New GOT is an opportunity to redpill normies jews?

As we all know the soyim all watch game of thrones. Tomorrow all your social media will be riled up talking about it.

There are plenty of parallels to be drawn between the murderous mad queen (who often wears the colors of israel) and the murderous (((merchants)))

Even if it doesn't redpill anyone it will be amusing to see the (((media))) trash their beloved show as antisemetic.

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All the normies at work are always talking about this stupid show. I don't even know what the fuck it's about since it's on the (((Hebrew Box Office))) and I ignore such content. Seems like people just like it for the violence and the tits. Anyway, what happened and why should I care?

Both of you fags watch it, and we all know it.

The cunt in blue and her brown hordes murdered all the white people after they surrendered.

The kind of hatred and vitriol against helpless people that could only come from the jewish mind.

I watch it. The first 2 seasons were realistic politics (as much as they can be in a fantasy setting) the last season is realistic politics if you imagine the dragon queen to be jew. She's insane, powermad and murderous. All the fools who fell for her "i'm just an innocent victim" line end up regretting it.

Let me guess, the normies will respond with the more detailed plot that changes the story completely and makes it seem like the analogy is wrong or maybe we are wrong all together about Jews and desert dwellers?

How, she had like 1 fucked up dragon and 20 nig nogs. Guess this is just a new Mary sue.


I was about to start this thread, so I’m glad to see it’s already been made.
There’s definitely unique memetic potential here within a piece of pop culture that has surely been eroding away values and norms that are “threatening.”
The undercut White Walkers appear to me now as a representation of Nazis—an overhyped non-threat seeking to “unify” Westeros.
Danaerys, deluded by prophecies telling her that she should be the ruler of Westeros, decides to torch the Red Keep after everyone inside surrendered… quite a parallel to Israeli jets attacking the USS Liberty for quite some time after waving the white flag.
The collapse of the Red Keep and the dusty streets of King’s Landing also reminded me of much of the footage from 9/11, another related attack on innocent civilians.
Not to mention the rest of the stuff you listed.
They defeated ice, just to be killed by fire.

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How can anyone of right mind not find these pathetic creatures anything other than vile

I was thinking Dresden, but you're probably right that 9/11 hits home a bit harder. But…

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Pointing to similarities between historical events and the events of a popular TV show is just an entry point to discuss history that is sometimes met with knee-jerk reactions when laid plainly (due to how much the (((official narrative ))) distorts one’s perception of reality).
Make comparisons to other historical conflicts (like the War of Roses that the first few seasons are based on) if need be. The (((mainstream))) won’t pull punches to try and subvert people’s understanding of history even further.
Narrative control is where we have the greatest deficiency, but memes are handy for planting thought seeds that will eventually crack through concrete.

Kikes ruin everything good in this world.

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Using the parallels with popular tv shows to point out the dangers of things like immigration and censorship can be handy too.

Crap like Bird Box, Man in the High Castle and Handmaid's Tale can be used to redpill people. Every time I've been in a conversation were Man in the High Castle came everyone agreed that Obergruppenfuher Smiths' family was idyllic and that they applauded his son's sacrifice even though the show tried to present it as horrific.

Kikes always play scary music over people who are talking sense. If you point that out people will start to notice and that's the sort of thing that's hard to unnotice.

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Actually GoT has unique for fantasy settings and barely has any competition here. This is why book and TV have such success.

Blackpilled is a good YouTube channel that has good discussion on underlying narratives in movies and shows here and there.
I think that once I became aware of the (((poz))) and everything I’ve watched since then being subjected to that lense, my disgust has only been vindicated by the blatancy of the programming that’s pushed on us. I can’t imagine what it’s doing to the brains of the uninitiated. And I wonder how long it would take to undo it if we had our guys in there. Seizing these opportunities where we are able to co-opt their high budget tools is important.

They've ruined this shit to the point it has no rewatch value. Whatever success the show had is gone now.

There was a time when Hollywood wasn't just dreadful crap. People like Russel Crowe, Mel Gibson, and many others where shuffled out of the way for whores and kikes. They only goyim that where allowed to stay where faggots like Jim Carrey and retards like Tom Cruise. The ones who where so mentally fucked up where able to stick around.

I went with a friend who liked the Marvel movies to see the Avengers movie. Everyone aside from my thoughts on capeshit and the forced multicultural narrative. The writing was terrible, it was a bunch of special effects, and the overall acting was pretty awful. The last good movie that fell into the realm of Superheros was the second Batman movie with Christian Bale. That movie was 4/5 at best as well. I can't undertstand why people like that shit that's in theaters. I keep saying "stop giving them money" but i found myself giving them money just to appease a friend. I'm not sure how to handle society. I hate it so much but I find myself forced to connect to it.

GoT becameshit tier Boomerbait once they ran out of books
Fuck this gay earth

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Avengers is /b/ tier, it was never good. Just CGI to the max. Worse than Transformers.

Mel Gibson is doing great thanks. Watch Dragged Across Concrete and The Professor and the Madman, GREAT MOVIE. I hope he keeps proxy directing, since he can't do it ever again because 'muh joos'.

