My WIP Manifesto, just want feedback and discussion on its contents

Below is the link to my manifesto that I have been working on regarding the National Socialist party. I have outlined therein many examples of why such a party is necessary pin-pointing every viable topic I have learned about while lurking here and on other NatSoc pages.

My purpose in sharing this here today is because I want feedback. What should be added and what should be either taken out or further indulged? The title thus far is: One Nation, One People or ONOP. I thought of this name in a dream.

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Posting it ITT for anons


Our way of life is being threatened by an evil force capable of destroying everything we have ever lived for. There is a people who would want nothing more than for our people to simply stop existing. These people are nothing more than a trickster leech on our society which the white man has given them. They are the jews, and everything the jews have received is because of the white man. They did not receive Israel themselves; no, the received it through trickery. Everything any race has, they can ultimately be thankful of the white man for either inventing or gathering for them. The white man is everything to this world. Without the white man, all other races could not survive. The jews would have no one to trick, and all others would have no one to leech off of. The whole premise of this modern world is that the white man is an oppressor and should be brought to their knees. But, in reality, we are the backbone for all of western society as has ever been known. We are its inventors, its founding fathers, and we have the right to protect what we have worked for a thousand years to obtain.

It is now, however, that we see a rise in communism and cultural marxism. The latter term should be the most alarming. It means that any minority group has the right to overthrow its oppressor no matter how much evidence they have to actually prove that they are being oppressed. It is much the opposite in reality. In reality whites are being oppressed more than has ever been seen in any time before. We are the definition of evil as taught in the marxist school system. We are apparently responsible for all the wrongs in today's society. This is purely Jewish propaganda that the other inferior races simply cannot conceive as such. We are aware, however, that in reality the minority groups are heavily bringing down western society at an alarming rate. Countries in Europe are already waking up to this and starting the necessary steps to put an end to it. We, as Americans, need to wake up and put an end to it as well before it gets as out of hand as it has over in Europe. We must stop the murder, rape, low iq, cultural marxism, support of communism, and overall anti-traditionalism that is consistently being spread by the leftists of this nation. We need to find solutions to stop them.

The Solution.

One such solution is that we build an ethnostate which allows only whites to live within it. This state obviously would be superior to the one we live in now. The main problem is in going about building an ethnostate. We must find an area capable of housing all whites, and also somewhere where there is little need for expropriation of minority property. Many have proposed that we use the North West part of the United States. There, the population is already about 95% white. This means even without removing anyone non-violently, it would already be an ethnostate by many's standards. That would mean staying in America instead of forming a European ethnostate in Europe which is justified. America is a European founded nation. As I've said, we founded this nation. Therefore, we have a right to it and shall have the say in its future. Forming an ethnostate in America, however, relies strictly on a peaceful solution. The worse alternative is a civil war. In a civil war, we would acquire even more land than aforementioned, but this would result in heavy casualties and terrorism, and is definitely not the best route to go about in forming an ethnostate. Nonetheless, an ethnostate must be secured to insure the survival of our race for millennia to come. Without an ethnostate, our race will be marked out by the left and our history, heritage, culture, and traditions literally erased and forgotten; as we are already witnissing. We will be oppressed one thing at a time until we are locked away in communistic gulags or simply made slaves of the Jewish new world order to serve for them and their minority puppets.

In terms of other peoples I must bring to attention that I do not hate them. I much more so feel pity for them. They have been made slaves to the Jewish influence far more than whites have. Actually, the slave trade that brought millions of Africans to the Americas was majorly carried out by jews. These people are not free to think and live how they want and they haven't been able to because of the Jewish influence. They are systematically oppressed and forced to believe that they are incapable of doing things for themselves so they are lead to only wanting to be supported by white services. We whites are not innocent in our servitude, however, and this must be known. We enable minorities and incentivize them to stay poor and to stay oppressed. I believe that if these people are worth surviving in this world, that they must survive on their own with no major help from anyone else. I believe in a world where Ethnostates make up the majority of the world's nations; and I believe that all cultures, heritages, and peoples are being threatened by multiculturalism to some degree. I believe that we can live in a world where people are respected, but that world cannot live on when different ethnicities clash with one another. We should be neighbors; not live in the same house. Therefore it should be known that the Jewish threat is global and not just against whites. These people want to rule over everyone else. It's just that whites are the only ones currently aware of this.

