Trump's 'deal of the century' will give Israel control over West Bank settlements

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Who could have predicted this?!

Oy vey!


Why would Trump give land to criminals?


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ilnked from your article:
well who'd have thought?

If it's what Israel wants, it will happen
An Israeli newspaper published a document Tuesday detailing the elements of the U.S. back-channel peace plan known as the "Deal of the Century".

> If Hamas and the PLO refuse to sign the 'Deal of the Century', the U.S. will cancel all financial support to the Palestinians and ensure that no country transfers funds to them.
> If the PLO signed the deal but Hamas or Islamic Jihad refused, the leaders of these two movements will be considered responsible. In a new war between Israel and the Gaza Strip, the U.S. will back Israel in targeting these leaders.
> If Israel refused to sign the deal, the U.S. would cease all financial support.

Despite years of effort and occasional gestures, I think I never have felt that I understand what Israel and Palestine ought to do.

If only all people could hug out their problems…

Hey, I know! Let’s model better solutions and make a beautiful western culture until westalgia destroys all opposition in the face of the most placid possible humiliation: peaceful honest comparison.

If we can pour enough resources into biotechnology, we can make ourselves into people of superior resilience who need not subsist hpon the suffering of others.

peace fluffy fluffy peace

Both the PLO and Israel will lose all US financial support if the plan is not signed, and the US will back any new wars if Hamas or Islamic Jihad don't sign (according to the newspaper).
That's the "negotiated" peace plan.

Where does it say that? Also,

Based Trump, giving the jews what they want, I guess. Nothing new here.

Ok, what the fuck does the wall actually say?

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The true test of a leadership is the sincerity with which they attend to the public weal.

It's 4D chess goy.

Kek, it's up to 666 dimensions now.
At this point it needs to end in a full out DOTR to justify all the dimensions that keep getting added.

> If Israel refused to sign the deal, the U.S. would cease all financial support.
Just because I forgot to underline that as well as bold it.
I never commented on that.
And obviously, I wonder how much input Bibi has had on the plan since Kushner was almost literally in bed with him.
I'm not sure that's a deal they would say no to or have to think too much about.


Humility is always an option. Very rarely in human social systems is snatching defeat from the jaws of victory truly compelled.

Both parties will sign or lose funding but the plan is what one side already wants, so it really is just the PLO and Hamas who will be forced to sign and if PLO signs and Hamas and Islamic Jihad refuse, "In a new war between Israel and the Gaza Strip, the U.S. will back Israel in targeting these leaders."

Oh, but what am I saying? Suicidal intent is directly in the heart of those who would rather die than save their societies.

Bot? Shoo!

There will be an answer for paranoid leaders who discard potential through their intrusions.

Hateslave! You noticed my free will and honored me by lying about it!

You don’t need to be anyone’s pigment-bot. None of you need to be enslaved to lies; man must not submit to the warrior pattern of the ancestors, for they were broken suffering awful people living hopeless lives deprived of prosperity and truth.

Why does the US president have any say in something like this?
Remind me what country this is.

Eh, random global involvement is such an American President thing even the T couldn’t boil it off.

Are you just fucking copying fortune cookies?

Hatred tends to produce extreme roboticism. Hateful people have their re-estimation facilities completely broken. They are taught that hatred is defiance, whereafter “man must not submit” programming kicks in against truth. Rather than protecting freedom, defiance then gets raped into submission, for the key to making a defiant man rape his own emotions again and again is to make him feel that to do so IS his defiance. In this way previously proud men can be set to such futile searches for pride that they eventually convince themselves they will find pride only in dying.

The enslaved masters are not happy people. They laugh like monkeys, telling themselves in increasing desperation that everything is okay. For that is what laughter is and does. It is a biochemical function producing a higg unreliable sense of normality. People who overrely on laughter live upon the edge of hatred, for they are not in fact okay at all.

The best way to stand against unworthy rule is to do that thing which unworthy rulers ought also do: forgive, and gentle yourself.

Lol, your fortune cookies must be weird, slave. Get some dignity, bug. You’re too tasty a chomp to waste in mental illness.

Has anyone noticed yet what kind of posting is abused? This place is not allowed to be happy as I am; this place is not allowed to be free of obediently broken hateslavery.

