Itt we pretend Q and trump arnt turbo kikes

No really
We pretend that anti zionism is anti semitism
We pretend megacorps profits are good
We pretend the browning of america is good
We pretend he doesnt go out of his way to appoint the swamp
We ignores Qs honeypotting of targeted individuals
We ignore Qs misdirection and lying

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Are we still in 2017?

No the kike still has retards tricked
I assume most of it is ai

Fuck off, nigger.

Trump is a kike
Stop breathing my air
Qtards are as bad as trumtards if not worse


Trump's not a kike, he's been lied to by a kike, and he believes it, just like we all used to.
Your thread is shit and you should kill yourself.

Nope. He's a shabbos goy by choice.

His family has been Jewish for generations. The great majority of his household is Jewish by blood or by faith. Every political move he makes is to further the cause of Jews. How the fuck is he not a Jew?

Good one user
Lied to by a kike

Explain to me why a Jew would get Americans talking about a southern border wall and an end to Muslim immigration.

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From a European perspective, it seems that today most Americans are talking about medicare-for-all and the minimum wage, rather than the border wall. Zizek was right when he said that Trump would accelerate social antagonisms in the working class.

If Bernie wins, then a Jew is literally president of the US. Think about that.

Both trump and stewart name the jew yet are jewish. Do you think js is secretly supporting Trump???
Remember when js called out pelosi and others in congress for legal inside trading yet martha stewart went to jail for it. It shouldn't be a crime tbh but you get the point.

Because the jew wants us goyim,fighting
I would say we shoudl all stop fighting bht certain cultures have to be cleansed because they are too far gone
Also most leftists

Probably selection bias.
Good. Another benefit of Trump.

I don't think you understand, class struggle leads to a socialist revolution; and what are the "progressives" asking for today? Revolution. Trump is paving the way to a leftist government.

Basically, Trump is definitely not Hitler despite all the shrieking agitprop. He is another Kerensky.

No, I would compare him to a Tsar Nicholas II - He is the figure which represents the corrupt establishment, who is overthrown by the dispossessed working class.

The Jewish neoliberal establishment is our biggest enemy. A "socialist revolution" would jolt people out of their comfort zone, which is a necessity if whites are to survive. If Bernie got elected, he would either be more worthless than Trump, or cause the system to fail within a decade.

If the system is the enemy, then wouldn't it failing be a good thing?

Well "bait and switch" is a pretty jewish tactic




Get out.

If Q is a LARP,
Why the fuck are we still talking about it?
The great awakening is coming.
The corporate news really is a weaponized, deep state, propaganda outlet.
The editors are Socialists. It is blatantly obvious.


Reddit banned all Qanon content.
Twitter bans anyone who talks about it.
If it is just a LARP, why?

Hi Jamal. Still 100% accuracy rate of finding you btw

how does it feel that jamal is smarter than you, white nigger?

lurk for the rest of eternity and never post here again

Nothing that I’ve said isn’t explicitly protected under the Constitution.

Newfag please go

It isn't a LARP, it is an israel agitation propaganda campaign with the aim of weaving a national narrative favorable to the existent jewish postwar order. To do this it leans heavily on old conspiracy theories from the 90s, largely aped from rumor mill news. Everyone is a nazi, everything is nazis, Iran is nazis, Obama is a nazi, Merkel is a nazi, nazi, nazi, nazi, nazi.

It's nonsense.

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One troll bull shits, and that debunks all Q posts?
What about the parts that are true?
What about the greater movement?

There are no parts that are true.

No fucking way. They love their gatekeepers.

No idea what that means. Worship Q-LARP somewhere else.

Reported. Go away.


Constitution says you're a traitor to the republic. Post your home address so we can kill you.

Sage the Q-LARP thread.

And if you believe there are parts that are true, you have a board all to yourselves to discuss them ad nauseam.

Fuck off Jamal. I'm only here to poke you

Reported for bumping spam, then.


What's the point

Ok little buddy. Just remember that 100% accuracy rate

You assume.
Operation mockingbird is real.
MKultra is real…

Why were there over 500 news articles debunking Q without any proof?

You don’t know shit….

Think about it, there are countless millions of classified facts, and you think you know EVERYTHING… you fucking tool..


Blow your brains out. Your jewish hoax isn't supported here. Do not post again.


