Age of Consent Shills

Why don't you like age 13 pussy, goy?
Seems (((they))) have been pushing for pedo culture… we've already seen enough with Pizza Gate. When will (((they))) stop?
Sage this shit. Sloppy job Mossad.

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The younger they could screw = The yonunger they could do drugs too.

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Two words: cultural marxism.

Two words: deviant jews

Global report.

So true. We should raise age of consent to 21, only Tyrone and Abdul should be fucking our prime teenage virgin white women.

I don't mind lowering the age of marriage to 14 or so if divorce is made near impossible like in the old days. But lowering age of consent for non marital sex with somebody that young should be punished by death. Non marital sex, in general, should be illegal outside of the traditional well regulated brothel / pubs that we had in medieval Europe.


you sound like a muslim cleric

I prefer them to be of legal age, you Jew.

Girls become women by 13, and old hags by 21.

Nope, we'd be expanding our prison populaces and creating new work programs for them. Nothing like cheap migrant labor.

The problem is that women start riding the cockcarousel at 14. What you gonna do about it? what can you to about it? I tell you what.. grab them by the pussy.

It's was never about the age of the child, it's about your lust driven age preference.

Ugly mutted people take our lolis and we are handed theirs? Sounds even more Jewish than diddling underage girls.

that's not even an equivalent exchange. It's creating an imbalance.

The answer is no

It's called mongrelization and has been forced onto humanity since the Roman Empire.

That's an amazing false dichotomy you were able to spin out of OP, jews can turn anything into anything, it's really an awe-inspiring ability.


Fucking prime 14 yo fresh pussy is the ultimate redpill. Imagine restraining yourself because muh whatever. Nigger what?

What's the deal with her and why am I seeing her everywhere?

We don't trade quality for quantity.

Pedos will be strung up along with all the other deviants on the DOTR

nobody actually has sex with the lolis you dumbass, they are used as bait to catch dumbasses ooking and trying to be thugs.

I'm not the guy who is only aroused by a specific age range? You're cucked to your socially engineered desires, and you have to lie to children to get some.

Is that what you tell yourself to sleep better boomer?

The lolis are getting fucked. The Chads that mastered the pickup teen techniques are doing the fucking.

It's natural to be attracted to women in their prime. You are socially engineered by a jewish feminist "age of consent".

It's not a false dichotomy, it's the reality of our present situation. White men are not able to marry virgin brides so instead young white girls find themselves and expirement by fucking a nigger or two before they're 18. Ideally we wouldnt have niggers in our countries or casual sex outside of marriage but that is the reality

So in a word, Capitalism.

Yes, when you're in your prime, you disgusting old creep. You do realize that you psychologically overcompensate your own ugliness with the beauty of children?

Of course Africans are fucking underaged girls before they have a clue.

Mercantiism is not Capitalism. Mercantilism is an advanced form of Phariseeism.

jews only ever twist natural laws into the opposite. So when they created the age of consent to get a dialog about sex with children going, the answer is the opposite…they wanted to hide the dialog about the age of the pedos.

several years ago an intern, an admin asst I had working for me she admitted she began having sex at 13, and loved, did it in secret, a lot, like everyday after school with an older man. She would never identify him, This is her telling me about it when she was 18. If I wasn't married, she would have been the perfect wife and mother at 15….. that is 2 years after she began fucking. I've kept up with her over the years, She is currently enrolled in some technical college now, for like the 3rd time, trying to learn a trade, no children, no car, on the edge of poverty still.

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It's way worse than that, user.

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Male prime is 30. Female prime is 16. Get over it jew.

Shut up roastie.

So many complicated words to describe criminal theft.

The problem with this board are the fucking losers frequenting it that have no experience with females. No surprise fucking virgins get triggered when they found out Chads fucked their virgin unicorns.

it's only theft if you're the guy getting the high interest rates.

What makes you think OP wants age of consent laws to only apply to whites you dumb fuck? Yes, it's a false dichotomy that your only two choices are a world of niggers fucking children or no age of consent laws.