Furthermore, we whites need an ethnostate to protect our society at all. Right now it is being degraded constantly by the left. The degeneracy they are trying urgently to bring to fruition and make normal is completely sickening. They are trying to normalize gender dysmorphia, child sexuality, pedophilia, homosexuality, and much more. These practices will devastate a civilized society and cannot be allowed to persist in one. It must be put to an end at all costs. We must celebrate traditions once again and build a future for our future generations to be proud of and want to carry on. We must not allow hedonism to take hold ever again which allows people to just live on auto-pilot. We must embrace the eternal struggle of life, and together we can. We must fight for what we want in life, not expect it to simply be handed to us. We must stand now, more than ever, and say "no more." to the jewish oppressors who are behind all the degeneracy.

The Jewish influence in America is greater than anyone would imagine. The jews are behind every thing wrong with society and they are a leech which is sucking society dry. It is evident that: the CEO of almost every big news and social media company are jews(Zuckerberg), the CEO of a lot of pornography companies are jews(Fabian Thylmann), the politicians who legislate the sick leftist ideologies are mostly Jews (Chuck Schumer, Ruth Ginsberg, Diane Feinstein), the lobbyists who back the sick leftist ideologies (George Soros), a lot of degernerate Hollywood movie producers and actors are jews (Speilberg, Weinstein, and Rogen), the owners of many false-pride causing sports teams are overehelmingly Jewish, as well as false-pride causing medias (Stanley Lieber), many leaders in the science world (Einstein and Franz Boas The Father of Modern Anthropology) are jews, the owners of the big banks like the Federal Reserve (Rothschilds) are jews, and finally a lot of the early communist party leaders worldwide were Jews (Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Marx in Germany, and Leon Trotsky and Vladimir Lenin in Russia). This can all be easily seen if one just pays close enough attention. You must do your part as well and name the jew. Expose them for what they are. Shine a light on the rodent, and it will scurry into the darkness.

America itself, unfortunately, is too far gone to save; It has been since the 1960s; which before then, America was a white ethnostate with traditional values and a still civilized society. Also, our military doesn't fight for anything more than corporate America and securing oil in the middle east which should not be allowed to happen. Our military does not fight for our nation, and especially not for the interests of our people. It fights for the interests of big international corporations that are ultimately lead by jews. These corporations are only using our military to get their dirty work done in three ways: First to make them money in gaining oil for them, secondly by devastating the nations in the middle east with war and terror and causing refugees to pour into western society seeking "asylum" therefore destroying western society as well, and third in making living space for the future Israeli empire which will one day stretch across the former middle east and maybe even northern Africa.

Seems more and more of a shut 8ch down attempt.

The jews themselves are not stupid people, but they are a devilish people and only care for themselves. The want nothing more than to seek power over everyone and reign in a new world order where they are the only world power and can control everything in a communist government 1984-style. The white ethnostate would be purely different in that the goal is not to become a one world power and reign over all else. Its goal would simply be to protect our people and insure our survival for generations to come. It would be more isolationist and not allow huge international corporations to overrun the government of power and allow for things to happen as they are now. It would force the corporations to instead work for the people and not against them. We must form a strong government which is capable of protecting our people at any costs from the inevitable jewish influence and danger that we may encounter. Our government should be founded upon the idea that our people come first in legislation that goes on within the country, and no other people shall overshadow or overthrow ours. This should be written first in a new constitution. We should come to be fond of such document and know that no matter what, that document is proof of the guaranteed survival of our people. It should also be written that our purpose is not to harm any other peoples and that it is not our intention to do so. We will not end up like other Nationalist nations and have our name tarnished by propaganda which creates such bad publicity that it is impossible to ever convince people that what they falsely believe to be true simply isn't by the fact that there is not evidence of such things ever occurring and that the statistics are simply false information thought up by the allies and the Soviets after World War Two. That's why, to insure that this cannot be said about this new Nationalist nation, we must make aware that we will not harm any other peoples and that it is not, and never will be our goal in any way. We must hope that other peoples decide to do the same for their people and that we may some day have the world restored to the way it should be with each nation carrying it's own individual people and not having nations consisting of every race.

