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This may sound trivial, but I believe this can be a useful tool for the future. We need a list of holidays. Not so much holidays, but important Zig Forums dates that have meaning to our mostly shared ideology. These days can become focal points for Zig Forumsacks to meet up, have fun, or to generally keep track of the year in accordance with what they have accomplished so far.

Three definite days:

Any other days we should add? I think we need one closer to Fall and the beginning of the year. Days of meaning and purpose can make all the difference

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Perhaps a total of 6 important dates would be enough. Maybe 8, but I like the idea of only one every two months give or take.

The 9th of Av!

"Tisha B'Av is an annual fast day in Judaism, on which a number of disasters in Jewish history occurred, primarily the destruction of both Solomon's Temple by the Neo-Babylonian Empire and the Second Temple by the Roman Empire in Jerusalem."'Av

Don't forget slaneeshmas
That one week a year where we all stop arguing and celebrate what unites us all

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9th of November: the Great One mobilizes / Juden get their fair share of glass
30th of January: the Great One takes over
1st of May: the Great One and the people celebrate Labor and Work


Remember the Alamo.

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That’s a fucking lock right there 3/6, 4/20, 7/4, and 12/8 is what we have so far

Hitler made labor day a paid holiday in Germany. There is nothing wrong with celebrating the achievements of the worker.

Relevant only to yankee doodle filth

Bullshit mang, The Alamo is a story about men more than anything

No its a very american story about americans.
You think it means shit to anyone outside the USA?

29 May 1453
The fall of Constantinople, and resultant birth of the Renaissance.
Going to see if I can get one of my sons named Loukas.

So you admit national defense is not something you are capable of? I think >>>/oven/ is more your speed.

3/6, 4/20, 5/29, 7/4, 12/8

Those are fucking locked in as 5 out of 6

We just need one more day Zig Forums. Though it definitely should be between September - November

Its quite clear 3/15 would fit in there perfectly

That user was right, it was already an established holiday in Germany created by you know who and Hitler did his best to salvage it to a less kosher version. Of course, there is nothing wrong with celebrating the nation's workers, but don't play dumb, we both know that the May 1 version of this holiday is not simply that, it was commie agitprop from its very inception. In a perfect world May Day would be abolished and the workers will be celebrated on a different better day more linked to the foundational roots of the nation, for example, some time around the country's national day would be a good time for it.

Then the alternative indeed could be 30th of January. Or 24th of February, whatever other national-socialists deem more deceisive or important.

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The 19th of April, due to what happened in '93

I'm not an American and Alamo is an example of something marvellous, an example of defiance of the odds and fighting to the last, back in the time when men were men. Another example is Camerone.

August 10th: Day of the Sky King.

Durr. Why that name?
And why are all your dates so important? 4/20 is Hitler's birth but the year was different. I don't know the others, why do they matter?
They're past events, we should not care.
You feel strong with those dates?

7/4? Independence Day? Are you fucking kidding me. Read Might is Right "The Declaration of Independence commences by proclaiming an unctuous falsehood, a black, degrading self-evident lie - a lie which no one could possibly believe but a born fool. With insolent effrontery it brazenly proclaims as 'a self-evident truth' that "all men are created equal' and that they are 'endowed ,' by their Creator with certain inalienable rights - rights which it thereupon proceeds to define in chanting phraseology, imbecile and florid as it is false."

Labor Day is (((Jerry Lewis Telethon))) weekend in Burgerland. First weekend in September. No communist overtones, mostly it's School Year's Eve.

Bump. Sky King is Sainthood.


3/15 St. Brenton’s Day