Actual happenning habbening

Saudi Arabia says 2 oil tankers damaged by sabotage attacks
Whachya doing Pentagon?

Fake news!


Yeah… I kinda would like to know more about this incident, mr Pentagon.

So you're telling me that this attack, this "act of sabotage" managed to ignite tensions between Iran and the USA without spilling a drop of that precious, precious oil? Well, that sure is convenient.

From USA Today by author Jon Gambrell (archive finally working)

idk famalam. Seems a bit fishy to me.
Seems a bit too convenient for Zionist foreign policy advisors. That and the fact that these "saboteurs" can't even damage the precious oil.

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It was those evil Iranians goy, now you have to attack them!

It's all so tiresome.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say it was jews.

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But hey, at least they understood the impact of spilling the oil on their shekels and stopped short of that.

Did this happen in the Gulf of Tonkin? Asking for a friend.

I was wondering why jews would attack their Saudi pets, but then I remembered USS Liberty and 9/11.

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No jews ride today.

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I wonder, if America goes to war with Iran, will ZOG bring back the draft?

now /they/ have lists of every person they don't like to pick from

ZOGnald will certainly take the bait

Venezuela or Iran - (((they))) will force war with one or the other…
Bc (((they))) know (((Donald))) always takes the bait

I get a calm feel whenever I think of the Holocaust.

That might backfire on them.
If they try to draft up all the ray-sists, they might end up with thousands of young me whose only hope for deliverance is the complete destruction of the System and nothing to lose.

Gulf of Tonkin II
False flag boogaloo

Checked. I would say your limb is strong and correct and will hold weight

Not possible in modern society. The majority of young people are overweight and mentally I'll and unqualified to serve. Even if they did it would just be a clown world military of trannies, fags, shitskins and obese retards, while f35's were falling out of the skies. It would be annihilation. This could be another Gulf of Tonkin attempt but I doubt they can even get that right these days.


Why oil tankers though? And so low energy.


just like it did in Vietnam right? haha! (it didn't)

Surely this cannot go on forever. This System they have created is insane and unsustainible. Something will push it over the edge.

They cannot draft anymore, or even trust the people who volunteer. Too many people are Jew-wise, even if they don't admit it openly.

Fragging and "friendly fire" was a thing in Vietnam.

You've just been visited by your daily Kremlin sponsored thread. Good fortune will follow you all the days of your life if you say the words Cyka Blyat!

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Thank you for bumping, and congratulations OP for a properly-formatted post.

Gulf of Tonkin Incident 2.0 when?

NP mate. I'm up for a Putin circle jerk.

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muh (((sabotage)))
Firstly why are you believing the jew media and jew controlled state saudi arabia?
Secondly, read the gulag archipelago.
(((sabotage))) indeed.

The Chinese did it…

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Whatever it takes to prevent them from voting which still has SOME influence over elections.

Putin is a female-to-male transgender.
That's the classic way they cover up the femininity.
In this way they shunt the idea that a person could actually be female, outside the bounds of credibility.
Androgyny is a satanic rite, and they are all satanists.
There is no east/west dichotomy, a one world government is already established, but the populace is not ready to be told.

There would be objection.
And rebellion.
And armed insurrection.

And so the sickly drag cabaret continues to prance before us, playing out drama and reality TV·

Not my proudest fap.

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If the jew's plan is to keep the system going because the system's continuing is ending the White race then the system will continue through the use of Gentile Bucks. The system doesn't have to be made to "go on forever", but only long enough for enough White women to not have White children in their fertility window. That's it, in a matter of decades when such a plan will be accomplished this system can then be allowed to collapse because the jew's enemy in the White race no longer can field enough people for its survival, next the jews will start the same cycle in Asia, its a parasitic life cycle.

What force is there to stop this?

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Probably not from muh shiter faggots.

My pleasure. People used to expect this.
Glad to see that not all torposters are ban evading retards.

idk man. We've been voting for decades and the situation has only gotten worse.