Multiculturalism is a failing system and is very fastly being exposed as such before our very eyes. We have always been warned about the devastating effects of multiculturalism as far back as Aristotle in Ancient Greece and as recently as the Germans in World War Two. It is just that, as said before, we are now seeing its devastating effects unfold right before our eyes and this is frightening to many people. It can make one think of how and why such a thing was put in place to begin with when things were amazing before multiculturalism was put into practice. We cannot allow such a thing to happen ever again. We are now the voices that must be heard in warning the future about the devastating effects and consequences of multiculturalism.

The Complacency and Hedonism Problem.

We should let the mistakes of our recent ancestors be made an example of how not to run a society. We must be more responsible and look out for our society and people far more urgently than they did. The people who let our values go in the 1960s to pursue hedonistic lifestyles are in part to blame for letting the jews take over as well. However, it is still the main fault of the jews for creating the hedonistic media and consumables to be obtained in the first place and even more their fault for taking that opportunity to begin their plan on instilling multiculturalism and leading us down the path we are on now. We must not allow ourselves to be enticed by the hedonistic way of life and give up all that we had once stood for. We must be constantly aware that the jews are always thinking of plans to take over our society and destroy our way of life. So, we should be constantly weary and never let our guard down for the sake of our people.

Some have already let their guard down as we see with the rise in Civic Nationalism that has been brewing since the 1960s. The speeches of Martin Luther King Junior were rought together by a Jew named Stanley Levison who was under investigation at one point for being a part of the American Communist party. A lot of people are unaware of this, and that is troubling. The very fact that our nation could be shaken into believing in egalitarianism, a communist idea, is heart breaking and brings a great sorrow. People today want so ardently to believe that we are all the same, that they ignore their own instinctual judgement and believe that all peoples are just as capable as we are. This is not true, as I have said previously that our differences are more than enough to make us incompatible as different races within a species. Slowly people will come to terms with this, but it will be through struggle and devastation that they learn their lessons. People need to be held accountable for what they are doing wrong within our society.

Woman, first, should be held accountable most importantly for what they have done. It is they who first rallied to get the right to vote, and as soon as weaker men caved, they immediately began a campaign to destroy everything men had since worked for to create for them. Woman left the households and went to work. They stopped being motherly, and stopped being at home for their children which has since resulted in the degeneracy of the past few generations. Modern children are left feeling lost in this world because they have essentially had no one to guide them on the right path towards becoming an adult. Modern women celebrate degeneracy like it's some sort of liberating new way to live. Modern feminism is a cancer on our society which allows women to dismiss men as unneeded and that women are capable of self preservation. None of these things are true, and yet they are literally taught in our modern colleges around the country. They are some of the most selfish and degenerate people in our society, and do not represent the morale and pure image of what a woman is supposed to be. They openly celebrate being overweight, being a whore, being a homosexual, degrading and berating men and masculinity, and the feminization of men, as well as being anti-family and against having children (most stand for abortion: the murder and mutilation of unborn babies or birth control which was invented by the jew named Gregory Goodwin Pincus). Modern women need to take responsibility for their own needed roles in society and choose to be better mothers and housewives.

The modern man has many flaws as well, but none as sickly driven as with the modern woman. With men, we have mainly stuck with our fundamental wants and needs in society, but how we go about fulfilling those wants and needs is totally degenerating and wrong. We want to have pride in something, and we want to fight off evils and protect a family, but we are being distracted from doing these things in reality by focusing on things which do not matter in the real world. These things are sports, video games, movies, and corporate identities. Instead of being passionate about one's homeland, modern men are passionate about sports and they associate themselves with this team and they are loyal and want the best for this team and are prideful when their team wins. This is exactly how men should be acting towards their nation and not for a meaningless sports team. The same goes for people who play video games or watch modern TV shows. Men get so entangled in these things and are so passionate about them, but can't take the time of day to do anything for their country and people to help better it when that is what matters the most in this world. The jews have simply replaced our sense of pride and passion for our country with a meaningless filler that must be let go to ensure the survival of our nation and people.


