requires intent.

You should probably read that book first.

(insert rhetoric here)

At this point I'm just waiting for the riots and hanging German politicians in the town square. I'm sure it'll come any day now. Sarcasm aside, this is what happens when a country over"corrects" for the 600gorrilian. Jews really are the world's most successful parasites.

Now that there is an internet, the next ethnostate better have full muh free speech combined with killing degenerates. That combination should work okay.

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cheap labor is worth more than native germans


The majority of those migrants are on welfare.

Foreigners with disabilities should troll them by heiling at the German cops to fill the prisons to the max.

because you said so?

Germany belongs to neanderthals

because they track their data better than the US does.

I'm a migrant living in gernany, if I'm really not wanted here then why do I have an 19 yr old blonde german girlfriend


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bet chelsea has a sexier body and a pinker vagina

Silent generation is one who swallowed muh 6 millions first.

I fucking hate these modern day “nazis”
Fucking social outcasts.
Better to be a strong male with lots of status and drop that you believe hitler was right.

Naming generations is the dumbest thing ever invented by sociologists, fuck who follows suit



No shit Burger, almost everything associated with the NSDAP is banned in Germany.

You almost sound like you're defending this chump

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When you go through (((public education))), you know the rules and the loopholes.
Americans are virgins when it comes to experience real tyranny.

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It's not only raising your arm that's forbidden, just look at how they're treating AfD members.


They may just end up pushing people further to the right with this behaviour.

What do you think you nigger?

fuck you homo

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Things will get worse

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Actually we were spawned when the very moment we came in contact with it.

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You're forgetting the 1763 Royal Proclamation Act which boxed us in and barred us from taking land from redskins as well as military occupation.

That German here; my ID likely has changed.

Yes, I do. Now, as with most old people, they are dead or in retirement homes. But I remember when my grandparents told me about the war and the times before it. Their impression always was that the time between roughly '34-40 was a golden age, comparable to what has happened between '55-65. And that's interesting because they were catholics, hence always voted for Zentrum or DNVP and later CDU.

Today it is much different. There are no real national-socialists left. And no, I do not consider these neo-nazi Untermenschen as fair representations of the ideology and movement. Hitler would have dealt with them in the same way he dealt with Röhm and his entourage of degenerates, thieves, rapists and thugs in '34. You see, they have zero intellectuals, not one. Not one of these people is actually BUILDING on the foundations.

I personally sympathize with national-socialism, but I also have the impression that freedom of speech is important, too. In a national-socialist state I do not want to go to jail just because I do not agree on everything the government does. The Third Reich imprisoned people who said that the war likely is going to be lost, especially after Stalingrad. That was a huge mistake, from my perspective. The leadership had the authority, but it also had the responsibility to tell the people what's happening. That did not happen; instead they jailed family members of those soldiers who went to russian extermination camps.

Thank you; the way I see it, there is very little I can do over here. ZOG is overwhelmingly powerful. I try my best to get people redpilled at work and other places, but I have to act carefully and cannot freely talk about the JQ. So, I have to go more into the economic meta and militarism.

I share this sentiment, from an American perspective, Fascism with something like the American Bill of Rights would be a great system. You need a national identity and culture but you should also have a government that does not harass you. I know it is somewhat oxymoronic, but something like Libertarian National Socialism. You could also use the idea of the militia to further strengthen community bonds.

You never faced tyranny from Britain - you were just such leftist faggots that you hated the concept of monarchy and hierarchy so much that you spazzed out and rebelled.

Now, I thought about it for quite a while how the Führer could have done it. To get elected he needed the strength of the party. After he was in power, it was logical to disband all other parties, except for the NSDAP.

I, however, would have disbanded the NSDAP aswell, declaring that a true Volksgemeinschaft does not know parties, it only knows Germans. Some of the functions the party had previously can be executed by the SS, like ideological training and meetings - which partially happened. Administrative tasks should be in the realm of the state and local governments.

The Reichstag and other public offices are continued to be elected in free elections; only men aged 21 and of good German stock can participate - look at the Nuremberg laws for more details how the citizenship is defined. The result would be a parliament that has to work more along practical solutions instead of party doctrine; candidates have to be approved by an independent committe consisting of the SS, labor unions/Arbeitsfront, Wehrmacht and other mass organizations and institutions. As for the constitution: a bill of rights AND the core tenents of national-socialism are enshrined, protected by an eternity clause against a sluggish or foolish government leadership that is always possible.

Romans didn't wear royal coloration. Also, Martin Luther was very clear about not trusting Catholics.

10/10 never change, burger. XD

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You don't even have to raise your arm.You can get arrested just for LOOKING like Hitler!

Absolutely Weimar

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The freedom only existed for property and business owners.

Although I agree with you, you know it's not complete free speech if you can get killed for pushing degeneracy and subversion, right? But that's a good thing.



Don't be mad user. Banter is how you know they care. Germans insult everybody, especially each other.

Jews to this day do a variation of the "Nazi" Roman Salute. This is done by making a fist, extending the pinky, and pointing it out towards the Torah. They will claim it represents splitting the sea but in reality it's a copy of what the Romans did. Every Jew does this.

Side note: When the TV started pushing the meme of "Pinky out" while drinking tea, it was a subtle way of mocking the goyim.

Jews stole the cowabunga sign from surfers?

you don't say.
It used to mean ride waves.

Who wrote this, it's awesome.

You know what I mean, nigger. Of course I know it isn't openly. I mean is it alive in the hearts and minds of young Germans today (redpilled ones of course) albeit behind closed doors?

(fukken checked)
Trips of Truth. Danke, mein kamerad.

Is it like in Commie countries in Germany today that like… If you professed yourself as a National Socialist or that you admire The Führer, say at work, your co-workers would call in and report you and you'd be dragged off to prison?

Why is the cuckold trying to send his child to jool?

Ossis are just extra hostile from the Russian mutt blood in their veins.

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