To breed you moron, not to live out your sex fantasies. Also being attracted to an age range means losing attraction after passing it. Just admit that you're a freak of nature that wants to take advantage of children for your corrupted sex drive, and that you don't give a flying shit about the human behind the body.

Truth hurts, doesn't it?

The monetary system was corrupted by usury from the very beginning, we might as well call it usury. Money is nothing but debt slavery and an excuse for every crime in the book.

a males prime is not at 30.

More like around 45.

Must be 50

actually it wasn't corrupt until the 20th century, but I agree usury is shit. Especially if the money creation is controlled by the criminal class, which it almost aways is.

We don't think of that as bug but a feature, we like women and faithless promiscuous "chads" can't find this place agreeable enough to turn it into another bazaar for the whores of babylon.

from a practical standpoint, she really didn't want to work, she is not very good at professional tasks. Her typing speed is terrible, she is not going to be the CEO of Amazon, she slaves away at different menial jobs over the years, I'm sure her feet hurt at the end of everyday. In retrospect I thought it sad that society is so fucked that a guy of 30-35 didn't simply marry her and start a family, Considering this was in 2012, she became sexually active in 2007, at the age of 13. In the past 12 years she could have had at least 4 white children. She loves, and I mean absolutely loves children. However guys in her peer group are retards. She comes from a family of 7 so at least her father wasn't a soyboy cuck and did things right for the white race.


Self inserting much, you old fucks?

She is the new jewish weapon against men. Tough girl that feigns like to play rough, emulates as if she was been abused during her pubescent years to send empowerment vibes to young whores riding jamal's dick. When you get to 30 you gotta see those faces been thrown around like the last 2 decades, 1 each 5 years.

You fucking subhuman ape, niggers don't care about laws. They will fuck your precious virgin white girl because you are too much of a cuck to approach her because muh age of consent

To breed yes. Cum in them and leave them pregnant. Create an army of future aryan soldiers.

No. All of them would be taken care of. At least much more than your favorite nigger would do.

Do you know that the dollar today is worth -22.2 trillion dollars? Why would anyone accept money?

I am still in my 30's genius. I have known many professional athletes. Their speed drops as they get coser to 40, but their skillsets, coordination, balance, and endurance all keep progressing well into their mid 40's.

All of the best Martial Artists in the world are in their mid 30 to mid 40 range.

Literally watching hounger guys think thwy are hot shit all the time means they haven't traveled and met people better than them.

Get out more.

Spoken like a true wizard. Take the lolipill friend. Trust me. Trust the demon. Trust anyone but your virgin self.

The thing is you must get her when is a virgin. Simple as that. And to get her as a virgin, you must get her when she's under 16. The rest is jewish lies. Muh age of consent and all that bullshit. All of that made to prevent aryan from having offspring that will assault the status quo.

because the entire planet's economy is leveraged on that debt.

you should have impregnated her
not boast about your failure to do so

Good for those guys, but they are not sitting on their asses, watching naked kids on screen while jerking themselves into a criminal obsession like you do.

"Trust thyself, every heart vibrates to that Iron string." Even you shriveled, 3 sizes too small heart, Moishe.

That's an illusion, it's actually leveraged on the fear what the jews might do if you say no to them.

Is that what I do? Here thos whole time I thought I was just training to climb Everrest and K2

a fat skank Jew bitch at Starbucks put a neurotoxin in my Hot Chai Latte this morning. If I had not been acclimated to that particular neurotoxin already, I would probably be dead and in the morque right now.

the reason I use the age 30-35 is because, even though I am married, and was then, were I single then (((society))) has conditioned me that a man of 45 (which is was) it would be inappropriate that a 45 year old man have a relationship with an 18 year old female, no less a man of 40 have a relationship with a 13 year old. When she was 15 I was 43 and pretty much set financially. This jewed society is a fucking nightmare. I wish I could relive my life knowing what I know now, and yet, even if I try to tell you guys this…………… most of you would call me a boomer faggot, but there is wisdom in what I can tell you but you don't want to learn from my mistakes. You young guys want to make the same mistakes I made generation after generation and this is why the jew calls you goyims, because your default mindset is that of cattle. So trust in the jew, trust in the plan, Q has your back. Me? interested in only your own best interest, I am a boomer faggot.

ps. I fired her for drug use, sadly, what's it called "molly" don't even know what that shit is.