Now It should now be abundantly evident that the jews want to destroy our way of life and everything we have created. This has been able to be known about for a long time. This is nothing new, and it is exactly the same struggle that our people have been fighting for thousands of years. It is just that now the jews are on the brink of succeeding in their ultimate goal known as the Kalergi Plan. Richard Kalergi is a Jewish man better known as the founding father of the ideology which lead to the European Union. The union which currently seeks to destroy Europe from the inside out. The Kalergi plan is not common knowledge, many have never heard of it, but it is a plan for Jewish world takeover which is now being acted upon. The jews are currently preying upon Europe and America like they have never achieved before. I have already mentioned the ways they have influence on our daily lives, but that is nothing compared to what they may achieve if they are not stopped before they achieve it. The Kalergi plan is a Jewish plan to slowly gain influence into the world's economies and eventually take over the governments of the world and instill a world wide communist government where we are their slaves. Earlier I mentioned 1984, which is exactly what they want to create in reality. They are already so close to achieving this, but luckily people are already starting to take notice and awaken and see the truths which were right in front of us the whole time. It is the upmost importance that we awaken and put a stop to it before it is too late. I believe that it is not too late and that we can reverse the damage they have done. We must act now and spread the word about this great threat to our people. You must awaken and you must act now. It is utterly important, for our people, for our future.


I believe this manifesto will strike harshly upon the fabrications of the every day white man's mind and make them think more critically about the message they are fed from the MSM and other media sources which they consume blindly and mindlessly on a daily basis. My reason in writing this, firstly, is to make you think and become aware of what is happening to us and take action. Furthermore my goal and what I want the outcome of this manifesto to be is the following: Instill a fascist ethno-state government because of all former degenerate topics covered which will: Teach people how to be moral again, make people actually proud of their nation, bond our people together through a common identity, teach men and women why their roles in society are necessary to maintain a healthy and stable nation, teach children the moral way to live and grow up to be better adults than the modern man and woman, liberate people from the Jewish threat, make corporations work for the people not against them, and make society more militarily oriented and less hedonistic.

I just want feedback, read the manifesto too. I do not support violent acts.


A strong opening though it should have more examples and sources. What has the white man invented? What historical advancements are due to the white man? What is the white man in the first place? Remember: assume your reader has no knowledge whatsoever.

ensure, I think

Uncapitalize 'jew' and 'jewish' please.


Sources for the crimes of non-whites. Also explain the Frankfurt school and how the school system is marxist. Perhaps include a quote from Bezmenov about cultural subversion.

And don't call me "White".

>forming a justifiable European… which is justified

Explain the Novo Ordo Seclorum post WW2 status quo. I disagree that forming an ethnostate should be strictly peaceful. Much better is to deport shitskins to colonies emulating Liberia or Israel. Go into more detail how you wish to achieve the ethnostate and use examples of projects which failed and explain why and how your proposal would be better.

Really short pamphlets are a great idea. About 5-10 small pages jam packed with info that you can put in between books or wherever.

I am hoping anons follow my format and give OP plenty of feedback.

My summary: requires details and sources! This is all very high level. To be taken seriously dig deep.

No you didn't, that was literally Hitler's campaign slogan. My feedback is try to be more original.

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What is your first language OP? It isn't English is it?

What the fuck? I didn't know that. I seriously dreamt writing this slogan on white T-Shirts in some movement over a year ago after watching the American Propaganda film "Don't Be a Sucker" before bed.

Maybe you are the reincarnation of uncle Afolf, user.

How didnt you know it was his slogan?

Not your blog cunt.

Back back anyone there is only one way to confirm it.
OP what is your solution to the jewish question?

Are you gonna shoot up a mosque too?
Why not save yourself time and just fill your information in there?

Don’t let us down

Indirect, noncommittal writing
You're just throwing out ideas, nothing concrete

Also, get ready for the niggerfaggot mods to send this straight to the feds

Agreed. It also seemed to go back and forth between topics. You should start with the love of your country, and the achievements of the white man’s civilization. Then get into immigration and it’s harmful impacts, and discuss what groups and politicians are behind these forces. Then, expose the Jew by connecting the hidden similarity amongst all of the worlds globo-homo degeneracy. Touching as in depth as possible where you can, while citing sources.

"If the day should ever come when we must go, if some day we are compelled to leave the scene of history, we will slam the door so hard that the universe will shake and mankind will stand back in stupefaction"
-Dr. Josef Goebbels

Excellent work, OP. The only ideology worthy of the Aryan Man… The only cure for the degeneracy of our planet today is National Socialism. The increasing momentum of our now worldwide movement is fueled by the reverberations mentioned by Dr. Goebbels here. The only path to the Final Victory over International Jewry is NATIONAL SOCIALISM!


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So user, give us a hint, when will we know it’s you when the next kike-killer is arrested?

not gonna read all this shit nigger, effortpost then i'll read it all.

