Why don't you support israel goyim?

Why don't you support israel goyim?

Dear mossad agent, I gve you 5 reasons why Israel in these parts of the interwebs.
1. Democracy is not a virtue in itself
2. Wealthy my ass, if it was for no US aid it wuld go to shit
3. It's an actual segregated racist state
4. It's an actual warzone led by warmongering jews
5. It's mainly populated by jews. Yeah it's a shithole that should be exterminated

I meant to say:

go be a shabbos goyim elsewhere you gold loving, democracy totting, pragerU watching geriatric

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Israel will become a shithole when the white races are extinct. It been tried before. Jews can’t keep a nation for long.

traveled to israel before, the only reasons they even have an economy is because jews control the banks in other nations then funnel a huge amount of money earned from that into shitty tourist bars and street hashish.

i'm not kidding either, jews are legit insane and took over the world to try and enact abrahamic apocalypse apocrypha and get stoned.

(((PragerU))) isn't even trying to deny it anymore!

why do we need the jews if we are pretty capable of taking ourselves without the non-white helps? There is no point in supporting the Israel.

If Yidrahell is so based, then they don't need the filthy goyim!

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Drop high fivers redpills

this user gets it

Without even mentioning the nature of the merchant, the US and Israel are, by the strict military definition of the word, not allies. Allies sign a mutual defense pact. Israel has not, and never will, pledge military support to America in the case America is attacked by a foreign state. Israel is, and never will be, America's ally.

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If the region is such a threat to us that we need an "uberally" that we created instead of the regional super power then the entire region needs glassed.

But it's not a threat.
We shouldn't be there.
We should be good trading friends with roosia and ask them to glass their backyard for us.
The European kikes shouldn't have raped Germany so hard after WW1, splitting their lands and giving it to Poland, who hated the Germans.
Nazi Germany's jews should have been sent to Israel that had been agreed upon in the Balfour declaration and Europe should not have gone into WW2.

But the situation that we have is a bunch of sand niggers whining about being chawsen and how people are persecuting them and how the "persecutors" need nuked because the sand niggers are our basededessed ally and they need 40 billion a year thanks goy.

It's fucking annoying.

When the American People awaken from pissrael's curse, the world will stand and watch in horror.


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No need. Their replacement rates are virtually nonexistent.

Lol. Go to Israel and preach Christianity, or ask people the wrong questions about duh "holocaust" and then, if they ever let you out of jail, come back and tell us again about the Jew version of "free speech". Stephen Harper is a damned liar and this video is bullshit.

I don't know how anybody can look at a map of Europe, list off all the nations that no longer have freedom of speech due to Jewish "anti-holocaust denial laws" and not conclude that the Jews are the enemies of freedom.

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Keep killing jews.
Israel must be completely destroyed.

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jew shillposts like OP should be insta permabanned.

It's a shithole that's surrounded by people that hate your guts and you're only able to keep it up due to an umblilical cord that the states are keeping you on. Without the 38billion/yr or whatever ungodly amount they're sending you, your pile of sand would go up in flames in an instance.

Pathetic, parasitic state. Nothing more, nothing less.

I’m not entirely sure that it’s what OP is doing. He’s just shit at forming threads so we can’t TELL it’s not what he’s doing.