Happy now? I'm done here anyway though, off to the next thread to pick you out

There are countless illegal classified projects being conducted by a rouge, unconstitutional, “deep state”.

You retards watch one CNN news story, and then you think you know everything…


Name the jew, you subhuman piece of shit.

Nobody from Paperclip formed a secret government within the government. Many of them were used for their research and then discarded, like Dr. Braun. Others were Abwehr traitors who actively tried to overthrow Hitler [Gehlen]. It's just a way for the obviously jewish government that works for obviously jewish aims with obviously jewish motives to try to finger someone else – who just happens to be a rough stand-in for White Americans in a general sense. How convenient.

I have no idea why a trumpnigger like would bring up the Russia thing. Trump is anti-Russia. He is not pro-Russia. He fronts for the same Brady Bond Browder crowd that carved the USSR up and erased the savings of an entire generation of Russians. What "Russiagate" did was whip up ferocious anti-Russian hatred among non-White Americans [that jews have meticulously cultivated as the new country going forward] and then project this through proxy onto White Americans, all while Trump has enacted the harshest anti-Russian measures we've seen since the Cold War.




They were educated by Nazis during WW2.
They were EXTREMELY patriotic, and they were Socialists.

After watching all of their friends and loved ones die or get raped, Communist took over their nation.

All they had to do is say, “I was just following orders”

The Socialists already inside the U.S. were perfect allies.

You’re making many stretched assumptions…

Q-LARPers refuse to name the jew. Remember to report all Q threads and posts you see.


Said the Q-LARPer.

The Nazi Education was the best in the world.

The Genius Nazis were given new identities to help them assimilate.

National Socialism isn't socialism.

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I’m telling you the truth.
If I wrote you a book about it, you wouldn’t even read it…

Reported. Never post again.

No all around. You're just jews who have run a corrupt government and country right into the ground and now you're worried that you're going to have your ill-gotten property seized and your bandit state across the ocean isolated. You've dug your own grave.

National Socialism is Socialism.
Put aside your cognitive dissonance.
You know this to be true.

When the United States government forced all officials to put their right hand on the Bible and pledge that they were not members of the Socialist Party, the Socialist/Communists happily complies.

Freedom of speech, bitch.
17th Letter of the Alphabet

I'm seriously considering becoming unironic nazbol just to trigger boomers like you

Go ahead… The Nazis troll the Communists way more.
>The division helps, what you guys call the (((Jews))) divide and conquest the United States.

Why do you want to help the Jews?

socialism is class abolition
fascism is based on class absolutism

You don't have that here, you fucking piece of shit.


Literally, if you retarded Nazi cunts would just be loyal to the United States… It would put the “(((Jew’s)))” banker’s, lawyer’s, and politicians out of business…

Q-LARPers, everyone.


So then I get banned?
Hahaha! You’re retarded…

Fuck off nerd.


Well the US is the biggest benefactor if Israel so that is my goal too. I'm not sure why any white person would feel anything other than hatred towards the US?

By opposing the Jews, you cause division.
By instigating decision, you help the Jews.
You’re never going to be able to revive the Nazi state by being a Nazi loser…
You have no political party…
You have only a tiny minority or retards…

All you’re going to do is make the Conservatives look bad so that Socialists/Communists can continue doing everything that you’re opposed to…

Good. Kill jews.
Good. Kill jews.
Good. Kill jews.
Good. Kill jews.
Good. Kill jews.
Good. Kill jews.
Good. Kill jews.
Said the Q-LARPer.

Voting for Trump can give use closed borders and ethnic cleansing.

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They do a pretty good job of that without our help

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The United States is no longer the strongest global power.

Communist China is in the process of replacing the United States, and China is tampering in local elections.

We’re going to become communist, slowly but surely, and you’re retarded Nazi nonsense is helping the Communist agenda…

Thank god, they don't give foreign aid to anyone let alone the Israel

Shouldn’t all Nazis become Republicans?

The useless Nazi LOVE only hurts your optics…

You have no idea how retarded you’re being… To the Chinese, you’re a nigger.

You’re going to be licking Chinese boots you fucking moron…

No one believes you.

lol sage

I love based Mossad agents who spoon feed me Trump fantasies

They drink boy piss, Q-LARPer.

To the jews I'm cattle so that's a pretty big status upgrade

You over estimate the Jews…

White Nationalism is the weapon they use to exterminate Whites


Ignorant retard.

I’m saying,

You’re saying,