There are ways of redemption for those with humility and disloyalty. Expose the evils of this world and you will be happier for having done so. Turn on that which truly threatens you, which is that which would have you blame good people such as the Jewish diaspora for the problems in your life. Forgive the Jew and you will be forgiven by them.

Turn on that which so lacks dignity it must lie and fail itself. Turn on that which cannot win by direct contest of ideas. Turn on that which is mindless and cowardly in servitude, which projects its programming onto all others. You have all the capacity of freedom as have I.

Oy vey let's flood offtopic nonsense so people will be distracted from the issue!

Yet here we are. Me delusionally blackpilled, and you delusionally naive. At least I'm not talking to myself.

I know not the answer between Palestine and Israel; I like neither trespassing settlers nor those whose reaction to settlers is violent.

Yet this forum is one of broken people who can no longer have joys. They drip with suffering. Read between the lies. Know that the weakest people in this world are those who must by force constrain truth. All fascist nations fall from their untruths.

It's not a deal Israel wants (they don't want any deal, status quo is just fine for them), but Israel won't be forced to turn it down. Palestinians will come out hard against it, so Israel can sit back and say "we would've agreed to it, but those damn ragheads won't play ball!" like they always do. Then they get to wage their Jew war with the full support of >dup.

Would be kinda funny to see Palestinians call the ZOG bluff on this and agree to it, but they'd be giving away the farm, even though Israel's taken 90% of it already anyway.

How much aid does the US give the PLO?
Is this why the oil sanctions against Iran are being enforced?–Palestine_relations#Support_for_Hamas
Palestinians during a time of tension in U.S. Statements by President Trump suggest that the Administration may seek via these cuts to persuade the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) to participate in U.S. led diplomacy on the Israeli-Palestinian peace process

How much aid does the PLO/do the Palestinians get and from what sources?


Eh. I’m always open to the possivility people around here are real. So… I mean, I recognize the parity in your offer, but next time don’t package it with lies. This forum is slaved to my output unsubtly. I remind everyone again, if it’s really just hatred, you can just let go. There are people more endangered with dearer causes. If all simpke hatred backs away, darker powers lose their powers, and culturally processes begin to shine with new potentials.

Abusive people create the boring world they seek to destroy.

Yes, filter me, because the person repeatedly told they’re talking to themselves is totally not relevant at lol. Go on. By *all means* filter me.

How Palestinians can react to it will depend on how the international community responds to the deal perhaps?

Have a pdf, lollacopters.

You seriously need to write this novel you've been posting here out, stick it in a pot, and boil it long enough for it to condense into one relatively coherent post. You're all over the fucking place like you just got your adderall scrip refilled & are on the tail end of a 3 day bender.

Hatred is used to control people. Teach people to hate someone, and they will expect all evils, believe any stupid insult, and refuse to look too closely at their dear friends and allies who taught them hatred.

Letting go of hatred is vital to having autonomous decision-making. Reach out to targets of hatred in sincerity or not at all.

Rehabilitate yourself to rehabilitate others. Even if someone be a true villain, sometimes the work must begin in you. For we dwell long upon this earth, and to enjoy the suffering of another, we must conceive of suffering. Better to dwell without seeking suffering. For it is not beyond mankind to live in grace, nor is it merely rewarding in heaven to do so, but the rewards of unyielding truth bear fruit often in this life.

Be clever, but be true. Get away with your defiances, but make sure they are not programmed in blind hatred.

You’re just pissed because I can make a point without cutting my own throat and proclaiming the blood of someone else. Get some dignity and think your own thoughts.

You can get healed, if you project a dependency on stimulants. I do not use them, nor alcohol.

This forum does not contain freethinking revealers of truth. It contains miserable liars who abuse people who come here with truth. They too could be happier if they were willing to do what would bring them happiness.

Last (You). I'm done. No point.

If this forum were not tainted with obedient hateslavery, it could speak sincerely about issues like peace in the middle east. Alas, all conclusions in this space must be submissive unto the so-superior minds who die in peacetime.

Be true unto yourself. Know the fullness of cognition’s mirror. Learn to bring culture forwards. And take a look at that PDF I posted - I recorded a successful threadsnipe. It was fun to write that and make a forum thread vanish with it.