I like the Handmaid's Tale and people dislike June because she destroyed the nigger’s wife’s life. (((They))) are trying to make a June look innocent but failed. There are some good scenes that you can use as the propaganda against the degenerates.

Questions that don't need their own threads

Dear lord, look at the fucking youtube comments made by victimised roasties "It's exactly like real life, white men are so evul"

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Why care about a show that's an adaptation of Child Porn/Incest Literature…

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bro I got strong 9/11 vibes from this ep at the end….

niggers that need their own boards (you)

I was playing NationStates (the game about socialist nations, har har har) when it occurred to me that mishandled kittens bottlebrush. A more compassionate population really would percieve kittens as softer, for in better appreciating the kittens point of view they would more likely handle the kitten in a way that relaxed it.

More reminds me of Dresden tbh

keep the inspiration coming

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new meme to ridicule GOTcucks

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They crave the strong men to dominate them so let’s give to them they craved so much.

Ironic coming from jew cucks like you spamming Zig Forums with your faggot /tv/ threads like this one

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Reminded me of what being in a car wreck is like.

That second image is fucking funny

Just because there's a board for it doesn't mean that you're better off having a thread there rather than here.

Better make the most of it this week because we know the ending is going to be a politically correct morality tale.

You cucks need to stay on your containment board

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that's the same shot as in a dangerous method.

How the fuck are they going to spin that off? The SJW queen just fire-bombed a city of innocent people to death. Seems like it's preaching that there are no good guys. I can see them preaching a kind of classic hippie "everybody should just be peaceful" kumbaya crap at best, with a Star War A New Hope kind of ending.

You're the worst kind of faggot. You can't see the greater implications for the culture wars at large. I bet you bump e-celeb threads and "who do we vote for now?" threads.

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No you're the worst kind of faggots, you buy into this kike propaganda and force it here then when people like me call you out all you kikes can do is REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE like homos. Keep your kike shit on your own board where it belongs. You and all the other fags are 10000000000% kikes

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Most likely all you kikes will either mass report my post or mass reply cause I called you out lol, however if we actually had mods on this board this shit thread would have been deleted already

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If we can make a shit ton of good subversive GOT memes and push it thru twatter etc, exposing the cultural marxism/JQ and gay shit it'll probably wake people up, like how the SOYboy and bugman memes spread like wildfire far and wide and made people ashamed to identify with pozzed shit.

Game of cucks fucking sucks

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You know it's possible to subject yourself to something without buying into it, right? And do me the favor of explaining how this is propaganda and not just generic fantasy literature turned into a TV show? I'll do you the favor of explaining how you're wrong. Go ahead. We can start with the feminist bullshit and the shitskin army that just showed how allegedly tough women are totally insane and incompetent when in power. Or did you even watch the episode? Most Americans will probably have this shit, whether you want to accept it or not, in the back of their heads while they watch the news, observe happenings and listen to their kike-puppet politicians. You understand? Nobody goes to fucking /tv/ and this is (like JewJew Abrams ruining Star Wars, or Caepernick ruining the NFL, or Chips Ahoy posting a video of a tranny on Mother's Day) about more than what your pea-brain seems to think it's about, it's the culture war that every future politician will use in their fight to brainwash you. You think too small, you need to think about the bigger picture.

The thread on Rockstar's influence on gaming was anchored so you're assumption is wrong, if it's even sincere and you're not just kvetching like a kike would over losing pennies.

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These are fucking awful.

You don’t realise this is a cultural war. It’s pretty clear that the Jews are trying to make this look bad but it failed. (((They))) don’t understand the white mentality.

t. game of cuckolds fan

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Okay but the Handmaid's Tale has nothing to with GoT.

Every image you've posted is from a TV show or a movie so thanks for proving my point for me.


Is it from a movie? Is it from history? I don't know

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yeah they arent great, i like the idea but huffing your own farts with the wording will bluescreen normies looking at it, they will willfully not see it

DIEversity? cmon man its not catchy, its clumsy, and it reads in the tone of an angry xboxlive kid whos cackling at his own "wit" saying it

remember the schema we are trying to change, and what it lets in, what it doesnt we want to trick them into letting our shit in, you dont do that by giving them something so easy to ignore and mock.

also cut that leftypol shit where you get assblasted at criticism, thats what youre here for, the harsh unfettered truth, and it isnt good, the idea is great, but turning your brain off to your own point gets dangerously close to being like them, you can say many things without having to outright say them, NIGGERSLOL BOTTOMTEXT is not how you do propaganda

I explicitly state the opposite but as I've now told you in two different threads (one stickied at the top) you just suck at this and put extremely low effort into making memes.

This second one for example is both funny and truthful so it works.

Yeah, he's got leftypol-tier skill at memes and can't handle criticism.

It's no big deal, but you totally remind me of those shit at life loser types who just complain meanwhile never even make the smallest effort at anything even if it takes 10sec.

