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The Sumerian Swindle: How the Jews Betrayed Mankind: Volume 1 - The Sumerian Swindle by Banjo_Billy

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The author is a bit naive on the Sumerians, thinking they were lesser in intelligence than modern Europeans. And unaware of ancient history.

Reading the book he continuously stated that we should not see them as less intelligent… He also cites several historical artefacts that have been found and translated.

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Where can one order these books.

This. Post to the book thread not to a separate thread.

I think they are only available online, I provided the link. Here is the direct link to the website, there are also more books.

Well but the contents of the book are totally "POL" related. I hope we could discuss it here.

G_D still have not delivered the other parts of his books, he might be MIA

Volume 2 is here, cant find vol3, maybe not out yet

kys kike

Yes its not out unfortunately. I guarantee you its an amazing read.

Also it clarifies this retarded "Lizard people bullshit" He has the explanation why those ancient people had these lizard statues and its a great one. Also how it relates to rulership.


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Well so what's the story?
I guess Jews stole something. Is there magic involved? Does it read like the DaVinci Code?

You can’t guarantee that because it’s not out. It has been pushed back for over 5 years. It’s never happening.

Part 3 has been out for months dipshit.

Shouldn’t be too hard for you to post a link, then.

It seems to be taken down, I swear there was a PDF out. Maybe it wasn't done yet. My bad, I'm being a nigger.

So basically all of human civilization is Jewish conspiracy?


Does anyone know how to contact the author? Many of the links on the new website still don't work.

>Email :
Try that?

Ah damn I had missed that while I saw the other address, thanks

Yes, this is the same conclusion I came to as well, independently. Also, the jews are not intelligent, they are 'clever', meaning they are sneaky fucking slut globohomos…not intelligent. Intelligent people do not destroy, they create. Average jew IQ 84.


is there an audiobook of volume 2 or 3 ?

I paint for a living and cannot take my eyes off the canvas howver 90% of my workday is spent not really having to think much so I blast through audiobooks at an insane rate. Plz gimme vol 2 and 3 to listen to.

If they don't exist, I'll record one of them and upload it next weekend.

This would be SERIOUSLY badass if you did.

I don't think so, go for it.