Hey faggots.
Another terrorist training camp located in Alabama of all fucking places. The guy who led the New Mexico terrorist compound? Well, this new Alabama training camp was led by the same fucking guy. Why is nobody talking about this?


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They are training. We are training.

When will the conflict begin?

One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.

This is old news, isn't it? I'm sure I heard about them finding the child's remains when the story was originally in the news.

No, this just happened. You were thinking of the one in New Mexico from last year. The feds quickly bulldozed that one and let most of the ringleaders go without charges, now they've got another one going thousands of miles away.

This is actually new news. The same guy they let off was caught doing the same shit again.

infowars, google, a facebook link to news, everything is so pozzed, but probably went inna woods, he's nigger, but inna woods in Alabama is nice this time of year. The rain is glorious this time of year but it's going to get damn hot in August so maybe a jail cell is air conditioned??? .

I'm sure we wouldn't give two shits if he was a white guy.

This is a big of a deal as finding out that the son of someone like Jesse Jackson or John Hagee is running terror training camps. Siraj Wahhaj is a big name. He is the #1 mainstream Sunni African American.

They would though, it would warrant the censorship of 8ch and additional social media bans of alt-lite types.

the bombs must be dropped there is no other way

Is it really that easy to go off the grid and start a guerilla warfare camp?

so you say faggot, dude looks like a fucking loser to me, trying to live off grid, go fuck yourself kike, kill the nigger and be done with it if it gives you satisfaction, but fuck straight off

Wait thi is new? I ignored the news because I thought it was the same shit as last time.

It already did.

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skcus anich!

Clearly he's an asset.

Only if you have spook support, otherwise they will infiltrate and shut you down.

What the fuck is wrong with people on this board? You faggots always pick fights for no reason.

This guy is Siraj JR. The father is the big name Islamic preacher. I made that post because I KNOW people don't know who his father is and why it matters.

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Probably if you're a non-white leftist. If a white nationalist did a fraction of the shit as these people, then they would be in jail like RAM was.

archive this shit, nigger

I know, right? We get in jail for defending ourselves against antifa, but these people are exonerated for training having two terrorist compounds in a row lmao.

once the NBA finals are over

Assaulting a minority vs Camping with friends? Oy!

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Reminder, under Islamic law these lowly niggers are free to enslave and rape White women and girls.

Islam is miscegenation. Islam is degeneration. Islam is the religion of niggers, for only the ignorant niggers would require sandnigger laws to live under.

There's a good reason the (((kikes))) are forcing it upon the West.

Can we even allege incompetence at this point? This is willful disregard for American citizens by the judicial branch.

I know we already know all about this ongoing travesty but this is enough to spook normies who ignore the southern border.

They would probably commit fewer crimes if Muslim. I support blacks converting to Islam.

This. The judicial branch is the most corrupt form of government, and that's saying a fucking lot. The problem is, who puts the judges and prosecutors on trial?

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That's 2X of barbarism and violence.

Like 90% of the crime in London is committed by Carribean niggers (mostly of a Christian background but not many actually go to church)

And they'll let them go without charges again, and memory hole this story too.
Wasn't the last one being reported as a "school shooter training camp"?

Yeah cause Islam makes degenerate nigger behaviour legal.

I don't care what niggers do over in Africa. I care about Islam being forced on White nations as a means to further weaken my people.

Fuck off.

Do you have any idea how many black "Christians" there are? Do you know what Jesus does for them?
It's on the same level as the Mexican cartel's version of "Christianity". Islam wouldn't stop them from being niggers, Islam would just enable them to be the niggeriest of niggers.

how many compounds do you have faggot

I'm just confounded that anyone living in a society dedicated to "law" doesn't realize the most powerful people are going to be the ones that interpret it. This whole pretend balance of powers literally only works if the judiciary is almost completely free of bias, which never happens.

It's outright malice, which is why they're better off being eliminated in minecraft. These type of double standards are going to occur unless if someone makes them pay the price for it.

Tuesday mid morning ish

RAM is an alt-kike organization full of TRSodomites and other forms of human detritus. They deserve all the arrests and persecution they get.

Bump. People need to remember that "our" government fucking hates us.

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Will he get set free by some stronk wimyn judge like the other one?

Kill your self rat kike

If nothing happened to that judge, then I guess it will happen again.