I don't give a shit about the Romans. They lost to a bunch of desert cults and drink leaded water.

I must point out that you're not making a good case for coordination with all those typos in your post :^)
Carry on

Father's should have the right of castle defense and protection of their daughter's virtue from brigands should be included with that.

No, Iran, Syria, and bitcoins black market economies are not.

But, your point is taken as being the US dollar is really backed by the great mass of slaves who are encumbered by it and labor to fulfill the genocidal wishes of its masters.

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High school and she's already well on the road to being a tub of lard.

Which prime?

physical prowess or social status?

there's nothing wrong with that age gap

Your standards are your standards, but hsitorically the age gap was around what you just described throughout most of Mainland Europe.

I don't listen to Jews about mistakes, they see themselves as the spiritual guises of humanity and morality while openly throwing out all hints of adhering to standards and morality. Weasels and ferrets are more trustworthy.

Q and Q force actually don't get along with the Jews.

Go drink whatever you gave your ugly lying Jewess.

No need for me to do so, I love my wife, my children make me very very happy, and quite proud, my youngest daughter recently graduated college with her BS. I keep telling her to get her MA and I will help her pay for it. I don't need young pussy myself, but I do and have thought of the implications of it all. I'd be divorced, I like my wife, my kids would think I was shallow, and be disappointed, these thoughts are in the context of the OP only. Not for myself. But for you guys, simple fact of the matter is, girls have always become sexually active much younger than their fathers would like. This girl, blond, blue eyes, hella sexy bod, was available for marriage at 13-15…… yet it's not possible in this jewed society.

Social status is mostly Jewish garbage.

See this is what the E Euro criminal thugs know, the giant slav assholes; they pic out the hottest up and cumbers when they're 12 hell, even 11 and fuck them and then they have a girl that totally falls in love with them with all her little heart. She will do anything for her man, he is her god. It's perfect for living in a brutal criminal jungle world where the sewer lines don't necessarily get repaired and everything is shit.

lol lol lol
ZOGbots my friend ZOGbots
These white men would pummel your ass. And joyously imprison you for nigger dick. No thank you.

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You guys are implying a girl that is having sex at 13 wants to marry someone. She probably hates marriage because of her parents, TV and now we have instagram(prostitution) thots to thank. A girl that is offering herself as if she was bubblegum, is not looking for a bright future. Every single one I met that dealt with sex as if it was nothing, ended single mother with 1 to 3 kids from different fathers. The ones that used it as a blackmail tool, would at least, get some of what they wanted. OFC, I barely met a girl all my life that would only have sex to the ones they loved. Must have been 1 to 2 girls max. Still, I would pic related.

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One click of your keyboard at the time.

They don't do it themselves, they make your own race do it to you.

No, they believed the jews when they said cheap slave labor is necessary, then they believed them again when they said let the slaves stay, they are going to integrate…and then the last ruler of the Roman Empire was a weak as mongrel who couldn't protect shit. And what do you know, the jews survived, while the rest didn't.

Does avatarfagging with another ugly female makes you feel somehow empowered, Stacy?

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That's the problem. They are arguing about the age of consent…for sex. Marriage and procreation doesn't even come up in their corrupted view of the world, and this is all based on the sexual revolution propaganda from the 60s. If this was about creating stable families the age gab discussion would be very different.

not imply anything, I am relating a 1st hand account from a girl that stated she just wanted to spend days in bed, and be taken care of. As I explained, there was no "probably". A"blackmail" tool only arises because of this jewed society, young girls of 13-15 would marry excitedly if the didn't disallow it. Cops and Law Enforcement love to implement jewish law and make it seem like sexual abuse……… hence we have white genocide, declining birthrates, broken homes, child support, civil divorce courts, other than promoting a broken status quo your comment does nothing than rationalize, and justify an extremely broken society.

