European elections are coming up

European elections are coming up.

Give countries and Zig Forums endorsed political parties:
Netherlands: Forum voor Democratie

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The National Socialist German Workers Party

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Country: x
Party: -

Usually voting and elections are useless and won't change anything to the better.
The idea of the German party Die Rechte might be an exception to that rule.
They chose Ursula Haverbeck as their candidate. Currently 90 y o 'Nazi-Omi' is in jail for denying the holohoax.
If she gets just 180000 votes she would have to be set free so she could work as a representative in the EU parliament.

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Finland: Perussuomalaiset
Estonia: EKRE
Italy: Lega
Germany: AfD
France: The National Rally (formerly known as Front National)
Austria: FPÖ
Poland: PiS
Hungary: Fidez (Jobbik has gone full retard)
Sweden: Sweden Democrats
Denmark: Danish people's party
Norway: Progress Party
Spain: Vox

Those are the ones off the top of my head. The big thing this thread is missing is the fact that the nationalist parties are not only going to take a big victory, but they're going to unify into one group in the parliament. The EU is a non-democratic institution and the parliamnt doesn't even have the right to introduce new bills, but this is an important symbolic victory.

This. The AFD is controlled opposition. Die Rechte, Der III. Weg or bust.

Nice try but the EU parliament will have a voting to cancel her political immunity.

Might be. But that and the cries from the (((media))) for the (((EU))) to undo a democratic desicion will further reveal its true nature to the people and wake up some more goyim.

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I have heard this a few times now, online and offline. Can you give me any details?

Poland: PO

How about you let us know why Israel is a part of Eurovision? Oh different elections?

I have an idea:
1:A group of euroanons can go to where is ilegal to say the holocaust isn´t real and go to jail.
2:Convince or create a parties to vote them in order to get out of jail.
3:The (((eu))) will be having a busy time making a nurember level of kikery and waking goys.

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The AFD does not adress the JQ, instead they allow kikes in their ranks. They smear anyone who questions that stance with the obvious (((rhetoric))). They only want to reduce migration, but never ask (((who)) is behind that issue. And no, people who put their faith in Björn Höcke are stupid, for the reasons given. He might be a true believe in nationalism, perhaps even white supremacy, but he wouldn't point out the kike if he was dancing naked in front of him. I do not have any need for these people, at all. The AFD is a waste for anyone who sees (((them))) as what they are.

Additional to that, the party was founded essentially by disgruntled lolbertians and other dreck. Look at their leadership: dykes, lolberts, kike-lovers and potential race-traitors.

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The german version of (((UKIP))) basically?

I also think they would step down on their immigration policy once they get elected.
They are civic cucks also.

Ahahaha, yes. If they could, they'd allow Soygoy of Mossad in their little shitfest, too.

Of course they would. Look at their (((programe))), dig a bit and you realize: they have no real solution to anything. They wouldn't deport one mudslime or nigger, even if their life would depend on it.

Fidesz and Orbán are very currupt and truely persons of the type „Populist“. They are using their power for their personal favours. Their campaigns are really cringeworthy. Yet, their are not even openly right-wing.

A true option beside the mentioned „jobbik“ (which is a word-play with rightwing and better) is „Mi Hazánk”. They spitted of from Jobbik

They are still our best option in National elections. Also Reichskanzler Höcke is based, even though a minority in his party.
Because of the missing election threshold voting for „die Rechte“ or „der III. Weg“ should be a better option. Personally I will vote for der III. Weg, because I like the Nazi-Omi

Voting does nothing, you fucking boomer.

The AFD is only useful at local and state level, not on federal and certainly not on EU-levels. They fill the same role as the DNVP back in the early 30s: as a way for the real right-wing to get in.

Thought Hitler also, until his Putsch failed in 1923.

Ursula kandidiert für Die Rechte du anonphabet

Perussuomalaiset are controlled opposition. Their financial & information-assets remain completely untouched by banks and information-nodes (ie. twitter, server-providers etc).

But then again, that is to be expected, their party is filled with niggers and nigger loving gays.

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Eat shit and die in a fire you piece of shit.
2nd pic is them denouncing the marxist parties for congratulating muzzies for the ramadan.
3rd pic is them, now with 24 seats in parliament that will accomplish jack shit while getting paid for it, doing THE EXACT SAME THING.
The fucking nerve. Disappear and never come back.
Whoever still believes putting a piece of paper in a box every 4 years does anything, and doesn't eat foreskins, vote for ADÑ.

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Dont play into (((their)) game and if you do add in adolf hitler and do it for the lulz.

Difference is that (((they))) learnt their lesson you faggot.

