BBC is funding "blackwashing" of Cleopatra

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"History Scholar" "Dr" Islam Issa, apparently an "expert" researched, suggests that Cleopatra is a black African.

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The UK is close to being America/Sweden level cucked

It has been worse for the last two years, TORmoron

America and Sweden never covered up 100s of girls being raped by pakis.

Not at all.

Highest tier of cuck: Sweden, Ireland, Canada, Germany
Second: France, Belgium, U.S
Third: U.K, Netherlands, Norway

Sweden is so cucked they don't even allow reporting of ethnicity. Same as France which some estimate as low as 50% White now

I've never seen her drawn as anything other than black or brown, this isn't news

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you sound like a cuckchanner or JIDF agent

She's white you zoned out Americucks do basic research

She would at the very best be a mutt, since her father was a Ptolemaic Greek. Her mother IIRC is unknown, most likely not a nigger monkey anyway but a local Egyptian woman, which have already been shown to have ~0% nigger DNA.

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Sweden probably did, but it'd be Somalians doing the raping. America only funds the rapes in both Sweden and the United Kingdom through the Government Agencies and probably hired Hollywood to film the rapes to be shown at secret Government Masonic meetings. You think a government founded by Freemasons isn't going to do hidden sexual rituals? You should look into how judges were against the FBI more than a century ago, thinking that it'd allow for a group to live beyond purview of the rest of the government and how many more similar agencies pop up every year?

A lot of young girls go missing in these United States and sex trafficking in "Western" countries is growing at an alarming rate.

Both of those are Caucasian. Can you Americans stop gatekeeping white when you're all like 2% native American you shouldn't be talking. Native Lebanese/Berber/Saudi all white, interalised colourism is in your mindset because you're been ((brainwashed))

I wasn't ready for this feel.

Meanwhile in Egypt
Egyptian Actress Slammed For Racist and Offensive Blackface Scene

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There's a picture of Cleopatra in Herculaneum; Red hair, brown eyes.

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They're doing it to everything. I checked out a show for workout material called "egypt's unexplained," black washed "reenactments"/flashbacks with all the Egyptians cast as full blown niggers, quite ridiculous, stopped after a few minutes in, back to old and jewtube creator made content like:

hair color is the same as the eyes, thus it's likely brown as well, not red


Funny, the earliest surviving "travelogue" on Harkhuf's tomb in the time of Pharaoh Pepi II is about the enslaving of a Black African.

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only in your fantasies TORfag

But she was clearly a Greek transplant. There were plenty of Greek groups who had transplanted to Egypt as well even before Alexander. Like mercenaries who had settled down after their duty. And then you have Alexander the Great who encouraged his men to breed into the ruling class nearly everywhere centuries before this took place. And no doubt even further interbreeding between the ruling class and Roman/Italian officials/diplomats/merchants.

And you think one Historian would have said "oh btw Cleo is a nigger monkey"

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Niggers weren't even kangz.

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Cleo was an Hellen, the ancient greeks before the goths migrated into Greece.

It's called shitstaining, user.

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why did he shave his eyebrows?

non-whites are not hairy.
even "European" Semites like ashkenazi jews are more hairy than their less white cousins.

and very greek nose
which is fitting for a descendant of Ptolemy, macedonian and companion of Alexander

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what are you talking about. if i were in the UK i would be in jail for anti semtism thought crime

I guess the expert is a expert in…

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She is literally a white woman from the Ptolemy dynasty, this is not even a historical guessing game, like factually she is white. Which we know from first hand sources such as two of the most important men in roman history Julius and Augustus.

Make sure to spread these facts.

You can't even own a knife in Britain. People practically have cameras in their bathrooms and they think it's totally fine.
The UK is the most cucked place on earth.
I'm not hating on the English, I love my English brothers, but if I had to choose between Sweden and the UK, I'd choose Sweden instantly.

nigger do you think this matters?

The BBC also funded a documentary about the extinction of the Neanderthals and the movement of Sapiens into Europe. Of course the Sapiens were all niggers who killed all the Neanderthal men by throwing spears at them followed by having sex with all the neanderthal women who birthed children who would become the 'modern European' we know today. One of you brits with nothing to live for should really line some TNT around BBC headquarters in minecraft and blow that place sky high already.

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That's almost an anagram of 'Netherlands'

It's how Japs with cat fetishes say "they're tall"
Asians are more "neandertall" than any other group.

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She wasn't played by a white the first time around.

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No they are denisovan. Connected to neander but a distinct difference.

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I appreciate your corrective input but the joke I was making was "nyan der tall"

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