Yes, you are correct, I am speaking of stable families. However, under 18 or under 16, under the law in these jurisdictions bring hefty, life ending criminal penalties. We've all seen it, the 35 year old female teacher having a relationship with a minor male student, 3 years probation. A white man do the same thing 55 years in state prison. this is the jewed world we live in.

jews in the 60s - enjoy sexual freedom and fuck whatever hole you want
jews in the 70s - kill your babies with abortions and keep fucking
jews in the 80s - now fuck male assholes
jews today - hey your birthrates are declining we have to replace you with nigger now

only reason he made this ""anti pedo shill"" thread is so there's a pedo thread up for them to shill pro pedo shit in
hot sexy girl for attention and the sloppy job epic meme gives it away

Another fan of sharia

There is literally nothing wrong with White Sharia.


Fuck, Windows keeps resetting my clock to GMT. How do I get this to stop?


perhaps, you're correct, however it's why I wanted to add my context into this thread. I think there are millions of white, single, 30-35+ american men, stable financially who would, as a dream, love to marry and have an awestruck 15 year old wife at home, having their babies……. but that is a total fucking degenerate fantasy in todays world standards…….. and several 45+ roastie whores are soon going to tell you why

It's me trying to type while having a pseudo heart attack. neurotoxin.

I don't really care what they do to themselves.

I am a Royal, there's not many people from my race in this area. Almost all of them were in the next county over during the season. My people don't do this shit to me, because I have never been anything other than a credit to them.

The Jews destroyed the Romans through covert debaseement of their currency. That's how they always take control. They are called the moneychangers for a reason.

Q force doesn't care. Who did you think Q was?

Pedos will land in the same hole right next to the fags, dykes and their kike enablers.
Why would anybody want to lower the age of consent? 13 year olds are annoying and their fathers wouldnt let some pedo creep marry them, it really is only about being able to seduce and rape children without any fear of repercussion.
Ok, lets abolish the aoc but then fathers are also allowed to kill/K.O. anybody who touches their children without their consent, because thats the part of history paedos like to ignore.


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people never played cards, didn't know that Queens and the Queens of Battlefield would get along to organize abainst losing more good European and other good men in pointless foreign entanglements.

Didn't know that this started when Q went to OZ to eet with big green and ran into super secret ninjas with maps.

Ever heard of arranged marriage, your highness?

As well as mongrelization and selling them into accept a suicidal religion. We're talking jews here, so of course they play every possible angle.


I don't follow Q or really understand much about it, him or what it's about. I think it's a LARP. I think is unwise to follow thingS, or people, especially witgh the way jews have been operating world wide recently.

ps. Photo taken 21 years ago, Clearwater Beach Police or Pinellas County Sheriff dept. Good shot right? I never published it until today.

But these goys, all of them will bust your fucking ass if you touch the young pussy, an feed you up for jailhouse nigger dick. Thank the jews, all of you, thank the jews.

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>tradthot roasties are so mad that men are getting redpilled about their jealousy of teenage girls and leaving them out in the cold that they're actually trying to claim the feminist (((media))) which has constantly shilled against men being allowed to fuck prime teen babes for fucking decades on end is somehow pro-age of consent lowering
Everyone point at the roastie and laugh.

Men stay in their prime for much longer than women. Besides, the 20s are the prime of a man's life appearance-wise and it's illegal for 20-year-olds to be with 14-year-olds in amerishitland, so your cucked as fuck objection isn't even true. Eat shit.

I already have an arrangement. The proper way to address me is Lord. Highness implies the churches have lifted me to this position. I took this with sheer willpower.

Martin Luther was the man to listen to. Not allowing priests to marry is blasphemy.

Ah yes, how could we forget Lord Faggot of the 8 channels.

Age of consent.

Laundry List of Ages USA;
0 to buy Caffeine an addictive substance
?? Age of Consent with person under 18?
15-17 to be a Child Bride?
16 Age of Consent with person over 18?
16 to Drive unaccompanied?
18 Vote
18 Join the Military
18-21 buy Cigarettes/tobacco
18 buy a Rifle
21 to Gamble
21 to Drink
21 to smoke/eat/vape Legal Cannabis/Weed
21 to buy a Pistol
26 to be off your Parents Medical Insurance

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Implying that I am a Latin King gangster. Thanks for revealing yourself jew.