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This is the dumbest thing ever
How old are you?

i hope you're not gonna use the black sun instead of the swastika just because you think the swastika has too much "baggage" or something. the black sun is a holy symbol and it's already misused all the time by dummies who don't have a clue what it means. if you don't read books don't use it.

national socialism also has the "living document" philosophy that the american constitution is supposed to have, meaning that it can entail different things depending on the situation, so i would promote conquest rather than preservation if i were you (what is left to preserve?) but initially you should get the fundamentals out of the way; simple topics like family values and usury are easy. maybe even focus on this stuff the most. call it 'national socialism' but then focus only on the more palatable volkish ideas and get people to a point where they want the rest of it.
remove the 'also' and think about making israel more of a centerpiece. might as well bring up 9/11, the uss liberty, dual citizenship, etc.


Not going to happen. This isn't that type of manifesto and let it be known that anyone who thinks that is wrong. This is a party manifesto and nothing else. I want organization, not to harm anyone.

Thanks, they are trying to make me out to be the next shooter, but that is not my intention whatsoever and I hate the stigma around any far right manifesto nowadays.

faggot go suck your dad, theire is no political solution, you won't get elected into power, centralized party won't work again, we're already a decentralized power, you can't go back in time and you need to ride the kaliyuga, buy a piece of lande, breed a cute Aryan, and make a lot of warrior, or go outside and accelerate the collapse of the system by effortposting IRL nigger.

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why not?

user, I…

he seem young and frail, doesn't look like he ever got sucker punched in the face or knocked some teeth out.

Well, in the ONOP Party Logo I use the black sun

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Accelerstionism is dumb and anyone who supports it is either a fed (obviously) or sub-human caveman IQ and resorts to violence instead of a political solution

why not just join the GOP like any political realist? You are just advertising some bullshit self-creative method, you are not an authentic entity.

I can't blame you, you are probably around 17 years old, and watch "clown world" meme videos, your IQ must be pretty low.

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It works for O's for one
Also, I see it as more viable than the swastika in the beginning when first starting the party because who tf is going to vote in a swastika waving party?

no passion, no voice. It is funny that you speak of political power whilst dispossessing yourself of any individuality, speaking on an anonymous image board lol. You are not a great leader, clearly.

I'm ENTP so of course I don't organize myself, I think of ideas (the manifesto) and came to what I assume is a bunch of INTJs to help refine it. The other types are supposed to organize our refined work. Think user, think.

White Nationalism is the weapon they use to exterminate Whites

You’re never gonna make it

Never said I wanted to be leader.

The manifesto is my thoughts on the world and I see it aligned like Karl Marx where he outlines things as a fellow ENTP does and knows he alone is powerless and wants others to join and help make the dream happen

never gonna make it

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And being dead, or sitting in prison for life helps us how? I want to reiterate, I'm ENTP so I'm an ideologue, not an activist

Your're a faggot

Marc was backed by the jewish world you faggot
Never gonna make it


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So you’re not even afraid to risk your life for your ideals? Look at the great men and history and see if they were cowards afraid of spilling blood or having their blood spilled. If you risk nothing, you win nothing. Stop being a coward who’s afraid to rock the boat.

even earnest has bigger ball than him ans he was a thin wristred fuckboi

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nigger if you're worried about people being turned off by the swastika then you shouldn't be calling yourself a national socialist. the black sun is considered a nazi symbol by everyone anyways.
you accomplish nothing by doing this except further degrading that symbol. go find your balls and then use the swastika. the black sun doesn't need to become the next kekistani flag.


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Tough words for someone who isn't doing the same.

At least I took the time to organize our ideology into a readable manifesto that the average aryan can digest easily and have understanding of the topics to use in further self research.

Someone said earlier that this would be a good pamphlet to place around, and I agree.

you are probably an american mutant, not a german

I can ensure you that I am doing more than you. People can write thousands of manifestos and accomplish nothing. Fascism is about action, not soulless intellectualism with no punch behind it where you expect other people to be inspired by this garbled mess.

That's what it should remain. A pamphlet. OP has proven ITT that he isn't ready to do much at all. He should /SIG/ and learn until he becomes worthy of the cause he espouses. Or he should stick to making propaganda. His pacifism would indeed, as a fellow user correctly stated, earn a bitch slap from Dr. Goebbels.