Voting has some influence over the state of the country, which is why shit has been changing so much since niggers and women "got the right"

part of why

Surely the System, already weakened by multiculturalism and apathy of its bureaucratic classes, is near the precipice.
A large scale draft dodging and serious resistance would tip it over the edge.

How can we vote ourselves out of this genocide when the enemy controls the media and can flood any area they like with shitskins if ever their media monopoly cannot guarantee the lemmings will mindlessly vote for the khosher candidates?

No, you can't, you'd need to take voting away from half the population and reinforce the fact that humans are families not individuals.

You can DEFINITELY make it worse though. By sending the other half (who votes against you) to die in a foreign war.

Then let's make a pact that if we're drafted, we won't go.

no thanks FBI.
but also civil disobedience is your american duty.

Even though it's a war for Israel, a chance to legally kill Muslims doesn't come by often. I'm tempted to sign up today.

It has zero influence. The parties are run by Jews. Even if everyone in Arkansas wanted an antisemite candidate, the GOP would put only Jews on the ballot.
The good ole boys can vote till they turn blue, for on their ballot will only be Jews.

This schizoposting is personally endorsed and protected by the moderation.


Every day, the same shit.

Zig Forums and Zig Forums alone

Yeah, that's how Glompf was elected right? He was a jew plant by the jews to ruin america by suggesting that america take care of itself?
The (((establishment))) exists but it's not infallible.
2016's establishment candidates were Hillary and Jeb!
People voted after the suggestion that the election might be rigged against them. it is, but as a numbers game. illegal immigrants + sanctuary cities + no ID voting. They even tried to privatize gerrymandering during the midterms.

2020's establishment candidates will be some other (((republican))) and Joe Biden who they're framing as the democratic /return to normalcy/ candidate as opposed to all of the spicniggerlesbianfreemoney candidates.

Suit yourself, more meat for the grinder.

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are the current strategies.
The first was the black vote and then the women vote.

Yes but the best meat if provided by Rooskies. Vatniks make best cannon fodder.

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Go be a Trumpcuck somewhere else, in what world is the heavily indebted to the Rothchild Jew York mogul with Jewish in-laws in two Jewish children NOT the establishment candidate?

Was not some talks about interrupting USA military aid to saudi or some shit? I think it was black pigeon guy talking about how everyone is basically hostage to USA defending tankers and food transporters

Either way, why the USA even buys oil? Isn't the USA the biggest producer of it right now?

it's the same world where the CIA spook niggers son WAS the establishment candidate.
Stop being such a retard in public.

So you're telling me the people who have no qualms about killing their own to further their agenda would allow someone they don't control on the ballot?
How about EVERY candidate is compromised?

Tell me ONE thing Trump has done that wasn't according to the kikes wishes?

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Two points:
a)I thought we were now an oil exporter, which is why its worth it to poison next 3000yrs of ground water with Fracking.
b)Wouldn't we be getting oil from Norway, UK, Canada, MEXICO, and even Hugo Chavez before getting it from the exact opposite side of globe??? Yeah, I know there are diff grades of oil, but still.

IMO "Saudi oil to take to the United States" is just to trigger low-info Boomers into supporting Israel.

Since Israel is our sole source of problems with USA accessing Mid-East oil, to a Boomer it somehow makes sense when Tom Brokhall says "USA supports Israel because a strong Israel stabilizes the Mid-East, where USA has vital interests".

Actually, it would be in USA's interest to lock up non-Arab oil with agreements and military escorts from Norway etc, then "let the Mid-East explode". That would shutoff oil tankers to Japan, China, Korea etc as well as Western Europe, while USA would be fat and happy with protected oil supply.

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South Africa is only 10% white and still standing, albeit barely. Whites can be reduced to 1/10 of the population and be fully financially enslaved to support the other 9/10 shitskins and things will still remain semi functional.

All crude oil isn't the same. Refiners buy different grades and blend them before distilling to get the desired balance of end products.