See now that's constructive criticism

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Daenerys Targaryen is no different to Merkel, May, Gillard, Clinton or any other female ruler/leader/executive. They all thrived through sheer dumb luck and the efforts of others, used their sex to manipulate and were all found out the moment they were given any real power.

Those that watch jewish propaganda must be killed. not repilled.

The golems are mad at their masters.

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It won't work sorry, because she free the slaves and destroyed the slave trade. she did the oposit

Obergruppenführer Smith is my spiritual animal, when it comes to (((entertainment))). He is one of the best characters in any (((show))) these days. He is the symbol for everything national-socialism stands for: loyalty, dedication, love for the fatherland, family and race, help for those deserving, clemency also for those deserving. Redpilling on that basis is indeed simple. Just point out: this is what we have lost.

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I'm enjoying watching it all burn at this point.

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Normie shows become fun once you identify with the villain.
Would be a shame if someone made edited soundtracks.

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Was trying to post this.

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I didn’t watch GoT so can anyone tell me why she decided to go nuclear on the Red Keep?

White Nationalism is the weapon used to exterminate Whites



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We'll find out in episode 6 that Daenarys simply didn't know how to drive because she's a woman.

looks like the left are already trying to make daenarys right wing

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i have seen two episodes of this show so far.

I have concluded a few things.

the lighting is terrible

the scripting is worse

theres a cripple in a wheelchair in a show that doesnt even display appropiate metalworking for comcentrentric wheels.

the bad guys are fascists with zombies.

anything I am missing?

also, shitty neirotoxin. that bitch deserves her own dose.

This faggot.

The absolute state

shlomo, appealing to emotions and redtext doesn't make your post truthful.

well the problem is: she wasn't only on the red keep

btw since everything is respawning now
did the high septim cathedral respawned?

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Libtards must be triggered now but hey I don’t want to read the twitter on other site.

I meant to say because.

There is a lot of chemical bombs under the city and Jamie tried to rid of it but unable to do.

God this shit is so fucking gay

They have bad writers.

And jewish.

I legitimately cringe every fucking time i hear talk about poz of thrones.

The funny way this scheme works now is that jews make 1 or 2 good seasons that is legitimately well written and produced and then just go ultra poz injection mode and propagandize the entire shit into literal frankfurt school degen shit cranked up to 11 to poz up the unsuspecting goyim. Retards mostly dont care or notice that much of course, so they still watch it.

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i agree, pol needs to avenge the normies and expose the kike directors and grrm who is a crypto jew

This. They already meme it for you. All you have to do is enjoy being the bad guy - and we all know what bad guys do to panties…

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There are plenty of esoteric red pills that can be delivered in relation to that episode but I think the main lesson we should focus on teaching the normie is that all forms of modern entertainment are no longer worth their time and emotional investment. Practically everyone here grew up in the era before independent, niche, and (((uncontrolled))) online entertainment became ubiquitous so we should all remember what it was like to enjoy products of the mainstream media and how certain products (whether it was a particular band, music album, show, movie franchise, comic book, video game, etc) meant something to us and shaped at least a bit of our lives. Hopefully we've all moved past that but we need to help the eternal normie move past it as well. It's the easiest way to break the kikes system of control.

The kikes hold control over the public consciousness by demoralizing the public about real life while offering a morale boosting opiate in the form of mass entertainment. Their incompetence in providing a morale boosting conclusion to the most popular franchise in the Western world offers us the chance to demoralize the normie in regards to media. As long as you've been doing your job in becoming an upstanding and respected member of your community, you should be able to raise their morale regarding the real world, which in conjunction with their newfound feelings of melancholy toward mass media, allow you to redirect them towards righteousness and an existence worth living, forever immunizing them against the most powerful mind virus wielded by the jew.

I already spanked them and they loved it……Stupid women need the aggressive trainers to train them to be good dogs.

It's long-term subversion.
The reason why they changed their tactics, it's because (((Soviet))) style propaganda (brutal, obvious and primitive) are failed and USSR is collapsed, so even millions of ethnic Russians (included Politburo members and Red Army) didn't moved a single finger to defend this commie regime.


All girls and women require regular spankings.

i thought more about it as the bombings of Berlin. but it wouldn't work because Cersei is viewed as a tyrant..

Jon kills Dany and Brandon takes the Iron Throne.

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Of course there’s going to be contradictions with historical reality when you make comparisons to a fictional setting that is the creation of Jews.
The (((North))) liberated slaves in the South with the intent of there being an uprising from within, and white Leftists see themselves as social justice superheroes for being “allies.”

GOT is an opportune time to redpill some disappointed GOT fans. Lots of people are hating what they're doing to it, and we can point them in the direction of the Jews David Benioff & D. B. Weiss.

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Dresden and current year white countries.
The scene is a powerful allegory.

This scene manages to be both a cinematic masterpiece, an entertaining watch and a subtle redpill.

I like your picture.


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Because her hatred was all-consuming, she's the daughter of the Mad King and the writers wanted her to fulfill her destiny as the Mad Queen. I saw this coming last episode.

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