I'd rather preserve some sort of modesty in this ideology and not have it shitted up with nonsensical violence and hardcore edginess.

Honestly, there is a lacking of intellectual ideologues in the far right. Far too many edgy violent fucks so no one will ever want to take us seriously

i reitere what i said first, if you don't effortpost, if you're name isn't Adolf Hitler, Anders Breivik, Brenton Tarrant or Jhon Earnest, nobody give a fuck about your view on the world, who the fuck you think you are to think you have anything to gove to anyone with your writing ? there is thousand of legendary text by powerfull writer twich dedicated their life into book and you think your bitch manifesto can even compare ? what narcissiesm is that ?

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Fascism is about marching in the streets and screaming death to the enemy. Not spending years hunched over a keyboard. We grow because we are strong. Might makes right.


It's only because they are misinterpreting the word 'manifesto'. It's semantics. Ignore glowniggers, kikes and shills

In reality, we need organization first, a party. I assume a manifesto whose purpose is to make people realize we need a party can't hurt.

are you intellectually illiterate ? do i really need to make a list of thousand name of ideologue ?

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I'm speaking of other Aryans, the brain washed cucked ones that need waking up. They will never back a group of murderous savages. Do you think Hitler and early NatSoc went around shooting up synagogues? No, they organized and gave speeches. We still haven't even organized.

Literally everything you just said is untrue. We have more than enough ideologues. We need men of ideology AND action. Modesty is for the weak who lack conviction: we must be loud, brash and uncompromising to win the majority. Nat Soc isn't about appealing to the lowest common denominator, it is about encouraging the common man to rise and transcend human constraints. Edginess is a fake concept promoted by jews who want to deradicalize and marginalize fanatical devotion to our cause. Violence is a valid tactic to achieve our goals.




they breaked the jaw of marxist in bar fight with adolf inciting gommunism to became violent for the SA to repaint the wall with blood

forgot the EIN FÜHRER

fuck the natSOCIALISTS
although you always want to think that these are government provocateurs but it's not

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larn your history, learn about Goerge Lincoln Rockwell

What the shit, never heard of the guy but big if true.

yes, jews have organized quite a lot of planned disasters for demoralising, distracting and disintegrating pro-white groups. the political option will require cunning and force backing it to keep itself alive. if, of course, the group itself is operating on pro-white principles and not subverted from the start.

do not take this as muh blackpill. it is realistic as to organise a political front is to organise on all fronts in most white lands since the enemy will be attacking from all sides. if you do organise a party and are sincere, i wish you good health. you will find allies, reluctant ones or not.

there is your problem m8, you repugne violence because you think you can build a party, you can't, other before you have tried, they all failed and got fucked hard. our advice for you is do not waste your life by following a path that is doomed to fail, i appreciate your willingless to help your fellow brother, butyou're as powerless as i am for that, we must learn whaqt worked, and what doesn't anymore, and it look like you aren't fully grown politically. godspeed brother.

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It reads like you’ve been here for under 90 days and just want to LARP as some hardcore 14/88er. Your writing style lacks depth and new insight. You touch on a range of topics that you don’t fully understand. Any WN will know what you’re trying to say but anyone who is not will see it as nothing but ramblings of some incel or other pejorative.
Maybe you should read 10 books that offer real insight. You talk about Americans like they’re an ethnic group. You’re putting an unescessary spotlight on the NWF. I basically stopped after that. Why does everyone need a fucking “manifesto”? Go write a blog.
Also you sound 15.

Fuck off you brain damaged boomer. The Nat Soc is marxism trope is so far off the mark it is practically out of this solar system. Yet, for the retarded, here again is why:

The party is all-embracing. It rules our lives in all their breadth and depth… There will be no license, no free space, in which the individual belongs to himself. This is Socialism… Let them then own land or factories as much as they please. The decisive factor is that the State, through the party, is supreme over them, regardless whether they are owners or workers.

Adolf Hitler

An entirely Americentric argument, spurred on by certain batty ideologues and infamous websites, claims that Adolf Hitler was not the far-right, anti-communist nationalist that everyone else remembers him to be, but rather an egalitarian socialist.[note 1] Much like the Discovery Institute and their assault on the theory of evolution, this attempts to evoke the association fallacy on anyone who practices left-wing politics and by that standard anyone who slightly leans to the left is an adherent of fascism. While the Nazis did oppose capitalism as an "international" ideology out to destroy the German nation, Hitler was not opposed to private enterprise within a national "sandbox". Furthermore, in order to get to power he allied with people whose economic views were much more pro-business, distancing himself from alte kaempfer like Gottfried Feder and bringing people such as Hjalmar Schacht into his circle.

