Cowboyism is the key

Eco/Ethno Cowboyism is the ideal ideology to the modern world and to take the whole thing down in pieces also send y’alls cowboy memes here

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this thread reeks of homosexuals

White men were Ranchers. Former slaves and Mexicans were cowboys.

You're right, a lot of "cowboys" were prior nigger slaves, mexicants and injun trash. Up to a quarter of all ranch hands and herders/drivers were non whites.


Race Rancher, rolling for occidental sovereignty.

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You would know.

Based & Brokeback Mountainpilled.
Stem that rose.

goatboyism is better
t. sandnigger mudslim goatboyist

Right Wing Ranchers

Buckle up buckeroos!

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I grew up in the Mojave went to Alpine Elementary School during when it was majority White. There's a lot of niggers and cartels out there now with scoped high-powered rifles be aware.


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keep crying
you failed again you niggers

I like it

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Ranchers are not Cowboys

Fucking hilarious, but I agree, if we already live in a clown world that hates us, why not just become fucking cowboys and live the dream? I think at this point in time, the whole conflict is going to be won by the faction that LIVES the better memes.


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What would a modern cowboy look like? Since most of us live in urban areas, riding around on horses is not really an option. I think in the end, it would come down to being an agent and enforcer of your own righteousness, in disregard for the law. But does a cowboy just walk around punishing wrong-doers all day? What does a cowboy do for a living?

They are basically pimped shepherds, just with cows.

Herd cattle to the railhead for transportation to the big slaughter houses in New York and California respectively.

Nobody does that crap anymore.

Yeah, but nowadays, almost nobody owns sheep or cows any more, and you probably can't even make a living if you're not doing it on an industrial scale. Also it's expensive to buy all the lands your animals will live on.

Exactly. This is why I was asking what a modern, reinterpreted Cowboy would look like.

Most of them were former slaves and the sons of slaves.

Well, you can only own sheep or cattle in general on an industrial scale because otherwise you ain't make any money. Meat and other products are dirt cheap which is just disgusting.

Language changes over the years, in the general culture at large most people cannot distinguish between the two terms. They have the same meaning in modern language, stop pretending not to know that.

No need for cattle herders anymore. Robot herders are being developed. Checkout the Swagbot.

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We ranch is what we do. Country dude here in fact I broke my ankle something fierce some years ago breaking a fucking horse with my dad. That shit was so fucked up

Maybe in your make believe Jew version of reality they are. Even Hollywood knows they aren't the same.

I guess while the meme is cool, it is impossible to revive and live it.

Fun fact:
You can ride your horse on every public street in the US without license or registration.
You can probably also have horses pull a covered wagon. Or horse and buggy.

1. Boy who tends to cows.

1. A person who owns or works on a ranch.

A cowboy can own a ranch and be a rancher but often is an employee or contractor of some sort.

Hope that isn't your actual brand. Some folks keep books FULL of brands when they are in the business.

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Cute, that would be stuck in minutes in our area if it left the manicured lawn.

How many cowboys have sexual intercourse with horses?

If your ranch has sheep or alpacas and no cows. Are you a fucking cowboy? Think hard, nigger.

Trick question?

What do you think is more expensive? Horse upkeep or car upkeep and jew insurance?

That's tricky. If you can manage all your tasks on a horse that would be cheaper in the end game presuming you have enough land to keep the horse well grazed. You still have vet shit which can get expensive. Generally cheaper but overall a bit less convenient for things.

It would be great optics honestly. Eco-fascist horse militia when?



haha JERICHO!!!
I fucking love cowboy!
My favorite scene is the scene where bebop is hacking his computer with his dog.

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that is why you have livestock grazing the land you city nigger


Horses are way more expensive.

Source, I used to work with horses.


The average horse you can ride everday is around 20k. You might get a few years out lf the horse riding it with a load. They need acres to graze feed. Costs even more if you don't have acres. That's not counting your upkeep, gear, and stabling.

American nationalism is highly tied with Zionism
"White" American culture is mixture of nigger/jewish and faggot culture, white Americans must readopt European culture to be considered white again, also they must adopt racial hygiene
Libertarians will the rope besides leftists, jews and neocons


Not sure what your rationale is: a compendium of brands is somehow going to come into force on the tubes and prevent a rando image of one being posted on a sino-tibetan weaving board?

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Endless cringe over and over from the Jews


Nigger there are people associated with the brands and if it is yours it's an OPSEC issue. And if there are records of brand owners you know damn well the jews have a copy of the books too.

Graze this prairienigger. Stupid nigger fuck, it isn't the brush.

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I can't find the words to tell you just how hard I laughed when I read that title and saw that thumbnail

This. "Cowboyism" is a Hollywood scam, they were cattle herders, not warriors who had shootouts at high noon.

So, 1800's American western clothing, good work ethic, large families to assist in the ranching work, 100% home cooked meals, outdoor work for your family's benefit rather than working for a kiked corporation, tight-knit communities that help each other out because you all know each other by name. I could really get used to a life like that.

You are surrounded by shitskins who are "squatting" (a.k.a. illegally occupying) on land that could be put to better use.

Fuck jew york and commifornia, we keep what is ours to feed our own. They can damn well starve.

Yup, except it takes a hell of a lot more skill to herd cows than sheep. Hell, even the most retarded desert-dwelling shitskin can herd sheep.

They care for their families, their property, and their community. So a lynching every now and then is seen as an act of cleansing and upkeep.

It is now, but it wasn't always. And it doesn't really fucking matter. Because we are not seeking to turn back the clock, we are looking to the future. We know more now about the scourge of the kike and all the evil that they spread like a disease. We will eliminate them from the face of the earth.

I like the starve em out model. If they’re too packed in like sardines then fuck em
Starve them

youre still not a cowboy