Never heard of them. They sound like larpers, what you want is a nice kosher civic party.

Huch, die habe ich auch gemeint

What do you even mean by this?
Again. Wrong. Sebastian will eventually be smoked out of the party. Whitherspoon and the Hitler-mustache nigger are complete nobodies with no political future. Gleb is already gone and Sibakoff doesn't seem to have any traction either.

None of these parties are 100% NatSoc and a party that is 100% NatSoc will not be elected. Not yet at least. The European race war hasn't started yet. The people aren't ready. You have to advance one step at a time while doing cultural accelerationism. If we reveal our cards now we will lose the game. Patience.

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Get the fuck out.

And Australia too. Learn to geography people.

On topic I already postal voted for the Brexit party. More people voted for Brexit than have voted for anything else in the history of the UK. But the politicians dont want to leave.

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Fake opposition we have loose 30 year with this people. Is like what trump call cuckservative. Marine is left woman, the only point how they put on the table is islamic clothe and expulsion of stranger who commit a crime.
He have an another (((parti))), " the clear ligne" (la ligne claire) who try to talk about "THE BIG REMPLACEMENT" (40% of new born in "France" are no white). But this party do that only for make a damage controle.

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link to petition please

It's not a petition but the (estimated) amount of votes to get her a mandate.
They probably lift her immunity as fast as possible, but it'll still get her some time in freedom and maybe open some people's eyes.

filtered and reported

is it possible to be an anglo British nationalist and not be a trite autistic twat?
with their cap doffing and 90s British tv memes
then it must be a good thing. let the continent of Africa vote, more votes!
Europeanism > fox hunting cucks

well done, you have successfully mixed all the worst takes into one concise post


No, you dingus. We have to use all the available weapons simultaneously. Voting is one of them.

kikes shilling parties that have virtually no chance of making a difference to the detriment of parties that might have at least to some extent

This thread is about the elections to the European parliament, not Eurovision


Who gives a god damn. Burn it down.

PiS is completely jewed, and antiEU because theyre ZOG. Konfederacja is more antijewish and anti EU. still all jews like them all, but at least narrative is there

Liberals and Merkel puppets? Dont think so. Where do you think you are?

The pro-Jewish party? The party which has nothing but spectacular failures (often self-inflicted) in its portfolio and whose entire program is buying votes with government handouts?

You want to support Konfederacja - the anti-EU coalition of nationalists (Ruch Narodowy) and libertarians (Wolność)

The same reason they're in Euro football championships - they hate us cause they aint us, but try.

It's impossible to change the System's (((agenda))) with voting. The only thing you do when you vote, is giving acknowledgment and support to the System, in this case to (((EU))).

How about organizing a campaign to get people to write in Adolf Hitler? Imagine the kvetching.
We could call it

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Unless you vote for the Brexit party or UKIP of course.

True, but voting takes very little time so do it, and you should choose the lesser evil, the party with least amount of jewish narrative.

If the (((populists))) win the elections, the only thing that's going to change is that zionist kikery will be even more obvious and agressive than ever. Just like what happened with Drumpf.

If I was to vote that's the only thing I'd put in the ballot. But what's the point aside of imagining the 3 seconds of disgust in the face of the boomer that is going to open it?

Well, imagine it's thousands…

Was this suppose to be a joke? Brexit has yet to happen after years of it being voted for and I doubt it will change much when supposedly in full effect.

This doesn't change the fact that all you do is give ZOG your support and acknowledgment.

How about none, faggot? If the party isn't made illegal by the (((System))), it is the (((System))).
I'd say that only in a few Central/Eastern European countries there is a possibility of a party that could be voted in to power and work against the interests of the (((finance))), but don't forget what happened
to the Golden Dawn in Greece, after gaining popularity and refusing to compromise, they were made illegal.

So is basically every 3rd and 4th world country party.


A lot of those on the European right just use Israeli symbols to wind up Muslims and the left. It doesn't necessarily indicate they are under Zionist control. Personally, I vote for right-wing parties not because I agree with everything they stand for but because they shift the Overton window in my direction.

ITT: votecucks
OP thinks he can vote his way out of this, everyone point and laugh

There's really no downside to voting. It only takes 10 minutes of your day. Even if it doesn't have an impact it's still only 10 minutes and then you can go back to your other efforts.

The anti-vote shilling smells very jewish.

Not only voting. Just another battlefield.

You’re done.

There is no battlefield. You have no argument.

Austria is going to have a snap election due to government collapse
It happened right after 2 German newspapers pretended being Russians and tricked the vice chancellor into giving economical support.


Voting for nationalist parties at least pushes things in the right direction. Once we get nationalists in charge we can start working on converting to white nationalism. We need both political and minecraft solutions going at the same time for maximum effect. Many of these parties are ducks today, but we can work on that as well.