The Nazi use of the term "socialist" most likely originates from the philosopher Oswald SpenglerWikipedia's W.svg[1]- famous for his book The Decline of the WestWikipedia's W.svg – from his book Preussentum und SozialismusWikipedia's W.svg whose view of "socialism" openly opposes Marxism and class conflict as well as supports corporatism:

“”English society is founded on the distinction between rich and poor, Prussian society on the distinction between command and obedience…Democracy in England means the possibility for everyone to become rich, in Prussia the possibility of attaining to every existing rank.
—H. Stuart Hughes. Oswald Spengler. New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA: Transaction Publishers, 1992. Pp. 108.
“”In general, it is a question not of nominal possession but of the technique of administration. For a slogan’s sake to buy up enterprises immoderately and purposelessly and to turn them over to public administration in the place of the initiative and responsibility of their owners, who must eventually lose all power of supervision—that means the destruction of socialism. The old Prussian idea was to bring under legislative control the formal structure of the whole national productive force, at the same time carefully preserving the right of property and inheritance, and leaving scope for the kind of personal enterprise, talent, energy, and intellect displayed by an experienced chess player, playing within the rules of the game and enjoying that sort of freedom which the very sway of the rule affords….Socialization means the slow transformation—taking centuries to complete—of the worker into an economic functionary, and the employer into a responsible supervisory official.
— H. Stuart Hughes. Oswald Spengler. New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA: Transaction Publishers, 1992. Pp. 109.
Spengler viewed Marxism as a foreign encroachment of the French and British and insisted on his form socialism with German characteristics:

“”Prussiandom and socialism stand together against the inner England, against the world-view that infuses our entire life as a people, crippling it and stealing its soul…The working class must liberate itself from the illusions of Marxism. Marx is dead. As a form of existence, socialism is just beginning, but the socialism of the German proletariat is at an end. For the worker, there is only Prussian socialism or nothing… For conservatives, there is only conscious socialism or destruction. But we need liberation from the forms of Anglo-French democracy. We have our own.
—Heinrich August Winkler, Alexander Sager. Germany: The Long Road West. English edition. Oxford, England, UK: Oxford University Press, 2006. Pp. 414

OP take a break from the thrad and think back about the point made, keep lurking for 2years, or train for to years then start making effortpost, either IRL or on Zig Forums to help other to learn more, before that you're a faggot, take pic related for love fren, you're going to make it but help yourself first.

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here is user's manifesto

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interestingly enough, anons on the internet are forming quite a formidable political force on their own even if it isn't an IRL party.

OP, keep improving, reading, being with your people and those you love, being with nature, and inspire more passion. i will be waiting to read the next version. other anons ideas on pamphlets sounds breddy gud tho

This kike actually does make one good point.

The importance of our Führer Adolf Hitler to National Socialism cannot be understated. This is vital: THE FÜHRER IS NATIONAL SOCIALISM. His words and actions should always be consulted and considered in all things. "Heil Hitler!" should always be used as a greeting and salute within our movement. This also goes for the Hakenkreuz or Swastika. Do not listen to optics cucks. The Black Sun is also a sacred symbol but the symbol of the Aryan man and National Socialism IS the Hakenkreuz. Do not forget this.


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Conclusion, niggers

larping levels are accelerating

Remember to filter and ignore bitter slavshits, kike shills and Bolshevik Zig Forums faggots such as this one. National Socialism enrages them and they will appear in any thread it or the Führer or National Socialism are discussed or even mentioned with shitposts and 'MUH SHITLER' spam without fail. They fear National Socialism and the Swastika.

the nazi party is dead, associating with it is literally a form of larping - there's a reason why the black sun is used to represent white identitarianism today, and why it encompasses a pan-Europeanism rather than simply Germanic identity, like the nazis.

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The movement is indeed worldwide now instead of only German thanks to their sacrifice before the world and the internet and global communications today… But make no mistake - the swastika is our symbol and Hitler our Führer. Using only The Black Sun because of 'bad optics' is cowardice.

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