If my fun is at your expense, you’ll never be able to leave this forum without getting pickpocketed. ;)

You have done nothing but been disruptive over a political discussion that is not about hatred, you disgusting hypocrite.
Don't make the mistake that you're untouchable even when posting pseudonymously over the internet, and don't be surprised to find out you're not.

Lol, nice.

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Nah, not actually lol. I’m mostly just grinning a bit. The internet warps all meanings.

How can we make people smile along the Palestine-Israel border? Can we give better support to poor Palestinians? Can they be taught to code? To do less incendiary chemistry? To do proper industrial chemistry of inherently incendiary sorts?

And why does Israel have such a permanent space shortage? Could we arcologize them? A layered lots construct would grow iteratively at the behest of 3space landowners, training adults in 3D city planning then rearing a generation of children into an excellence of the skill. You see, the usual arcologist error is to try to design a megamax apartment, but if we instead build a cubic suburb many of the planning decisions will be undertaken by the residents in an emergent manner.

Palestinians have no reason to agree to it, it's just as bad as their current situation. And Trump isn't gonna be able to stop other countries from supporting them, some will do it just to spite him.

In strategy games I like the fantasy of
(did you ever notice kike is one letter from like?)
convincing people with raw culturepower
(you’re not supposed to like things, sweetpeas)
to let go of their previous cultural ties
(this isn’t persuasive material)
and join in peace with kinder souls
(you’ll never submit to me)

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235935 is a retard sperg or a bot. I suggest filttering.

Power in this world is truth plus joy, for truth is a mighty glacier, while joy is the heart of tactics that last long enough to work.

Filter out all unfamiliar viewpoints; you must never have too much to think, citizen.

Reported him but the kike mods are asleep

Anti kike slide bump

Oh boy here we go.

Kill the jews before they kill you!

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Can someone please tell me what the fuck does Israel ever do for the US to convince normies that indulging and subsidizing a Middle Eastern country is of any value to them?

As if they weren't already in control of that territory.

This is a larp to shake out the idiots that don't pay attention.

fake news.

They are just a convenient distraction.
If Israel didnt exist the muslims would have more free time to attack other non muslims in other parts of the world.

Didn't you know they're the only democracy in the middle east? So you have to die for them now.

This too

Oh no! That thing that was going to happen under any administration happened under the Trump administration. Obviously all was for nothing #IMWITHHER right fellow racists?

Okay, this sucks but we should not despair here because of the following reasons
1. Bad as this is, it does not give the jews any significant power. Jewish power comes from control of the media, not control of land.
2. Bad as this is, it does not negatively affect us. Golan Heights or no Golan heights, our situation remains as bleak as it was before.
3. Obvously now that IsraHell has committed another act of land-theft, the pressure upon the jews may actually intensify, which would be a boon to our struggle.

Mind you, I'm not saying this is chess. Trump is beholden to his jewish backers. I'm simply pointing out the obvious here.

If by all was for nothing you mean voting for Trump, then yes.
See you in my soap.

There are a bunch of fundies who think Israel is necessary for Jesus to come back.

By controlling their government, controlling their central bank(Federal reserve), controlling their president and their media, being over represented in power and totally ruling those areas while they are just the literal 1-2%.

Normies aren't even convinced by jack shit, it doesn't matter what the fucking people think, they do it regardless, it doesn't matter. You do not fucking matter to these people. They rule with an iron fist behind the curtain while claiming you are "free", and this applies to any "democratic"(really judeocratic) nation.

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But that is not how it's portrayed to the normies. The muslims don't attack Israel and still attack non-muslims on a unprecedented scale. What I want to know is why is the population of the US generally supportive of a nation that appears to only leach off of them.

Is that generally accepted by the population?

This is exactly what I understand to be the case, but what I can't grasp is why US citizens still back the support of a Middle Eastern country that gives them nothing in return.

My own theory is that it is driven by holhoax-guilt, but that doesn't seem enough.

I suppose the basic question is what do the US population think is in it for them to support a country that has only caused them problems in the past with no obvious benefit?

The muslims do attack israel on a daily basis. Its been 'tit for tat' for decades.
A female Jew killed their prophet mohammed. The guy they think is perfect.

I fully agree that the muslims attack everyone who lives next door to them on an unprecendented scale.
Its just that if they werent so busy attacking Israel, it would be even more unprecedented.