And it will keep going on, if people don't starting killing all non-whites.

They're mostly low IQ MMA hobbyists, but they don't deserve what happened to them.

Damn he is stupid. He knew he was being watched but he went and did it again anyway.

That makes absolutely no sense. The FBI are not omniscient.

I support blacks converting to compost.

Stay mad alt-kike TRSodomite lover.

What they are is retards associated with (((TRS))) and the broader alt-kike. They all deserve much worse than prison.

People keeps pushing the idea that Islam makes blacks do more crime, because that supports their ideological positions, but the reality is that blacks who follow Islam get into less trouble with the law than blacks who don't.

The last one I New Mexico they were specifically training young kids under 10 to be terrorists, it was like t adults and 15 kids, one of the kids actually died during an Islamic exorcism. I cant find word on whether or not this one was training just kids as well

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Is that the one where the judge diamissed the case?
Are you sure this wasn't the fault of space Nazis?

The blame lies within the leftists who enable their bullshit in the first place. The judges and lawyers aren't doing their part to be preserve the integrity of the law.

This site is complete bullshit controlled. This is slid so hard, because it's not easy pickings to bitch about how some stupid bitch got her self raped walking in niggertown.

Fuck this place. I'm going to n3inchan. It's slow, but at least it's not filled with stupid niggers like yourselves.

Muslim invaders building terrorists camps in your homeland training to attack you to hurt you What are you going to do about it?

Remember there will be another attack on American soil its only a matter of time not everyone is going to be caught before carrying out an attack though have done so far but that luck will run out one day.

This fucking shit keeps happening these damn shitskins and that fucking pos corrupt judge that let them go deserved all the death threats and more.

If anyone is still believing that some patriots are under control or some shit,

REMINDER: this guy had a camp, dead children bones, was squatting on land that the owner wanted him off, with two wives, and 13 other kids, with shit load of guns, his dad was part of WTC bombinb '93, and he is connected to linda sarsour


because the mainstream media is run by jews, and jews passed the legislation to ship in these muslim scum, the same jews run the federal government and told their whores, the white federal agents that lurk this site, to allow these nigger terrorists to have a compound, and to conduct operations in our country. the loyal white federal agent whores said something like, "well i got kids to feed" or "well im just doing my job" all the while these nigger terrorists, like the muslim child terrorists in the philly mosque, train to kill white people. the white federal whores allow the attacks, and then sit on their hands when the jews responsible for all this use this as yet another reason why people shoul be disarmed. this of course means only white people will be disarmed, because niggers dont follow the law, and nigger muslims definitely dont follow the law.

tl;dr you know why no one is talking about it, and why the white federal whores refuse to do anything about this. they all support white genocide 100%, and they are not bringing these muslims here for any other reason than to kill white people, while white federal traitors enable and support the entire agenda.

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Also, it should be noted that the San Hedron in Jesus' time were basically the same as judges today.
Also, rabbinical/Talmudic Kudaism is based on powerful rabbis interpreting "scriptures" and making rulings.
The whole system of judges is ancient and satanic in origin.

The amount of skulduggery surrounding the New Mexico case was unbelievable. The immediate dismantling of the camp, the way it was swept under the rug so quickly. The rediculousness of this guy going Scott-free.
It makes me wonder at the power of the system to mesmerize so many. And it makes me wonder how many of us there really are whi are paying attention.

Where are you God? Your people are here seeking the Truth. The thoughts and voices of your people cry out for justice.
So where are you? Where is Your justice? And how can You ask that we keep faith when you give no sign?

It’s begun

That's what really boggles my shit, the feds came in and bulldozed the place and covered it up for them while letting 3/5 of the terrorists go. I have no doubt we have a fuxkton of Islamic terrorist sympathizers and enablers in our own (((government)))

Founding Fathers didn't want judges to have any power at all, they were supposed to pronounce sentence after a jury found guilt. British judges in that time were famously corrupt.