That's not how the global economy works.

I grant you this but we must not forget that South Africa, like any other third world shithole (sorry to Boers and Anglos there but it's the truth, you can see it all around you) is propped up by the internationalist capitalist System. Knock out the main pillar of jewish control and South Africa explodes in an orgy of violence. Along with all of Africa.


According to my Anonymous sources at the DoD yes the threads of Jewish-American hegemony are fraying. Apparently the American military is tired and worn out, their equipment is also in a state of constant maintenance and upkeep. The end is nigh.

Any information on this?

Brenton Tarrant was a legal partisan fighting an invasion force.

The reason middle easter crude oil is still imported is because it is easier to refine. It is desired because it has the desired cocktail of hydrocarbons for a lower energy refining process.

I remember reading somewhere that it was easy to use off-the-shelf hardware to mess with a ship's GPS guidance system. Perhaps the guidance systems were sabotaged, leading to the collision of two tankers. Thoughts?

Which explains why he is rotting away in a cell.

Aside from the quality of the oil, by buying from the middle east, the U.S. can project influence in that region by ensuring they are a key player and that all trade occurs with U.S. Dollars.

False flag faker than the Gulf of Tonkin.

This. You faggots larp about joining a crusade, but this is as close as it gets. Lighting up hajis and raping beautiful Persian women gets my dick pretty hard fam. Besides, what else do you have going on in your life?

The kikes LARP about it here. I wonder how many suckers they roped in? Since military recruitment in the US is in the toilet, I'm guessing that not too many fell for it.
The reason they shill the right constantly is that 80% of Israelis ditch the obligation to serve, while of the remainder, only 30% go to combat units.

Typical burgerfat is fine with killing as long as his (((master's))) chains remain unbroken.

change the channel


Mmmmmmmmmm. So what do? Army or Marines?

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You have to understand one thing here. Oil is a commodity there are many different grades of crude as well. Commodity prices go up and down and companies purchase oil as a raw material.
SO this shipment could have been from a transaction that had been made years ago and gone through multiple parties hands until one party decided to take delivery on it. OR decided to actually use the crude to make plastics or fertilizer or bearing grease etc.
Make any sense user?

I'm a pretty big degenerate in that I'll fuck any girl other than a nigger. It's shameful, especially when over 25 of my conquests are jewesses, but it is what it is. That said, I'd have no shame being with these chicks, that's top tier genetics no matter what you think about race mixing.

Anything's possible, user. The state department isn't releasing any specific information.

I'd believe that. And the sooner the better.

Imagine wanting to be ZOG's tool to murder Arabs in their homeland for IsraHell while your own people are being ethnically cleansed at home.


There's 256 miles of new wall being built right now moron.

He's also personally gassed 420 spic children.
Watch the fucking news.


Not a war hero.

Found the jew.

Heroes don't get caught.

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Getting caught was part of his plan.

No. That would be the straw that broke the camel's back. There would be the kind of civil unrest that the average Zig Forumsack could only dream about.

Just need bombs, not bodies

Doubt it. Arabs suck more at sailing than blacks

Why bother when you have a mercenary army?

Provably untrue Satan. Just look at the Arab conquests in the Mediterranean.

120,000 Troops

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Every President goes to war for Jews

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The fact that you're relying on dailymail for any semblance of truthful reporting is pathetic. That you refuse to link the articles, but only provide an archive of a tweet that blatantly points out the exact number of illegals that only served to bring actual attention to it… If you're going to shill, then be consistent with your narrative, nigger. Also,

Have you no fucking brain when it comes to even a simple matter as that? Recognizing Jerusalem NOW means that it establishes the current borders as being it's state. Which means that any further efforts to expand will be seen for what it actually is. Why do you think no previous presidents EVER recognized Jerusalem as it's capitol despite being in the kikes' back pocket? Do you not realize just how stupid you actually look?

It's almost like you don't know how american politics actually work.

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They start wars whem the Goyim know

Death to America

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