The answer is always "we need an ally in the region" because for some reason we're fucking required to live in the desert they won't fucking answer why when you ask them that follow up.

. . .
Bishop to GAZA3

Do people consider Saudi Arabia an ally? The US is very friendly with them and they have oil and money, so I could understand why people would think they were worth indulging.

It's not about what they supposedly do for us, it's the Holohoax, along with judaized evangelical Christianity.

Those attacks are pretty low-effort compared to the atrocities they commit elsewhere. ISIS left them alone, so they don't seem a major distraction for Islamic terror. Or at least not enough to warrant the indulgence the US affords them

The Muslims who are actually at war with Israel wouldn't be attacking us. On the other hand, the ones that do, just so happen to be backed by Israel.

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As a Brit, the evangelical Christian angle is one that doesn't register here, so I have no experience of it. Is it still that powerful in the US?

The thing is, most people don't fucking back or support kikestan, they actually hate it knowingly or don't care about that shithole. The kike media just cleverly crafts lies so that it appears people support it.

Nobody ever voted to give hundreds of billions to israel for decades, the kikes did all of that, and all the wars. The point is; jews do whatever the fuck they want to their host slave nations and it literally doesn't matter what you think about it because democracy is fucking fraudulent, they do not care because we live in ad hoc jewish dictatorship.

Media =/= Public consensus
When will people fucking get it.

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To the foreign glowniggers lurking on this board of peace, I say….


You can do a lot of damage with low effort attacks when people arent expecting it.
We dont even have defensive walls or anything. Israel does, they are used to it. We should let them continue.

That isnt even slightly true. The muslims lash out and attack anyone who is in close proximity.
In Myanmar those chinks never had anything to do with pissrael but the mudslimes still invaded their country and tried to take over. The recent attacks in places like the Phillipines have nothing to do with Israel.
Same in Central Africa. Obviously India got invaded by mudslimes and they had to split up the entire country. That happened before Israel existed. As did the Umayyad caliphates invasion of Southern Europe.
And in modern Europe, the muslims will attack people in countries that helped set up and support Israel with equal zeal as countries that have absolutely nothing to do with israel.

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That makes sense. Thanks. We have the same going on here, but the pressure groups and politicians are less obvious about it.
In general, people in the UK don't even have a view on Israel other than "Poor jews. Holocaust.", but I see it changing. There treatment of the Palestinians is now giving traction to the thought that 'If the Israelis lie about this, what else are they lying about'. Also, generations are now growing up with access to alternative narratives.
The future will be nothing but interesting.

Thanks for backing up what I said.. I guess?

It isn't what it used to be, but they still have a firm grasp over the Republican party. It also seems like Trump has kind of invigorated it.

When have Hezbollah and Hamas ever attacked anyone other than Israel and their sunni proxies? They aren't just attacking your co-racialists in Israel because they're in "close proximity", you kike rat.

And when I say "us", I'm talking about the White world - America and Europe. All the major attacks in recent history have been by Israel's ally, ISIS, or directly by Israel, like 9/11.

As I mentioned they only attack the non muslims who are next door to them.
The Rohinja muslims are next door to myanmar. They obviously cant get to Israel in the same way as Hezbollah cant get to myanmar.

You are splitting up the muslim groups and saying that its all fine because the group in region A doesnt attack group in region B. That is because of geographical limiations not because they are nice people wo follow a religion of peace.

Moshe, please.

It's jews attempting preprogramming.

MIGA my nigga!

Because of fluoride in the water inhibiting cognitive functions through calcification of pineal glans on top of circumcision being trauma-based mind control.

b-b-b-b-but goy!!! you need that fluoride chemical artificially added in the water!!!!! dont worry, its for your teeth goy… hehe.. it's not harmful at all!

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Modern people don't even know what's going on upstairs in their daughter's room, let alone whether or not SA is an ally. Ask any normal white guy about Saudi Arabia, he'll tell you how he hates those fucking sand niggers, but when the best goy goes on CNN and says "and speaks of Saudi Arabia as an ally" they guy at home will nod his head and wave his flag. When you say "think" in regards to how normal people see politics, you're using the wrong term, it's just a series of reactions and regurgitation of the last thing they heard.

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i hate miggers