It's part of Gladio. These camps are literally a part of our government's black ops.
They have terrorists in every part of the planet where they hold any sway. These cells can be activated for any number of reasons….
To quietly eliminate a target (from an individual up to a whole compound) without any trail back to the Alphabets. To make a public attack and use it as a justification for pushing whatever the agenda is at the moment.
Not to mention having these units on backup and ready to go if shit ever does get truly out if control.
Money talks and bullshit walks. The only loyalty that exists in the high levels is the loyalty to money. Period.
That's why poor fucks like us don't mean shit to them. We have no wealth and therefore we are considered only for how much trouble we may cause or how much labor they can extract from us. Everything is a cost to benefit analysis. And we are obviously not really much trouble compared to the labor we provide, or else this place would not exist. (and poor fucks is a relative term when considering the amount of wealth that rules the world. You can be making six figures and still be a worthless dog to those with real power… because you are still just a better paid slave…)

I really have no more hope that things will ever really change on the society scale. By all accounts, it has been this way a very long time, and there is no foreseeable end to the way things are other than a cataclysmic event like a super volcano, a plague, or a comet strike. But even then, it would only be a matter of time until the order is reestablished and humanity is right back here again. You can't outrun human nature…

My one hope is to make myself and my seed aware enough of the REAL ways of the world of men. That way my line can MAYBE avoid the worst of it.

I'm planning to go to Venezuela once the US rebuilds it. There's going to be another (((911))) in the US soon and the people that get hurt will be at fault for staying.

The guy you replied to is an unrepentant shitskin troll from One Angry Gamer whose posts always sound a lot like he's a fed. Even /v/ has been chasing him off. He used to post on Disqus under the name Luciano Keklands.

He's from Brazil, I heard that shitskin countries have insufferable leftists so I hope he scores in minecraft.

Reminder: any American has the right to raise or join an armed militia. This right is protected by the second amendment. Do the shills now want us to change it because they don't like how it is being used? They would be no different than the GOP that bans boycotts of Israel because they don't like how the first amendment is used.

I will post a complaint or a witty comment on an anonymous image board in a small corner of the internet!

Bring it on Mohammad, I’ll rip your head off and shit down your neck.

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So this is what's being buried behind all the schizo threads and off topic spam.

Still a little to cold out for chimping where I'm at

"Trannies are soldiers too or I quit!" Mattis, no wonder they called him mad dog



Once things start to heat up (literally) they will heat up (figuratively)

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Fucking spooks are so damned blue-pilled they couldn't figure out that putting a nigger in charge of the "training camp" was a bad idea.

((They're)) most likely going to slide it.

Maybe it's another one of these operations.
IDK anymore.

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It's a militia. It's legal.

I'd sue the fbi for illegal racial discrimination, since it's a militia.

the place unironically thinks hitler is a bad guy

where were the others?

Kill yourself kike.

You are now aware of why this thread is hidden and slid.

Kill yourself boomer fed kike kikestian shill bot.

Well not if you're White, they arrested a weekend boys club for terrorist threats when just shooting the shit in their own homes. Without any actual proof then someone claiming they said "fuck the government" mean while jews and shitskins can call for exterminations of Whites or even jews then nothing happens to them.


Hey! I'm actually not a retard, not a white nationalist actually, but there are things you can say (like beaners are trying to take over the US) while others you get banned for (like those border patrols driving in an unmarked vehicle, probably without their uniforms)

I like posting here, so yeah…

Ok but, most shitskins are terrible slaves. Niggers are too dumb and muslims are equally retarded.

So that only leaves their (((ideology)))
Why spread a cancer like shitskins around the world if you want money. If it was about money and having paypigs they would of exterminated all the shitskins so they could charge outrageous prices for vacations, condos etc. to Whites.

Create more mid tier jobs so Whites could make them money, buy their products and be happy where they are at. They put a hefty price tag on every part of the world , something you can't do with shitskins living there.

Basically it would be like the 1950s right now if it was about money. But its not its about (((jews))) thinking they are chosen to rule when they are parasites and trying to genocide Whites.

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What about the Chinese Communists… 50,000 Chinese spies enter the United States every year… and you're afraid of one sand nigger camp… You fucking retards…

Fair point. This fact and this thread are really good ways to mobilize cuckservatives. Point them at shared threats and blur the line enough that they're comfortable coming over to our side.

Terrorist compound?
What were they doing exactly, just training and practicing shooting?
That isn't illegal and it's actually protected by the 2nd amendment under forming a militia. They aren't hurting anyone or did the feds actually suspect or have evidence that they are actually plotting a terror attack.

If they were part of Gladio then why did law enforcement break them up? Don't the CIA protect their people?