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Riots breaking out in manchester today when Tommy Robinson was on the campaign trail.

Reported for ban evasion.


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in this case, count me in

III. Weg: Real losers. Wearing strange pants. Half communists. Arab lovers. Maduro lovers.

Die Rechte: Real losers. Alcoholics. Half communists. Gay lovers. Arab lovers. Putin lovers.

cite the law you claim would require her to be freed

Vote Nerevar2020卐
Nerevar now or forever in the future
2020 is the year we CHIM out of this prison
Let them sleep who do not know, the final day is coming. Let the meek inherit the earth.

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Everything is a battlefield, no-vote shill.

Did you manage to meme yourself a new Hitler user?

yes goyim, believe that voting matters
dont do anything, leave for mine… your government, to take care of things important to you

you can choose between kike puppet nº 1 or kike puppet n° 2
you are totally in control there
and if the government sucks, you have no reason to revolt, afterall it was all your fault, you voted and you put them there



Hey goys, vote for Tommy! He's our greatest ally!

The NPD in Germany actually has a seat in the EU Parliament. They're atleast better than AFD, so I would recommend German anons to vote for them.

Just want to add that voting is actually very important for the national consensus. There are a LOT of Europeans who are radically opposed to all the crap going on in their nations; but you will never see it in the media, and places like kikebook and twatter actively ban and censor it, as well as their shady shadowbanning practices that hide your posts from the wider world. The hostile social climate that is again propagated by the media, and likely not a real thing, also has many people afraid to voice their opinions in public because they may be arrested/assaulted/ostracised (I am actually of the opinion that this probably NEVER happens, though potentially there are a few show cases; regardless it is certainly overhyped by the media to make people afraid of speaking freely in public).

Voting, assuming it is not overtaken by fraud (which in itself represents an opportunity should the enemy make a mistake; and they DO make mistakes), allows for the masses to see that they are not alone in their opinions. That was the biggest thing with the Brexit result and Trump; both of them may have (so far at least) not achieved a single practical change, but they did allow for 'nationalists' to realise that they are NOT ALONE. That is important. That is why voting is good.

Polish anons, DO NOT vote for PiS. They're a Zionist party and they broke many of their promises. We have a very based and redpilled party that's likely to get 3-4 MEPs. Possibly the only explicitly anti-Zionist and anti-Israel nationalist party in Europe. Don't waste your vote, go for Konfederacja. Have you ever seen a politician put a yarmulke on another politician's head before? We also have the youth behind us.

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Lul. You Eurofags will get more rapefugees and liberal leaders regardless of who you vote for. I thought you cucks would know this by now.

Shut the fuck up you fetishist sperg

Get out, dumbass.

Sorry, shlomo. Voting doesn’t matter. Nothing you have ever said or will ever say will fool us.

A German should vote for the best party that has an actual chance of getting into the parliament.

What is it with niggers these days? Learn to read. You are voting, not because voting makes any actual political difference; but because it shows the rest of the nation that they are not alone in their positions.

You people are genuinely more damaging to us than leftists. Of course democracy is shit and there is no democratic solution for most countries; you still use every single tool at your disposal every single time you can.

People are social animals. If right-leaning parties got 2% of the vote, average people will think “the BBC was right, these are fringe extremists, just a handful of tattooed drug-addicted neo-nazis.”

If the right-leaning parties get 20% of the vote, and every time average people turn on the TV they see well-dressed, well-educated, articulate elected leaders talking about stopping immigration, they think, “this is normal, many people feel this way and it’s okay to feel this way”.

I can’t believe I have to actually type this shit out and explain it to you.

UK/Scot user - Voted UKIP earlier. Death to the EU, Racewar NOW

fuck you!

As for the rest of you lurking:

The EU is not a democracy, it is not a country, and you should not support it.
Do not go !

So basically vote in nationalist parties and ensure the EU will be dissolved once they assume the power?

I back that idea, sage user. Not voting would let old politicians continue with same shitty politics.

Go fuck yourself

PiS is great, one of the top 3 or 4 parties in Europe. Look how they’ve accelerated things with Jews recently.

If this better party has an actual chance at getting into parliament- AND if they will vote with a large coalition- then by all means go for it, it this is not the time for meaningless protest votes.

*but this

I've done zero research I'm voting after work probably just gonna vote Brexit party I'm UK based obviously.

Main thing is to get brexit or kippers in, kippers probably better if you have a realistic option between the two

They're being absolutely nailed everywhere for cucking to the kikes.

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And yet, cucked less to them than anyone else in the white world.